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"Exra's reformation *

Ezra. 40
of range marriages.
my hands unto the LORD my God, Rev.
And fald, my God, I am 3. 17.
afhamed & blufh to lift up my face Roni

lents & of gold an hundred talents. 27 Alfo twenty bafons of gold of a Deu. thousand drams, and two veffels of 33. 8. fine copper precious as gold. to thee,my God: for o our iniquities 6. 21. m Lev. 28 And I fa'd unto them, Ye are are increafed over our head, and our Dan 5. 15 holy unto the LORD, m the veffels trespass is grown up puntoy heavens.9.5 Num. are holy alfo, and the filver, and the 4.4. 7 Since the days of our fathers have Pfalm gold are a free-will-offering unto the we been in a great crefpafs unto this 38. 4. Gen. LORD God of your fathers. day, and for our iniquities have we, 2 Ch. 31.40 29 n Watch ye, and keep them until our kings, and our priefts, been de-28.9. Luke ye weigh them before the chief of livered into the hand of the kings Jona. 12. 37, the priests, and the Levites and of the lands, to the fword, to capti-1 38. chief of the fathers of Ifrael at Jeru vity, and to a fpoil, and to 4 coníu- Rev. Acts falem, in the o chambers of the house fion of face, as it is this day. 20. 31. of the LORD. 1 Pet.

IS. 5.

8 And now for a little space grace Gen.4. 30 So took the pricfts and the Le hath been bewed from the LORD our 10. and 512 vites the weight of the filver and the God, to leave us a remnant to feape, 18. 20. Kigold,and the veffels, to bring them to and to give us a nail in his holy 2 Co.6.5. Neh. Jerufalem unto the houfe of our God, place, that our God may lighten our for, 10. 39 river of Ahava, on the twelfth day of in our bondage. 31 Then we departed from the eyes and give us r a little revivingin. ana thep firft moneth, to go unto Jerufa- 9 For we were bond-men, yet our Ifai.


22. 13.

3.5, S.

and ? Ezra 7.9. and 9.9.

12. 44. lem; and the hand of our God was God hath not forfaken us in our upon us, and he delivered us from bondage, but hath extended mercy Eccl. the hand of the enemy, and of fuch unco us in the fight of the kings of as lay in wait by the way. Perfia,to give us a reviving to fet up 34. 5. 32 And we caine to Jerufalem, and the houfe of our God, and to repair and abode there three days. the defolations thereof, and to give 104 33 Nov on the fourth day was us a wall inJudah and in Jerufalem, Neh. the filver and the gold, and the vel 10 And now, O our God, x what thall





12. 1.


Ezra 1. 16.



fels weighed in the house ofour God, we fay after this for we have forsaken 136. by the hand of gMeremoth the fon of thy commandments, 10.5 Uriah the priest, and with him was 11Which thou hafty commanded by Eara Nel Eleazar the fon ofPhinehas,&w them thy fervants the prophets, faying.. 8.7. Rom. Noadlah the fon of Binnui, Levites: it, is an unclean land with the 61-6.1. was r Jozabad the fon of Jefhua, and The land unto which ye go to poffefs and and 34 By number and by weight of thinefs of the people of the lands and 6. 18. every one and all the weight was with their abominations, which have 4. 12. Luke at filled it from one end to another Ifai. 35 Alfo the children of thofe that with their uncisannefs. 1.74. Ezra had been carried away, which were 12 Now therefore give not your Lam. 6. 18. come out of the captivity, offered daughters unco their fons, neither Heb. burnt-offerings unto the God of If- take their daughters unto your fons, Deu. 3.32 lifted rael, twelve bullocks for all Ifrael, a nor feek their peace, or their wealth WP. ninety and fix rams feventy and for ever: that ye may be ftrong, and x Exo. feven lambs, twelve he-goats for a eat the good of the land, and leave 23. 32. Revel. 12, 16. fin-offering all this was a burnt- it for an inheritance to your chil-Deu. Ifal. offering unto the LORD. dren for ever. 3 56.6. 36 And they delivered the kings 23.6. 13 And after all that is come upon Pfal. commiflions unto the kings lience- us, for our evil deeds, and for our 103. nants, and to the governors on this great trefpafs feeing that thou our 17. and 2 Kin. fide the river,and they furthered the God haft punished us clefs than our 112 10. G. people, and the house of God. iniquities de ferve, and haft given r, 2. us fuch deliverance as this: Cab Prov. 14 Should we d again break thy com- 13. 22. mandments,and joyn in affinity with and the people of these abominations 20. 7. weuldeft thou not be angry with us tille Lame thou hadft confumed us, fo that there 3. 22. should be no remnant nor efcaping. Deut. ISO LORD God of Ifrael,thou art 25. 3. righteous,for we remain yet efcaped, a John as it is this day behold, we are 5.14. before thee in our trefpaffes: for wee Neh & cannor ftand before thee, becaufe of 9. 33. ƒPial 32.5. Rom. 3. 23, 24 CHAP. X. 2 Shechaniah encourageth Ezra sore Nwhen he had a confeffed weeping, 28. 13. form the frange marriages. and cafting himfelf down & before the 1 John houfe of God, there affembled unto 1.9.10. him out of Ifrael gregarton of men, &c women,& chil-9. 2. a very great con- Dan. dren: for the people wept very fore. Pfal. 2 And Shechaniah the fon of Je-32. 5. hiel, one of the fons of Elam, an- Hof. fivered and fid unto Ezra, we have 14. 2. trefpaffed againft our God, and have bI KI.

Egra mourneth for the affinity of the people with strangers & He prayeth unto God with confeffion of fins No TOw when thefe things were done, the princes came to me, faying, @Rom. The people of Ifrael,& the a prielts, 2. 18, and the Levites have b hot feparated themfelys from the people of the Matt. lands, doing according to their e abo23. 2. minations, even of the Canaanites Exod. Hittites, the Ferizzites, the Jebul this. 33. 16.tes, the Ammonites the Moabites, Deut. the Egyptians, and the Amorites. 7.2.3. 2 For they have 4 taken of their daughters and for



had and a Pro.

4 Mal their fons: fo that the holy feed e Co. have mingled themfelvs with the 7. 14. people of thofe lands:yea, the hand Ifai. of the princes & rulers hath been 9. 13. chief in this trespass.

Gen. 3And when I heard this thing,Ig rene 37. 29. my garment and may mantle, and Pfal. pluckt off the hair of my head, and 143. 4 of my beard,and far down balton led. John 4 Then were i affembled unre me 11.33.every one that k trembled at words Ifai. of the God of Ifrael, becaufe of the 36.2 tranfgreffion of thofe that had been carried away, and Ifat affonied unell the evening facrifice. Exod. And at the evening-facrifice, I 39. 39-arole up from my heavinefs, and haKiving rent my garment,and my mantle, 8.54. & fell upon my kacce,& spread out

taken ftrange wives,of the people of 9 3. the land: yer now there is hope in 2 Chr. Ifrael concerning this thing.

7.12. venant with our God, to put away all 20. 13. 3 Now therefore let us make a co-2 Ch. the wives, and fuch as are born of a Neh them,f according to the counfel of my 13. 23. lord, Ha 55′′ 10. Leikille 3+ Wpf Ema & M



Reformation of

Nehemiah Chap. 1.

19. 8.

10. 14


#range marr #Res lord, and of thof: that tremble at fat down in the firft day of the tenth Mal. Joh. the commandment of our God, and moneth to examin the matter. 27 7. 10. let it be done according to the Law. 17 And they made an end with all M... b1 Ch. 4g Arife,for this matter belongesh the men that had taken ftrange wives, ikh 19. 13. unto thee we alfo will be with thee: by the first day of the first moneth. 12 Ch. b be of good courage, and i do it. 18 And among the fons of the 28. 1. Then arofe Ezra, and made the priests there were found that had Lev. k2C chief priefts,the Levites,and all Ifrael taken ftrange wives: namely, of the 15. 15. k to wear, that they should do ac- fons of Jefhua, the fon of fozadok Lev. 4.3. Neh. cording to this word and they fware, and his brethren, Maafiah; and Elie-5. 16. 13.5. 6 Then Ezra refe up from before zer, and Jarib, and Gedaliah. and m Mat. the houfe of God, and went into the 19And they a gave their hands, that 6. 6. 21. 17, chamber of Johanan the fon of Ella- they would put away their wives d Ezta fhib: and he and offered Job 23. m eat no bread,nor drink water for he ram of the flock for their trefpafs. 37. 12. mourned becaufe of the tranfgreffion 20 And of the fons of d Immer; Ha-Ezra Heb. of them that had been carried away. nani, and Zebadiah. 2.39. cauled And they made proclamation 24 And of the funs of Harlin: f Ezra a voyce throughout Judah and Jerufalem, Maafi h, and Elijab, and Shemaiah, 2. 33. to pals. unto all the children of the captivity, and Jehiel, and Uzziah. or, that they should gather themfelvs to- 22 And of the fons of f Pafhur: Er. Excom- gether unto Jerufalem; lioenal, Maafiah, Ifhmael, Nethaneel: Ezra mun-And that whofoever would not come Jozabad, and Elafah. eated. within three days according to the 23 Alfo of the g Levites; Jozabad,& The Joh. counfel of the princ s,& the elders,all Shimel,and Kelaiah, (the fame is Ke-former 2.22. his fubftance fhould be forfeited, and litah) Pethahiah, Judah,and Eliezer, an or Jude himself feparated from congrega- 24 Of the fingers alfo; Eliafhlb & offtained 19. tion of chofe had been carried away. porters; b Shallum,and Telem,& Uri. to the Ezra 7. 9 Then all the men of Judah and 5 Moreover, of Ifrael: of the fons fervice Beniamin,gathered themfelvs together of Paroth; Ramlah, and jefiah, and of the unto Jerufalem within three days: Malchiah,and Miamin,and Eleazar,temple It was the ninth moneth, on the and Malchijah, and Benaiah. twentieth day of the moneth, and all 26 And of the fons of k Elam; Mat-not the people fat in the o ftreet of the taniah, Zechariah, and Jehiel, and Ezra Heb. houfe of God, trembling becaufe of Abdi,and Jerimoth, and Eliah,



* Efth.
2. 16.


o Neh


The Show


1 Sam.
12. 17.

this matter, and for the great rain. 27And of fons of / Zatru:Elioenal, Esra 10 And Ezra the prieft ftood up, Eliafhib, Mattaniah, and Jeremoth, 2. 7. and faid unto them, Ye have tranf- and Zabad, and Aziza. Ezra greffed, and have taken ftrange wives 28 Of the fons alfo of m Bebai; Je-2. 8. 1 hohanan,Hananiah,Zabbai, Athlal.m Est. Heb. to increase the trefpafs of Ifrael.

to add unto

11 Now therefore make confeffion 19And of the fons of Bani; Mefhu-2. 11. unto the LORD God of your fathers, lam, Malluch, and Adalah, Jafhubs and and q do his pleafure: and r feparate and Sheal, and Ramoth.


8. 11.



31 And off fons of p Harim: Eliezer, n
Ifhijah, Malchiah,Shemaiah,Shimeon 8.4.
32 Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah. Ezr.
33 Of the fons of q Halhum; Martenal, 2. 32,
Mattatha, Zabad, Eliphelet, jeremai, 39.
Manaffeh, and Shimel.
34 Of the fons ofr Bani; Maadai, 2. 19.
Amram, and Uel,

rverf 29. 39. Some

guilt. your felvs from the people of the 30 And of the fons of o Pahath-moab: Ezra Luke land, and from the ftrange wives. Adna, and Chelal, Benaiah, Maafiah, 2, 15. 3. 20. 12 Then all the congregation an- Mattaniah, Bezateel, and Binnul,and Eat. I Sam. fwered and faid with a loud voice, As 12. 19. thou haft faid, fo muft we do: Jofh. 13But the people are many,and it is 7.19. a time of much rain,& we are not able q Pro. to ftand without,neither is this a work 28. 13. of one day or two for we are many that have tranfgreffed in this thing. Rom. 12. 2 14 Lee now our a rulers of all the ri Co. congregation ftand, and let all them 7-12. which have takenftrange wives in our 35 Benaiah, Bedaiah, Chelluh, 4 cities, come at appointed times,and 36 Vadiah, Meremoth,Eliafhib, Pfalm with them the elders of every city, 37 Marraniah, Mattenai,and Jaafau, copies 78.57. and the x judges thereof, until the 38 And Bani, and Benui, Shimei, read 1 Mát. fierce wrath of our God for this mat- 39 And Shelemiah, and Nathan, Mab dade. 7. 13. ter, be turned from us. and Adalah, * Deu 15 y Only Jonathan fon of Afahel, 40 Machnadebat, Shifhal, Sharai, bal. 27.2. & Jahaziah ffon of Tikvah,were em- 41 Azarcel, Shelemiah, Shemariah, Ezra 2 Ch ployed about this matter;& Melhullam 42 Shallum, Amariah, and Jofeph. 2. 29. 19.5 and habbethai the Levitehelped them. 43 Of the fons of Nebo:Jehiel,Mat- Neh.7 2 Gen.16 And the children of the captivity tlah Zabad, Zebina, Jadau, and did Ezra with Joel, Exod. tain chief of the fathers, after the 44All thefe had taken ftrange wives: 13.3. 23.2 houfe of their fathers, and all of them and fome of them had wives by whom Hof. by their names, were feparated, and they had children. 4. 17. Rom. 12. 2.


Prov 9% 17.


The Book of NEHEMIAH.


And they faid unto me, The rem-Eri Nehemiah understanding by Hanani nanty are left of the captivity there in 2. 1. she misery of Jerufalem, mourneth, the d province, aree in great affliction and and reproach the wall of Jerusalem 5. fatesh, and prayeth


Ezr. 10. 9.

He words of Nehemiah the alfo is broken down, and the gates Ital. fon of Hachali.h. And it thereof are burnt with fire. came to pafs in the moneth 4 And it came to pafs when I heard Kh Neh. year, as I was In Shuthan the palace, and mourned certain days,& fafted, Jer 2. I. That Hanani, one of my brethren, & prayed before the God of heaven, 19. came, he and certain men of Judah, 5 And fald, I befeech thee, O LORD Pfalm and I asked trem concerning the Jews had efcaped, which were left of the

God 127. Fo

Rom. 12. 15. Zeph. 3. 17. 1 Sam. 410,

Neh. 7. A. captivity, and concerning Jerufales. 22. b 1C0.12. 26. / 1 Ki·8-44-k Psal, 216.169



Nehemiah comenro Forula'em, ..Nehemfa.

The builders of the wall. Jer. God of heaven, the great and terrible the good hand ofn y God upon in: Ezr. 23. 24. God, that m keepeth covenant an 91 Then I came to the governors 7. 6. m Exo. mercy for them that love him and bevond th river, and gave them the Nh 20. 6. obferve his commandments: kingsletters: (now the king b fent 13. 28. - Pfal. 6 Let thine e. r now be attentive,c.ptains of the army, and her emen Tai 34. 15. and chine eyes open, that thou mayeft with me.) 15-3

и Pro

bear the prayer of thy fervant, which to When Sanballat the Horonite,and Jerem. I pray before thee now, day and Toblah the fervant the Ammonite, 43.34. Luke night, for the children of Ifrael thy heard of it, it y grieved them exceed- Num. 18. 1. fervants, nonfefs the fins of the inely that there was ome a man to 22.3.4. Pro children of Ifra 1, which we have fin-feek velfre of children of Ifrael. Exd. 28. 13. ned against thee beth 1,and my fa-11 So fem to ferufalem, and was 1. 12. Pal. thers houfe have finne". there three days. 51.4. We have deale very corruptly a 12-¶ And Tarofe 4 in the night, I and 30. 22. gainst thee, & have not kept the com-fome few men with me, neither cold 12 sa. man ments nor the ftatutes, nor the any man what God had pur in my 8. 2. judgments which thou commandecft heart co do at Jerufalem; neither was and thy fervant Mofes. Ifal. SrRemember, I befeech thee, the word that I rode upon. there any beaft with me, fave the bealt 12. 31. Neh. 43.26. that thou commandedft thy fervant 13 And I went out by night, by the 3. 2. Deu. Mofes,faying, if ye tranfgrefs,I will b gate of the valley, even before the y Acts 425. fcateer you abroad among the nariens; e dragon-well, and to the ddung-port, 13. 45. Joel 9 But if ye t return unto me, & keep and viewed the valls of Jerufalem Prov. 2. 13. my commandinents, and do them; which were broken down and the 27. 4.


Deu. though there were of you caft our gates thereof were confum:d with fire. Ezra 10. 4. unto the uttermoft part of the heavens 14 Then I went on to the gate of 8. 32. se Exo. yet will I gather them from thence, the fountain,and to the fkings pool: Kom. 32. 11. and will bring them unto the place but there was no place for the beast 12.11. Exo. I have chofen to fer my name there. that was tinder me to pafs. Prov. 6. 1. 10 Now thefe are thy x fervants,& thy Then went I up in the night by ro.. and people, whom thou haft redeemed by g the brook, and viewed the wall, and Pfalm 13.9. thy great power,& by thy y ftrong hand. turned back, and entred by the gate of 119. Heh. O LORD, 1 befeech thee, let now the valley, and fo returned. 12. 18. thine ear be attentive to the Prayer 16 And the rulers b knew not whi- 62 Ch. Pfalm of thy fervant and to the Prayer of ther I west,or what I did,neither had 3. 13. 119. 4. thy fervants, who defire to z fear thy I as yet told it to the Jews, nor to the Ifai. Ifai. name: and a profper, I pray thee,, thy priefts, nor to the nobles, nor to the 8. 6. 26. 8. fervant this day, and grant him rulers,nor to the reft that did work. d Neh. 1 Ch. mercy in the fight of this man. For 37 Then faid I unto them, Ye fee 3. 13. 22. 11. I was the kings cup-bearer. n the diftrefs that we are in, how Jeru-Neh. MiaM ALCHAP. II. Hans falem lieth wafte, and the gates there-3. 15.1 Artaxerxes understanding the caufe of are burnt with fire come, and 2 Ki.. of Nehemiahs fadnef fendeth him let us build up the wall of Jerufa- 18. 17. with letters to Lerufalem. 17 The lem, that we be no more k a reproach. 2 Sa. Fems invited to build. T 18 Then I told them of the hand of 15. 33. my God which




fal.. Neh.


Exo. Nihan,in Frwentieth year of bAr- as alfo the kings words that he had 3. 7. Pfalm taxerxes king, that wine was before fpoken unto me. And they fald, Let us 102 him and I took up the cwine, and rife up and build.So they m ftrength-50.4. 18. gave it unto the king: now I had not ned their hands for this good work. Efth. Been before-time d fad in his prefence.19 But when Sanballat the Horonite 1. 3. Wherefore the king faid unto me, and Tobiah the fervant the Ammonite, /Ezras verf. Why is thy countenance fad feeing and n Gelhem Arabian heard it, they 7..6. 14. thou até nor fick this nothing elfeo laughed us to fcorn,and defpifed us, m 1Ch. Then I was and fald, What is this thing that ye IT. 10. 20 Then anfwered I them, and faid 6. 4. do?will yep rebel against the king? Neh unto them, The God of heaven, he o Heb. will profper us, therefore we his fer-11. 36. vanes will arif and build: but your Ezr. have no q portion, nor r right, nor 4. 15. memorial in Jerufalem. q Acts.

but e forrow of heart.
7.8. f very fore afraid,
Neh 2 And faid unto the king, g Let the
1.11. king live forever: b why should not
Gen. my countenance befd,when the city,
40. 7. the place of my fathers fepulchtes
Pro. lieth wafte, and the gates thereof are
15. 13. confumed with fire?

tho 8. 21. Ezra 4. 3. r Rev 21. 27.




4 1 Pa.

1 Sa.

Pfal.4 Then the king fald unto me, For 94. 19. what deft thou make request? So I TKI. prayed to the God of heaven, 052 1. 31. And faid unto king, If it 1 Sa. the king,and if thy feryant have found 20. favour in thy fight, thou woulut me Judah, unto the city 2. 13. of my fathers fepulchres,that m I may Ezr. build it. 5. 17. 6 And the king faid unto me, (the 7 Jer. queen alfo fiering by him) For how 35. 9. fon fhall thy tourney be? And when Hag, wile theu return? So it pleafed the 1. 4. king to fend me,& Io fer him a time, Neh. 7 Moreover, I faid unto the king, If 1.11. ft pleafe the king, let p letters be gi Palm ven me to the governours beyond the 65.2. river, that they may convey me over Neh. till I come into Judah 14. 8. And a letter unto Afaph the keeper Neh, of the kings forreft, that he may give Koz: and nexe unto them repaired 1. 27. 14. me timber to make beams for gares Mefhullam the fon of Berechiah, thed Prov. Ezra of the palace whichq appertained to fon of Mefhezabeel and next unto 10. 7. TO. 6 the houfe,and for the wall of the city, them repairedZadok the fon ofBaana.Jerem. Neh. and for the houfer I fhall enter into; 5.14 and the king granted me acording to Neh. 6. I 5. Andr. 38. $7. 18.

The names and order of them that builded the wall. Tup with his brethren & pricfts, & 5.3. they buile the fheep-gate, they fanc-1fal. cified it, and fet up the doors of it, 37.4.* even unta tower of Meah they fanc-Neh. cified it, unto y tower of Hananeel.12. 10. 2 'And next unto him builded the John men of Jericho and next to them. 2. builded Zaccur the fon of Imri. Neh. Bur the fift-gate did y fons ofHaf-1.. 39. fenaah build,who alfo laid the beamse John thereof,& fet up the doors thereof, s. 4. locks thereof, and the bars thereof.


rimoth the fon of & Uriah, the fon of Jer. 4 And next unto them repaired M.-20.5

Zech. 14. 10. Zeph. 1. 10,
and 7.1. g Ezra 8.33.

The Bailder


Am. And next unto them. the Tekoitton of Henadad, another plecesfonemies of 1.1. repaited: but their nobles put not hout: of Azari.h, unto the turning of Neh. their necks to work of the LORD, the walls even unto the corner. 2. 16. 6 Moreover, the old gate repaired 15 Palal the fon of Uzai,over against 1 Kl. k Jud. Jehoiada the fon of Pafeah, and Me- the gaming of the wall, & the tower 7. 1. 5.23. fhullam the fon of Befodalah they lleth out from y kings high houfe, Neh. Neh, laid the beams thereof, and fet up that by the court of the prifon : 12. 49. 12. 39. the doors thereof, & the locks there after him, Pe laiah the fon of Parofh. q Ezra 26 Moreover, the Nethinims dwelt.3. 9. m Jofh, of, and the bars thereof. 11.5. And next unto them repaired Me. In tOphel unto the place over agafaft Chr. the call, and 4.2. 10. 17. Meronothite; the men of Neh. of n Mizpah, unto the o throne of the 27 After them the Tekoites repaired The 2.8. governour on this file. die river. another piece, over against the greattomer. and 8. Next unto him repaired Uzziel the tower that lieth out, even unto the 2 Chr. 4. 16. fon of Harbaiah,of goldfmiths:next wall of Ophet.

Gibeon,and the tower thr lieth out.






PU it came to país, that when San- a Pro: 9: 1.20


28 From above the fhorfe-gate re-r Neh. Ch. unto him alfo repaired Hananiah, the 25. 23. fon of one of the apothecaries, & they paired the priets, every one overs. 1. q Ezra fortified Jerufalem anto y broadwall. against his houf. 6. JO. 9 And next unto them repaired Re 19 After diem repaired Zadok the fon 12. 43. Ezra Phaiah the fon of Hur, the ruler of the of Immer,over again this houfe after 2 kl. him repaired affoshemaiah,the fon of 11. 16. 8. 3. half part of Jerufalem. Neh. 10 And next unto them q repaired Je-Shechaniah, keeper of teatt-gate. Jer.. 10. 5. dalah the fon of Harumaph,even over 20 After him repaired Hananiah the 31. 42. 7 Phil. against his houfe; and next unto him fon of Shelemiah,and Hanun the fixth Chr. 4.3. repaired Hattuth fon of Halhabniah fon of Zalaph, another piece after 3 15 Exod. 1 Malchijah the fon of Harini, and him repaired, Mehullam de fon oft Jer 35. 25. Halhub the fon of Pahath-moab, re- Berechiah,over against his chamber. 19. 2. Gal. paired the other piece, and the rower 31 After him repaired Malchlah, Rut. the goldfmiths fon, unto the place of 4. 11. 3.28. of the furnaces Neh. 12 And next unto him repaired Shallum the Nethlaims, and of the merchants, Rom. 2. 13. the fon of Halloefh, the ruler of the half over againit the gate Miphkad, and 2. 7. Rev.1 Jofh. part of Jerufalem, he & his daugh to the going up of the corner. 15. 34. ters pred 32 And between the going up of the 21. 2. 1 Zech. 13 The valley-gate repaired Ha- corner unto the fheep-gate, repaired 1 Chr. 13. 2. nun, and the inhabitants of x Zanoal; the gold-finiths and the merchants. 3.10.94 CHAP. IV. x2 Kl. they built it,& fes up the doors there10. 15. of the locks thereof, and the bars 1 While the enemies feoff, Nehemiah prayeth. He fetteth a watch. Jer. hereof, and a thousand cubits on the 6.1. wall unto the y. dung-gate. vet. 9. 14 But the dung-gate repaired Neh. Malchiah f fan of Rechab, the ruler wall, He was wroch, and cook great Afts: 2. 14. of part of a Beth haccerem: he built & indignation,and c mocked the Jews.. 17. e John it and fet up the doors thereof the, And he fpake before his brethrene Neh. 9.7 locks thereof, and the bars thereof and die army of Samaria, and faid, z. 19. Luke 15 But the gate of the fountain re- What do there & feeble Jews?will they 1 Co. 134. Paired Shallum the fon of Colhozeh, fortifie themfelvs? will they facrifice? 1.7 Joh. of in a 9-7. Ir, and covered Issand fee up the doors they revive tones out of the beaps 3. 2. 1 2 Sa. thereof, the locks thereof, and the of the rubbith, which are burnt? Nab. 57. bars thereof, and the wall of the pool 3 Now fTobiah the Ammonite 2. 10. Je of Siloah by the kings garden, and by him,and he fald, Even that which g Mar 15. 58. unto the ftairs that go down from the they built, if g a fox go up, he fhall 16. 18. even break down their tone wall. Pfal. f2 Kid city of David. 20. 23. 16 After him repaired Nehemiah 4 h Hear, Dour God, for we are de- 123.3. Ital. the fon of Azbuk the ruler of the halffpifed, and f turn their reproach upon Prov. 22. 11. part of Beth-zury unto the place their own head, give them for a prey 3. 34. the the land Pial. 3.74 and to the pool that was mades andis Andikcover not their iniquity, and 22.16 Neh.unto the ghoule of the mighty riet not their fin bblorted out from Jer. 10. 25. 17 After him repaired the Levies, before thee i for they have provoked 8. 23. 2 Sa. b Rehum the fon of Bani: next unto thee to anger before the builders m Pla 23. 12. him repaired Hafhablah the ruler of 6 m Sp built we the wall;& all the wall 69. 20. Jófl the half part of Kellah in his part was joy bedeogethergunto half there- Pal 15. 44. 18 After him repaired their brethrensof: for people had a mind to work, 21 31 Ezra Baval the fon of Henadad, the rulery But fecame to pals that when San- Pfal. 3-9. of the half pars of Keilah.py emballar and Tobiah and the Arablans, 110.3. Neh. 19 And next to him repaired Ezer and the Ammonites & the Ahdo- Nehsi 12. 42. the fon of Jefhua, the ruler of Miz-dites heard that the walls of Jerufa-2, 19, Or, pah, another piece over against the lem werenade up, and that the brea-g Neh. at the going up to the armoury at the turn- ches began to be topped, then they 2. 19.1 r Amos corner. ing of the wall. losgeva 101nolwere very wrotha 2.Chr. 20 After him Baruch the fon of Zab-8 And confpired all of them together, 3.9. 26. 9. bai, earneftly repaired the other to come and to fight against Jerufa-Gen tHeb. piece from the tuming of the wallem, 80 to hinder it. kind into the door of thehoufe of Eltafhib9. Nevertheless, we made our prayer Pfal. Jed. the high priest was unro our God,& fet a watch against $3.3.4 Rom. After him repaired Merimothy hom day and night, because of them. Rev.. 12. 11.fon of Urijah,y fon of a Koz, another ro And Judah fald, They ftrength of 16. 174 Ezr. piece from the door of the house of the bearers of burthens is decayed, 2 Chr. 8.13. Eliahib, even to the end of the house and there is much rubbish, fo that we 20, 1. Ezt. of Eliafhib. are not abl: to build the wall.


Sen. 15.


2. 61.22 And after him repaired the Ir And our adverfaries feid. They 5.0 2 S2. priefts, the men of the o plain. fhall not know, neither fee, till we u Pfal. 2.29.23 Arer him repaired Benjanin, & come in the midft among them, and, 50, 15 Neli. Hafhub,over against their houfe: afrerlay them,and cause the work co ceafe. x Mat. 13. 23. him repaired Azariah the fon of Maa. And it came to pass, that when 21. 16. Gen. felah, the fun of Ananiah by his houfe, the Jews which a dwelt by them,came, y Jer. 13. 10. 14 After him repaired Binnul the

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they 9.3.


Num. 32.9. N. 13.31. 4 Pro. 17. 17.

Ufury reformed.







Sanbalats praЯices. they fald unto us rex times, Froin lers, and faid unto them,m You ex. et m Ear all places, whence ye fhall return unto ufury,every one of his brother. And 122. 12. Heb.us, they will be upon you. fet a great allembly against them. Mat. from 13. Therefore fet If in the lower 8 And I faid unto them, We, after 18. 15, Places behind the wall, and on the our ability, have o redeemed our bre-o Lev. Power higher places I even fet the people thren the Jews, which were fold unro 25. 57. parts after their families with theirfwords, the heathen and will you even fell of the their fpears, and their bowes. your brethren? or fall they be fold? Mat. Lacs. 14 And I looked,and rofe up, and fal, unco us? Then held they their peace, Pro 22. 12. Pfalm unto the nobles, and to the rulers,& and found nothing to answer. 112. s. to the reft off people, & Pe not ye a-9 Alfo 1 faid,It qnot good that ye 24. 23. Ifai. fraid of them: cremember the LORD do: ought ye not to walk in the fear Gen. 28. 29. which is great and terrible, and fight of our God, because of the reproach +2 18. Num. for your 2 brethren, your fons & your of the heathen our enemies? 14.9. daughters , your e wives and your 10 I likewife, and my brethren,and 2. 24. Deut. houfes. 1. 21. 15 And It came to pats when our money and corn pray you let us 12 14 my fervants might exact of them Sam. 2 Sa. enemies heard that it was known unto leave off t this ufury. 10. 12. 4s, & God had brought f their coun. 114 Reftore,I pray you,to them,even Exod. fel to nought, that we returned all of this day, their lands, their vineyards, 2. 12 153. us to wall,every one unto his work. their ofive-yards, and their houfes. 7. Ifai. 16 And it came to pass from that alfo the hundredth Part of the money. Ezek. 52 12. time forth, that the half of g my fer- and of the corn, the wine and the 3 Pfal. vants wrought in the work and the oyl, that ye x exact of them. 18.8. 122. 8. other half of them bheld both spears, 12 Then faid they, We will reftore 15.5 Palm Eph. the fhicles, and the bowes, and the them, and will require nothing of Luke 23. habergeons; and the rul.rs were be them fo will we do as thou fayeft! Prov hind all the houfe of Judah. Then I called the priests, & took an Exod. 19. 8. 19-14. 17 They which builded on the wall oath of them, that they fhould do ac- 22, 25. Job and they that bare burthens with thofe cording to this promife. that laded, every one with one of his 5.139 14.. hands wrought the work, and with Rom, the other hand held a weapon. 12. 17. 18 For the builders, every one had b Plat. his fword girded by his fide and fo 144. 1. builded and he that founded the Ifai. trumpet was by ine. 28. 26. 19 And I fald unto the nobles,and Exo. to the rulers, & to the relt of the peo14. 25. ple, The work is great and large, and Deur. we are feparated upon the wall, one 1. 30, far from another. ana


13 Alfo I a thook my lap,and fald, 6. 14. So God fake out every man from Num. his house, and from his labour, that 5. 6. 7. performeth not this promife, even Ifal. thus be he fhaken out, and emptied. 59. 2. And all congregation fald, Amen, y Luke and praffed the LORD.And the peo-6.35. ple d did according to this promife. Kl.

S. 31.

20 In what place therefore ye hear 28.7. the found of the trumpet, refort ye Rom. thither to us: our God fhall fight 8 21. for us.

14 Moreover, from the time that I was appointed to be their gover- Num. nour in the land of Judah, from the 5. 19. twentieth year,even unto the two and jerem. thirtieth year of Artaxerxes the king38. 10. that is, e twelve years, I and my bre-a Acts thren have nor eaten the bread of 13. f. the governour, DEFAUL

k Mar. 11 So kwe laboured in work:& half 11: 38. of them held y fpears, from the rifing I Jud. of the morning till the ftars appeared 9.-482 Likewife at the fame e me faid

arday had been before me, were chargeable Mat.L 15 But the former govemours that 18. 6. unto the people, and had taken of 1c. 14. them bread and wine, befides forty &Z.ch. thekels of filvers yea even their fer-5.4.5. vant, bare rule over the people: buec Nu

Or I unto the people, Let every one with every his fervant lodge within Jerufalem that in the night they may be a guard fo did nor Ig because of the fear 5. 22. to us, and labour on the day. av of God. Ad Pfal.

onc went with



Nd there was a agreat cry of the


13 So neither I, nor my brethren, 16Yea, alfo Ib continued in the work 50. 14. weap guard which followed me none of land and all my fervants were 2 f1 ch. nor my fervants, nor the men of the of this wail, neither f bought we anye Neh. on for us put off our clothes, faving that thered thither unto the work. water. every one put them off for wathing. Moreover, there were k at my table 9. 4 CHAP. Von dan hundred & fifty of the Jews & ru 15. The Jews complain of their debt, mor- lers,befides thofe came unto us from g Pro alfal.gage and bondage, 4419 antong the heathen that are about us 16. 6. 1 me was one ox, 4. 26. 18 Now that which was prepared for h 2 Co. theep alfo fowls were prepared for me, Acts & once in een days,ftore of all forts of 20, 33. wine: yet for all this required not k 1 Ki the bread of the governour, because the 4.22 bondage was heavy upon this people.1. Ki. 19 m Think upon me, my God, for 4. 21. good, n according to all that I have m Neh.. done for this people. 113-12263 n Pfal. 25. 17. Sanballat practifeth to terrife Nehe AMCHAP. VI..

I. G.

the dearth."

18. 25. their 6 brethren the Jews.
Jam 2 For there were that faid, We, our
2.6,15, fons and our daughters are many
Levit. therefore we take up c corn d for them,
25.35. that we may eat, and live.
Deut. 3 Some also there were that faid,We
15.7. have morgaged our lands, vineyards,
Hag, and houses, that we might buy corn,
dv. 15. because of vere dar that fald, We have
2 Kin. borrowed money for kings e tribute,
4.1. and that upon burlands & vineyards.miah. 15 The work is finished. 27.
Ezra Yet now four Refh is as the tek of
4. 13. our brethren, our children as their
Ifai. children and lo,we bring into bondage
58.7. our fons and our daughters, to be
Lev. fervants, and fome of our daughters the Arabian, and the reff of our ene- Neh.
25.39. are brought unto gbondage alreadys
Lev. netther is it b in our power to redeem mies heard that I had builded the 4. 6.
25.4. them: for other men have our lands wall, & that there was a no breach left & Neh.
Hof and vineyards.
therein (though at that time I had 3.3.
4.1.6¶ And I was very k angry when I b nor fet up the doors upon the gares ve Prov.
Mar.hear their cry,and thefe words.
Then Sanbadat, and Gelhem c fent 26. 24
with felf,
Come us meet
al. &71 rebuked the nobles, and the ruf gether in fome one of the village in Ecole.
3. 14.
the to to

Secret intelligence between the ene
mier and the nobles of Judah


No le caine to pats when San-
,and Tobiah, and Gefhem



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