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David obtainab Ziklag,

• Ma'.

Chap, vil vit), Saul confultoth with a witch. way and Saul returned to his place. pitched din Shinem: Saul gathered Joff. CHA P. XXVII. all Ifrael together, and they pluched 19, 18. 1 Saul hearing David to be in Gath, in a Gilboa 2 Kin. feeketh no more for him. David And when Saul faw the hoft of 4.8. begteth Ziklag of Achifling the Philiftins, he was fafraid, and S. 31. 1. And David faid in his heart, I hall his heart greatly trembled. now perif one day by the hand of 6 And when Saul g enquired of the same. Saul there is nothing better for me, LORD, the LORD b answered him 1.213 Prov. then that I fhould fpeedily escape into not, neither by dreams, nor by kfjab 13. 12. the land of the Philifting; and Saul Urim, nor by prophets. 13.276 Safhall defpair of me to feek me any Then fald Saul unto his fer-la. 57% 23. 10. more in any coaft of Ifrael to fhall. vants, Seek me a woman that hath a 20. Sa. Irefcape out of his hand. familiar fpirit, that I may go to bet, 1 Sa. 6. 17. And David arofe, and he & paned and enquire of her. And his fervants 23 6. 41 Sa. over with the fix hundred men that faid to him, Behold there is a woman Juda 30. 5. were with him, unto Achif the fon that hath a familiar fpirit n at Endor.1, 7. Sa. of Maoch king of c Gath. 26.21. 3 And David dwelt with Achifh at fPfal. Gath, he and his men, every man 120. 5. with his houthold, even David with 2 Cor. his two wives, Ahineam the Jezreeli- I pray thee, divine unto me by the Num 6.17% tefs and Abigail the Carmelitefs familiar fpirit, and bring me him 12. G. Num. Nabals wife. up whom I hall name unto thee.Exo. 5.1.4 And it was told Saul that David And the woman faid unto him,Be-28. 29. Jofk was fled to Gath and he fought a no hold thou knoweft what Saul hath 1 Sam 15.31 more again for him.sciano & done, how he bath cus off those that 23.6. Chr. And David faid unto Achish,If I have familiar fpiries,and the wizards. Num. 12. 22 have now found grace in thine eyes, out of the land wherefore then layeft 18. 5. Heb let them give me a place in fome town thou a fuare for my life, to caufe me Lam.

8 And Saul difguifed himself, ands Chr. put on other raiment, and he went 10. 14. and two men with him,and they came b Pro. to the woman by night; and he fald, 1.18.



17. 11.

In the fcountrey that I may dwell to die? days. there for why fhould thy fervant 10 And Saul qfware to her by the Det dwell in the royal city with thee? LORD faying, As the LORDS 11. 25-29-6Then Achiih gave him g Ziklag that liveth, there thall no punrtment hap- Jofte Sar day; wherefore Ziklag pertaineth un- pen to thee for this thing. 1. 1. 2. to the kings of Judah unto this day. 11 Then faid the woman, Whom fhall Pfal. and 7 And the time that David dwelt I bring up unto thee? And he faid, 83. 10. 2.91. in the country of the Philiftins, was Bring me up Samuel. Ezek. bJofta full year and four months. 12 And when the woman r faw Sa- 13. 22 12.5.8 4 And David and his men went muel, the cried with a loud voice: o 1 KI.. Joh. up, and invaded the Gefhurires,and and the woman fpake to Saul, faying, 22, 30 16. 3. Gezrices,and the k Amalekites:for why haft thou deceived me for thou? If


13 And the king faid unto her Beg Exo. not afraid for what faweft thou? 20.7. And the woman faid unto Sauls Ifaw and gods afcending out of the earth. 22. 18. 14 And he fald unto her,What form r2 Co.. is he of? And the fald, An old man 11. 14 cometh up, and he is covered with alfa. 57. r mantle. And Saul perceived it 2. was Samuel, and he ftooped with his Exo. face to the ground, and bowed himself. 32. 4.

Sa thofe nations were of old the inhabi- art Saul. 15. 3. cants of the land, as thou goeft to Deut.Shur, even unto the land of Egypt. Z29 And David fmote the land and Exod. m left neither man nor woman alive, 17. 14. and took away the theep, and the Gen. oxen, and the affes, and the camels, 16.7. and the apparel, and returned, and 1 Sam. caine to Achifh. 35.7. 10 And Achih fald, Whither have m1 Sa.ye made a rode to day And David 26. 25.faid,Against the n fouth of Judah and 15 And Samuel faid to Saul,Why 12 Ki. Pfal. againfty fouth of the o Jerahmeelites, haft thou xdifquieted me to bring me 2.3.13. 101. 1. and against the fouth of the Kenites. up? And Saul anfwered,I amy fore dif-1 Sam. Я Acts 11 And David faved neither man treffed; for the Philiftins make war a-15. 27. 23. 6. nor woman alive, to bring tidings to gainft me, and God is departed from Eze. 1 Ch. Gath, faying, Left they fhould tell on me,& answereth me no more, neither 14: 4. 29. 25-us, faying, So did David,and fo will by prophets, nor by dreams: there- Th. 1 Heb. be his manner all while he dwelleth fore have called thee thou mayeft 2. 10. making in the countrey of the Philiftins. make known unto me what I fhall do. ft. Lin- 12 And Achith believed David, fay- 16 Then faid Samul, Whereforex Ifa.. king ing. He hath made his people ifrael then doeft thou ask of me, feeing the 57. 2. made utterly to abhor him; therefore he LORD is departed from thee, and y Ifa.3. ftin- thall be my fervant for ever. verbis become thine enemy feet TI. king. LI CHAP. XXVIII. C 17 And the LORD hath done to Prov. 1 Achip his confidenc in David, him as he fpake b by me for the 5. II, Saul leeketh to a witchy He LORD hath rent the kingdom out 12: hea ing his ruin fainterh. of thine hand and given it to thy and Nd it came to pafs in those days, neighbour,even to David.

14. 14. a Deu. not the 32 Co. 28. 25.armies together for warrare, to fighe voice of the LORD,c nort executedft 11, 14 35 with Ifrael and Achifh faid unto his fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore a 1 Sa. + Heb. David, † know thou affuredly, that hath the LORD done this thing unto 24. 20. e this know thou shalt go out with me to battel, thee this day. SUBURN Rom. ing thy men. LORD thou And David fald to Achith, Surely a deliver Ifrael with thee,into the hand Prof. Stalt thou shalt know what thy fervant can of the Philiftins: & d to morrow shalt:26.4. know. do.And Achifh faid to David, There- thou and thy fons be with me: the & John 1 Sa. fore will I make the keeper of LORD alfo fhall deliver the host of If-8.44. 27. 10. mine head for ever. t 2. rael into the hand of the Philifins. I Sam. 20 Then Sault fell ftraightway all 15. 28.

1 Sa. 3 Now Samuel was b dead, and all 25. 1. Ifrael had lamented him, and buried along on the earth, and was fore a 1 Sa. him in Ramah, even in his own city: fraid because of the words of Samuel, 15.3. and Saul had put away thofe that had and there was no ftrength in him if Heb. Lev. e familiar fpirits, and the wizards, 19. 31. Out of the land. Stey

4 And the Philiftins gathered themfelvs together, and tame and

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for haft not done the heat of his wrath. Jer.48. 10. I Kin. 20. 42. d Exo. 13.14. Mat. 6. 33. Heb. made haft fell with the fulness of his Naturte I Sam. 25.37.

Davidfufpereds Sammel. Ziklag spoiled Mat, for he had eaten no e bread all the day, vanes that are come with thee sand as I Co. 11 nor all the night.. Musa LAVT Hafoon as yebe up early in the morning, 10. 13. 21 And the woman came unto and have light depart.

i Chr. Saul, and faw that he was, fore trou- DI So David and his men rofe up 12. 19. bled and faid unto him, Behold things early i to deparniný morning, to re- 20. handmaid.bath obeyed by volca,and turn into the land of the Philiftins; Gen. a I have fpur my lie in min. hand, and the Philiftins went up to Jezreel. 22. 146 Judg.. and have heackn uned thy words! CHAP. XXX. Ro which thou fpakeft unto me.


The Amalekites (pril Ziklagu 4Da- 22
vid purfacth them
came to


13 Naws therefore, I pray thee, the voice of A when Sas thine hand-maid, and lor mofeta and his men were come to Ziklag 29 11. morfel of bread-bfore thee; and eatop the third day, the Amalekites 2. Sam. that thou mayel have ftrength, when had invaded the fourth and Ziklag, & 1. 26: thou goeft on thy way. cfmitten Ziklag, and burnt it w.fire: bisa. And had taken the women captives, 15278 that were therein; they d flew not any, and either great or fmall, but carried 27.8. them aways and went on their way. Ezek

23 Bache refufed, and faid, I will noe-eat. But hisfervants,cogether with the woman, compelled him, and he bearkened unto their voice to hearofe from the earth, and far-upon the bad.

So David and his men came to. 15. 15 the city and behold, it was eburnt C Ezeke with fire, and their wives, and their 335 21 fons, and their daughters were taken 41fai captives in a stihabis 2758-18 4 Then David and the people that Hab. were with him, life up their voices 3.773



$4 And the woman had a fatcalf in the house,and the hafted and killed it, and cook flour, and kneaded it, and did bake unleavened bread crereof Pfal. And the brought it before Saul 50.21and before his fervants, and they did Jebulear then they rofe up and went and wept until they had no more fal away that nighed Chiutuapower to warp. And banor 105.1 And Davids two wives were taken Refal David marching with the Philiftins, captives, Ainoam the Jezreelitefs, & 34. 19% is difallowed by the primera pi Abigaily fwife of Nabal Carmeliest and Joh. Now the Philistins gathered coge-16 And David was greatly diftreffed: 42-7. 19. 18, ther all their armies to a Aphcks for the people fpake of g ffoning him, Sa Sa, and the Ifraelites pitched by a foun- because the foul of all the people was 27.3. 28.5. tain which is in Jezreel. grieved, every man for his fons, and g Exo. northat And the lords of the Philiftins for his daughters: but David bencou 17.4 Joh. paffed on by hundreds, and by thouraged himself in the LORD his God. John 15.52 lands but David and his men gaffed 7 And David faid to Abiathar the & 52. not that on in the rereward 6 with Achifh. prieft, Ahimelechs fon, I pray thee, P.. Josh, 3 Then faid the princes of the Phi- being me hither ephod:& Abiathas 62.8 19:30.tins What dathale Hebrews heret brought thither the ephod to David, and Judg. And Achifh faid unto the princes of 8And David Aenquired at the Lord, 3949-* 1.31 the Philiftins, Ir nor this. Dawid the faying,Shall I purfue aforthis troop 1 Sam. brsa. fervane of Saul the king of Ifzelfhall overcake them? And he answer-27-1 28.3. which hath been with me ethefe days, ed him, Parfue forthou thale furely I Sa. Or thefe years,and I have found d'no overtake them, and without fall re 3.17 faule in him fince he fell unto me, cover all. 37.7: and + VAN HOLTASİ8. Col.. unto this day? 9 So David went he and 2 Chr And the princes of the Philiftins hundred men that were with him, and 20. 17% 4:5. Rom. were wroth with him, and the princes came to the brook Befor, where thofe Pfal. 12. 17. of the Philiftins faid unto him, Make that were left behind, stayed. 56.3 Dan. this fellow return, that he may go 10 But David purfued, he and four Roni.. 6:45 again to his place which, thou haft hundred men: (for two hundred abode 4. 20. Phil. appointed him; and let him not go behind, which were fo faint, that they 1 Sa 2. 14. down with us to battel, left in the could not go over the brook Befor) 23. 21. I Pet. batrel he be fan adverfary to us: for 2. 15. wherewith fhould he reconcile himself Ch. unto his matter? Should it not be with


And they m found an Egyptian k. Pfal. in the field, and brought him to Da- 50. 15. vid, and gave him bread and he did 1 Sa

the heads of thefe men? truongly deat, and they made him drink water.38.6.

And they gave him a piece of al Pfal. cake of figs and rwo clusters of 22.425. raisins and when he had eaten, his m Pfal. fpirit to him: for he had 2. eaten no bread, nor drunk any water, z Ifal. three days and three nights.

40. 29. 13 An David said unto him,, To Sam. whom belongeft thou and whence 14. 17. art thou? And he faid, I am a young Jung. man of Egypt, fervant ro an Ama-15. 15. lekice, and my mafter left me, bet Heb. caufet three days agone I fell fick. this is

14 We made an invafion upon theth fouch of the o Cherethites, & upon the third coaft which belongeth to Judah and day. upon the fouch of Caleb, and weov-16. burnt Ziklag with fire. Ezek. 15 And David faid to him, Canft 25. 16. thou bring me down to this company? Zeph And he fails Sivear unto me by God, 2. that thou wilt neither kill me, nor Joh. deliver me into the hands of my ita-14. 13. fter, and I will bring thee down, to and this company, SUIDH NEONTA 1 25. ·135° 16. And when he had brought bima 1 The down behold, they were spreads: 3. abroad upon all the earth, q eating & Luke drinking, and dancing, becaufe of all21.34 the grear spoil diac they had taken 35.and our of the Land of the Philistins, and12, 199 our20,


not this David, of whom they
1.6. fang one to another in dances,faying
g Saul dew his thousands,and David
1 Sam.:
14.21. hisen thoufands


6 Then Achish called David, and Sa. Caid unto him,Surely, as the LORD 18.7. and liveth, thou haft been upright, and 17thy going out & thy coming in with Heb. me in the hoft is good in my fight: Jebo for I have not found evil in thee, fince the day of thy coming unto me, unto this day; nevertheless, the lords I Sa 5. 2. favor thee not.




Wherefore now return, and go in 27: 17. peace, that thou t difpleafe nor the Heb. lords of the Philiftins. door & And David aid unto Achifh,Put evit in what have I done? and what haft thou the found in thy fervant,fo long as I have eyes of beent with thee unto this day, that I may not go fight against the enemies Zords of my lord the kingehender is Heb. 9 And Achif antwered, and fald to before David, I know that thou art good in my fight as an angel of God: notface withĺtanding the princes of the PhiLiftins have fald, He shall not go up with as to the battel,


10 Wherefore now rife up early in themorning. with thy mafters fer

I Co.

O. 13.


191 -0. Gen.

22. 14

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kill themfelys.



Tow the Philiftins fought against 41 Sa Ifrael: and the men of Ifrael fed2911. from before the Philistins, and fell Chr. down t flain in mount Gilboa.com 101



IT'Samuel Chap.1. Job out of the land of Judah. Cake Sant bedreth, 3490 20. 5. 17 And David (mare chem from thermah, and to them were in Cho-14. 40. 30 And to them which were in Hor-b2 Ch. Dan. twilight,even unto the evening of the rafhan,and to them & were in Athach jo 5. 6. next day and there efcaped noca man 31 And to them which were ink He-19. 17. Acts of theni, fave four hundred young bren, and to all the places wherek Jud. 12. 22, men rode upon camels, and fed. 18 And David recovered all that the want to haunt.pantoo shag Che David himself, and his men were 14. 13. Av. 26. Amalekices had carried away and Hai-53. David refcued his two wives. CHAP. XXXI. X .12. 19 And there was nothing lackfins flain, he and his armour-bearer Saul having lost his army, and his ing to them, neither mall nor great, 19. 17, neither for nor daughters neither 18. fpoll, nor any thing that they had IV.9. taken to them. David recovered all. 20 And David took all the flockt, 1.Heb. and the herds which they drave before And the Philiftins followed hard! Heb. evers thofe other catc-1 and faid. This apon Saul, and upon his fons and picked f Davids fpoileowwwbally the Philiftins flew bJonathan, and Bekal 21 And David came to the two Abinadab, Malchihua Sauls fons. Sam. thorem. among hundred men,which were fo faint that And the barrel went fore againli 12. 25. the men they could not follow David, whom Sauls and the archers dhit him, and that they had made alfo to abide at the he was fore wounded of the archers. 28:49 west. brook Before and they went forth to 4 Then said Saul unto his armour-92 Judg. meet David,and to meet the people bearer, Draw thy fword,& e thrift me Eccl. 19. 22. were with him; and when David came through therewith; lest thefe uncir-4. 2 Tim. near to the people, he faluted them. cumcifed come and thruft me through, 14.49 22 Then answered ally wicked men, and safe me. But his armour-bearer Am. Deut. and meh of Belial, of thofe that went would not, for he was fore afraid 13.13.with Davids and fald, Because they therefore Saul cook a word, and 9.54. not with us we not ffell upon SOCI VOID DAY 28. them ought of the poll that 1 Kin.recovered fave to every man his wife that Saul was dead, he fell likewife & Eccl. And when hit armour-bearer fawJVS 21. ro.and his children, that they may lead upon his fword and died with him. 2. Cor. Sempenald David, Ye thall not do his son rebar, ball his men that them away, depart. 2.2. So Saul ded&g his three fons,and Job Gen.fo, my brethren,with which the rane day together.they find on 19. 7. LORD hath given us who hath pre- And when the men of Ifrael that Pial. Judg. ferved us, and delivered the compa- were on the other fide of the valley 73.4. 19. 23.ny came against us, into our hand. and they that were on the other fide Ch. Pfal. 14 For who will hearken unto you Jordan, faw that the men of Ifraelio.6. 41.23.in dls matter but as his part is that Bed, and that Saul and his fons were and goeth down to the battel to fall his dead,they forfook the cities,and fed 127.6. 115. 1.part be that ratrieth by the stuff; they & Philifting came & dwelt in them.1 Ch. 7 Nu. hal part alike. 31. 7. 25 And it was fe from that day when the Philiftins came to ftrip the 8And it came to pafs on the morrow 10.8 Jof. forward that he made it a facute dain as they found Saul and his 17. 64. 22.8.1 and an ordinance for Ifrael, unco three fons fallen in mount Gilbor i Sam. 55. 27.6 And when David came to ped off his armours and fene inco the Jud. 9And they & cut off his head,& ftrip-21.9. Chr. Ziklag, he fent of the fpoll unto the land of the Philifting round about 13 12. 1. elders of Judah, pen to his friends co publish in the houfe of the 2 Sa. Heb fraying, Tehold, a prefent for you, tols and among the people. 21. 12. bleng of the ippil of the enemies ofy Lord) Gen. To them which were in Beth el, troure of Ahrarotrand they faftened 17. 11. 10 And they put his armour in the Joh. 33. 11.8 to them which were in fouth-Ra- his body to the a wall of n rechthan.Judg. 11 And when the inhabitants of 1.27. 6.21.18 And to them which were inc A-Jateh-gilead heard of that which Josh.toer, and to them which were in 15.48.d Siphmoch and to them which were c Deut. Efhtemnoa, 3.12.19 Aud to shem which were in Ra I ne ey Nu. chal, and to them which were in the 34. 10 cities of the fJerahmeelites,& co them Josh, w were in 9 cities of the g Kenites, dous is

21. It. 2 Kin.


il Sa



Sa.moth, and to them were in Jattito


sao 2), too e Judd 3. tôi và nhạc

the Phililtins had done to Saul: Yr. T. 1 All the vallant men arofe, and p2 Ch. 0.1 Sa Saul, and the bodies of his fons from Jerem. went all night and took the body of 16. 14. the wall of Beththab and came to 34.5 Jabeft, and burnt them there. ver. 13. 13 And they took their bones, and buried sheh under atree at Jabel, 2.4. 92Sa andifafted fevendaystyles The fécond Book of SAMUEL, stherwife called, Schody The freed Book of the KINGSI CHAPĭe belas saw 1 The Amalekite bringing tidings of The overthrewd accusing himself Saul death, Cain. 1 David Ramen rth Saul and lonathan.



Ow it came to pafs after the
death of Satil, when David
1 Sa.
was returned from a daugh
40. 17.
ter of the Amalekites, and
Pal. David had abode btwo days inZiklag:
9. 19,1199t cathe even to pats on the third
1012 day, that behold, a man cathe out
27. 14, of die camp from Saul with his
Sa. clothes rent and dearth upon his
27.6. head and fole was, when he came to
Gene David, that he fell to the earth and
37-29.did obeitance,
Sa. 3 And David fald unto him, From
whence coping thơu ? and he fat as

to him: Out of the camp of Ifraele Bros.
am lelcaped, Alber
4 And David faid unto him, Höwand
14. 15.
went the matter? I pray thee tell me. 25.2.
And he answered That the people aret Heb.
fed from the battel; and many of the meeting
people alfo are fallen and dead,& Saull met.
and Jonathan his fon are dead alfo. Ruth
than old him, How knoweft thoufi sa
David fald unto the young2. 3.
that Saur & Jonathan his fon be dead 31. 1.
him, faid, † As1 happened by chanceclaves
6 And the young man that toldf Heb.
upon mount if Gilboa, behold, Saul or
leaned upon his fpear and to the fluck
chariots and horfmen followed hardclofe to
fter him dhe Astel was fo

The bes


And when he looked behind him, Prah he faw me and called unto me and go. 23,

David made king

If Samuel.!
•v r.2. antwered, Here 41.
Prov. And he fald unto me, Who art
16. 16. thou and I aufwered him, læm g an
Job Amalekite.

11. 19. 9 He faid unto me again, Stand,
bisa. I pray thee, upon me, and lay me:
31.4. for anguifh is come upon me becaufe
and my life it yet wholein me.
23.8. So I tood upon him,and bfler
Judg. him, because I was fure that he could
1.7. not live after that he was fallen and
Mar. I took the crown that we upon his
7. 2. head and the bracelet that was on his
1 Sam. arm, and have brought them hither
22. 18. unco my lord.
Judg. 11 Then David took hold on his
9.54. clothes,and frent them, and likewife
Sa. all the men that were with him.
3.31. 12 And they mourned and wept and
Mat. fafted until even, for Saul and for
5.44. Jonathan his fon, and for the people
1 Pet of the LORD and for the houfe of If
because they were fallen by the
Amos fword.
6. 6. 139 And David fald unto the young
Num. man that told him,Whence art thou?
12. S. And he answered, I am the fon of
Jud.ftranger.an Amalekite.
20. 21.14 And David faid unto him, How
1 Sa-waft thou / not afraid to ftretch forth
10. 1. thine hand to deftroy n the LORDS
Prov anointed?


6 And now the LORD thew & kindnefs & Mat.
and truth unto you:and I alfo will re-. 7.
quite you this kindnets becaufe ye Heb.
have done this thing.
Tons of
Therefore now let your hands be alour.
ftrengthned, and be ye fvallant: for Sam.
your mafter Saul is dead, and alfo the 24. 21.
houfe of Judah have anointed i me sam.
king over them.
8But Abner the fox of Ner,cap. lai.
tain of Sauls hoft, took thbotheth 35.5
the fon of saul, and brought him fal.
over to Mahanaim. f
37. 3.
9 And he made him king over Gl-1 Sa
lead, and over the Afhurires, and 14. co.
over m Jezreel, and over Ephraim, & 2 Sam.
over Benjamin, and over all tirael. 3.18.

to 1hbofheth Sauls fon was forry That years old when he began to reign is, a over Ifrael,& reigned two years: but man of the houfe of Judab followed David. hame.


11. 18.15 And David called one of the young Pfal. men, and faid,Go near, and fall upon 9.19. him. And he o fmote him he died. Job 16 And David faid unto him, Thy 5. 12. blood be upon thy head:for thy mouth Lev hath reftified against thee, faying, I 10. 9. have flain the LORDS anointed. Judg. And David lamented with a this 9.24 Lamentation over Saul, and over Jo9.19-nathan his fon: Gen. 18(Alfo he bad them teach the r chil10. 11. dren of Judah the fe off the bowe: Gen. behold it is written in book of Jafher) 49.8.19 The beauty of Ifrael is flain upon And the time that David was pfal. Sathy high places: how are the mighty king in Hebron over the house of Ju-132 31.3. fallen R dah feven years and fix moneths) 19. Deu. 10 Tell it not x in Gath,publifh it not 12 And Abner the fon of Ner, and Gen. 478 in the treets of Ashelon left the the fervants of Ifhbofheth the fon of 32. 2. Jud-daughters of the Philistins rejoyce, Saul, went out from Mahanaim to le sa 14.9 left the y daughters of the uncircum-d Gibeon. 7 M.c. eifed triumph.. 1. 10. 21 Ye mountains of Gilboa,let there Heb. be no dewaneither les there be rain up felds on you, nor t fields of offerings: for of bea-there the thield of the mighty is villy ings caft away, the fhield of Saulias though he had not been 2 anointed with oyl. liftings 21 From the bloed of the dain, from the far of the mighty, the towe of Judg. Jonathan turned not back, and the 3. word of Saul returned not empty Jerem. 13 Saul and Jonathan were a love2014-ly and pleafant in their lives and in Job their death they were not divided: 3.3.4. Ifa. they were fifeer than eagles; they were ftronger than Hons. 21.5. 24Ye daughters of Ifrael, & weep over ISA. Sauls who clothed you, in fcarlet, 9. 1. with other d delights, who put on or Job naments of gold upon your apparel. Revel. How are the mighty fallen in 11. 10, the midst of the barrel? Jonathan, Pfal. shou waft flain in the high places. 68.12. 16 1am diftre led for thee, my brother Jonathan very pleafant baft Jer. 2.32. thou been unto me:thy love to me was Lam, wonderful,pafling love of women, 5. 16. 27 How are the mighty fallen, and fisa. the g weapons of war perifhed! 2 Ki. 2. 12. god

13 And Joab the fon of Zerulah,andi Sam. the fervants of David went out, and 24. 20. met together by the pool of Gibeon Jof and they fat down, the one on the 19. 1S. one fide of the pool, and the other v.12 on the other fide of the pool.


2. Sam. 14 And Abner fald to Joab, Let the 3.1. young men now arife,& play before Heb. us. And Joab fald, Let them arife. number 15 Then there arofe, and went over of by number twelve of Benjamin which d pertained to Ihbotheth the fan ofSaul, 2 Sam. and twelve of the fervants of David. 5.454

16 And they taught every one his i Kin. fellow by the head and thruft his 1. 1. fword in his fellows fide; fo they fell a Josh. down together wherefore that place 18. 25. was called Helkath-hazzurim, which Ch.

2 К2, 1 СНАР. 11.

1 David made king of Judah. Ib. bobeth of frach o 404 Eze. A Nd it came to pafs after this, that AN 36. 37. David a enquired of the LORD, Ezra band mean the wi 8. 21.1 Sam. 23, 6. Jud. s. 1.

faying, Shall I go up laco any of the
citles of Judah? And the LORD faid
unto him, Go ap, And David fald.
whither thall I go up? And he fafd.
Unto b Hebron..


So David went up thither, and his 13.13. two wives alfo, Ahinoam the Jezree-Josh. litefs, and Abigail Nabals wife the 21. 10. Carmelite. Luke 3 And his men that were with him, 22, 28. did David bring up, every man with 2 Tim. his houfhold: and they dwelt in the 2. 13. cities of Hebron. east 3 Ch.

4 And the men of Judah came, and ra. 1. there they anointed David king over Hof. the houfe of Judah : and they frold 4.15. David, faying, That the men of Jabelh-ft Sa. gilead were they that buried Saur. 31. 11.

And David fent meffengers unto the men of Jabelh-gilead and faid unto them,g Bleffed be ye of the LORD, gGen. that ye have fhewed this kindness un- 24, 31. to your lord, ve unto Saul, and have buried him.

in Gibeon, and mulut.

2. 16.

17 And there was a very fore battel Haf that days and Abner was beaten,and 9.9. the men of Ifrael, before the fervantsrv. 17. of David. 26-7 18 And there were three fons of v. 9. Zerulah there, Joab, and Abishai,and Pfal. Afahel; and ? Afahel was as light 2.13 2. of foot as a wild roe. Mega A&rs 19 And Afahel pursued after Abner, 39. and in going, he turned not to the? Ch. right hand nor to the left, from fol-11. 26. lowing Abner. Ecch 10 Then Abner looked behind him, 9.11. and fald, Art thou Afahel? And he Amos anfwered, I am. Vieth 2.14 11 And Abner faid to him, Turn thee x Ecc andero thy righthand, or to thy left, 6,10% and lay thee hold on one of the


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David's font in Hebron.

Chap. 11.

And Saul had a concubine,whofe 2.21. name was Rizpah, the daughter of ka Sa. Alah: and Ib-babeth faid to Abner, 21. 10. Wherefore halt thou gone in unto 72 Sa. my fathers concubine? 16.21.

Abner vevoltech to David. ↑ Heb. Young men,& take thee his armour. 6 And le came to pafs while there Rue Afahel would not turn afide was war between the houfe of Saul LATment. from following of him. and the houfe of David, that Abner Judg. 22 And Abner faid again to Afahel, made himself ftrong for the houfe f7. Phil 14. 19. Turn thee afide from following me of Saul. 72 Sa. wherefore fhould I fmite thee to the 3.27. ground? how then should I hold up ant my face to loab thy brother? 4. 6. 43 Howbeitshe refused to turn afide and wherefore Abner with the hinder end 20. 10. of the fpear fmote him under fy fifth t Heb. rib that the fpear came out behind from him; and he fell down there, and died after In the fame place:and it came to país, their that as many as came to place where breAfahel fell down and died, stood still. shreyfa 24 Joab alfo and Abishai purfued af v. 19. ter Abner and the fun went down Acts 7. when they were come to the hill of 26. Ammah, that lieth before Glah, by v.14. the way of the wilderness of Gibeon, Prov. 25 And the children of Benjamin 17. 14. gathered themfelvs together after Ab42 Sa. ner, and became one troop, and flood 3. 1. on the top of an hill. 10r, 46 Then Abner called to Joab, and The faid, Shall the fword devour for ever? land Kaoweft thou not that it will be bitParti cernefs in the latterend? how long tion. (hall it be then ere chou bid the peo The frple return from following their fra brethren? Red, or, 27 And Joab faid God liveth, divided unless thou hadft fpoken.furely then Part of in the morning people had gone up the every one from following his brother. Land. 18 So Joab blew a trumpet, and all Song the people ftood ftill, and purfued af. 2. 17. ter Ifrael no more, neither fought 2 Sa. they any more.. 8.1.

8 Then was Abner m very wroch form Mar. the words of 1th-bofheth, and faid 6.19. Am In a dogs head, which against 2 Tim. Judah do fhew kindness this day un- 4.34 to the lioufe of Saul thy father, to beu. his brethren, and co his felends, and 23. 18. have not delivered thee into the hand 1 Sam. of David,that thou chargeft me to day 24. 25. with a faule concerning this woman Rut. 9 So do God to Abner and more alfe, 1. 17. except as the Lord hath fworn to Da-v-9 vid, even fo I do to him:


10. To tranflate the kingdom from 20. 1. the houfe of Saul, and to fet up the Pfal. throne of David over Ifrael, and 24. 1. over Judah,q from Dan, even to Gen. Beer-fheba. 43.3.

11 And he could not anfwer Abner i Sa. a word again, because he feared him. 19. 200 11 And Abner fent mellengers to 28. David,on his behalf,faying, whofe and is the land? faying alf, Make thy 19. 31s league with me, and behold, my hand 12. fail be with thee, to bring about all Ifrael unto thee.

1 Sá. 18.259

19 And Abner and his men walked
Prov. all that night through the plain, and
16. 9. paffed over Jordan,and went through
1 King all Bithron,and they came to Maha
20. 11. naim,
Ifa. 26. 30 And Joab returned from following
IT. Abner and when he had gathered all
Pfal. the people together, there lacked of
28.5. Davids fervanes aineteen men, and
Ifai. 5. Afahel.

13 And he faid, Well, I will make 27.
a league with thee: but one thing I x1 Sa.
require of thee, Is, Thou shalt not 25. 44%
fee my face, except thou firft bring Heb.
Mical Sauls daughter when thou Loing
comeft to fee my face.
14 And David fent meffengers to trying.
Ih-botheth Sauls fon, faying, Deliver Trove
me my wife Michal, which I ef- 9. 17.
poused to me for an a hundred fore-and-
skins of the Philiftins. Des 20..25.
15 And Ifh-fheth fent, and took 2 Sa.
her from her husband, even from 19. 16.
Phaltfel the fon of Laith.
16 And her husband went with her 21. 19.
along tweeping behind her toyBahu. Rem
rim: then faid Abner unto him, Go, 1. 18.
return. And he returned.
2 Kin.
17 And Abner had communication 23. 137.
with the elders of Ifrael, faying, Ye Exod.
fought for David intimes paft to be 9.27.
king over you.
2 Sam

31 But the fervanes of David had
Pfal. fmitten of Benjamin, and of Abners
91. 11. men fo that b three hundred and
1 Chr. threefcore men died.
75.2. 31 And they took up Afahel, and
Pal. buried him in the fepulchre of his fa-
112. 5. ther, which was in Bethlehem and
1 Sam. Joab and his men went all night,and
18. 14. they came to Hebron at break of day.


18 Now then do it for the LORD 2.8,9, hath spoken of David, faying, 4 by John the hand of my fervant David I wih 12. 40 fave my people Ifrael out of the band As of the Philiftins, and out of the 5.40. hand of all their enemies. 4 Eft.

34. 16. Eph.5. 15. d 2 Sam. 5. 1.


19 And Abner alfo fpake in the ears 6. 7. of b Benjamin: and Abner went alfo Num. to speak in the ears of David in He- 24-10 bron, all that feemed good. to Ifrael, Prov and that feemed good to the whole 16. 17. bisa. 20 So Abner came to David to He- 10. 20, bron, and twenty men with him; and 21. David made Abner, and the men that 1 Chr. 12.29. were with him, a feaft. 21 And Abner fald to David, I will e 2 Sa. rife, and go, and will gather d all if. 2. 1. rael unto my lord the king,that they 4 v. 9. may make a league with thee,and that Mat thou mayeft reign over all that thine 3.54 heart defireth.And David fent Abner Phila away, and he went in peace.


12 And behold, the fervants of
David, and Joab, came from pur fuing.
a troop, a great
with them: (but Abner was not with
David in Hebron, for he had fens
him away, and he was gone in peace)
23 When Joab and all the holt that
was with him, were come, they said


1 During the war, David hill was
xeth fironger. a Six fons born to
him in Hehran, 12 Abner revoltech
to David. 22 Joab killeth Abner,
TOw there was a long war between

3. 15. N
Ephef. of David: but David waxed ftronger
6. 12. and ftronger, and the houfe of Saul
Gal. e waxed weaker and weaker.
5.17. a And unto David were d fons born
Pro. in Hebron and his e frit-born was
4.19. Amnon, of Ahinoam the Jezreelitefs:
Job 3 And the fecond, Chileab, of A-
8. 7. bizail the fwife of Nabal the Carme
Dall. lite and the third,+Abfalom the fon
2.34 of Maacah, the daughter of Talmal
2 Th-king of g Gefhur:


4 And the fourth,b Adonijab the fon
Elth, of Haggith: and the fifth, Shephatiah
6. 13. fon of
d: Ch. And the fixth, Idhream, by Eglah
3. I. Davids wife; thefe were born to
Gen. David in Hebron.
42.3. Sam. 2. 2.
the Tatber, 2 Sam. 15. 1 14.
43 Kin bf.

That is, the peace of
Deus, 3, 34,

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