Handbook of Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies, المجلد 236

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005 - 461 من الصفحات
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Introducing the newly revised and updated Third Edition of Dr. Benrubi's acclaimed clinical reference, Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies. This practical, portable—and affordable—handbook will serve as your rapid reference in the office or emergency room.

In this new edition you'll find features and highlights like these:

  • Coverage addresses all emergent conditions plus a wide range of non-emergent problems such as STDs that are frequently present in emergency departments.
  • Each chapter focuses on diagnosis and treatment and includes treatment algorithms where appropriate.
  • New chapters address mosquito-borne illness (West Nile) and bioterror agents and pregnancy.
  • Ample illustrations, including ultrasound, will guide your diagnosis and treatment.

With this valuable pocket guide in hand, you'll always have the information you need to diagnose and treat the most commonly encountered obstetric and gynecologic emergencies. Be sure to order Handbook of Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies, Third Edition today!

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