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COSELEY, April 7,

Occafioned by the

Sudden and Much-Lamented DEATH


The Reverend Mr. S. BOURN,

Who died March 22, 1754, in the 66th Year
of his Age.



Printed for B. BOURN, under the Royal-
Exchange, 1754. [Price Six-pence.]

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To Mrs. BOURN.



HE near and dear Relation in which you flood so long (more I think, than forty Years) to my lately honoured Friend and Father in the Miniftry, whofe fudden and much lamented Death occafioned the following Difcourfe, gives you the best Title to this Addrefs; in which my Intention is, not fo much to condole with you, Madam, upon the Lofs which you and the World have fuftained, as to congratulate you upon that happy Compofure and chearful Refignation of Soul to the Appoint

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iv DEDICATION. ments of infinite Wisdom, which you have preserved under one of the heaviest Afflictions, which Humanity has to fupport. It is difficult to conceive of any Distress so poignant for a while,

as that which the laft Leave of our

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Friends, Relations, and Acquaintance,


on this Side the Grave, will oft fub

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ject us to. One Thing there is, which

not only equals but exceeds it, and I know of no other, I mean the Fear of meeting them no more, even beyond the Regions of Death; a Fear founded upon either our own, or their fuppofed Incapacity for future Happinefs. But this is a Fear which you, Madam, cannot have the leaft room

to indulge: On the contrary, you muft have the brighteft Hopes, Hopes nearly

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