Mormons and Muslims: A Case of Matching Fingerprints

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 172 من الصفحات
Do you know a Mormon or a Muslim? Confused about them? Do you want to understand them better? This is a short investigation of these two religions. On the surface, they seem to be total opposites. Mormons wear white shirts and dark neckties. Muslims often wear robes and burquas. Joseph Smith is American. Mohammed is Arabian. Are they really worlds apart? This book "dusts" their theology and finds fingerprints. Guess what-The Fingerprints Match! Using their own holy books, this soft cover compares the Mormon and Muslim profiles and uncovers some uncanny similarities. Both beliefs are covered with matching fingerprints in at least six key areas. These fingerprints point to the same suspect. Can we get a positive ID? Weigh the evidence and judge for yourself! Each chapter ends with discussion questions for a small group or Sunday School class. ________________________________________________________________________ DENNIS KIRKLAND and his wife Lora are the parents of six children. They are veteran missionaries with over 20 years service overseas and to Utah Mormons in central Utah. He is a former USMC Infantryman and is currently on the faculty of Appalachian Bible College teaching World Religions and Philosophy. He also serves as adjunct faculty for another local university. He and his family enjoy active involvement with international students of all faiths. He loves Mormons and Muslims!

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Comparing Studying Investigating
Dusting for Fingerprints
Brushing their Books for Matching Fingerprints
Lifting their Fathers Fingerprints
Checking their Christs Matching Fingerprints
Detecting a Fingerprint Pattern in the Afterlife
Profiling Women for Matching Fingerprints
Contaminating the Evidence about Israel
Calling Witnesses to Mormons and Muslims
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