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The type of the potter.


Jeremiah. The Jews defolation. blood by the force of the word, and Under the pe of a potter God shew- let their wives be bereaved of their eth his abfolute power. 11 Indyments children, and be widows, and let their threarned to Tudah. men be put to death, ler their young men be flain by the fword in battel.

23. 21.


Jer. The word which came to Jeremiah 6 Heb. 4 Arife & go down to the potters 1. 1. houfe, and there I will caufe thee to Jer. hear my words. w 19. 2. Then I went down to the porters eiki. houfe,and behold he wrought a work 19. 7. on the wheels.


22 Let a cry be heard from their; 2 KI.
houfes, when thou shalt bring 24. 2.
troop fuddenly upon them for theyk ver.
have k digged a pit to take me, and 20.
hid fnares for my feet,
23 Yet LORD, thou knoweft all theirs. 6.
Counsel againft me to flay me: forgivej Neh.
not their iniquity neither m blot out4. 4, 5.
their fin from thy fight, but let themm 'fal.
be overthrown before thee deal thus 109.
with them in the time of thine anger.14, 15%

I Under the type of breaking a potters
veffel, is fore bewed the defolation of
the Iews for their fins


2 And go unto b

Gal. 4 Andy vefelt ate he made of clay, 1. 16. was marred in the hand of the porter, Mat. fo he made it again another vetfelf as 16. 24-feemed good to the potter to make it, Sam. Then the word of the LORD came 15. 22. to me,faying, e Rom. 6 Ohoufe of Ifrael, cannot I do 11. 15. with you g as this potter, faith the Mat. 8. LORD? behold, as the clay is in the 112. porters hand, b fore ye in meus faith the LORD, Go,and get 4 Ifai. 1 a potters earthen bottle, and takes. 2. Pfal. hand houfe of Ifrael. of the ancients of the people, and 2 Ki of the a ancients of the valley of Neh. the fon of Hinnom, which is by the3 29. entry of the ceaft-gate,and proclaim d Mat. there the words that d 1 fhall tell thee: 28. 20 3 And fay, Hear ye the word of the Deut. LORD, O kings of Judah,& inha-33. 5. bitants of Jerufalem, Thus faith thejer. 17. LORD of hosts, the God of Ifrael,. Behold, I will bring evil upon thisf Gen. place, the which whofoever heareth,2 1. his ears fhall g tingle. g1 Sa 4 Because they have b forfaken me,3. 21. and have i eftranged this place, and2 King have burnt incenfe in it unto other21. 12. Deu. 11 Now therefore go to,fpeak to the gods, whom neither they nor theirh jer. 28. 1, men of Judah, and to the inhabitants fathers have known, nor the kings. 13. 23. ofJerufalem,faying, Thus faithy Lord, of Judah, and have filled this places Ifai. 1 Sam. Behold, Iframe evil against you,& with the blood of innocents. 230. devife a device against you:oreturn yes They have built alfo the high plak 2 KI. Am. now every one from his evil way,and ces of Baal, co burn their fons with 21. 16. 3.6. make your ways & your doings good. fire for burnt-offerings unto Baal,2 Ki 02 Kl. 11 And they taid,There is no hope, which Im commanded not,nor fpake 23. 10. 17. 13. but g we will walk after our own de- it, neither came is into my mind. Levit. 22 Ki.vices, and we will every one do the Therefore behold,the days come, 18. 21. 6.33. imagination of his evil heart. faith the Lord, that this place thaflm Col. Jer. 13 Therefore thus faith the LORD, no more be called Tophet, nor the 2. 22.7 4 17.7 Afk ye now among the heathen, n valley of the fon of Hinnoin, but Joh. Jer. Who hath heard fuch things? the the valley of laughter. 15.8. 2. 10. virgin of Ifrael hath done a very And I will make void the o counfel Jer. 7. 2 Co. horrible thing. of Judah and Jerufalem in this place, 32. and I will caufe them to fall by the Ifai. word before their enemies, and by 30.13.

I. 11.

11. 2. 14 Will a man leave the fnow of LebaJer. non which cometh from the rock of the 5. 30. Seld?or ihall the cold flowing waters the hands of them that feek their? 1 Sa Mal, come from another place,be forfaken? lives: and their q carcafes will 1 give4 8. 2.8 15 Because my people hath forgotten to be meat for the fowls of heaven, Jer. Jer. me,they have burnt incenfe to vanity, and for the beafts of the earth. 7.33. 6. 16. & they have u caufed them to fumble 8 And I will make this city r defolate, and Lam. in their ways from ancient paths, and an hilling:every one that palleth 16. 4 2. 14. to walk in paths in a way not caft up: thereby fhall be aftonished and hifs : Jer. 2 King 16 To make their land defolate, and becaule of all the plagues thereof. 4. 13. 2.8. a perpetual y hiffing: every one that 9And I will caufe them to eat Hefh Lev. Mich. paffeth thereby fhall be altonifhed, of their fons,& Refh of their daugh-26. 28. 6. 16. and wagg his head. ters, & they fhall eat every one y ffefh Lam. of his t friend in fiege & ftraitnels, 4. 10. wherewith their enemies & they that? Ifai. feek their lives, fhall ftraiten them. 9. 20. 10 Then fhalt thou break the bottlen V. I, in the fight of the men that go with 11, thee, x Jer. 11 And fhalt fay unto them, Thus 48. 20. faith the LORD of hofts,xeven fo Ifai.

Deu. 17 I will fcatter them as with an 28. 25.4 caftwind before the enemy, I will Jer. fhew them the back, and nor the face, 4. 11. in the day of their calamity. fal. 18 T6 Then faid they, Come, and let 27.8. us c devife devices against Jeremiah: Job for the d law fhall nor perish from the 27.21. prieft, nor coun fel from the wife,nur

city, as one breaketh a potters veffel, jet. that cannot be made whole again,and 7 32. chey fhally bury them in Tophet, till Ver. there be no place to bury.

5, 13.

11. the word from y prophet:come, & let will I break this people, and this 30. 14. 211m. us fmite him with fe congue,& let us 4.3. not give heed to any of his words. Acts 7. 19 Give heed to me, O LORD, and $4. hearken to the voice of them that Eze. contend with me. 12 Thus will I do unto this place,faith 2 King 31.2. 20 Shall evil be recompenfed for the Lord,& to the inhabitants there- 21. 16. 4cMal. good for they have digged a pit for of,& even make this city as Topher. Jer. 7. my foul:remember that I ftood before 13 And the houfes of Jerufalein, and 3. John thee to fpeak good for them, and g to the houses of the kings of Judah fhall 4 Deu. 7.48 turn away thy wrath from them. be defiled as the place of Tophet,be- 2 S. Acts 11 Therefore deliver up their chil- caufe of all the houfes upon whofe 2 King 19. 25-dren to the famin, and pour out their a roofs they have burnt incenfe unto 23. 12. all the hoft of heaven, & have poured Zeph. 5.8. Efth, 3. 8, 9. f Pfal. 109. 4. g Pfalm 196. 23. Pfal. 109, 9, 10.



our 1.5.

Ifai. 65. 2. Jer. 7. 13. and S. 2.

115.3. At what inftant I fhall fpeak con-
Ifal. cerning a nation, and concerning a
45. 2. kingdom to pluck up, and to pull
bActs down, and to deftroy it :
17.28. 8. If that nation against whom I
Jer. have pronounced, k turn from their
1. 10. evil, I will repent of the evil that I
k Jon. thought to do unto them.


9 And as what inftant I fhall fpeak 2 Chr. concerning a nation, and concerning 12. 7. a kingdom, to build and to plantit Gen. 1olf it do evil in my fight, it obey 6. 11. nor my voice, then 1 will repent of Num. the m good wherewith I faid I would 23. 19. benefit them.

Pahurs doom.

Chap. xx, xxi. The captivity foretold out drink-offerings unto other gods. Curfed be the man who brought a Gen. 14 Then came Jeremiah from Tophet, tidings to my father,faying, d A man-30. 23. 62 Ch. whither & Lord had fent him to pro- child is born unto thee, making hime Gen. 23. 2. phefi,& he ftood in the court of the very glad. 29.25. jer. Lords houfe,& fald to all the people, 16 And let that man be as the cities Hot 15. S. 5 Thus faith the LORD of hofts,the the LORD overthrew,& repented to. 15. Jer. Godofffrael,Behold, Iwill bring upon not: and let him hear the cry in the Zeph. 7.26. this city,& upon all e her towns all fmorning,& fhouting at noon-tide:1. 16. and evil that I have pronounced againft 17 Because he flew me not g from Job 17. 23.lt; becaufe they have hardned their the womb; or that my mother might 15. 11. Deut.neks, that they might not hear have been my grave,and her womb tog Job G. 3. my words. be always great with me, ak bak 3. 10. CHAP. XX. 18 Wherefore came I forth our of the and 1 Pabur fmisesh leremiah, 7 Jere womb b co fee labour &cforrow my 19 19. miah complaineth of contempt, days should be confumed with name?b Job TOW of 5. 12. and 14. 13. Lam.3. I. prieft,whow alfo cchief goverCHAP. XXI. -13nor in the houfe of LORD, heard 1 Zedekiah, lendeth e leiemiah to Jeremiah prophefied chefe things. enquire the event of NebuchadThen Pahur dfmore jeremiah the rezzars war.



9.33. Prophet, & put him in the frocksHe word which came unco Jere

Ch. were in high gate of miah from king 24. 14. which was by the houfe of the Lord. Zedekiah a fent unto him Pafhur thea Exo. 2 KI. 3.And it canero pafs on the morrow, fon of Melchiah, and Zephaniah the9. 28. 25. 18. that Pafhur brought forth Jeremiah fon of Maafeiah the prieft, faying, 1 King di Ki. out of the ftocks. Then faid Jeremiah at Enquire,I pray thee,of the LORD 19. 1. 22. 24. unto him. The LORD hath not called for us, (for Nebuchadrezzar king of2 Chr. eMat. thy nane Pafhur, but Magor Babylon b maketh war against us)if fo36. 12. 14. 3. miffabib. be that the LORD will deal with ust Or,0 according to all hise wondrous works increat. that he may go up d from us. I Sam. 3 Then faid Jeremiah unto them,7. 9. Thus fhall ye fay to Zedekiah b Jer. 4 Thus faith LORD God of Ifrael,37.7. Behold, I will turn back the weaponse ital. of war are e in your hands, where-59. 1.

That 4 Forthus faith the LORD, Behold, is, I will make thee fa terror to thy felt fear & to all thy friends,and they thall fall Found by the word of their enemies and about. g thine eyes fhall behold it,and I will Palm give all Judah into the hand of the 31. 13. king of Babylon, and he fhall carry Job them captive into Babylon, and fhall 18.11. day them with the fword. g1 Sa. Moreover, I will deliver all the 2-33. ftrength of this city,& all the lab Pial. bours thereof, and all the precious 127. 2. things thereof, & all the treasures i Prov. of the kings of Judah will I give into II.4. the hand of their enemies, which Ifai. fhall fpoil them, and cake them, and 39. 6. carry them to Babylon. Jer. And thou Pathur,and all that dwell 14. 16. in thine houfe, fhall go into captiviJer, ty, and thou fhale come to Babylon, 1.6, 7. and there thou thalt die, and halt be

ye fight againfty king of Eabylon 42 Ki. & against the Caldeans,which befiegers. 19. you without f walls, & fI will affem- Pfal. ble them into the milft of this cicy. 89. 41

And I my felfwill fight gagainst Jer. you with an out-ftretched hand, and32. 5... with a ftrong arm, even in b angerf Ifa. and is fury,and in great wrath. 5.5.4

6 And I will fmice the inhabitantsand of this city, both man and beaft: they13. 4. thall die of a great peftilence. And afterwards iaith the LORD. 2. & Am. will deliver Zedekiah king of Judah,Luke and his fervants, and the people, and2. 47.


m Jam. buried there, thou and all thy friends, fuch as are left in this city from the Exod. peftilence, from the fword, and from6. 6. the famin,into the hand of Nebuchad-b Pfal. rezzar king of Babylon, and into thego. 11. hand of their enemies, and into thei Hof. band of thofe that feek their f life,&+. 3. he fhall finite them with the edge oft Heb. the fword; he fhall knot fpare them, Soul, neither have pity, norhave mercy. Mat. 8 And unto this people thou fhalez, 20.


5.17. to whom thou haft prophefied klies. Num. TO LORD, thou haft decei11. 11. ved me, and I was m deceived: thou Jer art ftronger than I, and haft pre 1. 16. vailed: I am in derifion daily, o Gen. every one mocketh me. 19. 14. 9 For fince I fpake, I cried out, Pfal. cried violence and fpoil; becaufe the 14. 1. word of the LORD was made a rePfal. proach unto me,and a derifion daily. fay, thus faith the LORD, behold, 2 Ch. 39.49 Then I faid,I will not make men- I before you the way of life 36. 17. Acts tion of him nor fpeak any more in m and the way of death. Ezek 17. 16. his name. But his word was in mine 9 He that abideth in this city hall,, 6. I Cor. heart as q a burning fire thut up in my die by the fword, and by the famin; Deu. 9. 17. bones, and I was r weary with forbea & by the peftilence: but he that goeth30, 19. Luke ring,and I could not ftay. out, and falleth to the Caldeans that, falm 11.53 10T For I heard the defaming of befiege you he fball live and his liferor. 1. 2 Co many fear on every fide: Report fhall be unto him o for a prey. 11. 12. fay they, and we will report it all m Mat. Jer.my familiars watched for my halting, 1. 19. faying, Peradventure he will be enti#Piz. ced, and we fhall prevail against him, to the hand of the king of Babylon,o Rev. 3.5, 6. and we fhallrake our revenge on him and he hall 4 burn it with fire.

10 For I have p fet my face againky. 13. this city for evil, and not for good Jer faith the LORD it fhall be given in-38. 2.

Jer. 11Bury LORD it me as a mighty

18.4. 11 And touching the house of Ley.

11. 20. perfecutors Judah

7 Pfal. fhall u ftumble, & they fhall not pre- word of the LORD.fay. Hear ye the17. 10.

59. 10. vall, they fhall be greatly afhamed for 22 Ki. they fhall not profper,their everlafting 19. 14. confufion fhall never be forgotten.

Rev. 11But O LORD of hoftstrieft y 18, 20. righteous, and feeft reins & hearts Pfal. let me feethy vengeance on them:y for 35. 10. unto thee have I opened my caufe and 13 Sing unto the LORD,a praifeye 116. S. LORD for he hath 6 delivered foul and of the poor from hand of evil doers. 109.31. 14 Curfed be the day wherein 1 • Je. was born:ler not the day wherein my if 10. mother bare me be bleged Gen40.20

12 O houfe of David, Thus faith 6. 19. q2 Ch. LORD,r Execute judgment in ther Zech. fpoiled out of the hand of the op- Pfal. morning, and deliver him that 17. 9. preffor, lelt my fury go out like fire,to1. 3. and burn that none can quench is Ezek. becaufe of the evil of your doings, 13. S 13 Behold,I am t against thee, O In-Pfal habitant of the valley, and rock of76. 7. the plain,faith the LORD;which fay, Mice Who shall come down against us?or3. 11. who fhall enter into our habitations? Jerem 14 But I will punish you according49. 4 7 the

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7. 10. ટીક. 24. 1.

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Promifer and threats

Jeremiah. Coniah childless. Iro.x to the fruit of your doings, faith ment for him, faying, Ah LORD, 2 Ch. 1. 31. the LORD: and I will kindle a fire or, Ah his glory! 36. 6. 1. 3. in the foreft thereof, and it fhall It. y devour all things round about it. 22 Ch.36.19. Jer. 52. 13. 14P01 CHAP. XXII.


19 He fhall be buried with the ibu-k 2 Ki. rial of an afs, drawn and catt forth 24. 6. beyond the gates of Jerufalem. 2 Chr. 20kGo up to Lebanon,and cry, 36. S. and life upchy voice in Bathan, and jer. cry from the pallages: for all chy 2. lovers are deftroyed. voza 3" 21 Ifpake unto thee in thy profpe-6. 17. rity, but thou faidft,I will not hear:m Lze. this hath been thy manner from thy 33. 31. youth, that thou m obeyedit not my Hof. voice.


4. 19.

The prophet exhorteth to repentance, with promifes and threats. Hus faith the LORD, Go down 271. T to the a houfe of the king of JubJer dah, and fpeak there this word. 17. 20. And fay, b Hear the word of the C.Jet LORD, O king of Judah, that fitteft 2 le 12 upon the throne of David, thou,and 4 Palthy fervants, and thy people that 72.24 enterin by thefe gares Pfal. Thus faith the LORD, c Execute ye 15. 5. judgment and righteoufnels, and d deliver ffpoiled out of the hand of 1. 16. the oppreilor: and do no wrong, do Mat. no violence to the ftranger, the fa283 theriefs, nor the widow, neither fhed ffal innocent blood in this place.

22 The wind fhall eat up all thy pa- Rev. fors,& thy o lovers fhall go into cap- 19. 2. sivity, furely then thalt thou be prov. afhamed and confounded for all thy 1.28. wickedness,




23 O inhabitane of Lebanon, that 10. 3. makeft thy neft in the cedars how Hof. gracious fhalt thou be when pangs 5. 6. come upon thee, the pain as of a 92 kl. 81. 11.4 For if ye e do this thing indeed, woman in travail: 24. 6. &lfa.1.then hall there fenter in by the gates 24.47 livsfaith the LORD,though Jerem. 20.of this houfe, kings fitting upon 9 Coniah ffon of Jeho lakim king of 37. 1. Heb. the throne of David, riding in cha- Judah were far fignet upon my righer Hag. 6.13riors, and on hories, he, and his hand, yet would pluck chee thence.2. 23. Num fervants, and his people. das And I will give thee into the Song 32.1. S But if ye will not hear thefe hand of them that feek chylife, and3. 6. k2 Kwords, lb fwear by my felf, faith the into the hand of them whofe face thon Jer. 1529 LORD, that this house fhall become feareft, even into the hand of Nebu-21.7. 1.fala defolation. chad-rezzar king of Babylon, and in- and 107. 6 For thus faith the LORD unto the to the hand of the Caldeans. 34 9. 1.2.


34. 20. kingshoufe of Judah, Thou artiGilead 26 And I will & caft thee out, and thy 2 Ki Eze unto me, head of Lebanon: yer mother that bare thee, into another 24. 12. furely I will make thee / a wilderness, countrey, where ye were not born, Ifa.22. Pal and cities which are not inhabited. and there thall ye die. 17. 74.56.

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against theo, every one whis wea- defire to return,thither shall they not 36. 10. 46.26.pons, and they fhall cue down thy return. x Jer. o Lam choice cedars, and caft them into 28 Is this man Coniah a defpifed 48. 38. 4. 12. the fire. broken idol?is he x a veffel wherein is Hof. no pleafure? wherefore are they caft 8. S.

Deut. And many nations fhall opafs by this 29424 city,& they fall fay every man to his out, he and his feed, and are caft Luke Dan neighbour, Whereforehach LORD into a land which they know not? 16. 14. 9. 12. done thus unto this great city? 290 earth, earth, earth, heat the Pfalm r2 ChThen they hall answer, Becaufe word of the LORD! 31. 12. 34 35 they have forfaken the covenant of 30 Thus faith the LORD,Write ye y1 Ch. Ki the LORD their God, and worship- this man y childlefs, a man that hall 3. 15. 22.20 ped other gods, and ferved them. not profper in his days: for no man Mat. 1 2.2 Kl. To Weep ye notf for dead,neither of his feed fhall profper fitting upon 12. 23,33 bemoan him, but weep fore for him the throne of David, and ruling any Jer.36. and t goeth away: for he thall return no more in Judah. 30. 24. 15. more, nor fee his native country. Eze. 11 For thus faith & LORD touching 19 4 Shallum,fon of Jofiah king of Judah,


& Reftauration prophefied to the feat.
tered flock: Chrift ball fave them.

2 in a
de- 4 Jer
23. 30. went forth out of this place, Wftroy and & fcatter the theep of 10. 21.
Hab. He fhall not return thither any more, my paffure, faith the LORD. Mar.
2. 9. 13 But he fhall die in the place! Therefore thus faith the LORD 23. 13,
7 Lev. whither they have led him captive, Godof Ifrael against the paftors that 25-
29. 13 and that fee this land no more. feed my people, Ye have fcattered Ezek.
13 Wo unto him that buildeth my flock, and driven them away, and 34-2.3.
4 his houfe by x unrighteoufnefs, and have nor vificed them; Behold, I will 6 Mat.
2 Ki-his chambers by wrong that ufeth vific upon you the evil of your . 36.
14.3.his neighbours fervice without wages, doings, iaith the LORD.


V. 18 and giveth him not for his y work: 3 And Twill gather the remnant of 34: 4. Prov. 14 That faith, I will build me a wide my flock out of all countreys whither John 16. 12.houfe,and large chambers, & cutteth Thavedriven them, and will bring 10. 16. Pfal. him out windows, &it is cleled with them again to their c folds, and they 4 Jer. 128. 2-cedar, and painted with vermilion. fhall be fruitful and increafe. 3.45. 1 Cor. 15 Shalt thou reign becaufe thou 4 And Iwill fet up ahepherds over Hof. 10. 31.clofeft thy felf in cedar a did not them which fhall feed them, and they 2. 18. Ifai. thy father & eat and drink, and do fhall fear no more nor be difmay-f John and then ed 9. 10. judgment and luftice aeicher fhall they e be lacking, 1.45. Jer. it was well w him? faith the LORD. & Zocce. 2.3. 16He judged the caufe of the poor & Behold,f the days come,faith 3. 8. Hol. needy,then it was well with him;dwas the LORD, that I will raife unto Da-blaj. 4.1. not this to know me faith y LORD. vid a righteous gbranch, & b a king 9.7Deut. 17 But thine eyes and thine heart shall reign and profper,and fhall exe- Ifai.! 17. 17.are not but for thy e coveroufnefs, & cute judgment & juftice in earth. 11. 25. f2 Ki.for to fhed innocent blood, and for 6In his daysk Judah fhall be faved,& Pfalm 23.30.oppreffion, and for violence to do it. Ifrael fhall dwell fafely: and this is 72. 2. 2 Clir. 18 Therefore thus faith the LORD his Name whereby he thall be called,k Rom. 35.24.concerning Jehoiakim fon of Jo. The LORD mOUR RIGH-11. 25. g Jer. fiah king of Judah, They thall g not la- TEOUSNESS. / Ezek. come.37. 19. faith Hof. Jerem.3. 12.1 Cor. 1.30. 2 Cor. 5. 22,

16. 6. ment for him, faying,b Ah my bro-7 Therefore behold, the days and ther, or ah after they fhall not la

1. 11. J


hd Kt. 13. 30%

Balfe prophets

Chap. xiv.


of the land of Egypt:

threatsed Jer. faith the LORD; that they all no ing,Ihave y dreamed,I have dreamed.y Nu. 16. 14. more fay, The LORD liveth, which 26 How long hall this be in the 12..6. Ifa. 43. brought up the children of raclour heart of the prophets that prophefiez Pfal. lies? yea, they are prophets of the4. 2. 8 But the LORD liveth, which a deceit of their own heart; a Eph. brought up, and which led the feed 27 Which dink b to caufe my peo-4..14. of te houfe offrael out of the north ple to forget my name by their dreams Acts countrey, and from a countreys which they tell every man to his 13. 8. whither 1 had driven them, and they neighbour, cas their fathers haves Judg. Oba. hallo dwell in their own land. forgotten my name for Baal. omnia 3.7. 8. v. 15, 9 Mine heart within me is broken 23 The prophet that hath a dream,4 1 Pe 19, 20.because of the prophers, all my d let him tell a dream,& he that bath+. 11. Ifai. bones thake:I am like a drunken man, my word, ler him fpeak my words 2 Co. 27. 12. & like a man whom wine hath over-e taithfully what is the fchaff to the2. 17. and come because of the LORD; and wheat, faith the LORD ₤2 Co. 65. 10. because of the words of his holiness 29 Is not my word likeg as a fire.5. 14. Pfal. to For the land is full off adulterers, faith the LORD:& like b a hammerg Luk. 51. 17. for becaule of u wearing the land that breaketh the rock in pieces? 24. 32. Lam. mourneth: the pleasant places of 30Therefore behold,I am kagainst f Ro. 2. 24. the wildernefs are dried up, and prophets,faithf LORD, teal my1. 16. Hab. their courfe is evil, and their force is word every one from his neighbour 2 Cor. 3.16. not right. 31 Behold, I am against the pro-10. 45. 2 Ch. 11 For both prophet and prieft are phets,faith the LORD, that ufe theiri Pfal. 36. 15. profane, yea, in my houfe have I tongues and fay, m He faith. 29.3.9. Jer. found their wickedness,faith the Lord. 31 Behold, I am against them thatk. Deu. 5.7. 8. 12 Wherefore their way fhall be unto prophefie falfe dreams, faith the18. 20. Hor. them as y Alippery ways in darkness: LORD, and do tell them,& caufe my! Acts 4.2. they shall be driven on, & fall thereing people to erre by their lies,& by their20. 27. John for I will bringevilupon them,even mitghenefs y yeri fene them not, nosy Ifai. 2. 14. year of their vification, faith theLord- commanded them therefore they30. 10. Pfal. 13 And I have feen folly in the fhall not profit this people at all Zep. 35.6. prophets of Samaria; they profaith the LORD. Menone yeddi 13.4. Hot phefied in Baal, and caufed my peu 33 And when this people, or the pe 7.1. ple Ifrael to erre. Moprophet, or a prieft fhail afk thee 2: 1.4 lai. 14 I have feen alfo in the prophets p faying,What is the 4 burthen of the Lam. 9. 16. of Jerufalem an horrible thing: they LORD thou shalt then fay unto2. 14. Acts commic adultery, and walk in clies: them, What hurden? i will even for-p 2 l'e 20.35. they dftrengthen alfo & hands of evil fake you, faith the LORD. 3.3. A eTi.doers, that none doth return from 34 And as for the prophet, and the Kid 4.2. his wickedness: they are all of them prieft, and the people that thall fay 9. 25. Eze. unto me e as Sodom,and the inhabi- The burden of the LORD, I will fat. 13. 22.cants thereof as Gomorrah. even punish that man and his houfe.13. 1. 35 Thus fhall ye fay fevery one to HisMal.


fai. Therefore thus faith the LORD of 1. 9. hoft,concerning prophets,Behold, neighbour, every one to his brother 1.1. Rev. I will feed them with fworm-vood,& What hath the LORD answered? andr vers 19. 20. make them drink the water of gall:ior what hach the LORD spoken Mat.from prophets of Jerufalem is pro-36 And the burden of the LORD HOL 7.15. fanenels gone forth into all the land fhall ye z mention no more for every9. 12. Prov. 16 Thus faith the LORD of hosts, mansword fhall be his burden for yef Jer. 19. 29.g. Hearken not unto the words of the have perverted the words of § living3 1.34. b Rev. prophets that Prophefie unto you;: God,of the LORD of hotts our God ver.27 17. 2. they make you b vain: they speak a 37 Thus fhalt thou fay to the pro-9.

2 Pet. vifion of their own heart, and not.pher,What hath the LORD anfweredt Hof. cheef and what hath the Lord spoken?2. 16.

98 But fith yefay, The burden ofu Jer.
the LORD therefore thus faith thes. 14,
LORD, Becanfe you fay this word 15.
The burden of the LORD, & I haver ver.
feat unto you, faying, Ye mall not say,28,29,
The of the

2.2, 3. out of the mouth of the LORD.
iJer. 17 They fay ftill unto them that
6. 14. defpife me, The LORD hath faid,
Ezek. Ye fhall have peace, & they fay unto
13. ro.every one that walketh after the ima-
Mic. gination of his own heart, k No evil
3. 11. come upon young
7 v.22. 18 For who hath stood in the
Job counfel of the LORD,and hath per
15. 8. ceived and heard his word! who hath
Heb. marked his word, and heard it
heard. 19 Behold, a whirlwind of the
Ames LORD is gone forth in fury, even
3. I. m grievous whirlwind, it thall z fall
m Nah.grievously upon the head of the
1.3. wicked.
Hof. 10 The anger of the LORD thallo not
thall not
11. 6. return,until he have executed, & till
Jer. he have performed the thoughts of
30. 24.his heart: in the latter days ye thall
Eze. confider it perfectly.


39 Therefore behold, 1, even win. 8. y utterly forgeryou, and 1 will for-Deut.: fake you, and the city that gave yous. 19. and your fathers, and 2 caft you outz Pfal. of my prefence THE 300 MALAGA & 89. 39. 40 And I willbring an a everlastingjer. reproach upon you, and a perpetualis. 1. fhame, which shall not be forgotten.Hof. 4: 6. Jet. 18. 14. a Jerem.20. 11 CHAP. XXIV.


THe LORD a fhewed me and be-a Jer. T hold, two baskets of figs weret1. 18

2. 5.

ar I have not fent thefe prophets,

Mac.yet they ran I have not spoken to fet before the temple of the LORD,Amos 7. 15. them, yet they prophefied. after that Nebuchadnezzar b king of7. 1,40


1 Ki. 22 Bur if they had ftood in my Babylon had carried away captive ele and 24. 19.counfel,and had caufed my people to conlah the fon of Jehoiakim king of). 1. Jer hear my words, then they should have Judah, and the princes of Judah, with 2 KI. 1.8. turned them from their evil way, and the carpenters & fmiths from Jerufa 24. 12 zPfal. from the evil of their doings. lem,& had brought them to Babylon.Jer. 103. 23 Am I a Godt at hand, faith the 2dOne basket had very good figs,evento. 2. LORD, and not a God afar off like the figs that are firit ripe and thee Jer. 7 Pfal. 24 Can any hide himself in fecret other barker had very naughty figs w22. 4. 139. 7-places that fall not fee him, faith conld not be eaten they were to bad. Kin. Ki. the LORD do not Ix fill heaven and 3 Then faid theLORD'untome, What 8. g. 8, 27. carth, faith the LORD? feeft rhou, Jeremiah? & I fald, Figs: 4 Mice 25 I have heard what the prophets good agsvery good;&evil,very evil,7. 1 fai dyprophefie lies in my name,fay- that cannot be eaten, they are fo evilever A Again 5. &

The prophes forefbewerk the Jews TE-
ftauration from captivity.

The two bakers of fzs. Heb. know


Jeremiah. A wine cup of fury. Again the word of the LORD milftones, and the light of the 4 Ecel. came unto me faying: 12.4 Thus faith the LORD, the God 11 And this whole land shall be a Rev. falm of Ifrael, Like thefe good figs, fo will defolation, and an altonishment, and 18. 12. I acknowledge them that are carried these nations fhall ferve the king of ai.


1. 6. Mut.


away captive of Judah, whom I have Babylon r feventy years. 3. I. 7. 23. fent out of this place into the land of 11 And it shall come to pafs when Jer. Pfal. the Caldeans e tor their good. feventy years are accomplished, that 22. 25. 37. 18.6 For fI will fet mine eyes upon I will punith king of Babylon, and 2 King Pfal. them for good,& Iwill bring them nation, faith the LORD,tor their ini- 24. 10, 24. 12 again to this land, and I will build quity and the land of the Caldeans,& 16. Pfal. them,& not pull them down; and I will will make it t perpetual defolations. Ezek. 34. 15. plane them, and not pluck them up. 13 And I win bring upon that land 33. 21. Neh. And I will give them an kheart co all my words which I have pronoun- 2 Ch. 5. 19. know me, that I am the LORD, and ced against it, even all that is writ- 36. 21. Jer they fhall be my people, and I will be ten in this book,which Jeremiah hath i Ifal. 12.15 their God: forthey thall return unto prophefied against all the nations. 13. 19. and me with their / whole heart. 14 For many nations and grear Jer.50. 42. 10.8 And as the m evil figs,which can- kings fhall ferve themfelvs of them 40. Jam not be eaten, they are fo evil: (furely alfo:and! will x recompenfe them aç- #fai. 1. 17. thus faith the LORD) fo will I give cording to their deeds, and accord- 13. 4. k Deu. Zedekiah the king of Judah, and hit ing to works of their own hands. x R.v. 29. 6. princes,and the refidue or Jerufalem, 15 For thus faith the LORD God 18. 6. Jer.32. that remain in chis land, and them of Ifrael unto me, Take the y wine- Mat. 39. that dwell in the land of Egypt. cup of this fury at my hand,and caufe 7. 2. Pal. 9 And I will deliver them too be all the nations, to whom I fendy Rev. 51. 6. removed into all the kingdoms of the thee, to drink it. 14. 10. Jer. earth for their hurt, to be a reproach 16 And they fhall drink, and be Eze. 29. 13. & a proverb,a taunt,and a curfe in allemoved and be mad, because of the 23. 34. Jer places whither I fhall drive them. fword that I will fend among them. Jer. 29. 17. 10 And I will fend the fword, the 17 Then took I the cup at LORDS 51. 7. 2K famin, & the peftilence among them. hand,& amade all y nacions to drink, a Jer. 25. 26 till they be confumed from of land unto whom the LORD had fent me: 1.9, Jer. I gave unto them,and to their fathers. 18 To wit, bJerufalem, and the cities 10. of Judah, and the kings thereof, and and the princes thereof, to make them a 27. 4. defolacion, and aftonishment,an hif- 61 Pc. Jeremiah reproving the fews difobe- fing,and a curfe, e as it is this day. 4.17. dience, fortelleth their captivity. 194 Pharaoh king of Egypt, and Ezek. Jer. concerning all the people of ju- all his people. He word that came to Jeremiah his fervants, and his princes, and 9. 6. 36. I. Dan. I. dah,in the fourth year of Jeholakim zo And all the e mingled people, and 4. 20. J, 2. the fon of Jofiah king of Judah, that all the kings of the land of Uz and Kin. 2 King was the first year of Nebuchad-rezzar all the kings of the land of the Phili- 8. 24. 24. 2. king of Babylon : ttins, and Afhkelon, and Azzah, and d Gen. Ezek. 2 The Jeremiah the prophet fpake Ekron and the remnant of Afhdod, 12. 15. 19. 9. uncoball the people of Judah,& to all arf Edom, and Moab,and the chil- Jer. Eze. the inhabitants of Jerufalem, faying, dren of Ammon, 46.2. 3-17. From the thirteenth year of Jo 11 And all the g kings of Tyrus,and Eze. Jer. fah the fon of Amon king of Judah, all the kings of Zidon, and the kings 30. 5. even unco this day (that is the three of bifles which are beyond the fea. f Jer. Jer. and twentieth year) the word of the 13'i Dedan,and Tema,and Buz,and 49.7. 7. 13. LORD hath come unto me, & I have all that are in the utmoft corners, & Jer. Pfal. fpoken unto you, drifing early, and 14 And all the kings of Arabia,and 17. 20. 10. 8. fpeaking, but ye have not hear kned. all the kings of the mingled people Pfal. Jer. 4 And the LORD hath fent unto you, that dwell in the defart, v 72. 10. 29. 19. all his efervants the prophets, rifing 25 And all the kings of m Zimri, and fJer. early and fending them, but ye have all the kings of Elam, and all the 11.7.8.f not heatkned nor inclined your Kings of the Medes, k Gen. all the 22. 21. 17. 13. They faldg Turnye again now every far and near, one with another, and 12 Ch. Jón, one from his evil way,and from evil all the kingdoms off world, which are 9. 14. 3.8. of your doings,& b dwell in the land, upon the face of the earth,and king m Gen. Pfal. that the LORD hath given unto you of Shethach fhall drink after them. 25. 2. 37 27.& co your fathers, for ever and ever: 17 Therefore thou shale fay untuchem, Ifai. EXO. 6 And go nor after other gods to Thus faith the LORD of hosts, God 13. 17. 20.3.4. ferve them,& co worship them,& pro- of Ifrael, Drink ye and be drunken,& Jer. Jerem. voke me morito anger w the works offpue,& fall,and q rife no more;becaufe 1. 15. 32. 30. your hands,and 1 will do you no hurt. of the fword & I will fend among you. Jer.

29. 18.
and 34. 17. Jerem. 14. 15.

c Deu.

L. 2.

Gen. 10. 7.

2 Vari,

Pfal. Yet ye have not heark ned unto me, 18 And it fhall be,if they refufe to take 51. 41. 78. 40.faith the LORD, thaeye might kpro-Scup at thine hand to drink, then fhalt 9 Rev. Deut. voke me to anger with the works of thou fay unto them, Thus faith the 18. 21. 32. 21. your hands, to your own hure. LORD of hofts, Ye shall certainly Mich. 1 Jer. 8Therefore thus faith the LORD drink. 17. 19. of hofts. Becaufe ye have not heard 29 Forlo, begin to bring evil on Job my words: the city,which is called by my name, 37. 36. 35. 6. 9 Behold, I will fend Betake mall and fhould ye be utterly unpunished? Jer. Jer. families of the north,faith the Lord,& ye hall not be unpunished; for I will 40. 10. 1.-15. Nebuchad-rezzar the king of Babylon call for a word upon all inhabitants Eze. Eze. my fervant,& will bring them againft of the earth,faith the LORD of hosts. 9. 6. 29. 18. this land, & o againft the inhabitants 30 Therefore prophefie thou against 1 Pet. Pfalm thereof, and against all thefe nations them all these words,&fay unto them, 4. 6. 119. round about, and will utterly deftroy The Lord thall x roar from y on high, Jet. 91. them.& make them an aftonilhiment & and utter his voice from his holy,ha-.30. 11. 02 Kl. an hifling, and perpetual defolations.bitation,he fhall mightily roar zupon и Eze. 24.7. 10 Moreover, will take from them his habitation, he thall give a hour, 38. 21. Jer. the voice of mirth,and the voice of as they chat tread the grapes, again Joel 46:26. gladnefs, the voice of bridegroom, & all the inhabitants of the earth. 3. 16. Hof. the voice of the bride, the found of the 31A noife fhall come even to the ends Amos of the 1. 2. 7Rom 1. 13. ≈ Pfal. 132. 14.

2. II.


Afmah 24.7.

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