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God's judgments for

Chap. j., is. whoredom and idolatry. Jer children offrael he gathered toge- tor ever, yea I will kberroth thee unto E, h. 3.19. het,& appoint demfelvsqone head, me in / righteoufnefs, & in judgment.5.25. Rom. and they hall come up oue of land: and in loving kindnets, & in mercies. Rom. for great fhall be the day of Jezred. 12, 15.9 Hof.3.5. 101




20 I will even betroth thee unco 3.20. me in w talchfuinefs, and thou shalt Pfalm #know the LORD. 85. 10. 31And it fhall come to paren day, mRom. will hear iaith the Lord, I will heat3.3.8. the heavens,& they fhall hear earth, Joh. 31 And the earth mau hear the corn, 17.3. the wine, and the oyi and Jer.


The idolatry of the people. 6 Gods judgments against hem. 14 His premifes of reconciliation. 126.3. Say 4 ye unto your brethren, Ammir and to your 5.20. 26 Picad w your mother, piead:tor he thall hear Jezreel. March's not c my wife,neither am I her hus- 13And I willy fow her unto me in the2 Tim. 31.34 23. 23-band: let her therefore put away her earth, and will have mercy upon 1. 12. Ever. whoredoms out of her fight, a d her her tatr had not obtained mercy, & Rom. 19, 20.adulteries from between her breaths; I will fay to them which were not my S. 12. dezek.3 Left I d trip her naked, and fet her people, Thou art my people; and Hof 16.4. as in the day that he was born, and they thall fay, Thou art my God. Amos make her as a wilderness and ret het 1.4. Rom. 8.11. like a dry land,& lay her with thirst. Rom.9.240 fjohn4 And i will not have mercy upon 844 her children, for they be the children g doi of fwhoredoms. 4.5. For their mother hath played the that hath 44. 17-done fhamefully: for fhe faid, b 1 win Lukezo after my lovers, that give me my 15. 20.bread and my water, my wooll and my Lam. flax, mine oyi and my drink. 3.22. Therefere behold, I will i hedge k Ifai. up thy way with corns, and make a 51. 2.wall, that the fhall not find her patis. pieces of filver, and for an homer of 18. 13 2Chro.7 And the fhalk solow after her lovers, bat ey, and an ha fhomer of barley.41 Sa. 28. 22.but the fhall not overtake them, and 3AndI faid unto her, Thou maltfabide 18. 25. Jer. the fhall foek them, but shall not find for me many days, thou that not play Zech. 2.36. them then fhall the fay, I will go and the hariot, & mou thalt not be for an-11. 12. Ezek. return to me my first husband, for the other man, fo will & Lalfo be for thee.f Deut, 16. 37.was it n better with me than now. 4 For the children of Ifrael fhall 21.13. Im L 8 For the did a not know that I gave abid: h many days without a king,andg John 16.9. her cora, and wine, and oyl and mul- without a prince, and without a facri-4.22.

9.24. Jer. 31.27.
CKAP. 1.
By the expiation of an adulserefs,
before their tartation.
4fbewed the defolation of fract

Then faid the Lord unto me, Go Hof.

yet,love a woman(be oved of her 3. 23. friend yet an adulterefs) according 2 Tim. to the love of the LORD toward the 4.2. children of Ifrael, who look to other jer. gods, and love flagons of wine. 3.20. sold bought her to me for effteen Rev.

IT..tiplied her filver and gold,which they fice, and without an image, and with-b Rom. 4.S. P prepared tor Baal.org sveta hur out an ephod, and without teraphim. 11. 25. Piov. 9Theretore will I greturn, and r takes Afterwar fhall the children of if-1 Ezek. 5.11. away my cern in the tle thereof, and rael return, and feek the LORD their 34. 23. 02Cor. my wine in the feafon thereof, and God, and i David their king, and fhall jer... 4.4.. will recover iny wooll and my flax gi- tear the LORD,and his goodness in 30.9. 2 Pet. Ven to cover her nakednafs.. the latter days.1007 k Mic 3.5. 10 And now will I difcover her lewdPliai. nefs in the fight of her lovers, & none 46.6. fhall deliver her out of mine hand.


AP.7.177 Mich. 4.1. God judgment against people, 6 and priest, for idola ry. Har the word of lord, ye chil-4 Amoe aa 7.4. controverfie with the inhabitants of the Mich. land, because there is ro truh,nor mer-6.2.

Hoi. 11 I will alfo caufe all her nirth to 3. 15. ceafe her leaf-days, hernew-moons, and fabbaths all foEzek. lemn reafts. a 23.29.12Aid I will deftroy her vines & her Ezck.g-trees, whereof the bath faid, These cy, or b knowledge of God in land. b Jer. 16. 37. my rewards that my lovers have By fwaring,and ying, and kining, 4.22. and given me and I will make temy and itealing and committing adul- and 23. 29. foreft and the beafts of the field fhall tery, they break out, and blood 5.4. Nin.eat them. coucheth blood. 25 Weg Pfalm 12.32.13Andal will wifit upon her the days of 3 Therefore hall the land & mourn, & 12.4. Bdali wherein the burnt incenfe to every one that dwellen therein thall a Jer. them,& the decked her felfw her ear- languish, with the beafts of the field,& 4.25. **Luke rings,and her jewels, & the were atter win the fowis of heaven,yea the fishes and her lovers,& forgat me, faith Lord, of the fea alfo fhall be taken away. 12.4. 144 Therefore behold, I will allure 4-Yet let no man fftrive, nor reprove e Amos her and bring her into the wilderness, another:for thy people are as they that 5. 16. y Pfal. and speak co fortably unto her. ftriveg with the prieft. Nah.

Hoi. 3.4.

13.7. * Hof. 9. 1.

15 And I will give her her vineyards 5 Therefore thalt thou fall in the b day, 1.4. 2013 from thence and the 6 valley of Achor and the prophet alfo fhall fall with fGen. for a deor of hope, and the fall fing thee in the night, and I will destroy 6.3. 2.3,23 there, as in the days of her e youth,and thy mother.


Jer as in the day when he came up out 6 My people are deftroyed for k lack 7.6. 16. 14 of the land of Egypt.on Micah of knowledge because thou haft / re-Mich. 16 And it shall be at that day, falch je&ed knowledge, will alto reject 2.11. 2.12 the LORD, that thou alt call me thee that thou shalt be m no prieft g Deuts Jofhihi,& fhalt call me no more e Baali. come feeing thou haft forgotten the 17. 12 7-85. 17 For I will cake away f the names of law of thy Gods I will also forget Rom. Jer. Baalim out of her mouth, & they fhall thy children. hendavad 2.82.2. no more be remembred by their name. 7As they were o increafed, fo they fin- b I The 4V.1918 And in dat day will I make a cove ned against me: therefore will Ichange 5.3. Revenant for them wit the g beats of the their glory into fhame.pk 212 field, and with the fowls of heaven & 8 They eat dp the lin or my people, &

Mich. 3.6.

Rom.with the creeping things of ground, they fet their heare on their iniquity. Prov. 8.5 and I will break the h bow & the fword, And there thall be a like people,like 21. 13. Luke and the battel out of the earth and prieft: and I will punifh them for their 2 Cor. 1.74, will make them to lie down ifafely, ways and reward them their doings 4.4 fExod. 19 And I will betroth thee unto me 81. 11. Jer. 44.17. m Zech. 11.17. ni Sax 2 Job 5.23. # Ilal,2.4. / jer.23.6. Lev. 2.30. I Kin. 2. 17. 0 Deut. 32. 15. 10 11,2. ↑ Mal...2.9, ¶jer·5·38+

10 For Pfalm


Ludgments again prieits,

Hofea.d people and princes to For they fhall eats and not have 13 When Ephraim faw his fickness, Jer. PITOV.enough, hey fhall commit whoredom, and Judah faw his wound, then went 30. 13. 18.25.& fhall not increafe: because they have Ephraim to the Affyrian, and fent to 42Kin. f Pet.fleft off to take heed to the LORD. king Jateb yet could he not heal 15. 19. 8.20. 11 Whoredom, and wines and new you, nor cure you of your wound. x2Kin. Hai wine take away the hearta 14For Iwill beunto Ephraim as x alion, 17.9. 28.7. 12 My people ask couníel at their & as a young lion to house of Judah: Jam. #2 Th.tocks, and their Itaff declareth unto 1, even I will cear and go away; I will4.9. 2. 1o. them:tor fx (pirit of whoredoms hath take away, and none thall rescueshisa. Lev Rev.caufed them so err, and they have gone 17.2,3.a whoring from under their God.

13 They acrifice upon the tops of the ylfai. mountains, and burn incenfe upon the 57.5. hills under oaks, and poplars, and elms, becaufe the fhadow thereof is

151 will go and return to my201401 place,til they y acknowledge their of-41. fence, and feek my face: In their af- Jer. fiction they will z feek meearly.

29. 12. Lam.3.44.

CHAP. VI.ñedo,


Num.good; therefore your daughters hall An exhortation to repentance. 25.2,3.conunit whoredoms, and your fpoufes CLORD: for he hath torn, and he5. 15. and us return Hof. thall commit adultery. @Heb. 14 i will not punish your daughters will heal us; he hath fmitten, and heEzek. 12.9. when they commit whoredom, nor will bind us up 36.37. your poules when they commit adul- 6 After two days will he revive us,b Cor. Prov.tery for themfelvs are 6 feparated with in the third day he will raise us up, 15.4. 2.1. whores, and they tacrifice with har- and we shall e live in his fight. Eph. Lots therefore the people that doth 3Then fhall we know,i wed follow on 26. 20. not to know hise forth 4 Matt. Zech.15 Though thou Ifrael play the har- is prepared as the moming; and he13. 12. 7.11. loc.c yet let not Judah offend,& come fhall come unto us as the rain as thee Prov. Lev. not ye unto Gilgal,neither go ye up to latter and former rain unto the earth.4. 18. 26. 33.Beth-aven,nor twear, TheLord inveth: 4 O Ephraim, f what fhall I de unto2 Cor. Mast. 16. For Ifrael flideth back,as da back- thee? O Judah, what thalt 1 do unto3. 13. 15. 14. diding heifer now the LORD will thee for your goodness is as g a mor-fifal. fal. leed them as a lambine a large place, ning cloud, and as the early dew it 5.4. 1.22. 17 Ephraim is joyned to idols:flet goeth away. Luke bMich.him alone. Therefore have I hewed them by 19. 42. 18 Their drink isg forre: they have the prophets: I bave flain them by theg Pfal. 72 Kin. committed whoredom continually: her words of my mouth, & thy judgments78. 34. rulers with thamedo love. Give ye are as the light that goeth forth. b Jer. kjer. 19 The wind hath bound her up in 6 For I defired mercy and i not facri-23. 29. 2.27 because of their facrifices. her wings, and they thall bekathamed fice; and the knowledge of God more i Matt. Sapthan burnt offerings. Sen toe 9.13.






7 But they like men have tranfgref-k Joh. Gods judgments against priests, people fed the covenant: m there have they 17.3. andhrinces of Ifrael, for their mani- dealt treacheroufly again me. W2Job feld fans. 15 until they repent. 8 Gilead is a city of them that work31. 33. Ear ye this, 40 prieffs, and heat- iniquity; and is polluted with blood. Ezr.


46. as troops of robbers



ear, O houfe of
ment is toward you, becaufe ye have
been ba fare on Mizpah, and a net
Ipread upan Tahor, and agbar the box

the o company of IKIR. marder in the way by content: forrs. 29. they commit lewdness.

to 1 have feen pan horrible thing in

95. 1.2.

Ani the revolters are c profound houfe of Ifrael: there is the whore Jer. 225 to make flaughter, though I have been dom of Ephraim Ifrael is defled. 5.30. da rebuker of them all. torom Alfo Judah,he hath fet an har- Rev. Rev. 1 knew Ephraim, and Ifrael is veft for thee, when I r returned the 14. 15. 3.15. phraim thou committeft fwhoredom, e not hid from me for now, O E- captivity of my people 7. Zeph.




I would have a

reproof of manifold fins. 11 Gods 3.15Rom and Ifrael is defiled. 1295 4 They will not frame their doingsath against them for hypocrifie 30. God: for the Pfal. of whoredoms is in the midst of them, then the iniquity of Ephraim was 1.2 36.2. and they have not known the LORD, difcovered and the wickednefs of Sa- Joh. bHot And the pride of Ifrael doth b teki maria; for they commit falfhood:and10. Ta The to his face therefore fhall Ifrael the 6 chief cometh in, and the troop of Tim and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; robbers spoileth without krekls Jers 6.4 Judah, alfo fhall fall with them. And they confider not in their hearts, 17.1. Sam. They fhall go with meir flocks, and that I remember ak their wickedne fs 4 Pfal. 9.6 with their herds to feek the LORD: now their own doings have befet90.3. Ifai. but they shall not find him, he hath them about, they ared before my face. Kin. 1.15 withdrawn himself from them. 123. They make the king glad with 22.6. Mal. They have dealt treacherously against their wickedness, and the princes widf Rom. 211 the LORD for they have begotten their e lies. 1296 1-20 309 & 30 1.21. Zech.ftrange children, now hall a mone heated by the baker, who ceafeth from 12.1. 4 They are all adulterers, fas an oveng Lak. their portions. Ifal. 8 m Blow ye the corner in Gibeah and railing after he hath kneaded the bikin. 18.2. the trumpet in Ramah, cry aloud at dough until it beg leavened 12.32. Judg. Beth-aven: after thee, O Benjamin. In the h day of our king, the princesi Ifai. 19. 139 Ephraim fhall be defolare in the have made him fick with bottles of 2.1. Atso day of rebuke: among the tribes of wine she ftretched out his hand with k Mio. 17. 16.Ifrael have I made known that which formers, tomed to mo milesá 2.1. Ezek. fhall furely be. Vor Barhor they have kmade ready their! Hof. 22. 2019 The princes of Judah were like heartlike anloveny whiles they lief. 1, 2. Mal them that remove the bound: there in walt: their baker fleepeth all the Pfalm 4.6. fore I will pour out my wrath upon night in the morning it burneth as 10. 8. Zech.chem like water. 5 Vefa daming fire. 151 dam Gen. 11 Ephraim is oppreffed and broken 7 They are all m hot as an oven, and 19.4. Ikinin judgment: because he willingly bave devoured their judges all their 2Kim 12. 28.walked after the commandment. kings are fallen, there is none among 15. PIKIn. 13 Therefore will I be unto Ephraim them that o calleth unto me.log 14, 27. 12. 29.28/a moth and to the house of Ju 8 Ephraim, he hath mixed himfelt. Ezek. Job dah as rottennefs. among23.30. 21kin. 17. 22,



B. 28.[fai, 59, 9. Beur, la que v

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Iftact is reproved.

Chap. viij. ix, x.
for fin and inguity.
will fend a fre upon his cities, and it dr.zek.
fhall devour the palaces thereof. 20.32,

The diftrefs and captivity of Ifrael for 3.2.
their hans and idolasy


among the people, Ephraim is a cake not turned." 2.Ki. 9 Strangers have a devoured his 3519. ftrength, and he knoweth it not : yea, Ifai. gray hairs are here and there upon 9.13. not. Hof. to And the pride of Iffaci teftifieth Royce not, O Ifrael, for joy, a as 44. 17. other people: for meu haft gone Lev. 3.5. to his face, and they do not return to a whoring from thy God; thou haft 25. 23. Prov. the LORD their Gods, nor feek him loved a reward upon every corn-floor. Pralni 23. 35. t for all this. The floor the winepress thall not feed 37.3. 4 Jer. 11 Ephraim alfo is like a filly dove them,& the new wine thai fail in her, dEzek. 2.13. withour heart; they call x to Egypt, 3 They fhall not dwell in the 4. 12. x2kin. they go to Affyria. LORDS land; but Ephraim fhall re- Dan: 17.4. 12 When they fhall go, I will fpread tur to Egypt, and they fhall eat dua-1.8. 7Ezek. myy net upon them, I will bring them clean things in Affyria. Jer. 12. 13. down as the fowls of the heaven: I 4They fhall not offer wine-offerings to 6.20. 22Chr. will chaftife them as their congrega- LORD, neither fhall they be plea-Mal 28. 18. tien z hath heard. fing unto him their facrifices shall be 3.4. 41Kin 13 Wo unto them, for they have fled unto them as the bread of mour ers:fZech. 14. 27. from me: deftruction unto them be all that eat thereof thall be polluted 7.5.6. Jer, caufe they have tranfgreffed against for their bread for their soul thall notg Lam. 44. 17. me though I have a redeemed them, come into the houfe of the LORD. Ifai.. yet they have bipoken lies against me. What will ye do in the g felemn day, b Ifal. 14 And they have c not cried unto me & in the day of the fraft of the Lord? 32. 13. 29-13. Ifai. with their heart, when they howled 57.7. upon their a bedsithey affemble them 2kin. felvs for corn and wine, and they rebel againit ire. 13.25 15 Though I have bound and


6 For lo, they are gone, because of fakin. deftruction & Egypt fhall gather them 27. 24. up, Memphis hall bury them: the l'alm pleafant places for their filver,b net-107. cles fhall poffefs them: i thorns shall be34.

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110. 31.

1094 Imagin mitchiet fagalnit me.
Kin. 16 They return, turg not to the moft
b Pfal. high they are like a deceitful bowe:
their princes fhall fall by the fword for
the brage of theircongue: this fhall be
their derifion in the land of Egypt.

73.3. 1 Tim 1.20.

Destruction threatned to Ifrael.

2Kin. Et the to the 17.6.


Shall come as an eagle against the bifai houfe of the LORD because they 48. 19. have tranfgreffed & my covenant, and Pfalm trefpaffed against my faw. 78.34. Ifrael fhall e cry unto me, My God, •d Tit. dwe know thee.

They have deeply corrupted shem-King felvs as in the days of o Gibeah there-18. 19. fore he will remember their iniquity Judg. rol found rael like grapes in wil 19. 18. Hof derness: Ifaw your fathers as art ripe 10.9. in fig-tree at her frit tie bus they and

he will vilt their fins.

I. 16.

3 Ifrael hath caft off the thing that

the not

Matt is good; the enemy fhall pure him. went to 9Baal-peor,& feparated thein-3.13. 19. 17. 4 They have ƒ fet up kings, but not felys unto that shame, & their abomi- Deut. Kin. by me they have made princes, and 32.10. 11. 31.1 knew it not of their filver and ions were according as they loved. 11 As for Ephraim, their glory Mich. Ifai. their gold have they b made them fhall flie away like a bird, from the 31. 1. idols, that they may be cut off. birth, and from the womb, and from 7.1. bikin. Thy calf, O Samaria,hath caft the conception. q Num. 25.3. 12. 28. thee off, mine anger is kindled againft 12 Though they bring up their chil-Praim Hof chem how long will it be ere they dren yer will i bereave them shar 10.6. attain to innocency? there ball not be a man left yea,wo al- 127.5. 6 For from Ifrael was it also kJer. fo to them when depart from them. Job 17. workman made it therefore it is / 13 Ephraim,ast faw Byrus, fe planted 27.14. Exod. God: but the calf of Samarla fhall be in a pleasant place: but Ephraim fhall 1.1 Sam. 32.4 broken in pieces. bring forth his children to the smur28. 13. Ifai. For they have fown them wind, and therer. Deut. 44. 10. they hall reap the whirlwind: it hath Mat. no talk the bud fhall yield nameal 15.9. It fo beit yield the nitrangers shall 2Kin. fwallow it up, 8.Ifrael is a fwallowed up,now fhall 18.9. Kin. they be among the Gentiles as aveffel 15. 19. wherein is p no pleasure. Jer. 9 For they are gone up a co Affyrias 22. wild Ephraim 2 Tim. hath r hired lovers.

10 Yea, though they have hired a them, and they fhall forrow a little for the burden of the king of princes.




k Lame 7 The days of vifitation are come, the 2. 14. days of recompence are come, Ifrael/ Mich. fhall know it: k prophet is a fool; the 2.11. fpiritual man is mad, for multitudem Ifai. of thine iniquity, & the great hatred.21. 11. 8 m The watchman of Ephraim was and with my God out the prophet is 62.6. fnare of a towler in all his ways, and n Lam.


ny altars to fin,altars shalf be'unto fEzek. him to fin.

16.37 111 have written x to him the great
things of my law,but they were count
17.4•ed as a firang thing.
#1Kin. They facrifice fefh for thefacrifices
15. 16. of mine offerings, and eat it but the
Pal. LORD y accepteth them not:now will
he remember their iniquity, and vifit,

Srael is an empty vine,he bringeth 42Kia


19 20. their fins they fhall return to Egypt.forth fruftb unto himfelf:according 15. 19. y Jer. 14For Ifrael bath forgotten his a Ma- to the multitude of his fruit, he hath Zech. 3.11. ker, and bulldeth b temples; and Judah increased the altars according to the 75 Deu. hath multiplled fenced cities: but I goodness of his land. they have made Marth goodly Images. 5. 28. 68. 2 Their


Ifal. 29.3. & Ezek. 20.32.


14 Give them,O LORD: what wils 28 41
thou give give themy a mifearrying
womb, and dry breafts.
7 L ke
for there I hated them: for the wicked-Joh.
35 All thelt wickedness is in Gilgal: 23. 29.
nefs of their doings I will drive them 12. 11.
out of mine houfer, I will love them a ver.


no more: all their princes are revol-317
16 Ephraim le fmitten, theirb root is 18. 16..
dried up, they fhall bear no fruit: yea, C2Chr.
will 1
even y beloved fruit of their womb. 4 Prov.
17 My God will caft them away. 27.8.
not unto Hol
himes and they thall be d wanderers 7.13.
among the parlons.


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1. King

.14. 35.

Ifrael is reproved and threatned for
diffimulation, impiety, and for their


Ifrael's impiety


IA reproof of Ephraim, juda' sand Ja..
eth after the eaft-wind: he daily 15. 2.
cob 3 An exhortation to repentance.
Phraim feedeth on a wind,&follow-a Job
increafeth lies and defolation, and Jer.
they do make a covenant with the Af-22. 22.
fyrians, and boyl is carried into Egypt. 6 2Kin.
2 The LORD hath alfo a controver 17.4.
fie with e Judab.and will punith Jacob Chr.
according this ways; d'according to 29. 10.
d Ifai.

25. 26.

Hofea. e Juda. Their heart is divided now fhall them to the moft high, none at all and ingratade. 9.23. they be found faulty: he thall break would exalt him. * Hof. 1 king down their altars: he thall fpoil their 87 How fhall I give thee up, E-6.4. 18. 21.images.. phraim? en fhall deliver thee, If Ifai d2Kin. 3For (now they fhall fay)Wehavedno rael? how fhall I make thee as Admah? 63. 15. 17.6. king,because we e feared net Lord; how fhall I fet thee as Zeboim? o mine Jer. Kev. what than fhould a king do co us? heart is turned within me, my repent-31, 20. 18.9. 4 They have fpoken f words, fwearing Ings are kindled together. Pfalm Hof. falfly in making a covenant: thus 9 I will p not execute the fierceness of79. 30. 9.17. gludgmert fpri geth up as hemlock in mine anger, I will not return to deroy qEzek. Mat. the furrows of the field. Ephraim, for 41 am God,& not man', 16. 60. 3.13. 5 The inhabitants of Samaria fhall the holy One in the midlt of thee, andr Hof Ifai. fear, becaufe of the calves of Beth-a- I will not enter into the city. 3.5. 3.7. ven: for people thereof fhall moura to They fhall walk after me LORD: Rev. Amos over it, and the † priefts thereof har he fhall roar like a lion; when he fhall 14.4. 6.12. rejoyced on it, for the glory thereof, roar, then the children fhall tremble/ Pfalu Heb. because it is departed from it. from the welt. Che le fhall be also carried unto Affyria 11 They thall ftremble as a bird out 2 Cor. marim. for a prefent to king b Jareb,Ephraim of Egypt, and as a dove out of the 7.5. 2 King fhall receive fhame, and Ifrael thall be land of Affyria: and I will place them ? Ifai. 23.5 ashamed of his own counsel. in their houfes, faith the LORD. Zeph. 7 As for Samaria,k her king is cut off 13 Ephrat compaffeth me about Rom. 44.20. 1.4. as the foam upon the water. lies, andy houfe of Ifrael w deceit:but 6. 12, b Hof. 8The high places alfo of Aven, fin Judah yet ruleth God, and is faith- 1 Pet. 5:13. of Ifrael fhall be deftroyed: the thorn & ful with the faints. 1in.y thistle fhall come upon their altars CHAP. XII. 12, 28. and they fhall fay to the mountains, and m Cover us; & to the hills, Fall on us. 474 21. 20 Ifrael, thou haft finned food: the of there they 17.6. battel in Gibeah againft of children Deur, of iniquity did not overtake them. 10 It is in p my defire y fhould cha9.21. m Rev.ife them and the people fhall be gathered against them, when they fhall 6.16, Judg. bind themfelys in their two furrows. 11 And Ephraim is as an hetter that his doings will he recompenfe him. 19. is taught, and loveth q to tread our 3 He took his brother by the 3.11. Jude the corn; but I paffed over upon her heel in the womb, and by his Gen. 20. 13 fair neck: I will make Ephraim rto ftrength he had f power with God: Zeph. ride Judah fhall plow, and Jacob 4 Yea, he had power over the angel. Gen. 3.67 fhall break his clods. 7 Ezek. 12 Sow to your felvs in righteoufnefs, plication unto him; he found him in 3224 and prevailed:he wept and made fupreap in inercy: break up your fallow gBeth-el,and there he fpake with us. Deut ground for it is time to feeky Lord,till Even the LORD God of hofts, the he come&rain righteousness upon you. LORD is his imemorial. 13 Ye have plowed wickedness, ye 6 Therefore turn thou to thy God: 66.6. 2. 11. have reaped iniquity, ye have eaten keep mercy and judgment, and Rom. 2Kin the fruit of lies: becaufe thou didst I wait on thy God continually. 14. 13 cruft in thy way, in the x multitude of He is a merchant, the m balances: Exod. Jer thy mighty men. of deceit are in his hand he loveth 35 4.3 4.14 Therefore fhall atumult arife among to opprefs. k. Mic. Ilai thy people, & all thy fortreffes fhall be 8 And Ephraim fald, Yet I am be- 6.8. 55.6. fpoiled, as Shallum spoiled Beth-arbel comen rich, I have found me out fub- Hab. Pfalm in the day of battel: they mother was ftance: in all my labours they fhall find 2.3. 32.6 dafhed in pieces upon herchildren. o none iniquity in me, that were fin. m.Lev. Job 15 So fhall Beth-el do unto you, be- 9 And I that am the LORD thy 19. 13. 4.8. caufe of your great wickedness: In God p from the land of Egypt, will yet. Prov. Gal. morning fhall the king of Ifrael make thee to dwell in tabernacles, as 13.7. urterly cut off. In the days of the folemn feaft. o Tit 20.17.x Pfal.33. 16. 7 Gen.32.11. rol. 3.2 King 17.5CHAP. XI. 1 The ingratitude of Ifrael unto God for his benefits. 6 Hu judgment. 8 Gods mercy toward them. Jer. W Men Ifrael was a child, then 4 I loved him, and called my & Matt.fon out of Egypt. 2. 15. 1 Are they called them, fo they went e2Chr.from them they facrificed untoBaalim, 36. 15.and burnt incenfe to graven images. Exo.3 I taught Ephraim alfo d to go, ta.13. 20.king them by their arms, but they Ezek knew not that I healed them. 19.4 4 I drew them with f cords of a man, Song with bands of love and Iwas to them 1.4. they take the on 2 Cor. jaws and I laid g meat unto them. 5. 14. THe fhall not return into the land-Made CHA P. XIII, to Sam.of Egypt, but the Affyrian fhall be his Ephraims glory, by reason of idola 7.14. king, because they refiffed to return.ry, vanijbeth. 9 A promife of Gods Joh. 6 And the k fword fhall abide on his mercy.



28. 12. b Pfal.

25.4 Phil.








tol have alfo spoken by y prophets, 1. 16. P. & I have multiplied vifions & ufed fi- Jer. 125militudes, byy ministry of y prophets. 2.2. 11 Is there iniquity in Gilead: furely +Or they are vanity, they facrifice bullocks will In Gilgal; yea, their altars are as Speak heaps in the furrows of the fields. Hof. 1 And Jacob fled into the countrey 2. 14. and for a wife he kept beep. of Syria, & Ifrael ferved for ar wife, Acts 2. 17, 18.



13 And by a prophet of the LORD Hof. brought lirael out of Egypt, and by a 4. 17. prophet was het prefervett


14 Ephraim u provoked him to anger 9. 15.
moft bitterly: therefore thall he leave Amos
his blood upon him: nd his reproach 44.
thall his LORD x returs unto him. Gen.
new home and o
Exo.12.50. 2
Sam Pfal.77,20, #2Kin. 17.2

20, S.




fifai. 7 And my people are bent to back. 10.5. Bliding from me: though they called

6.27. cities, and thall confume his bran-Hen Ephraim pake a trembling,
*2Kin. ches, and devour them, because of he bexalted himfelf in Ifrael; but 11. 26.
18. 11. their own counfels.
when he offended in Baals het died. bikin.
And now they find moreland more,& 12. 20.
have made them molten imagesoftheir 1Kin.
7.9 sfilver, 14. 10.
and 15.27. 4.2 TI. 4.13.

8.9. Lev. 26.7. / Hof.10.6. m var. 2.

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Joel. Chap.j.

II. 21.

God's anger against Ephraim. An exhortation to repentance. e Matthiver, idols.ccordingto their own his brethren,an caft-wind fhall come, zizek, 15.9. underlanding all ct ie the work of the wind of the LORD fhall come up 19. 12. Col. the crafts-men: they fay of them, Let from the wilderness, and his fpring 3.25. the men that facrifice,kifs the calves. thall become dry, and his fountain Dan. 3 Therefore they fhall be as the morn fhall be dried up: he fhall a fpoil the 4 Luke 2.35. ing cloud, and as the early dew it paf- treature of all pleafant veffels. g Acts feth away,as the fchaff that is driven 16Samaria fhall become b defolate,for b 2Kin. 4.12. with a whirlwind out of the floor, and the hath rebelled against her God:chey 17.6. b Deut. as a fmoke out of the chimney. dfhall fall by the fword. their infants 8.15. 4 Yet I am the LORD thy God from thall be c dafhed in pieces, and their Ifat. and the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know women with child thall be ript up. 13. 16. 32. 10. no god but me: for there is g no faCHAP. XIV. Deur. viour befide me. 1 An exhortation to repentance. 4 A 8.7.8. TI did know thee in the wilder- Promife of Gods bleffing. kjer. nefs in the land of b great drought. 5.6. 6 According to their Prov. they filled they were lled, and their 17. 12. heart was xalted:heretore have they 2 Kin. forgotten me

a Joel Ifrael, a return unto the LORD 2.11m thy for thou fallen by Rom. thine iniquity. 8.26. Take with you b words, and turn to Luke Lord,fay unto him, c Take away all 15. 19. iniquity,and receive us graciously: foc John will we render the calves of our lips. 1.19.

17. 25.7 Therefore I will be unto them kas
mikin lion as a leopard by the way will
12. 29. obferve them.

n Jer.
3. 12.

8 I will meet them as I a bear that is bereaved of her whelps, and will Deut. rent the caul of their heart, and there 32. 39. Will I devour them like a lion: the 21 Sa. wild beaft fhall tear them.

3 Ashur fhall d not fave us, we will Hebr. not ride upon horfes, neither will we 9. 28. fay any more to the work of our Pfal. hands Ye are our gods: for in thee 143.3. the e fatherless findeth mercy. e l'faim

4 TI will heal their back-fliding, 1102.13 will love thein ffreely: for mine anger fEph. is turned away from him. 1. 6.

I will be as the g dew unto Ifrael:he & John fhall grow as the lily,and caft forth 14. 17. his roots as Lebanon b Pfal.



8. 19. felt, but in n me is thine help. 210 Ifrael,thou haft m deftroyed thy 1 King to 1 will be thy king: where is any 12. other that may fave thee in all thy ci16, 20cies? and thy judges of whom tou 91 Sa faidft, Give me a king and princes? 6 His branches fhall spread, and his 92. 12. 8.5. 111 gave thee qa king in mine anger, beauty fhall be as the olive-tree,and r Job and 20k him away in my wrath. his kimell as Lebanon. 14. 171: The iniquity of Ephraim is r bound 7 They that dwell under his' fhadow 2 Cor. Lam. up his fin is hid. fhall return, they thail m revive as the 2. 14. 1.14.13 The forrows of a travailing woman corn, and grow as the vine: the fent / Pfal. Prov. fhall come upon him, he is an unwife thereof ball be as wine of Lebanon. 91.1. 22.3. fon, for he should not ftay long in the 8Ephraim fball Jay What have Intom Joh. Ifai. place of threaking forth of children. do any more with idols? I have heard 12. 24. 37.3. 141 will raniom them from f power him, and obferved him I am like a John John of the grave; will redeem them from green fir-tree, from me o is thy fruit 4.24. 3.5.


37. 22.
I Cor.
15. 45.
Rom. 11. 29. y Gen. 48. 19.

death: O death, I will be thy plagues; found. John Ezek. Ograve, I will be thy dellruction;x re- 9Who is wife, & he fhall p understand.16. pentance fball be hid from mine eyes. there things? prudent,& he fhall know Dan. 15 Though he bey fruitful among them? ter the ways of the LORD are 12. 10. right, and the juf fhall walk in them: q John buc $cranfgreffours thall q fall therein. 3.19.





offering is cut off from the house of

Feel declaring fundry judgments of the LORD; the p priells, the LORDS Lev
God,exhorteth to obferve them, and minifters mourn.
14 He preferibeth a faft

to mourn.

10.6. 10 The field is wafted, land q mourn- q Jer. eth for the corn is wafted: the new iž. 11

for complaint.


wine fe dried up, the oyulan qusband-
II r Be ye athamed, O ye
men: howl, Oye vine-dreffers, for 9.3.
the wheat and for the barley; becaufe
the harveft of the field is perifhed.

1: The vine is dried up,and the fig-
tree languifheth, the pomgranate-
tree, the palm-tree alfo, and the ap-
ple-tree, even all the trees of the field Pfal.
are withered:becaufejoy is withered 4.7.
away from the fons of men.
72 TI.
13 Gird your felves, and lament, ye 4. 12.
priefts:howl yet minifters of the altar: Ifal.

& Pfal. The word off LORD that came
to Joel the of Pethuel.
94. 12. 26 Hear this yeold men, and give
2 Chro-ear, all ye inhabitants of the land:
33. 10. hath this been in e your days, or even
Mich. in the days of your fathers?
6.9. Tell yed your children of ic,and let
c Pfalm your children tell their children,and
III. 2. their children another generation.
Ifai. 4That which the palmer-worme hath
3. 12. left, hath the locut earen;&that which
Gen. locuft hath left, hath canker-worm
19. 19.eaten; & that which the canker-worm
Exod. hath left, hath the caterpiller eaten. come, a lie all night in fackcloth, ye 62.6.
13. 14.5 fAwake ye drunkards, and weep, and minifters of my God: for the meat-of- x 1 S2.
iKin.howl all ye drinkers of wine, becaufe fering & the drink-offering is x with- 4.21.
17. I. of the new wine, for it g is cut off from holden from the houfe of your God.
y Matt.
Deut. your mouth.
14 Sanctifie yey a faft, call a folemn 17. 21.
28. 38.6 Forb a nation is come up upon my affembly, gather the elders, and all 2Ch.
f Eph. land, ftrong, and without numbers the inhabitants of the land into the 20.3.
3. 14. whofe teeth are the teeth of a lion, & houfe of the LORD your God, and a Jer.
Luke he hath the k cheek-teeth of a great cry unto the LORD.
21. 34.lion
154 Alas for the day: for the b day of Luke
g Prov. 7 He hath laid my Ivine wafte,and LORD is at hand, and as a deftru- 19. 41.
16. 26.m barked my fig-tree:he hath made it tion from the Almighty fhall it come. Pfal.
clean bare and caft it away, the 16 Is not the c meat cut off before 37. 13.
3.24. branches thereof are made white. our eyes, yea, joy and gladness from Mal
Prov.8¶Lament like a n virgin girded with the houfe of our God?
30. 25.fackcloth for husband of her youth.
2 King 9 The o meat-offering, and the drink


17 The feed is rotten under their der. clods, d the garners are laid defolate, 41. S. the barns are broken down for the Luke corn is withered. 19 Howe

24. 2.

21. +


Hof. 9.3. Pf.107.34. k. Rev.9.8.10. Ifai. 5.3.4. m Hof.2.5. Ifal.22.12. 0 Zep.3.19.

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