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The tribes bleed.


down at thy feet
f Prov. i receive of thy words.

Mofes deathë
every one thall 34 And of Ather he fald Les Athery Jer.
be blaffed with children; let him be10.6.
and ler
4 Mofes commanded us a law, even acceptable to his brethren,
kffal. the inheritance of the congregation him dip his foot in uyl.


of Jacob.


Pfal. 68.34. 25 Thy fhoes ball be iron and brafs; Pfal. & as thy days, ball thy ftrength be. 68. 35. 26 There is y none like unto the Pfal God of Jefurup,who rideth upon the 55.17. heaven in thy help,and in his a excel- & Pfal. lency on the skie

91. 1.

And he was king in Jefhurun, when the heads of the people and the tribes of Ifrael were gathered together. /Gen. 6 Let 1 Reuben live, and not die; 4. 4. and let not his men be few. m Nu. And this is the bleffing of m Ju- 271 heb eternal God is thye refuge, d Song 10. 14. dah: and he faid, Hear, LORD, the and underneath are the everlaftingz. 6. Dan. voice of Judah,and n bring him unto d arms; and he fhall thruft out the Nu 7.13. his people: let his hands be o fufficient enemy from before thee, and fhall fay, 23.9. Pral o Gen. for him, and be thou an help to him Deftroy them. 49. 8. from his enemies.

28 Ifrael then fhall dwell in e fafery 104.10. 8 And of Levi he faid, Zes thy alone: the fountain of Jacob fball beg Gene Exod. Thummim and thyUrim be with thy upon a land of corn and wine; alfe27 28 28. 3. holy one, whom thou didft prove at his heavens fhall drop down dew. b2 Sa. Gen. Malah, and with whom thou didft, 29Happy art thou, O Ifrael: b who7:23. 49. 25.9 ftrive at the waters of Meribaha is like unto thee, O people faved by Jer. Job 9 Who faid unto his father and to the LORD, the fhield of thy help, 23.6. 10. 2. his mother, I have not feen him, & who is the fword of thy excellency!k Rev. Lev. neither did he acknowledge his bre- and thine enemies fhall be found llars 116. 21. 11. thren, nor knew his own children: unto thee,and thou shalt / tread upon Ephef. and for they have obferved thy word, and their high places. Prai 10. 2. kept thy covenant. Exod. 1oThey fhall teach Jacob thy judg 32. 26. ments, and Ifrael thy law: they fhall Ezek.puct incenfe before thee, and whole 44. 23.burnt-facrifice upon thine altar. 1 Ch. 11 Blefs, LORD, his fubftance, and 8.3.4. accept the work of his hands: fmite Ezek. through the loins of them that 43. 27.against him, and of them that bate that not again. 16. 1. 12 And of y Benjamin he fald, The Nebo, to the top of Pifgah, that is Num Jolk. beloved of the LORD, fhall dwell in over against Jerichor and the LORD 32. 37. 1.11.fafery by him; and the LORD fhalle fhewed him all the land of Gilead, Rev

66.12, Josh, 10, 24, 28.




Pfal.cover him all the day long, and he unto Dan, 91 1. fhall dwell between his a fhoulders. And all Naphtall, and the land of Ezek aNum. 13 And of bJofeph he faid, Bleffed Ephraim, and Manaffeh, and all the 40.2 unto the utmost fea: Zec. 34. 11.of the LORD be his land, for the land of Judah bi Ch.c precious things of heaven, for the d 3 And the fouth and the plain of the 2. 12.9. 5.2. dew, & for deep coucheth beneath; valley of Jericho, the city of palm-Ifal Gen. 14 And for the precious fruits brought trees, unto Zoar.



24. 35. forth by the fun, and for the precious 4 And the LORD faid unto him, Thise Gen
d the land & I fware unto Abra-12.7
d Gen. things put forth by the moon,
15 And for the chief things of the ham, unto Ifaac, and unto Jacob sand
Hab. e ancient mountains, and for the faying, I will give it unto thy feed: 122. 16.
precious things of the lafting hills,have cauted thee toffee it with thinef Gen.
16 And forthe precious things of the eyes, but thou shaltg not go over thi-12.6.
Pfalmearth, and f fulness thereof, and for ther.
24. T. the g good will of him that b dwelt in So Mofes fervant of LORD 11.9.
gLuke the bufhaler the bleßing come upon the f died there in the land of Moab, ac-g Nu.
2. 14. head of Jofeph, and upon the top of cording to the word of the LORD. 20. 12.
b Exo-the head of him that was i feparated 6 And he buried him in a valley b Joh.
over againNum.
In the land of Moab
3.2. from his brethren.
Gen. 17 His glory is like the firfling Beth-peor: but no man knoweth
49. 26.of his bullock, and his horns are like his fepulchre unto this day.
7 And Mofes was an hundred andk Jude
Nu the horns of kunicorns;with them he
23.22. fhall/push the people together, to the twenty years old when he died: hisv.9
Pfal. ends of the earth and they are the m eye was not dim, nor his darurat! Jude *
44.5 m ten thousands of Ephraim.and they force abated.
8 And the children of ffrael wept m Gene
m Gen-are the thousands of Manaffeh.
49. 19. 18 And of Zebulun he faid, for Mofes in the plains of Moab27.1.
Gen. Rejoyce, Zebulun, in thy going out; thirty days: fo the days of weeping Nu.
and mourning for Mofes were ended.18. 20.
49. 13.and oIflachar, in thy rents.
o Gen. 19 They fhall call the people unto 9 And Jolhua the fon of Nun war o Luk.
49.13.the mountain, there they fhall offer full of yo fpiric of wisdom; for Mofes 4. 1.
Pifal facrifices of righteoufnefs: for they hadplaid his hands upon him; & the lfat
2. 3. thall fuck of the abundance of the children of Ifrael hearkned unto him, 21, 2.
feas, & of treasures hid in the fand, and did as the LORD commanded? Nu
27. 18
q Gen. 20 And of Gad he fald, Bleffed be Mofes.
10 And there arofe not a prophet Exo.
49. 11. he that q enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth
Num.as a lion, and teareth the arm with the finge in Ifrael like unto Mofes, whom 33. 11.
the LORD krew qface to face:
32.1. crown of the head.
11 In all the figns and the wonders I. 7.3
FIKI. And her provided the first part
19. 40.for himself, because there,ina portion which the LORD fent him to do in Deur.
Joh. of the law-giver was he feated and the land of Egypt, to Pharaoh, and 4.34
19. 47.he came with the heads of the people, co all his fervants,and to all his land. Luke
12 And in all that mighty Hand 16 31
Judz. he executed fiuftice of the LORD,
land in all the r great terror which Acts
18.27. and his judgments with Ifrael.
#Matt. 11 And of Dan hefaid, Dan is at Mofes fhewed in the fight of all If-3. 21.
12 Gbe.
413. lions whelp:he fhall leap from Bathan, rael
5.19. Acts YO. 4o, EZ¢
and 23. And of Naphtali he fald, O
9. 1. Naphrall, fatisfied with favor, and
Lukefill with the bleffing of the LORD:
5. 1. poffefs thou the west and the fouth.



Mofes from mount Nebo vieweth the
land. He dieth there. 9 Jobra
fuccedeth him. 10 The praise of Mo

ANd Mofesa went up from the plainsa Dew.

of unto mountain of

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The Lord appointeth to bua to fucceed
Mofes. Gods promise to affift him.
Ow after the death of Mofes
a the fervant of the LORD,it
came to pafs, that the LORD

Rahab's covenant with the pics.

Mofes In all things,fo will we hearken y v.5.
unto thee: yonly the LORD thy God Rom.
be with thee, as he was with Mofes: 3.21.
18 Whofoever be be that doth rebel Heb.
against thy commandment, and will ro. 28.
not hearken unto thy words
in all 1Cor.

of a good courage.
be put to death: only a be frong and Ez:a.
CHAP. 11.


19. 16.Nun, Mofes minifter, faying,
Deut. Mofes my fervant is dead; now
31.24. therefore arife, go over this Jordan,
Pra thou and all this people,unto the land
12.6. which et do give to them,ven to the
children of Ifrael.


1 Rahabconcealeth the two (pies.8 The
covenant between her and them.
13 Their return and relation,
ANd Jolaua the fon of Nun fent Num.
of two men,to fpie 25.1.
even Jericho and they went, and filently
fecretly, faying, Go view the land Heb.
came into ban harlots house, named
Rahab, and lodged there.

10. 16.


faying, Behold, there came men in 11.31. And c It was told king of Jericho, Hebre rael, to fearch out the countrey. hither to night of the children of If-jam. of3 And the king of Jericho fentunto Luke Rahab, faying, 4 Bring forth the men 15. 1. ! that are come to thee, which are entred & Pral. fearch out all the countrey. into thine houfe: for they be come to 127. I Prov.


ande hid them, and faid thus, There & Exo. 4 And the woman took the two men, 21. 30. came men unto me, but wist not 1. 17. whence they were:


Exo. foot fhall tread upon,that have I given 3 Every place that the fole of your 36.1. unto you, as 1 faid unto Mofes. Joh. 4 From the e wilderness and this 435. Lebanon, even unto the great river, Gen. the riverg Euphrates, all the land of 15.8. the Hittites,and unto the b great fea Num toward the going down of the fun,fhali 34. 16.be your coat. Heb. 5 There fhall not any man be able Before to ftand t before thee all the days by thy life as I was with Mofes, fo I will Late be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor Rom. forfake thee. 8.31. Be ftrong and ofa good courage: Heb. for unto this people halt thou divide 13.5. for an inheritance the land which Kai. fware unto their fathers to give them. Cor-couraglous: that mou mayeft obferve 7. Only be thou ftrong and very 16.13 to do according to 7all the law which Pfal. Mofes my fervant commanded thee: 11. turn not from it to my right hand or Gal. 2-14 whicherfoever thou goelt. to the left, that thou mayelt profper Provg This book of the law thall not de4.27. part out of thy mouth, but thou shalt Or, 80 o meditate therein day & night, that wifely thou mayeft obferve to do according Pfalm to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way profperous, the way to Jordan, unto the foards: Matt. And the men purfued after them 1. 17.1 3. Epher, and then tholi fhalf have good fuccefs. & as foon as they which purfued after. 75.35. 9 Have not Icommanded thee? Be them were gone out, they kihut the Prov. and a courage, be ge 1234 the LORD thy God with thee, whi- fhe came up unto them upon the roof: 9.16. afraid neither be thou dismayed: g for B And before they were laid down, /Pfal. 21.30. COL 3. 16. herforver thou goeft. that the LORD hath given you the 28. 10. 9And the faid unto the men,/I know m Dau upon us, and that all the inhabitantsmelt: land, and that your m terror is fallen + Heb. of the land † faine because of you.

of hutting of the gate, when it was f Hebra
And it came to pafs about the time 12.16.
dark, that the men went out a whither 11. 31.
the men went, I wot not: g purfue af- Rom.
ter them quickly,for ye fhall overtake 3.7.8.
6 But he had brought them up to 33.1.
the broof of the house, and hid them b Deu
with the talks of flax, which he had 22. 8
laid in order upon the roof.
¡ Exo.?


to Then Joshua commanded the Pral. 1.2. Officers of the people, faying,

11 Pafs through the holt, and com


Jud. mand the people faying Prepare Acts you victuals; for wimin three days ye 4. 19. thall pass over this Jordan to go in Jer.. to poffers the land which the LORD 128 your God giveth you to pollefs it. Pfalm 12 And to the Reubenires, and to 17.1. the Gadites and to half the tribe of

LORD dried up water of the Red-n-Exo. 10 For we have heard how the 13-7. fea for you, when you came out of 15. 14. two kings of the Amorites that were. 2. Egypt, and what you did unto the p Amos on the other fide Jordan Sihon and Exod. g.whom ye utterly deftroyed. 14. 21. things, our hearts did mele, neither 774 14. If And as fodn as we had heard the fe Pfalm did here fremain any more courager Num in any man. because of you: for the 21: 24. LORD your God, he is God in 2 Kin. heaven above, and in earth beneath. 14. unto me by the LORD, a hace I have rofe up. 12 Now therefore, I pray you, fweart Heb. fhewed you kindness, that ye will alfo Rev. fhew kindnets unto my fathers hous; 6. 16. and give me a true token:

Joh. Manaffeh,fpake Joshua, faying,
10.8.9. 13 Remember the word which Mo-
Judges the fervant of the LORD com-
4.6.10.manded you faying, The LORD
Pfal. your God hath given you teft, and
37. 3. hath given you this land: HA
TOLS 14 Your wives, your little ones, and
barnes your remain in land
Sed which Mofes gave you on this fide
Exod. Jordan but ye shall pass before your
13 18.brethren farmed, all the t mighty men
Hai. of valour, and help them:
13. 3. 15 u Until the LORD have given
Revel. your brethren reft, as he hath given
37. 14.you and they alfo have poffelled the
Phil.land which the LORD your God
2.4. giveth them : thep ye shall return un-
z Cor. to the land of your poffeffion, and
12 26. enjoy it, which Mofes the LORDS
Eph. fervante gave you on this fide Jordan
Exod., 16 And they answered Joshua, fay
2.174 All that thou commandeft us we
Rom. will do,and whitherfoever thou fendeft
13.5. us, we will go.
Cor. According as we hearkned unto

facher, and my mother, and my bre- 1 Sam.
13 And thar ye will fave alive my 18. 24.
thren, and my fifters, and all that they 30. 31.
have,and deliver ourlives from death Folk.
14 And the men answered her, † Our 6. 23.
life for yours, if ye utter not this our Heb.
bufinefs. And it thall be when the ONT
LORD hath given us the land, that for?
is Then the let them down by a cord for you.
through the window for her houfe 2 1 im.
was upon the town-wall, and the 1. 16.
dwelt upon the wall.

16 And 5.7.
2 Sam.9. 1. t Acts 9. 25.






Behold, the ark of the covenant of Delle LORD of all the earth paneth 7.1. PLAI over before you isso Jordan. 12 Now therefore take yet twelve 44. 3. men one of the cribes of Ifrael,our of Mic every tribe a man sto


The ark burn. Chap. 1, ira541 The people pass over quraani Uv.22.16 And the fald unto them, Geryou hear the words of LORD your God. v.137 Egel to the mountain,lefthepurfuors, meet And fofhua faid, Hoby ye fhall Pfalm 9. 18. you; and hide your feles there three know that the 4 living God is among9.16. days, until the purfuers be returned: you, and that he will without fall 9 Deu. and afterward may ye go yourway. drive out from before you the Ca.26. 17 And the men faid unto her, we naanites, and the Hittites, and the Jer. *Exp.will be x blameless of this thine oath Hivites, and the Perizzices, and the 10. 10. 20.7. which thou haft made us fwear: Girgafhires, and the Amoritet, and Thef Heb, 18 Behold, when we come into the the Jebufires. father, land thou fhalt bind this line of Ada fcarlet threed in the window which 27. 24 thou didst let us down by and thou Gen. fhalt bring thy father, & dy mother, 7.1. and hy brethren, and all thy fathers Mattb.houshold home unto thee. 23-37 19 And it thall be, that whofoevers And it thall come to pass a as. Zeche As fhally go our of the doors of thy houfe foon as the fales of the fert of the 414 27. 31-into the ftreet, hisblood ball be up- priefts that bear the ark of LORD,Jo Mac. on his head, and we will be guiltiefs: the LORD of all the earch han reft in 4-23 Num. 27.25. and whofoever fhall be with thee in the waters of Jordan, that the waters, Num. the house, his blood ball be on our of Jordan fhall be cut of from the 34 35. 26-head, if any hand be upon him. waters that come down from above: 15 x Pial. 20 And if thou utter this our bu- and they fhall ftand upon an heap. 41Sa. finels, then we will be quie of chine 14 And it came to pals when the 114 3 19. 10.0ath which thou haft made us to fwear, people removed from their tents, to Pla Falm 21 And the faid, According unto pass over Jordan and the priests 2.47 2. 1. your words, fo be it. And the fent bearing the ark of the covenant be-al and them away, and they departed and fore the peoples Mal 32. 6, the bound the fearler line in window. 15 And as they that bare the ark 22 And they went, and came unto were come unro Jordan, and the feet 3. Prov the mountain, and abode there three of the pries that bare the ark were 12. 1 26-13-days until the purfuers were returned: dipped in the brim of the water (for Jer. Num. And pursuers fought them through-Jordan overfloweth all his banks ar 42.19 13.3out all way, a but found them not. the time of harvest.) & Pfal Joh. 23 So the two men returned and 16 That the waters which came? 18. defcended from the mountain, and down from above,food and brofe up? 10 and Heb paffed over, and came to Joftua the upon an hear very far from the city melt ton of Nun, and told him all things Adam, that is bende Zareeant and77 19 21 Ki. Plaim that befel them thofe that came down toward the feas 45.4. 24 And they faid unto Joshua, of the plain,ven the d fale fea,failed, Gen. Exod. Truly the LORD hath delivered into and were cut off and the people 15. 15 our hands all the land; for even all palled over right against Jericho. Rev. the inhabitants of the countrey do 17. And the priests that bare the arke 6. 16. faint becaufe of us. of the covenant of the LORD, food CHAP 1L rm on dry ground fin, the midst of Jordas, and all g the Ifraelites paffed over on dry ground, until all the pea- Gene ple were paned clean over jordan CHAP. IV.



Fosbaa cometh to Fordan 7 The
Lord encourageth him.11 The waters
of Jordan are divided,


119. 60.

1 The twelve ftones taken for a me-
9 Twelve
morial out of lordan
other ones fer up in the midst of
Jordan 20 The twelve ftones are
pitched in Gilgal
Apeople were clean a paffed over27, 2.
Jordan that the b LORD fpake Rom.
unto Joshua, faying,

Nd came when the a Deus

Joh. the hofti

421 2 Take you twelve men out of the Acts 14.220 people, out of every tribe a man,

3 Andcommand you them,faying & Jof Take you hence out of the midft of 3. 12 Jordan, out of the place where the c Acts priests dfeer food arm, twelve 10. 39 tones, and ye fhall carry them over 4 Jothe you, and leave them in the lodging 3.7 place where you shall lodge this night.Falm

Gen. Nd Jofhua 4 rofe early in the mor22.3. ning,and they removed from ShirPraim cim, and came to Jordan, he and all the children of Ifrael, and lodged there before they paffed over. Joh. 2. And it came to pass after & three 419 days, that the officers went through 1. No 3. And they commanded the people, Num.faying When ye fee the ark of the 414 covenant of the LORD your God, Chr. and the priests the Levites bearing it, 15. 12. then ye shall d remove from your 2 Sam, place and go after it. 6.3. 4. Yet there fhall be a efpace between I Sam, you and it about two thousand 6.7. cubits by meature: come not near un 4 Exo. to it. that ye may know the way by 43. 21.which ye muft go: for ye have not Fxo. pafled this way heretofore. 19.12. And Joshua faid unto the people, fExo. Sanalfe your felys for g to mor 19. 10. row the LORD will do bwonders 2Rev. mong you. 6. 16. 6 And Joshua fpake unto the priests, 13 faying 1 Take up the ark of the cove 15. nant, & passover before the people. Num, And they took up the ark of the 4.15 covenant,and went before the people, kBer. And the LORD faid unto 19. 11. Jofua, This day will I begin to 718am.magnifie thee in the fight of all Ifrael, 2.30. that they may know that m as I was mjofh.with Mors, I will be with thee. 1.7. S And thou halt command the Exa.prifts that bear the ark of the co 14. 4. venant, faying, When ye are come to Ifai. the brink of the water of Jordan, 30. 15-fhall ftan ftit in Jordan, ye 9 And Johua fald unto the chil 12,9. ren Ifracla Come hither, and


4 Then Johna called the twelve 111, 2, men, whom he had prepared of the e Gen children of Ifracl, que of every 28. 22. Jomina tribe a man: And Joshua fald unto them, Pats 24. 27 over before the ark of the Lord your Job God into the midst of Jordan, & take 18.2. ye up every man of you a ftone uponf Exo fils fhoulder,according unto the num-20. ber of tribes of the children of Ifrael: Praim 6 That this may be a g fign among 33, 1 you, that when your children ask v.7. their fathers tis time to come, fay-Exod. ing,b What mean you by thefe ftones? 14. 13. Then ye fhall answer them, That Deut. the waters of Jordan were i cut off be-6,20 fore the ark of the covenant of thet Hebe LORD, when it paffed over Jordan, tomor thefe ftones (hall be for a k memorial Palm the waters of Jordan were cut off andrew Gunto 44. 1 Pfal.77. 10, 11. and 111,2. ¡Joh. 3. 365 kGen.13.15.Pfal, 103+2


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of which And this is the

Canaanites affrigthedi Joshua. Circumeifion renewed. unto the children of Ifrael for ever. from before the children of Ifracic Jofhi 8 And the children of Ifrael did fo until we were paffed over, that their2. 9. as Joshua commanded, and took up e heart melted neither was there fpirit Pfalm twelve ftones out of the midst of Jor- in them any more becaufe of the chil-48.5.8. dan,as the LORD fpake unto Joshua, dren of Ifrael. Rev. according to the number of the tribes 2 At that time the LORD faid 18. 10. of the children of Ifrael, and carried unto Jofhua, Make thee tharp knives, Exodthem over with them unto the place and circumcife again the children of 34. 24. where they lodged, and laid them Ifrael the fecond time. Heb. Pfal. down there. And Jofhua made him tharp/words 65. S. And Joshua fer up twelve ftones knives.& circumcifed the children of er rocks m Exo. In the midft of Jordan, in the place Ifrael at the hill of the foreskins. Exod. 2313 bare the ark of the covenant flood did circumcife: All the people that a John 6. 9. and they are there unto this day. came out of Egypt, that were males, 4. 1, Z. "Num. 10 For the priests w bare the ark, even all the men of ware died in the Match. 27. 21. ftood in the midft of Jordan, m until wilderness by the way after they came 16. 24. Heb. every thing was finished that the out of Egypt. eNum 11.29. LORD commanded Joshua to fpeakMatt. unto the people, according to all that 14. 30. Mofes commanded Joshua and the Heb. people o hafted and paffed over. before 11 And it came to pals when all the the People were clean paffed over, that For the children of Ifrael walked/Hof. face of the ark of the LORD paffed over, and forty years in the wildernefs, till all 6. 6. Numb. the priests in prefence of the people. the people that were men of warg Num. 32.20. 11 And the children of Reuben, and which came out of Egypt were con-14.23. Or the children of Gad,and half the tribe fumed, because they obeyed not the Pfalm Feady ofManaffeh,paffed over armed tbefore voice of the LORD: unto whom the 95. 10. rmed, the children of Ifrael, as Mofes fpake LORD gfware that he would not fhew bNun Ephef. unto them; them the land which the LORD fware 14. 31. 6.11. 13About forty thoufandt prepared unto their fathers, that he would gives Col Nu. for war,paffed over before LORD us, a land that floweth with milk and 3. 11. 32. 21, unto battel, to the plains of Jericho. Ephef. Jof. 74 On that day the LORD 7 And their children whom bhe ralfed2, 14. 3.7.9 magnified Joshua in the fight of all up in their ftead,them Joshua circum-k Jer. Exo. Ifrael, and they feared him, as they cited for they were uncircumcifed9.25. 14. 31. feared Mofes, all the days of his life. because they had not circumcifed Gen. Exo. 15 And the LORD fpake unto them by the way. 34. 14% 25. 16. Jofhua, faying, 8. And it came to pafs when they ofh. Revel. 16 Command the priefts that bear had done circumsifing all the people, 24. 14 11. 19. the fark of the teftimony, that they that they abode in their places, in the Ezek. Gen. come up out of Jordan. camp, till they were whole. 6. 16. 17 Joshua therefore commanded the Heb. priefts, faying, Come ye up out of Jordan.

5 Now all the people that came out 14. 23. were circumclfed but all the peoples Cor that were f born in the wilderness by ro. 5. the way as they came forth out of Heb. Egypt, them they had not circumcifed.3.17.



And the LORD faid unto Joshua, Tha
This day have I rolled away the re-is
proach of Egypt from off you:where-rolling.
fore the name of the place is called Gen.
Gilgal unto this day.
22. 14
10 And the children of Ifraelm Nu
encamped in Gilgal, and kept m the 9. 1.
pallover,on the fourteenth day of the n Deu
moneth at even,in plains of Jericho. 1.8.

Fofhua 18 And it came to pafs when the
3.15. priefts that bare the ark of the co-
Heb. venant of the LORD, were come up
as ye out of the midft of Jordan, and the
Herday foles of the priests feet were lift up
ere ye unto the dry land, that the waters of
Herday. Jordan returned unto their place,
Joshua and flowed over all his banks, tas
3.4. they did before.
Gen. 19 And the people came up our
8. 13. of Jordan,on the tenth day of the firft
Exod. moneth,and encamped in x Gilgal, in
12. 2. the caft border of Jericho.
I Chr. 10. And thofe twelve ftones which
12.15. they took out of Jordan, did Jofhua
pitch in Gilgal.
2. 23.

11 And they did eat of n the old corno Rev.
of the land on the morrow after the 21. 22.
paffover, unleavened cakes, and Dan.
parched corn in the felf fame day.
3. 3.
12 And the o manna ceafed on the othe
morrow after they had eaten of the 6. 2.
old corn of the land, neither had the Exod.
children of Ifrael manna any more ,23. 23.
but they did ear of the fruit of ther Joff
land that


21 And he spake unto the children of Ifrael, faying, When your children fhall ask their fathers fin time to Joh. come,faying,What mean thefe ftones? 12 Then ye fhall let your children Heb. know, faying Ifrael came over this to mor- Jordan on dry land. 23 For the LORD your God dried verf. 6. up the waters of Jordan from before Exo. you, until ye were paffed over, as 14. 21, the LORD your God did to the y RedJer. fea,which he dried up from before TO. 6. us, until we were gone over: and 24 That all the people of the earth 32. 10. might know the hand of the LORD, Pfalm that it is mighty that ye might fear 76.8. the LORD your God for ever. CHAP. V.

13. And it came to pafs when Jo-Pfalm fhua was by Jericho, & he lift up his3.8. eyes and looked, and behold, there Matt. food9 a man over against him, with 3.16. his rfword drawn in his hand:& Jofhua Pfal. went unto him, & faid unto him, Art 139.21. thou for us, or for our adverfaries Or. 14 And he faid, Nay, but as t cap-prince tain of the hoft of the LORD am I'Dan. now come. And lofhuar fell on his face 12. I. to the earth,and did worship, and faldt Gen. unto him. What faith my LORD17.3. unto his fervant?


иr sa. 15 And the captain of the LORDS 3. 9. hoff faid unto Joshua,x Loofe thy fhoex Exo. from off thy foot, for the place whereon3.5 thou ftandeft is holy:&Jofhua did fo.1 Cor.

I The Canaanites are afraid. Circum
cifion renewed.10 The paffeover kept
at Gilgal, 12 Manna'crafeth.

2. 14. Heb. boliness2 Pet. I. 18. CHAP. VI,

Nd it came to pafs when all the Gen.kings of the aAmorites,which were on the Jordan and


* Jericho Shut up. 20 The walls fall
down. 22 Rahab faved. 16 The
builder of Jericho curfed.

Num. all the kings of Canaanites which Now Jericho was ftralely fhuet Heb.
becaufe of the children of
23. 29, were by the fea.heard that the LORD rael: none went out, & none came in,
had dried up the waters of Jordan
2 And but.
Pfal. 127. Is #Joth, 2.3q14 ~



14.9. Job


x Dea


Jeriche verthrown: Chap. vif. Raisab farth Joh. And the LORD faid unto Joshua, 19 But all the River and gold, and 5.13. See, cl have giyen into thine handJe- veffels of brafs, and iron, are confe Dan, richo, and the d king thereof, and the crated unto the LORD they fall 2.21. mighty men of valour. come into the treasury of the LORD. Jofh. And ye fhall e compafs the city all 10 So the people fhouted when the ye men of war, and go round about Priests blew with the trumpets and Num. city once thus fhalt thou do fix days. It came to pafs when the people heard 4 And feven priefts fhall bear be- the found of the trumper, and the fore the ark feven trumpets of frame people fhouted with a great fhout, horns and the feventh day ye than that the wall fell down flat, fo that.8% Revol f1 the feven times, and the the went 27. priests b fhall blow with the trumpets. every man ftraight before him, and Zech. 5 And It fhall come to pafs that when they took the city. af And they utterly deftroyed all2. 34; they make a long blaft with the rams Chr. horn, and when ye hear the found of that was in the city both man and Revel. 20. 17. the trumpet,all the people fhalli fhout woman, young and old, and ox, and 18. 21. 1 Kin 2 King with a great thout and the wall of theep,and .fs, w the edge of fword., 20. 42. 5.10. the city hall fall down flat, and the 11 But Joshua had faid unto the two y Jof 81 Ki. people fhall afcend up every man men that had fpied out the country the Pfalm out thence the woman,and all thar fhe hath y de ye fware unto her bette 23 And the young men that were 21. 10 fples went in,and brought out Rahab, and her father, and her mother, and Num. her brethren, and all that the had: and&s 21. 19% they brought out all her kindred, and 2.41. left them without the camp of Ifrael. Rev. 14And they burnt the city with Gre17% 16. and all that was therein only the and Giver and the gold, and the veffels of 18. 3. braff and of Iron, they put into the bug.

43. before


b Heb. And Joshua the font of Nun cal-
11. 30. led the priests and faid unto them,
12 Chr. Take up ark of the
20. 21. let feven priefts bear feven trum
Heb. pets of rams horns before the ark of
on its the LORD.
Place 7 And he fald unto the people, Pafs
Jofhua on, and compass the city and let
him that is armed pafs on before
Rev. the ark of the LORD.
1.12. 8 And it came to pass when Jo-
Deut. fhua had fpoken unto the people, that




7.1. the
1 Joh. trumpets of rams horns, paffed on
1414. 7 before the LORD, and blew with
m Julh. the trumpets: and the ark of the cove
* Mat. 9And the armed men went be-
16.24. fore the priests that blew with the
2 Cor. trumpets, and the rere-ward came
10.4. after the ark, the priests going on,

25 And Joshua b faved Rahab the
harlot alive, and her fathers houthold. 20.
and all that he had; and the dwelleth
In Ifrael even unto this day: becauf
the hid the meffengers which Joshua
fent to fpie out Jericho.


36 And Joshua adjured them at 3.3 that time, faying, Curfed be the man 16, 34% before that rifeth up and buildeth this city Jericho he thall

e Mar

Or, and blowing with the trumpets. Lathe. 10 And Joshua had commanded the ring people, faying, Ye fhall not fhout, lay foundation thereof in his 4 first Sam boft. nor make any Roife with your voice, born, and in his youngest fon fhall he 2, 30 Ruch Plaim neither. fhall any word proceed out of fet up the gates of it. 27. 10. your mouth,until the a day I bid you and his fame was nerfed throughout 2 Sams 27 So the LORD was with Joshua, 11. Ats thour, then thall ye houte 1.7.10. 11 So the ark of the LORD comPfal. paffed the city, going about it once: 112. 5. and they came into the camp, qv. 6. lodged in the camp. i Chr.

all the countrey.




15.26% morning, and the priefts took up the 11 And Jofhua rofe early in the

The Ifraelites are fmitten at Ai 16 Achan is taken by lot. 12 Hie Bud nerespass in the accursed thing:13.7 confeflion. 22 Hu punishment. the children of Ifrael commit-aJudg. for Achan the fon of Carmi, the fon fafs of Zabdl, the fon of Zerah, of the 22, 20 tribe of Judah, took of the accurfedbo Exo thing:& the banger of the LORD was 4. 24. kindled against the children of Ifrael.cJof.

Gal. ark of the LORD. 6.9. 13 And 9 feven priests bearing feven Kin. trumpets of rams horns before the ark 19. 3. of the LORD, went on continually, Or, and blew with the trumpets and the deve armed men went before them, but ted, the rereward came after the ark of banned the LORD, the priests going on, and Deut. blowing with the trumpets. 2.34 14 And the fecond day they comNum. paffed the city once and returned 24.-10. Into the camp: fo they did fix days. viewed Al. I Kin.

And Joshua fent men from Jericho 12. 9. to c Ai,which is befided Beth-aven,on Gen. the eaft-fide of Beth-el,and fpake un-12. 8. to them, faying, Go up and view thed Hof. countrey. And the men went up,and4.15. they returned to Jofhua, and 10.


16. 34. feventh day,that they rofe carlyabout faid unto him, Let not all the people Prov. Tal the dawning of the day, and com- go up but let about two or three20. 18. 34. 6. pafed the city after the fame manner thousand men go up and fmice Al, and Jer. seven times only on that day they and make not all the people to labour24. 6. they few. 46. 10. feven times. compaffer the cityme vo pats at the 4 So there went up thither of the 59 Ezek. 39. 17. feventh time, when the priests blew people about three thousand men, andg Lev. Joh. with the trumpers, Johua faid unto they fled f before the men of A26. 36 2.4. the people, Shout for the LORD And the men of Al fmote of themb Gen abour thirty and fix men for they 37 39 and hath given you the city. 4.6. 17 And the city fhall be accurfed, chafed them from before the gate event for. Mart. even it and all that are therein, to the unto Shebarim,and fmote them in the 9.14. 10. 41. LORD: only Rahab the harlot fhall going down wherefore the hearts of Pfalm H.b. live, the, and all that are with her in people g melted,& became as water.10.19 And Joshua brent his clothes andki Pete 6. 10. the houfe, becaufe the hid the meffell to the earth upon his face,i before3. 5. 1 Pet. fengers that we fent. the ark of the LORD, until the even-Eft. rideshe and the kelders of Ifrael,and4. 1 I put duft upon their heads.


18 And you, in any wife keep your Jof. Telys from the accurfed thing left 7.25. ye make your fets accurfed when ye Sam. cake of the accurfed thing, and make 21.1. the camp of lirach a cure and Jon. trouble it L. 14. Ecfi. 9. Jie

Sa 7 And Joshua faid, Alas, O LORD 410 GOD. m wherefore baft thou at Im Job 66 brought217. Jeremiz2

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