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36. 39

Idrett Helt tadion

Obadfah, Chap. Ja


wheto 34017 them: and I winterme eyes upun shall not overtake ng! prevçar us. Ain.

thoms for evil , and not for good. 1111 In that day will raise up the 6:3: sher.

s And the Lord God of hofts i he that tabernacle of David that is fallen, &r Hor. 4.6. brouchech landand it shall melt,& close up the breaches thereof, and 13. S. and all that dwell therein thall mourn:& it will ralle up his ruins, and I wifTACTS 44. II.

rise up wholly like a Hood, & than build

Is as in the days of old: 33. 16.

be drowned as by the flood of Egypt. 11 That they may' poffefs tie rem-firal. 17:10. in the heaven, are 6 It is be that buildeth has iftorles nang

of Edon, and of all the headen) 19. 25. 3.6. ktroopin the earth she that callech for the LORD that doch' this.

ver.19 and the waters of the sea, and poureth

13 Behold, t.e days come, faith

the Rond 8.8. them out upon the face of the earth : LORD, that the a plough-man fallg. 2. Jer. 5. the LORD Y his Naine..

overtake the reaper and the readers HOS. 7 Are ye not as children of the E of grapes him that fowedi feed , ard2. 20 12 Cor.

thiopians i'unto me, children of in the rouncains lhall drop sweet wine, Ezek: 12.2.

zael', faich the LORD ? have not I and all the hills thall mele. kGen.

brought up, Itrael 'out of the land of 14 And I will x bring again the capri-Joel
Egypt? and the Philhins from Çaphi-vity of ty, people

of Itael, and thuy.

29: I Jer.

tor and the Aflytians from Kir? shall build the watte cicles, and inha-Zech. 3.13

8 Behold, m eyes of the LORD God bit them, and they that plant vine. 14: 10. Emma it , . are upon the linkul kingdom,

and I will vards, and drink the wine cherçol John
: the house of Jacob, lai che loro!, 15 And I will plane them upon their i. 10.

not uci rly destroy the
3. 12.

. Por lo I will command, & I will lift land, & they all y no more be pulled Ezek: Dan.

the house of Israel'among all nations, up out of their land which I have 37. 16. 12. 2.

like us torn is fifted in a live, yet shall given them, faith the LORD thy God. Kom. lai. not the least grain fall upon the earth.

11. 28. 33. 14. die by the Sword, wlwcblay, The evil 60.21. Joel 3.20. Itaj.30.29. and ; s. 10. 10 All the p finners of ny people thall Jer.3.12. Ifai.61.3,!1. and 05:21. y lral.


11Bat thou fiouldest nor haver looked, Mich. 3. Il e deftruâiew of Edom, 3 for their' on the day of thy brother

in the day: 28. pride? 10 an.l for their wrong urte he became a hranger; neither lhoul

ch braim Facob. 19 Thi salvation of Facebthou have frejoyced over the childrer 22. 17.

He vision of Obadiah. Thus of Julah' in the day of thelr deftru-Matts:

Taid the LORD God , con. stion neither theulden shou have az. 39. 49. 14. cerning Edom, a We have spoken proudly in the day of distress. 106 Mal. 1.3:

LORD, and an'ambafla dour is fene into the site of my perple in the day i Plain Rzek. among die heamen,b Arite per and

let of their calamity, yea, touhouldet 137: 7 • 12. us rife up againg her in battet: bi Sa. 2 Behold, I have made thee om all the day of their

calamitye ndr, har: 12.2,36 5.9. among the heathen : thou art greatly laid hands on their fubftance in the 6 Dan. derpired.:

Alfal. 2. 35 3 The pride of thinchéart hachd der 14 Neither thouldeht thou have food 63.1,2.. 4 jer. ceived thes: mou that dwellest in the in the cro-15-way to cut off thore of his * Jam 49. 16. cletts of die rock, whore habitacion that did efcape neither shouldet chou.2.13. . Heb. is high that eraldi in his heart, who have delivered up thor of his thaty Jer 3. 13. hall bring me down to the ground? did remain in the cag of


23.15 é Rev: 4 Though thou exále thy felf as the 's For the u day of the LCRDis near zirere 19.7: eagle, and though thou set thy fine upon all the heathen : * as thou balt 4. 17. fifái. among the stars chience win 1'bring done, it fall be done un co thee, thy re-alcal. . '17. 13. thee dawa faith the LORD. ward shall return upon thinc owni.ead. 14.2.. & Jer. Self thieves came to thee,ff rob: 10 For any ye have drank upon niy ho- Amos 49.9. bers fy night, (Kow are thou cur of!) ly niouneáin , fo Ahali

all the heathen 9. 12. b Deut. would they not have Atollen till they drink continually geajthiey fall drick, Joel 24. 21. had enough. If the grapç-gatherers & they shall - Swallow down, and they 3. 19.

Or, came to the world they h not leave shall be as though they had not been. Zecht Pofteri. fome grapes!

17 Bus upon mcunt Zion shall be 10. 11. How are the thingsofEjau rearched deliverance and there thall be holi-birai. pfalm ouchowe are his hid things fought up? nefs, and the house of Jacob a fhall 25. 6. 137. 9. 7 All the men of thy i contederacy poffers their

pofletions. i ram have brought thee even to the border: isAnd bhoiite of Jacob Thallte a fire, 19.. 35; 13. thie'mon that were at peace with thee and the house of Jofeph a flame, & the idi. kjer have k deceived thee, and prevailed a house of Erau fok Jubble;& they shall 10. 17 jobs. have laid a wound under theeshere is thall not be any remaining of houle 14. 24. 12, 13. noge under Landing in hiin. m Pfal. 8 Shall I not in that day, fait de 19 And drey of die soud Mall poder 12. 20. 76.6. LÖRD geven deftroy the wife men the mount of Tatly and they of the Crom 1 sam: outof. Edom, and understanding out plain the Philisting and diey thau 11. 25: n Jer. And thym mighty med, O Teman, belds of Samaria, and Benjamin Jall 23, 25: 51. 35. {hall be dismayed to the end thiar ec-90ffers Gilead:

Mic 7 rralmry one of the mourir of Efau may be 1o Asd the captivity of the host of 41, 14.

the children of Israel ball poffefs that Jeremte 137. 7. cut off by laughter. Amos 10 Foring nilolence againk thy bros of the Canaanites, even uñco Zarc-33. 170 1. 11. ther: Jacob, hame that cover thee, phach, and the caprivity of Jerufalem & jer. o Mal nad then thalt be cut off for ever, & shich is in Sepharad'; hal poffefs 17. Zo

the other fide', in the day that the 21 And e tavlours Thall come upon 32:44 73:7

ftrangers carried away Capeive his mount Zion to judge the mount of E- John Philp. forces, and foreigners entred into his fau, and thef kingdom shall be the 3.11. 2.15. gates, and q caft lots apon Jerusalem, LORDS. Joel even thoum 20 one of them

fRev. 11.18. Dan.7.190-8172.3.4 2.7. 10. PALm90.3.


7 Jers

Rey 1 JONAH 14.


2. 15. me.

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me 31. 22.

Forsiah fent to Ninout.
Jonah. Chrap. jitilf

Hi proleren

I Jonah sent to Nineveh Leesh to Ter.
Mißh.4He beprayed by a sempeft,

1 The prayer of Jonah. 10-He is dolja.
11 and thrown into
the fee.

vered from the fish.

4 Pal. came a unto Jonah Melor of Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord 14. 25.

And fald, i cried by reason of mine 130. lo Matth. *2 Arile,

go to Nineveh b that a Alictlon with the LORD, and he and 72; 40. great city, and cry agalpit it for 6 heard me out of the bety of hell 1420 3.

b b Zep. heir wickedness ti come ap before cried I, and thou heardeft ry voice. Pfalm 3 But Jonak rore up & co flee upto Tar- deep, in the midnt of the feas., and che: 127: 2. this from the presence of $ LORD, Moods & compalled me about, all thy breathing Gen. and went down to Joppa and he found billows and thy waves paffed over me.

32.4 19. 20. 2 thip going to Tarhlh:fo he paid the J.m. fare thereof, and went down into it, fighes yet I will flook again toward 3.4.

42.7: to go with them unto Turshift from thy holy temple." 2 Neh. the presence of the LORD.

$ The waters compassed me about 6.II. Jam. wind inco che sea, and fiere was found atout, the weede Were wrape fache 4:27. mighty tempeft in the fea, so thar the aboue my head.

o I went down to the bottoms of the Tal10.8. Then the mariners were afraid,and mountalns ; the carch with her bars i Thile. cried every man g unco his God, and was about me for ever: byer halt thou and

102. ver. 15. n caft forth the wares that were in te brought up my life from corruption, f Amos ship , into the fea, to lighten it of O LORD my God.

3,4 4. 13. them: bur Jonah

was gone down into 7When my roal fainted widain me,il b Gene trov, the fides of the ship, and he lay, and remembres & Lord,& my, prayer

camera 10.9. was i fast allceg.

in unto thee , into thine holy temple. & Rom.

20. 7. 6 So the ship-malter came to him 8 They that observe lying vanities 1.20. and said unto him, k.What meanest k forsake their own mercy.

Ifai. b Alls cou., O Reeper? arife, I call upon thy 9 Bat I will sacrifice unto thee with 3.76 27. 18. Gout, if to be that God will drink up the voice of I thankfgiving, I will pay kakin.. i Judg. on us, that we perilh not.

that that I have vowed: falvation 17:31:

i l'alna 16: 19. 1 And they said every one to his of the LORD. Pfalm fellow, Come,'& let us m cadt lots, that 10 And the LORD mpake unto so. 11.Tit. we may know for whore cause this evil finh, and it vomiced out Jonah upor 1423 k Rom. is upon us. So they cast lots, and the the dry land.

m Matt.. 13. 11. lot * fell upon fonah.

Acts 12.

8.9. lisalm 8Then said they gato him,oTell us, we


6,9.. 66. 18. pray thee, for whose cause this evil i 1 Jorah fent again , preacheth to the m? Sa. upon us:what is thine occupation? & Ningvires : s upon their repentances 14:41.whence comeft thou?what is thy coun-' 10 God repent eth. » Tral, crey and of what people art thou ?

Nd the word of the LORD came a 1 TI. 93. 15. 9 And he faid unto them, I 9 am an Josh. Hebrew, and I fear the LORD the 2. Arise, go unto Nineveh tiat

great joha
7. 12,
Eph. the fea and the giryland.
God of heaven,
which hath made çitywand preach upto it the preaching 11.

b that I bid thee..
4 29 10 Then were the men exceedingly 3 So Jonah arose and cwent unto NI-B A

15, 17 Rom.r afraid, and faid

unto him, Why halt neveh , according to the word of the 20.27. 3. 172.4

thou done this for the men knew Lord: (now Ninevat was an exceeding Jeremo Ace that he fled from the presence of the great city of three days journey) 23.23. LORD, because he had told them } 4 Ana Jonah began co enter into 1 Pet. The said they unto hiin, Whar the city a daye journey - and he cried 119.

c Pralm 4.17: hall ive do unto thee, that the fea may and said, a Yet forry days and Ninc-67271. igén. be calm unto us!(for the sea wrought, veh shall te overthrown.

57 So the people of Nineveh be-29. 19

Kalo u sam 12. And he fald u.co tem, * Take m. lieved God,

and proclaimed a fast, de Kine up and caft me forth into the rea ; and put on fackcloth from the great-20.1,6. 3 sam. fo hall the fex be calm unto you: for eft of them even to the

least of them. Jercm. 24. 12. I know that y for my fake this great 6 For word came unto the king of Ni-18. S.. * John Cempest is upon you

neveh,& f he arose from his chrode,& Matt. 11. 50.13 Nevertheless she men xrowed hard he laid liis robe from him, & covered 11.21.. 7 acts to bring to land,

but they e could him with fackcloth, and rar in afhes, and 27., 24.not for the rea wrought ,

and was

7 And he caused it to be prica med, k'ccl. tempestuous against them.

and published thorow Nineveh

12:44 99. 4. Wherefore they cried unto the the decree of the king and his nobles 10.4.


2 Cor. 9.22. LORD, we beseech thee, let us noc nor flock caste any diing; let them noc. 13.

perith for this mans life, and lay not feed, nor drink water:
upon us innocent blood : for thoú,0 8 Butlet man and beast be covered

a prov. LORD, has done b as ic pleased
thee, with lackcloth, and cry mighelly unco 2Chs.

8. 8. 21. 30.5 So they took up Jonah, and e cakt God: yea , let them 5 curn every one 10.3. Prál, him forth into the sea, and the fea from his evil way, and from the viós 115. 3. 4 ceased from her raging.

lence that is in their hands.

Rom: 16 Then the men e foared the LORD 91 Who can tell if God

will carn and Jeremia

2. 12.
9.33; exceedingly

and foffered a sacrifice repent, and curn away from his fierce
17 Now the LORD had g prepared 10TAnd God k saw their

works, they 6. 12.
a great sth to swallow up. Jonah and turned from their

evil way, & God re jotho
7.10. Jonah was in the belig a dhe fith three penced of evil

that he had fald & he .10.
v. 1o. days and b three nights.

would do into them, & he did it hos. Jost
5.1 Gen.S, 10. Gen.22 14. H.Maze

Zeeman ropinside Goods mercy,

1. 17:


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2 13 Jona 1.6. k. Rev. 2.2

Apple chortation to mfurning.

Micah. Chap. i, ij.

Oppressing wis do am at: RUe le a displealed Jonah exceeding- nah waslexceeding glad of the gourd. I Arbo 28. 15. Biy, and he was very angry; Luke 2 And heb prayed unto

the LORD, the morning role the next day, and mor 1:18. nd said, I pray thee, O LORD, was it m (more the gourd that it withered. 9.16.

Pec.got this my laying, when I was yet in 8 And it came to pais when she njun ai.. 3.7.

my country?ć therefore ified before did arise, that God pr.pared a vehe- 121.6 Jer. 20.1:

unto Tarthish for I knev that mou ment eart-wind; and the sun beat up. 2 Sa. Mact.

416 a gracious God and merciful, low on head of Jonah , tiae he fainted. 15. 25. 20. 15 to angers and of great kindness, and and oxilhedin himself to die, & faid, 7 Matt. Le is better for me to die than to live. §.

22. cepentest thee of the evil. d2Kin.

3. There tore now , O LORD, d tale, 9 And God said to Jonah, | Dorf likin. 19.4

( beseech thçe,my life from me ; for thou well co be ing:y for the gourd 8.46. Eccl. it is better for me to die chan to live. a.id he raid , 9 I do well to be angry, Mace. f Matt. 4. Then said the LORD, Doft dou even unto death

10 Then said the LORD, Thou hatt S Neh. Jam:

So Jonah g went out of the city, and had picy on the gourd, for the which 2.31.

fac on the east-lide of the city is and thou haft not laboured, neither madef Cor. 1. 19,

there b made him a booth,&lac under le grow wh eh came up in a night , 1.4. & lfai:

it in the fhadow,çill he might see what and perished in a night : 72:20 would become of the city.

11 And thoud nor ! /ipare Nineveh 1. 2. b Acts

6And y Lord God i prepared a gourd, Igreat city,wherein are more than fix- and 20:34 and made it to come up over Jonah, cote thouland perfons ; that cannot 3.3.4. i Jona

§ ic mighebe a thadow over his head, difcern befween their righe hand and i Job I. 17. kliai.

to deliver him from his k grief.So Jo- their left hand, &alfo u much carrel. 4o. 5. 57. 17

and 6.24

7. r.
20. 15. vell to be angry

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I. 29.

см I c A Н. c = AP. 1..

frons of Ifrael were found in thee. 2Kin. Gods wrath against Iacob for idolatry. 14 Therefore shalt thou ! give presents 23. 35. Jer.

He word of the LORD that to Morelheth-gath:the houres ot Ach- sinin. 36. 18.

came to a Micah 6 the Mo- zib Aall hef a lie to the kings on Ifrael. '14. 19.

rafiite in the days of Jo-15 Yet will I bring an heir unco chee, sikin. 2 Chr.

tham, Ahaz and Hezekiah , o inhabitant of marelhah: he thali 36. 15

17.4. joth kings of Judah, which he saw con- come unto Adullam glory of Israel. and 15. 14. cerning sa narta and Jermaiem.

16 6 Make thee tald, and poll thee for iS. 146 c Deuc.

I Heate all ye people, hearken, thy delicate children ; enlarge thy and 32. 1.'' ears and all that therein is, and hot baldners as the cabin or they are 23.4. italm the LORD God d be wieners against gone inco captivity from thices

b Jer. 50.-1. yoz, the LORD from his holy temple.

16.6. a Prai. For behold, ý LORDe cometh foret

Ifal. 3: 24. i Lim, 4.-5.

CHAP'II. 50.7

our of his place, & will come down & liki. k tread upon high places of earth. 1 Againit oppresfi014 A lamentation. 27. 21. 4 And the Imountains th. ll be moleen 1 injustice and Idolatry reproved. kirai. ander him,&che yalleys Mhall

be clett: Wo to them a devise iniquity, and a Romo

work cvil upon their beds : when 1. 30. Reye' that are poured

down a fteep place. the niorning is light they praeftre lt , Elth. 14 19.

For f.transgrellion of Jacob is all this, because it is in the b power ot their 3. 8,2.. i Hab. and for the lins of the house of Ifrael: hand.

b Prov. m Whats

tranfgreffion or Jacob? is it 2 And they c covet fields, & take them 3. 27. 3.6. Nah.

not * Samarta?& what are high pla- by violence and houres, and take them Neh. 45. C-s of Judah! are they not jerusalem away : 50 chey oppress a man and hiç 3. 1, 2. til: 6 I erefore I will make Ganaria as houle', evena nian and hi,

h-ritage. cik'in nekin.

of a vineyard; and I will pour down hold against this family do 14 deyiie itai. stones thereof into the valley, and'ı an evil , from which ye shall e not 5.8.

will q discover the foundations thereof. remove your necks, neither shall ge go dve.i. 02C1And all the r gravun images thereof haughtily for this time is fevil. Pfalm 3. 24. Thall be heaten to pieces, and all the 4 & In the day thall one cake up a 19. 20.12 Aia hires thereof thall be buisnt with par..ble against you, and lainent with Mattb. 17:5; fire, and all the idols thereof will I a dole, ul a'nentation ant fay, We 7.2. Micah.

lay desolate : for the gathered it of be utterly Spotiert. Le hath bch. nged é pralm 31?..

the hire of an hartot, and they fhra.' the portion of iny people; how hath 50. 21. 9 Ezek

recurn to the hire of an harlor. he removed it froin me turning a- fEzek. 13:17. Therefore I will + wail and how!, I way, he hath divided our fields. 7. rifa: 27 9. will go. Itripe and naked;

I will makes Therefore thou shale have none Amos Rey. a waiting like the dragons , and thar fhall cast a cord by lot in the 3.13.

& Kin. 9:20. . For but wou id is incurable,for u it is 6 i Prophesie ye pot, say they to them 17. 24. J Rey. come unto Judah:he is come unto the that prophese they

mall k not pro- hjer. 19. 10.

gate of my people, even to Jerufalem. phelieto them that they thall nortake 2.11.. Inai. 10 T *'Declare ye it not ar Gath, thme.

1 Amos 23:4 wcęp ye not at all in the house of 10 thou that are. I named the 2. 12.

houfe of Jacob is the spirit of the and 7. & 7, S. 112 Pais ye away, thou inhabitant of LORD, m (traitned? are there his te, 13. 2. King Saphir ,having a thy frame naked;dre doings?

do not my words do 9. good k Matc. 19: 13. inhabitant of Zaanan came not forth to him that walkech uprightly?

7.6. *2 Sa. in tie mourning of Beth-ezel , he 8 Eren.otlace my people is o risen up al 1. 20. ibau receive of you his tanding. as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with $. 16.

Jer. 12 For the fñhabitant of Maroth the garment , from them that pars by John t. 29.

waired carefully for good bur evil securely, as men averfe from war... Ifai. came down b from the LORD unto 9 The women of my people have Rom. 20:4.' the gate of Jerusalem.

ye cast out from their pleasant houses, 2.17.. alfaj. 130 thou inhabitant of Lachith, from their children have ye taken m 2tes 47:3cbind the chariot to the fwife beaft: away my glory for ever.

1.21 t'Am. he is the beginning of the fin to the 1o Arire ye, and de part; for this is not nitai. 3. 7. daughter of Zion: för de transgresyenrg seit: because it is q polluced. 39. S. C2Kin. W 19.4 Bev. 17.2And 19. 29.

9.21. Hcb.4.1. 9 Jer. 3.1.

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Jer, A

bones :


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2.2. Out in the last dags. it thall come to 'of his brethren shati CCEAED unto 17. 14... Awife prophets threarned.


The churcberger ic than destroy you even with a tore Come & let us ga np to the mountain

d Lak; deltruction.

of the Lord, and to the house of God 24.4 Eze. ulf a man walking in the fpirit ofaf Jacob , and he will teach us ofbts AS . 13. 3. falfhood, do tie, faring. I will propbelievays, and

we will

walk in his paths for 1: .. fxb, unto thee of f'wine, and of trong the law that go forth of Zion, and the falo Micah drink ; he that even be the prophetword of the LORD d from Jerusalem. 9. 6: 3. 5 of this people.

3 And he thalle judge areong many i Tim. 12 I will surely assemble , O Jacob,people,

and rebuke strong nations afai 6.35. 1 Hor. all of thee I will surely gathet thefs and they shall beat their - (words f Rev. 1. 11. remnant

of Israel, I will put them to into plough-lbares , and their spears 19.19. MIQi. Rether as the theep, of Bozrah , 39 nto prining hooks nation thall nor and 63. 1. the lock in ce midt of their foldalfft up a sword against pation, neither 20. R, * Dan. they fall make great noile ty reatonih all they learn war any riore. & Pral of the multitude of men.

4 Bur they shall & fic every man un:22. 7.. 34. 35. 13 The x breaker is come up before der his vine and under his fig-trecil Jeri

Hor them they have broken up, and havėand none that make them afraid for 1.5.
3. 5: passed through the gate, andare gone the mouth of the LORD of hosts i Zech,
Ezek out by it, and y, their king shall pan hati Ipoken it.

10. 12, 38 before them, and the LORD on the For all people will walkerery one k 1:ai. 18, 23. head of them.

in the name or ) ais god, and we will 35: 3: CHAP. III.

in I
s The cruelp of the princes, s The
fall God for ever and ever.

3. 18. dood of the prophets. 8 The security in the day, faith the LORD,win

Rzek. of thein both

I allemble her that k halteth, and I
Nd I said, Hear I pray you , Owilt gather her that is I driven out,


11, 22 5:4,5. heads of Jacob, and ye princes ofand her that I have theted: Chr. the house of Ifracl

io te not a for god 7 And I will make her that hatred, am Ifai. 19. 20. co know judgment?

femaanrand her chac was calt far.off, 33: 6. Bitäb 2 Who hate the good , and love them a strong nacton; and the n LORD #Ifai.

9.6. 15. 4. evil, who cpluck off their skin fromthall reign over dem in n'ount Zion,

O I $a Rom. off them, and their felh from off theirfram henceforth even for ever. 12. 9.

8 And thou, O Tower of the flockite 30. 6. LAA

3.Who allo d ear the Aleth of my peo-Itrong hold of the daughter of Zion, 5. 12. plesand Aay their skin from off them, anto 'chee than it come, even the firft 119. a par an. they break their bones, and choo dorintanie the kingdom mal come throtti 14. 4. them lo pieces as for the pot Hab. as Aefh within the caldron.

Now why doit thou o cry out aloud?3.4 2. 12.

4 Then thalt they cry unto the is there no king in thee? is thy çaun-Lanı. e Prov.

Lord, tut he will not hear them: he fellour perilhed for q pangs have 4. 201 1, 28 will even hide his .ce from them at taken thee as a woman in travel

Jonh ià. 17. at cime, as they harebehaved them-10 Be in pain, and labour to bring 16.17.. selvs ihin their doingi.

torch, U daughter

of Zion, likea wo-2 Cor. facts - Thas saith the LORD concerning man in travel for Snow thalt

thou got

7 20. 29:30. ert, mát bite with their teed, and I dwell in the field, & thou shalt u go 66. ... stra. cry, peace and he that's partech evento Babylon , * here thalt thous ROG 56. 11. not indo their mouthes, they even be delivered: there the LORD than 10: 3: Ezek. prepare war against him.

redeem thee from the hand of thine! HOG 13:18.

3. 3. &therefore b night ball be unco you. enemies. btai. Ye Thail not have a vifior;& it mall de 11 Now alloy many.narlons are Réve:

dark urco you, that ye shall ner divine: gathered againle thee, fray, Let her 19: 7.. *** and run the go down over

prophet, het die lied, and let our eye look upon Den 11. 17. Eack

7 Then thall the reers be ashamed, 12Buc drey know nor the thoughts of Dan and the diviners confounded:yea, they che LORD, neider understand they 12. I.

Thas all cover their ilips, for there is his counfel: for he hall a gather them Zech. . 2,607

as die the aves into the door.

14 I. Mal: 8 g But eraly am I full of power by.f 13 Arite and b thresh, o daugheer ofEzek. . Plal. and ot might, to declare unco Tacob an 1 I will make thy hoofs brass, and

Rom. 74: 9. histranfgreifior., and to Israel

nii fin: hou shalt bear in pieces many people 11, 33. ATOS 9. Hear this, I pray you, ye beads and I will

c consecrate their gain kotolaai. ; of the house of Jacob, and princes of the LORD, and their fubftance ant055, S. II.ai. che house of Ifrael , chacabhot judge the LORD of the wiole earth. 4 Joel. 30: 4. ment, and pervert all equity:

2, 13.. Job 10 They build up Zion m wich blood, b Irai. 41. 15. Dan.

2:35, 44.. Zech.15. 20. 3

52. 19. and Jerusalem with iniquiry:
m Hab. 11 The heads therect judge for re- The birth of Christ. 4. His kingdong,

8 and conq neft
Izek: Wire, and the prophets the roof divine Name of the open the hath laidz. , .

gather thy self in troops. Zeeph. LORDyandrayals nór the LORD a- siege against us.: they hath fmice the


us? none evil can come upon us. judge of lfrael w a rod upon cheekb Mat. ☆ jude 12 Therefore than Zion for your fake 2 But thou Betlehem-Ephratah, 2. 6. . v. 11. be ploughed asa fietd,&Jerusalem than though thou be bliecle among thon Pral. Tit. I.become heaps, and the mountain ot y fandi af Juilah, yet out of the deall 113. 7.

house, as the high places of the forest. che come torch unto me that is cobec Mac jer.

çaler in lfrael; whore going forth i. 21. 76,9, 10.7 Mát.24. 3. Jer, 20. 18. Pfalm have been trom of old , from ever-Joha: 107.34



3 Therefore will be & give them upie Hoc the glorypeacra 8. kingdom, Funeil che rimes

the which travelledi:

34 11 and vidtory of the church. had the the remnant al

, Ifrael house of the LORD thall be esta 4 And ye shall tand and feed la the 18. 16.

John 2:35.blished in the top of the mountains, Itrength of the LORD,in maieftyd Jong

Pfal. and it shall be exalced above the hills, of the Name of the LORD his God, 16.38 10. 3. and bpeople thall Aow unto ic. and they shall abide : for now taal het prile Arai. 2 Aad' canany nationsthall come & tayo be i Ksát upce the pads of the cart 9. Rev. 11..25. Dan. 7.14,

5 Ant


3: 6.

Her prayer.


Chap.' , vij. . The chared es complaint REph-s and this man skall dek peace when ihallic by Nanieligat ye tho o sod, o Iran 2.14. are la flyrian that come into our land: and who hath

appointed le.


10 Are there yet they treatures of Lan. 13.7: then than we taife against bimm feven wickedness in the house of the wico

: 3.70350 * Rev.thepherds and neith erlachpat men.kedand the scane meature that is Jer. 16.1. And they ihall a witte land of Ally- abominable?

3:37. * Pfal.la v the sword,

& the land of ? Nim. 11 Shar! I count them pure with the Hor. 149.

rod in the entrances thereof:chus hall wicked balances, and with the bag of 12.3. m2 Th. he comech Inco our land, and when I For the rich men thereof q are fang.

S. 6.7. heq deliver us from the Artyrlan when deceleru! weights ?

Rev. 7 And the remnant of Jacob Marl be of have spoken.ilies and theiii, 2. 12:20. In midt of many people, as a dew congue deseltful in their mouch.

92 Ti: Lúke from the LORD, as the powers upon Therefore also win I make thec. 13. 1. 71. the grant dat carriesh not for man, flick, in fn'cing the in making therrjet: riconog pande che retinant of Jacob mall 14Thoa male tear, but not be cajished, Lev. 2 .

be among cho Genciles in midfot & thy casting down fall a lo y midlt25.4. 2:15: many people as a lion among the of thee, and thou shale cake hold, ducitai. ham. among the Hocks of Theep wholf be delivered win I give up to the sword. Pralme: trái go through, both, ereadech down and I Thou male wtowe, but thou thalenco 107. 45. 16.ceared to plecase note vielen pouhou, that cread the olives 1978 $:Rey. upon thine adversaries, and all thine sweet wine

bar fhale not drink wine. 26.26. genenies shall be * coc off.

10. And it has come to pass unnthalt an die vorki ot house i Ahin 12.9. titor.

off thy horses out of the midlts of make thee a desolacion, & the inhabi 10:thee, and I will destroy thy chariots cants thereof an hiling: therefore ye Zephy

38. 38. 11'And I will cut off che cicles

of ihall bear the reproach of my people. 1. 13. 42.8: My land, and throw-down all thy Pa, tron& học :

* 1 Kl.16, 16, 25. Hor: 5:11. y Luke 7: 300 45-3,5: 11 And I will cut off witchcrafts

CHAP. VII. *Rev; out of thine hand, and thou shalt have 1 The church complaint : s. She 14 16.no more rooch-rayers.

Pettesh her confidence in God. 18 Zec: 13 Thy graven images allow ! I cur Eze. she'midi of nechama chake halen. Wo is ine; for I am as when they alret

have gathered the summer-28. 4o. 38. il more worthips ) work of thine hands. fruits, as the grape-g!eanings of the Hof Prov. 14 And I will pluck up thy groves vintage : there is no c ulter to eat :9. io. 10. 18. out of the midd' of chee: to will I my, a foul de fired the first ripe fruit.

Piala a Rev. defroy thy eldles.

l'fheb good man is perllhed out of y 12, 1. 19. 23. IS And I will c execute vengeance earth and there is none upnght amon:fal. Gal. In anger and fury upon the headen, men: they all lie in waię for blood: they57. 32.such as they have not d heard. chung every man his brother a neces. Era

3 That they n'ay do evil with d both 19. 3. 25, 276 Hor. zi 16. ct'fal. 149.7. d 2 Th. hands earneltly,thie e prince asked, &d jor. 1.3. G. 26. II.

the judge as kesh for a reward and the3: 3. CHAP: VỊ.

great man re uetereth his mischievouse Hor.. Gods controverfio with Ifrael for thely defire so they wrap it up unkindnefer

4 f The best of them is as a briar sf Ezi

4.18 A Heb.

Irite contend thou before y moun- thorn-hedge: the day of thy watch-2 Tim THor.cains,

and let the hills hear diy voice. men, and hy vificacion cometh g now 3.2.5. 2 Hear ye , mountainssthe LORDS Avall be thely perplexity. b controverfie, and ye c Itrong founda Sb Trust ye not in a friend, pur 1o. 3:

s Hor. 5:3; 4. ions of the earch: 105 the LORD ye nos confidence in a guide : keep

the b Jef: 10b* bath a controverse with his people doors of thy moud from her that

9.4 9:43 5. and he will plead widtIfrael. 2 jer

Mac 30 my people, d what have I donc For the front dithonoureth the father ro. 18

unto thee and wherein have I weari- the daughter rifech up againft de Mar ili. ed theoretife against me.

4 For
I brought see up out of the ber mother in law mans enemiesz

land of Egypc, and redeemed thee out are the men of his own houre.
ot chef house of fervarrs, and I renc 7 Therefore I will kloak unto the

33, 43 Detic.before thecg Mofes, Aaron & Miriam. LORD:I will wait for the God of my spalo 4. 20, simptombe Meinem ber now.whas silation.my Cod will fear me,

8 Rejoyce nét against me, o mine 27, 28 what Balaam the son of Beor answe- enemy? when II fall , I shall m tileHab. 103: 7

red him from. Shittim uato Gilgal, when i fit in darkness, the LORD 2. 3. b Nu. 22. 23. of the LORD. that ye may know the righteouiness Dill be a ligbe unro me.

I Prod

9 I will bear the n indignation of the 24.16 24, 25. 6 Wherewith shall I come before LORD, because I have linned

against m Pand cha the LORD, and bow my felt before him , until he plead my cause and37. 24

Jõbr high God than I come before him with execute judgment for me he wil Rev 6. 28.

k burnt-offerings, with calves of a hring me torti to the light, and 118.277 kirai.

thall behold his righteouriers. n Pral. 1.13.

1 win the LORD be pleased with 10 Then fee 5, is duine enemy tall fee39.90 12 Ki. thousands of rains, or with ten thou. it , and thame that cover her

f fald Lam. 23. 10.rands of rivers of oyi? fhall i give my unto me, . Where Is the Lord thy T. 18., Jés 7first-bom for my transgreflion, I fruit God mlae eyes shall behold her: o pai. 13. of my body for the Sin of my coul? now man ine bé troden down as the 79. 104 8He hach m shewed thee, man,whar mire of the streets

And 79.5,6-5s good;& whac doth the Lord require ur in the day that thy 9 walls are 0 115.2 m Deu of thee but eo dom juftly and to love be built in das day hall 7 the decrecz Prale, Eccl. 2. The LORDS voice criech, unto 12 In that

day also {Ke thall come even Val. 12. 13. the chey, and she man of wisdom

4 Am. 9. 11. r Palina 2.7. Mic.4. 3. 60 Som God3.12. 2 CRP 7.11. Mac.7.12. l.ro in

10. 35)


year old?

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