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12. 1.

to repentance and o all the nations fhall be gathered anger of the LORD is q not turned qIfai. antoit,to the name of the LORD, to back from us. Jerufalem: neither fhall they walk 9 And it fhall come to pafs at that Jer. any more after the imagination of day,faith the LORD, that ther heart r 2Kine 31:33. their evil heart. of the king fhall perish and the 25.6. 18 In thofe days the houfe of heart of the princes: and the priests Hof. Judah fhall walk q with the house of thall be aftonished, and the prophets Jet. ffrael, and they fhall come together fhall wonder. 5.14.


I. 11.

out of the land of the north, to the ro Then faid 1,Ah Lord GOD,fure- ver. Amos land that I have given for an inheri- ly t thou haft greatly deceived this 10, 11. 19. 14. tance unto your fathers. people, and Jerufalem, faying, Yet 2 The 15. 19 But I faid, How fhall I put thee thall have peace whereas the word 2. II. Rom. among the children,andr give thee a reacheth unto the foul. 8.15. pleafant land,a goodly heritage of the Ir At that time fhall it be faid to Heb. hofts of nations and I faid, Thou this people, and to Jerufalem, A dry uv. 15. friend. fhalt call me,fMy father,and fhalt not wind of the high places in the wilder Prov. "Hof. turn away from me. nefs toward the daughter of my peo-25.23. 20 Surely as a wife treacherously ple, not to fan, nor to x cleanfe, * Jer. Jer. departeth from her thufband: fo have 12 Eveny a full wind from thofe pla- 15.7. 21.18 you dealt treacherously with me, O ces fhall come unto me: now alfo will Ezek. Ifai. houfe of Ifrael, faith the LORD. I give fentence against them. 5.2. 35.3. 21 At voice was heard upon the 13 Behold, he thall a come up as y Jer. Ifai. high places, weeping and fuppli- clouds, and his chariots ball be 49. 19. 19. 14. cations of the children of Ifrael as a whirlwind; his horfes are b fwif- Jet. Hof. for they have x perverted their way, ter than eagles; c wo unto us, for we 1-16. 14. 1. and they have forgotten the LORD, are fpolled. Hof. their God. 6. I.

3. I.


14 O Jerufalem, d wafh thine heare 21. 1. 12y Return, ye backfliding children from wickedness, that thou mayeit be Lam. & I will heal your back-flidings:be- faved: how long fhall thye vain 4.29. hold, 4 we come unto thee, for thou thoughts lodge f within thee? art the LORD our God.

c Lam

14.3. b Jer. 3.20.

Ephraim. 16 Make yef mention to the nations, Acts behold, publifh against Jerufalem, 8.22. that watchers come from a k far coun-f Matt. trey,and give out their voice against 15.19. the cities of Judah. gIKin. 17 As Ikeepers of a field are they 12.29. againft her roundabout becaufe the Lam. gfal our confufion covereth us for we hath been rebellious against mes faith i2Kin. 48.9. have finned against the LORD our the LORD.

15 For a voice declareth g from Dan, 5.16. 23 Truly in vain is falvation hoped & publifheth b affiction from mount 4 Jam. Pfalm for from hills, and from the multi121. 1. tude of mountains: truly cin Lord d Hof. our God is the falvation of Ifrael. 9.10. 24For dihame hath devoured the laPfalm bour of our fathers from our youth; 128.2. their Rocks and their herds, their fons Ezra and their daughters.. 9.7. 15 fWe lie down in our fhame,and


Jerem. God, we and our fathers g from our 18 Thy way and thy doings have 24-3. 2.2. youth even unto this day and have m procured thefe things unto thee: and not obeyed the voice of the LORD this is thy wickedness because it is 22. 21. our God. 2 bitter, because it reacheth unto thine


2Kin. 25.4.



1God caleth Ifrael: He exhorteth Judah to repent. 19 A lamentation for the miferies of judah. v.3. TF thou wilt return Offrael, faith Chro. the LORD,return & unto me: and if my foul, the found of the trumpet,the 9.1. 12. I. thou wilt puta vay thine c abomina- alarm of war.

19fo My bowels, my bowels, I am Pial.
pained at my very heart, my heart 07:17.
maketha noifein me, I cannot hold 1.8.
my peace; becaufe thou hatt heard, O
• Jer.


thou d not remove.

Joel cions out of my fight, then fhalt 20 Deftruction upon deftru&ion is 2.12. fuddenly are my tents spoiled, and 42.7. cried, for the whole land is fpoiled: Pfalm my curtains in a moment.

Ezek. 3 And thou fhalte fwear, The LORD 11. 18 liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in 9 Rom. Lam. righteoufnefs; and the nations hall 21 How long fhall I fee the ftand. 1.22. 1.8. blets themfelys in him, and in him ard and hear the found of the r2 Sam. .Deut. fhall they fglory.. trumpet? 13.3. 10.6. 31 For thus faith the LORD to the 22 For my people is q,foolish, they Rom. fi Cor. men of Judah and Jerufalem,g Break have not known me, they are fortish 8.6, 7. 1.31. up your fallow ground, and b fow children, and they have no under-Jer. Hof not among thorns. ftanding: they arer wife to do evil, 9.9. 10.12. 4 Circumcife your felves to the bue to do good they have no know- Amos Matt. LORD, and take away the forefkins ledge. 3.10. 13.22. of your heart, ye men of Judah, and 23 I beheld the earth, and lo, it waii Gen. Deut. inhabitants of Jerufalem: left k my without form, and void:and the hea- 1.2. 10.6. fury come forth like fire, and burn vens, and they had u no light. Ifai. Rom. chat none can quench it, because of 14 I beheld the mountains and 24.23. 8.29. the evil of your doings. lo, they x trembled, and all the hills Ifai. k Zep. 5 Declare ye in Judah, and moved lightly. 5.30. 2.2. publish in Jerufalem, and fay, / Blow 25 I beheld, and lo, there was no x Heb. Ezek. ye the trumpet in the land: cry, man,and all the y birds of the heavens 3.10. 33.2.3. gather together and fay, Affemble were fled.

y Zep. Heb. your felvs, and let us go into the 16 I beheld and lo, the fruitful 1.3. Band defenced cities. place was a wilderness, and all the Nah. not. 6 Set up the ftandard towards cities thereof were broken down, at 1.5. Luke Zion: tretire, tay not, for 1 will the prefence of the LORD, and by a Jer. 17.31 bring evil from the north,and a great his fierce anger. 50. 10. m2Kin. deftruction. 27 For thus hath the LORD faid, 11. 24. 1. m The lion is come up from his The whole land shall be defolate; yet Ifal 2 Tim. thicket, and n the deftroyer of the 1 will not make a a full end. 417. Gentiles is on his way he is gone 28 For this fhall the earth & mourn, Hab. Rev. forth from his place to make the and the heavens above be black: be- 3.2. 18.23. land defolate, and thy cities fhall caufe I have spoken it, I have pur- Ezek. Lam. be laid waste, without an in- pofed it,and will c not repent, neither 11.13. 1.1. habitant. b Hof ? Ifai. 8 For this p gird you with fackcloth, 29 The whole city fhall free, for 4.3. 32. 12. lament and howls for the fierce the noife of the horf-men and bow Jer


will I turn back from it.

men: 15.164

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Gods judgment for fin Chap.vv. Fudahs corruptions d2 Ch. men; they fhall go into d thickers, God of hofts, Becaufe ye peak this a jer 33. 11. and climb up upon the rocks: every word, behold, I will make my word 1.9. Amos city ball be forfaken, and not a man in thy mouth d fire, and this people Gen. 9.2, 3.dw.ll therein. wood, and it fhall devour them 29.49.

30 And when thou art fpoiled,what 15 Lo, I will bring a nation upon f Deut. wilt thou do? Though thou clotheft you from far, O houfe of Ifrael,faith 10. 10. Rev. thy felf with crimson, though thou the LORD; it is a mighty nation,itg Lev. 17.4. teckelt thee with ornaments of gold, u an fancient nation, a nation whofe 26. 16. 2.King though thou renteft thy face with language thou knoweft not, neither Deut. 9.20. painting,in vain fhalt thou make thy underftandeft what they fay. 28.31 Jer. felt fair, thy flovers will defpife thee, 16. Their quiver is as an open fe- bjer. 22.20. they will feek thy life. tower arts pulchre, they are all mighty men. 13.22. Lam 31 For I have heard a voice asg of 17And they hallg eat up chine harveft and 1.2. woman in travail, and the anguifh as and thy bread which thy fons and thy 16. 10. Ifai. of her that bringeth forth her first daughters fhould ear:they fhall eat up Mil. 13.9. child, the voice of the daughter of thy locks and thy herds; they fhall 2.17. Lam. Zion, that bewaileth her felf, that eat up thy vines and thy fig-trees: they Dur 1. 17. fpreaded her hands, faying, wo is thall impoverish thy fenced cities 28.47 72Chr. me now, for my foul is wearied be- wherein thou truftedit, w the fword. 48. 36.17. caufe of i murtherers.









o Jer.




18 Nevertheless in thofe days,faith Lam. the LORD, I will not make a full end 5.8. CHAP. Ve sonnes with you. kGal. I Gods judgments on the Jews, for 19 And it fhall come to pafs when 3.1. their adultery, 10 impiety, 19 on- ye hali fay,hWherefore do thý LORD Jerem temps, 25 and for their corruption. our God all these things unto us? then 2.13; 22:30 Rifreers of Jerufalem, and fee now have forfaken me, and ferved ftrange heart. ye to and the as ye Heb. 7. 1, 2, and know, and feek in the broad pla- gods in your land; fo fhall ye ferve Ho Gen. ces thereof, if ye can a find a man, if ftrangers in a land that is not yours. 7. 11. 18.32. there be any that executeth judgment 0 Declare this in the houfe of Jacob, Matt. Tit. that fecketh the truth, and I will and publish it in Judah faying, 13.14. 1. 16. b pardon it. 21 Hear now this,Ok foolish people, John 2 Tim. And though they fay, The LORD and without t understanding, which 12.40. liveth, furely they fwear & falfly. have eyes and fee not, which have 30 LORD, are not e thine eyes ears and hear not. 29.26. 7.9. up on the truth thou haft fitricken 22 m Fear ye not me?faith the LORD: Rom. Pfalm them, but they have not grieved will ye not tremble at my prefencem Reve 51.5. thou them, have placed the 2 Chro, have grefufed to receive correction: bounds or fea,by a perpetual decree 15.4. 16.9. they have made their faces harder that it cannot pass it and through n Job fifai. than a brock, they have refufed to the waves thereof tofs themselves, yet and 15. can they not prevail though they 38. 10: -Amos 4 Therefore I faid, Surely there are roar, yet can they not pafs over it? In 4.6, 3.poor,they are foolish; for they know 23 But this people hath a revol Jer. not the way of the LORD, nor the ting and a rebellious heart, they are 14. 22. 8.3. judgment of their God.org revolted and gone. bZech. I will get me unto the k great men, 24Neither fay they in their heart, Let 10. 11. 7. II. and will fpeak unto them for they us now fear the LORD our God that Gen. have known the way of the LORD, giveth o rain, both the pformer and 11. 14. 1. 12. and the judgment of their God: but the latter in his qfeafon: he refer Mic. I thefe have altogether broken the veth unto us the appointed weeks 12. 17. and of the 7 Jer. 6 wherefore a lion out of the foreft 15 Your iniquities have turned a-8.22. 6.13. fhall lay them, and a wolf of m the way thefe things, and your fins have fitai. Ifalin evenings fhall fpoll them, a leopard withholden good things from you. fhall watch over their cities:every one16 For among my people are found Hof. 59.1.2 m Zep. that goedh out thence fhall be torn wicked men they lay wait as he that 5.1. in pieces; because their tranfgreffions fetteth fnares, they let a trap, they Rev. Hof. are many, and their back-flidings catch men. 13.7. are increased. 14527 As a cage is full of birds,fo are Mic. 0 Gal. 7 How fhall I pardon thee for their x houfes full of deceit: therefore 6.10. 4.8. this? thy children have forfaken they are become great & waxen rich. y Deut. Deut. me, and fworn by them that are o no 18They arey waxen fat, they fhine; ye 31. 15. 32.15. gods when I had fed them to the they overpass the deeds of wicked: Cor. Hof. full, they then committed q adultery, they judge not the caufe, the caufe of 1. 4.7. and affembled themfelvs by troops in fatlerlefs, yet they 4 profper: and the a Hab. q Num. the harlots houfes. right of the needy do they not judge. 1.3, 4. 25. I 8 They were as fed horfes in the shall I not vifit for thefe things ber. Ezek. inorning: every one neighed after faith the LORD fhall not my foul 22. 11. his neighbours wife. be avenged on fuch a nation as this? c Mich. Jer. 9 Shall I not vifit for thefe things? 30 Ab wonderful & horrible thing 3. 11. 13.27. faith the LORD and fhall not my is committed in theland. a Hof * Ifai. foul be t avenged on fuch a nation as 1.24. this? Pfal. 10 Go ye up upon her u walls,and 127.2. deftroy, but make noe a full endstake Num. away her battlements, for they are 10.9. x not the LORDS. cists yliai. 11 For the houfe of Ifrael, and the 24.10. house of Judah have y dealt very

qisam. Gen.







Joh. treacheroully against me, faith the
5.10. LORD.
-fi. 12 They have belied the IORD,and
28.25. faid, a It is not he, neither flail evil
Zech, come apon us, neither hall we fee
1.6. fword nor famin: ADATUR SA
de Jet. 13 And the prophets thall become
43.2. b wind, and the word is not in
Dam them; thus shall ir be done unto them.
3.14 14 Wherefore thus faith the LORD

31 The prophets prophefied falfly,& 6.10.
the priests bear rule by their means 2The.
and my people e love to have it fo; & 2.9.12.
what will ye do in the end thereof? Mich
2002 2.6,IL
Judabs enemies, 4, encourage them.
felves: 6 God fetteth them on work.
your felves to flee out of the 11, 12,
Ye of Beniamin, Chri
midit of Jerufalem,& blow the trumn- Judg.
pet in Tekoa: & fet up ea fign of fire 121.
in Beth-haccerem for evil appeareth BIfai.
out of north, & great deftruction. 2. 11.
have likened the daughter of Judg
Zion to a comely & delicate woman 9.38.
The4 thepherds with their flock:

jer. hal 6 Jer. 21.108

•patendee Va



Gods wrathprocraimed.

Jeremiah. An exhortation to repentance. fliai. inall come unto her: they fhall pitch aa Thus faith the LORD, Be their tents against her round about: hold,a people cometh froin the north 51.27. they fhall feed every one in his place.counerey, and a great nation fhall be gJer. 4 Prepare ye war againft her: ariferaifed from the fides of the earth.


20. 19.

21. 16.

Deut. and let us go up fat noon: wo unto 23 They shall lay hold on bowe and us,for the day goeth away,for the fha- m (pear: they are n cruel, and have m Joh. i2Kin. dows of evening are ftretched out. no mercy:their voice roareth like the 8.18. Arife, and let us go up by night,fea, and they ride upon horfes, fetin n Lam. Pfal. and let us deftroy her palaces. 6 For thus hath the LORD of daughter of Zion. aray as men for war against thee, O 5.11. $52 hofts faid, b Hew ye down trees and 24 We have heard the fame thereof, 50.43. agatani so Jer, Jer. 20.8. caft a mount againit Jerufalem: this our handswax feeble, anguilh hath Jer. Ezek. is the city to be vifited.fhe is wholly taken hold of us, and pain, as of a 9. 14. 24. 5. oppreflion in the midft of her. o woman in travail.

+ Heb. Corrected. ffaim

94. 12. 7/2Kin.

24. 16.

and 25.4.

Diq Zech. Ask a fountain caftech out her 25 Go not forth into the field,nor 12. 10. waters, fo the cafteth out her wic- walk hy the way: for the fword of the rifal. kednets: /violence and fpoil is heard the enemy, and fear is on every fide.33.1. in her, before me continually is grief 26¶O daughter of my people, gird/Hab. and wounds. thee with fackcloth, and wallow thy 2.1. 8 Be thout inftructed,OJerufalem,left felf in alhes: make thee mourning, as t Prov my foul depart from thee: luft I make for an q only fon,moft bitter lam n-27.23. thee defolate,aland not inhabited. tation for the spoiler fhall fudd nly Hof. 9 Thus faith the LORD of hosts, come upon us. I 10. 15. They fhall throughly m glean the rem 7 I have fet thee for a tower, and a x Jer. nant of Ifrael as a vine: turn back fortrefs among my people: that thou 18. 18. thine hand as a grape-gatherer into mayeft t know and try their way. Ifai. the baskets. 18 They are all grievous revol-1.21. Amos 10 To whom fhall I fpeak and give ters, walking with x llanders: they 2 Co. warning, that they may hear? behold, are y brafs and iron, they are all 2.17. Tim. their n cars uncircumcifed, and they corrupters. 4.3. 2 Jer. 20.9. Rev. 16. I.

2. 12.


& Ifai.

cannot hearken: behold,the word of 29 The abellows are burnt,the lead 49.4.
the LORD is unto them a reproach: is confumed of the fire, the founder Ezek.
they have o no delight in it.
melteth in vain; for the wicked are 24, 12,
11 Therefore I am full of the fury b not plucked away.

of the LORD:I amp weary with hold- 30 Reprobate filver fhall men call c Pfalm r Ezek. ing in: I will pour it out upon the them, because the LORD hath re- 15.4. 9.6. r children abroad, & upon the affem- jected them.

Deut. bly of young men together: for even 28.30. the hufband w the wife fhall be taken, z Ifai. the aged with him that is full of days. 56.11. 12 And their houfes fhall be turned Luke unto others, with their fields and 47. wives together: for I will ftretch out

Jeremiah calleth for repentance: He
rejectesh their confidence: 17 threat-
nesh idolatry.

a Jer.


my upon of the
land, faith the LORD.


from the LORD, faying, He a word that came to Ieremiah 1.2, 3. 2.Pet. 2.2. Stand in the b gate of the LORDS Jerem. Mich. 13 For from the leaft of them even houfe,&proclaim there this word,and 26.2. 3.11. unto the greateft of them,every one is fay, Hear the word ofthe LORD, all cJer * Jer. given t to covetoufnefs; and from the ye of Iudah, that enter in at thefe 18.11. 4.4. prophet even unto the priest, every gates to worship the LORD. 4Mich. Ezek. one dealeth falfly.

3 Thus faith the LORD of hofts, 3.


2. 19.

14 They have healed alfo the hurt the God of Ifrael,c amend your ways, isam. Pet. of the daughter of my people light- and your doings,and I will caufe you 4.4. ly, faying, x Peace, peace, when to dwell in this place. Jerem. there is no peace. 4 Truft ye not in dlying words, fay-25.21. fakin. 4.4. 15 Were they afhamed when they had ing. The temple of the LORD, the g Jer. y Jet. committed abomination nay, they cemple of the LORD, the temple 22.4. 3.9. were y not at all afhamed,neither could of the LORD are fthele. Phil. they blush: therefore they fhall fall a-5 For if ye throughly amend your 59.7. mong them that fall: at the time that ways and your doings; if you Deue. I vifit them, they fhall be caft down, throughly execute Judgment between 4.40. a man and his neighbour

b Ifai.

faith the LORD.




6 If ye opprefs not the ftranger,the 26. 16. fatherless,and the widow,and fhed not k Rom. binnocent blood in this place,neither 6.21. walk after other gods to your hurt :/ Hof Then will caufe you to dwell 4.1, 2. In this place, in f land that I gave 2 Tim. to your fathers, for ever and ever. 8 Behold,ye cruft in lying words, m jud. that kcannot profit. 9 Will ye / fteal,murther, and com- Exod. mit adultery, and fwear fallly, and 20.3. burn incenfe unto Baal, and walk af- Ifai. ter m other gods whom ye a knew 43. 10. not: Ezek. 10 And come and ftand before me in 23.38. this houfe, which is called by my Mal. name,& fay, We are o delivered to do 3.5. all these abominations? 11 Is this houfe,which is called by 56.7. Ifai. my name, become a q den of robbers q Matt. in your eyes? behold, even I have feen 41. 13. it, faith the LORD. T Deut. 12 But go ye now unro my place & 12.11. was in Shiloh, where I fet my r name Joli at firft,& fee what I did to it for 18. 1. the wickedness of my people Ifrael.Sam. 13. And now because ye have done all thefe works, faith the LORD, and 2Chr. I spoke unto you, rifing up early, 6.15.

4. 10,




3.19. Jerem. 8.12. Rom. 1. 32.

16 Thus faith LORD, Stand Iye in the ways and fee,and ask for the d old ITh. Paths, Where is the good way,& walk therein, & ye fhall find breit for your fouls but they faid,c We will not walk therein.

17 Alfo.l fet d watchmen over you, faying, Hearken to the found of the trumpet: but they faid. We will not hearken.

18 Therefore hear, ye nations, 5.39. and know, O congregation, what is Matt. among them. 1.29. 19fHear, earth,behold,I will bring Jer. evil upon this people, even the g fruit 44.17. of their thoughts, becaufe they have Ezek. not heark ned unco my words, nor to 2.17. my law, but rejected it. Ifai. 59. T. fifai. 3.2.

5.21. Acts 37. 11. Ifal. 8.20.

Luko 19.19. John

20h To what purpofe cometh there to me incenfe from Sheba? and the fweet cane from a far countrey? your i burnt-offerings are not acceptable, Prov. nor your facrifices fweet unto me. 1. 31, Therefore thus faith the LORD, Behold, I will lay k ftumbling blocks before this people, & the fathers and fons together fhall fall upon them: neighbour and his friend fhall perish. 21. P. 50. 8. 2 Th.2.1K / 2Chr.36,17.

Ifai. 1. 11. Amos 5.21. Jer.

The Fews idolatry,

Chap. vill.






and calamity and speaking, bur ye heard nors and come, faith the LORD, that it thall Jer Pro. I called you, but ye anfwered not: no more be called Tophet, nor the 19. 11, I. 24. 14. Therefore will I do unto this valley of the fon of Hinnom, but the 13 houfe which is called by my name, valley of laughter for they hall bug Deu. 71 Sa. wherein ye truft, and un to the place ry in Tophet,till there be no place. 25. 26.. 4. 10. which I gave to you, and to your fa- 33 And theg carcafes of this peoplePfalm Jer. thers, as I have done toy Shiloh. Thall be meat for the fowls of the hea-72.23. 26.6. If And I will caft you out of my ven, and for the beafts of the earth, Hot 2 Ki. fight,as I have caft out all yourzbre- and none fall fray them away. 2. 11. 17. 23. thren, even whole feed of Ephraim. 34 Then will hi caufero ceafe from Rev. Exo. 16Therefore a pray not thou for this the cities of Iudah, & from the streets 19. 23. 33 10. people,neither lift up cry nor prayer of lerufalem,the voice of mirth and Ifai. for them, neither make interceflion voice of gladnefs,the voice of bride-24. 7. Jer to me; for I will not 6 hear thee. groom, and the voice of the bride Eack. 13. 1. 17 T Seeft thou not what they do in for the land fhall be defolate. 28. 13. Jer. the cities of Judah, and in the ftreets Pfalm 78. 634 44. 19. of lerufalem? CHAP. VIII. 37 Heb. 18 The children gather wood,and 2Theles calimity. 4Their impenitency 66.2 fathers kindle the fire,&the women upbraided. 1 Their judgment. make cakes to the a from. queen of heaven,& co d pour our hall a bring out the bones of the 13.20 QF, drink-offerings unto other gods, that kings of ludah and the bones of his 2 Ki. work they may provoke me to anger. princes, and the bones of the priests, 23.5. man- 19 Do they provoke me to anger and the bones of the prophets,and the 2 Chr. Ship faith the LORD: do they not provoke bones of the inhabitants of Jerufalem 33. 5. 2 Kin. themfelys to the confufion of their our of their graves!! 10599 Ezek 235 own 152 And fpread 16. Pal. Therefore thus falchi ch: LORD the fun, and the moon,and all the hoff & Prais 16.4 GOD, Behold, mine anger and my of heaven, whom they have loved, & 93. 10. 1 Co. fury shall be poured out upon this whom they have ferved, and after Jer.22. 10. 21. place,fupon man and upon bealt, & whom they have walked, and whom 19. 17ep upon the of four ground; and it hall have worthipped: they thall not by .. Zep. trees upon Have fought, whom they d Rev. Mal. g burn, and thall not be quenched. gathered, nor he buried, they fhall be and 41. 21 Thus faith the LORD of for edung upon f face of the earth. 14. 13. Hof. hofts, the God of Ifrael, b Put your 3 And d death fhall be chofen rather Lam. 8. 13. burnt-offerings unto your facrifices, than life, by all the refidue of them $3.9 Hof. and eat flesh. remain of this evil family, remain i Kin. 6.6. 11 For 1fpake nor unto your fa- in all places whither I have driven 19. 4. 1 Sam. thers, nor commanded them in the them, faicn the LORD of hofts. e Jer. 15. 22.day that I brought them out of the 4 Moreover thou thale fay unto f. 3. Pfalm. land of Egypt concerning burnt-of- them, Thus faith the LORD, Shall Plate 50. 5. ferings or facrifices. they fall, and notarife? hall he turn 36. 3. KJer. 23 But this thing commanded 1 away and not return? mins Hjereme 11. 4. them,faying, / Obey my voice, and 15 Why then is this people of Jeru. 9. 6. 1.ver. will be your God, and ye shall be my talem lidden back by e a perpetualg Pfale. 24. people; and walk ye in m all the ways back-fliding? fthey hold faft deceit, 12. 2.

Sam.that I have commanded you, that it chey refufe to return. Yo b Job 15. 22. may be well unto you. 14 6 Ihearkened & heard, but they fpake 39. 27. m Pfal. 14 But they r hearkned not, nor en- g not aright:no man repented him off Prov. 119. 6. clined their ear, but walked in the his wickednefs, faying, What have 16. 6, S. Deur.counfels and in the imagination of done? every one turned to his courfe, Ifai. 29. 19. their evil heart, and went backward, has the horse rutheth into the battel. 1.3. Pfalm and not forward. 7 Yea,the ftork in heaven knoweth A Job 81. 12. 25 Since the day that your fathers her kappointed times,& the turtle, & 39. 26. 2 Ch. came forth out of the land of Egypt the crane,and the fwallow obferve the song 36. 1. unto this day, I have even fent unto time of their coming: but my people 2. 12. .Hof. you all my fervants & prophets,dai- / know not f judgment of y LORD. Pfalm 6. 5. ly tining up early, and fending them. 8 How do ye fay, We are wife, and 104. Zech. 26Yee they hearkned noe unto me,norm the law of the LORD is with us? 19. 1. 6. enclined their ear,but ? hardned their Lo, certainly in vain madehe it, the Luke Neh. neck, they did a worse than deir fa- pen of the Tcribes is in vain. worse can deir fa- Pen The wife men are o afhamed, they m Ro 9.17. thers. 29. 27 Therefore thou shalt speak all are difmayed and taken; lo, they have 2. 17. Exod. there words unto them, but they will p rejected the word of the LORD, & #1 Co. 32. 9. not hearken to thee: thon thale alfog what wisdom is in them? 1.26.

Jer. call unto them, but they will not anf-1 Tochers, and their their wives o Jer. 9.3. wer thee.gothy Este unto fields to them 6. 15 .Eze 28 But thou shale fay unto them, that fhall inherit them: for every one p Romte 2.5.7. This is a nation that obeyeth not the from the leaft even unto the greatest 2. 23. Jer. voice of the LORD their God, nor is given to covetoufnels; from the 6.9. receivethy correction: truth is peri- prophet even unto the priest, every S. 20. Ifai. Pfal. fhed,andis cut offfrom their mouth, one dealeth faldly. Pfalm 12. 2. 29 Cue off thine a hair,0 Jerufalem, 11For they havet healed hurt of $ 19.7. Jerein. & caft it away, and take up a lamen- daughter of my peopleflightly,faying, Deut. 9.2.3.tation on high places for the LORD a Peace,peace when there is no peace. 29. 30. 4 Job hath rejected and for faken the gene-1 Were they afhamed when they Phil. 1.16. ration of his wrath. had committed abomination nay, 2. 21. b2 Ki. 30 For the children of ludah have they were not at all afhamed, neither Jer. 21.4.7.done evil in my fight laith the could they blufh; therefore thall they 6. 14. 2 Chr. LORD: they have bfer their abo- fall among them that fall, in the time Ezc. 36. 14. minations in the houfe which is cal of their vification they fhall be caft 13. 10. ver. lede by my name, co pollute it. down, faith the LORD.G Lam. 10, 11. 31 And they have built the high 13¶I will furely confume them, faith 2. 14. 42 Ki.places of Tophet, which is in val- LORD;there ball bey no grapes on fx Jer. 23, 10.ley of the fon of Hinaom, to burn vine, nor figs on the fig tree, and the 3.3. effai. their fons and their daughters in the leaf thall fade,& the things that I havey Hof 30. 33.fire, which I commanded them not, given them fhall pass away from them.2.9. Jer. neither came it into my heart. 14 Why do we fit ftill? affemble Joel 33. 35. 33 Therefore behold the days V7 youri. 7. 1. Hag. 1, 17. LUM‹£3.6*

The Jews fudgment.



Jeremiah lamenteth them. Pfal. your felvs, and let us enter into the the beaft are fled they are gone. 39. 9. defenced cities, and let us bez filent 11 And winemake Jerufalem Lam there for the LORD our God hath heaps and x a den of dragons,and Ifal. 3. 28. put us to filence,& given us a water will make the cities of Judah defolare, 25.2. Deu. of gall to drink; becaufe we have fin- without an inhabitant. Ex Jer. 32. 33. ned against the LORD. 12 Ty Who is the wife man that may 10. 22. Jer, 15 We looked for bpeace, but no good understand this,& who is he to whom Hof. 119, came: and for a time of health, and the mouth of the LORDhath fpoken, 14.9. c Jet. behold trouble. he may declare it for what land Pfalm 4. 15. 16The fnorting of his horfeswasheard perifheth, and is burnt up like a 107. Jer. from c Dan whole land trembled at wilderness that none pafleth through 43 57. 5. found of d neighing of his ftrong 13 And the LORD faith, a Becaufe Ifa. ffaf. ones; for they are come, and have de- they have forfaken my law which I fet 2. 6. 59.5. voured the land and all that is in it, before them, and have not obeyed my 4-Jer. the city and thofe that dwell therein. Voice neither walked therein; 337 4.-29. 1 For behold, Iwill fend ferpents, 14But have walked after the b.imagi- 6 Jer. Pfal. ecockatrices among you, which will nation of their own heart, and after 7124 58.4.5. not be charmed, and they hall bice Baalim, which their fathers taught C Pet. Job you, faith the LORD. 1. 18. 7.-13. 18 When I wouldg comfort my felf 15 Therefore thus faith the LORD d Jet. b Lam. against forrow, my heart is faint of hofts, the God of Ifrael Behold S. 14. 1. 22. bin me. I will feed them, even this people, Lev Hof. 19 Behold, the voice of the cry of with a wormwood,and give them was 26. 33. 10. 3. the daughter of my people, becaufe of ter of gall to drink. Alfal them that dwell in a farcountrey is 16 I will efcatter them alfo among 29. 64. 14. not the LORD in Zion is not her the heathen, whom neither they norf Mat. 12 Kl king in her why have they provo- their fathers have known and I will 9.23. 17.5 ked me to anger with their graven fend a fword after them till I have mver, images, and with ftrange vanities? confumed them. 15. 9.3. 1.5.



2 Chr.

35.25. 20 The m harveft is paft, the fummer 17 Thus faith the LORD afholts, Amos Ials ended and we are not faved. Confider ye and call for mourning 5. 16. 21 For the hurt of the daughter of women, they may come and fend for & Lam Song my people am I hurt, I am black cunning women, that they may come. 2. 19. aftonishment hath raken hold on me. 18 And let them make hafte,and take Jer. Pfalm 22 Is there o no balm in Gilead? is up a wailing for us, that our geyes 14. 17. 35. 3. there no phyfician there why then may run down with cears, &c our eyes Lam. 01 Co. is not the health of the daughter of lids guth out with waters. 6. 5. my people p recovered?



m Ital

19 For bavoice of wailing is heard 12. out of Zion, How are we fpeiled? we i Ifaia are greatly confounded, becaufe we 12 have fortaken the land, because our Alfal. dwellings have caft us out. 3.-16. 10 Yet hear the word of the LORD, Amos ear 5% Lam. that I might weep day & night for the word of his mouth,&/teach your b lain of daughter of my people. daughters wailing, and every one her Is 12. 10 that I had in the wilderness a neighbour lamentation, 21. 14. lodging Place of wayfaring men, that 21 For death is come up into our 2. 13. Imight leave my people, and go from m windows, and is entred into our 57.8. them for they be all c adulcerers, an n palaces, to cut off the o children 24. 18. Hofdaffembly of treacherous men. from without, and the young men 21. 14. Ezek. 6.9. 3 And they bend their tongues like from the fireets. Pfal. their bowe for lies: but they are not 22 Speak, Thus faith the LORD, Lam. 1202 valiant for the truth upon earth;for Even the carcafes of men fhall fall p as f2 Ti. they proceed f from evil to evil, and dung upon the open field, and as the o Lam. 3.13. they know not me,faith the LORD. handful after the harveft-man and 4-18. Hof. Ezek. 4b Take ye heed every one of his none fhall gather them. 9.5,6. Mic. neighbour, and truft ye not in any 23 Thus faith the LORD, Let not brother: for every brother will utter- the g wife man glory in his wifdom 1 Jer. 7.5.6. lyi fupplant and every neighbour neither let the mighty man glory in 26.36. will walk with anders. de his might let not the rich man 31. S. Gen. Az And they will deceive every one glory in his riches. his neighbour, and will not speak the 24 But lethim that glorieth, glory. 31. truth they have / taught their tongue in this, that he undertandeth 1323. to speak lies, and weary themfelvs tor knoweth me, that I ain the LORD Eccl. commit iniquity.was

2. 5.



i Sam.

91 Co.

22.9. Jer.

9. 11.

which exercife loving kindness


Pfal. 109. 2. Ifai. X. 24. Mal. 3.

6. S.


6 Thine habitation is in the midst judgment, and righteoufnefs in the 91. 14. of deceit;through deceit they refufe earth: for in thefe things I delight, Hof. to know me, faith the LORD faith the LOR DEMI-4. G. 7 Therefore thus faith the LORD 25 Behold, the days come faith the Pfal. of hofts Behold, I will melt them LORD, that I will punith all them w 24. 10. 02 Ch. and try them; for o how thall I do for are circumcifed with the uncircum-Mich 37. 15, the daughter of my people? tcifed, 8 Their tongue is as an arrow fhot 16 Egypt,and Judah,and Edom,& the Kal. out, it fpeaketh deceit: one fpeaketh children of Ammon,and Moab,and all and peaceably ro his neighbour with that are in the utmoft corners, dwell 7. 18. Prat, his mouth, buc in his heart helayeth in the wildernefs:for all thefe nations Rom. this waited for can sy hare x uncircumcifed, &call the houfe of Eze 6439qShall I not vific them for thefe Ifrael are uncircumcifed in the heart. 44. 7. 36. 14. things? faith the Lord:fhall not my foul Sentar 2 Sa. be avenged on fuch a nation as this? 10 For the mountains will I take Pfal. up a weeping and wailing,and for the


Idols not to be compared with God. She



Ear ye the word which af LORD at Th. fpeaketh unto you, O houfe of 2. 13. Ifrael and Badeorks


habitations of the wilderness a lamen-
tation, becaufe they are burnt up,fo


Thus faith the LORD, Learn not 6 Lev.


none can pafs through them, neither the way of the heathensand be not dif- 18. 3 5.9 can men hear the voice of the carrel, mayed at the cfigns of heaven, for the cIfals 29. both the fowl of the heavens and heathen are dismayed at them.2444 47. 124 Pral 13 For the customs of the people are i

4851, #HOL4.3Jet.4. 25.


30. 17. 2 Chron. 30. 17.7

a Jet.

1. 19. Lam. 2. 11. bEze.

Feremiah Lamentesh the fews.
H that my head were waters, and

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