A Doctor from Mesopotamia

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 31‏/01‏/2014 - 226 من الصفحات
From the land between two rivers, in a predominant Jewish neighborhood in the heart of the round city -Baghdad- where the author first saw light in 1941 ,begins this rich journey of life. Here the author tries to collect her thoughts about life and major events starting from her home country and ending with the country that is now called "Home"..... Iraq... a diverse country with an extraordinary history stretching back to more than 5000 years, the land of Prophets like Abraham and Daniel. Baghdad, once the center of the world and the capital of Iraq that fell more than 32 times in history and was reborn from Ashes....The cradle of civilization, the Kingdom of Iraq, the republic, the rule of Saddam Hussein and all the wars the country endured, the journey of learning, practicing and teaching medicine.... becoming an expatriate and carrying her country in her heart and luggage ... moving from one country to another until finally resettling in the United States which is now home..... A journey on paper that makes you feel as if you are cruising the world while sitting in a chair and reading this book....

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