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Labans and Jacobscovenant.

Genefis. Jacobs vifion at Mahanam. Plal. 29, it is in the power of my hand Therefore was the name of it called † That 22. 1. to do you hurt : bui the God of a your Galced

is, John father Ipake unto me yefternight, lay 42 And | Mizpah: for he Gald, The wateb

19.10. ing. Take thou heed that thou speak LORD watch between me and the compet. 9 Dan. not to Jacob either good or bad. when we are ablent one from another. Hor.5.1

30 And now though thou wouldett so if thou shalt aftlid my daugh- i King and needs be gone, becaule thou fore long-ters,or if thou shalt » take other wives 12. si 3.28. edit after thy fathers house; yet where. besides my danghters, ao man is with n Lev.

Jere. fore haft thou stolen r my gods? us: See, God is wimets betwixt me 18.8.
JO. II. 31 And Jacob answered and Caid to and thee.
Judg. Laban, Because I was afraid : for I 1 And Laban fald to Jacob, behold
6.31. Cald, Peradventure thou wouldoft take this heap, and behold this pillar, which
And 18. by force thy daughrers from me. I have caft betwixt me and thee;

32 With whomroever thou findest 32 This heap be witnets, and this Num. thy gods, let him got live:t before our pillar be witnets, that I will not part 33.4, brethren difcern thou what is thine over this heap to thee, and that thou e Jot Exod. with me, and take it to thee: for Jacob Thalt not pals over this heap, and this 24.2. 12. 12. knew not that Rachel had folen them. pillar unto me, for harm.

PDca. Jerem. 33 And Laban went into Jacobs tent; 43: 12. and into u Leahs tent, and Into the two God of a Nahor, the God of their fav.

Gen. maid-Servants tents ; but be found ther, judge berwixt us. And Jacob Gen. 20. 11. them not. Then went he out of Leabs (ware by the fear of bis father Tlaac. 16. 30. 1 Gen. tent, and entred into Rachels tent. 54 Then Jacob q offered facrifice up-Gen. 19:7 34 Now x Rachel had taken the ima. on the mount, and called his brethres 37. zs. Aas 4. ges, and put them in the camels furni- to r eat bread and they did eat bread, Exod. 19. ture, & Cat upon them:& Laban search- and carried all night in the mount. 18. 12, * Gen. ed all the tent, but found them not. 55 And early in the morning Laban Det.

35 And she said to her father, Let rote up, and killed his sons and his 23:5 *v. 19. It not difpleate y my lord that I cannot daughters,& blefled them: and Laban Ra.es. 7 Gen. z rise up before thee ; for the a cuftom depărted, and returned onto his place.40 3. 19.12. of women is upon me: and he fear

CHAP. XXXII. 1 Pet. ched, but found not the images. 1 Jacobs vision. 3 Hus melage, 13 and 2. 18. 36 And Jacob was b wroth, and present to Efau. 24 Wrepling with Lev. chode with Laban: and Jacob answer

an angel, is called Ifrael.

Nd Jacob went on a his way, and a tev: trespats: what is my fin? 'that thou hak A the angels of God met him.

4 PGI. 153. 19. so hotly purpued after me.

And when Jacob saw them he said, 21. 7. b Prov. 37. Whereas thou hatt searched all This is Gods noft: and he called the Heb. I. 10. 18. my ftuff, what haft thou found of all name of that place $ Mahanaim. 14. Ephe. thy houshold-ituff? set it here before 3 And Jacob c fent metTengers before I Lake 4. 16. my brethren and thy brethren, that him to Efau his brother, unto the 2.

land of 2 Seir, the countrey of Edom.2

Kin 20. 46. 38 This twenty years have I been 4 And he commanded them, laying, 6. 7. Gen. with thee, hy ews and thy the-goats Thas thall ye speak unto my lord that 15:15. have not caft their young, and the Elan Tby fervant Jacob lank thus , Is, two

Ezek.rams of thy flock have I coot catca. I havé rojourned with Laban , and dois 34: 2,3. 39 That which was torn of beats, I tayed there until now..

Joth. . Exo. brought not unto thee, I bare the loss And I have oxen and aftes, Rocks, 11. 38. 22. 10. of it of my hand did it thou d require and men-fervants and women-fer- Mal.

Luke it, whether stolen by day, or stolen by rants: and I have sent to tell my tord, 3. 1. 2.8. night.

that I may find grace in thy fight. Lake 40 Thn I was, in the day the drought 69 And the messengers returned to 9.52. 1:17: é consumed me, and the frost by night; Jacob, laying, We came to thy brother Gen. Ila. 56.and my deep departed from mine eyes. Elau, and allo he cometh to meet thee, 14.6. 10. 4! Thus have I been twenty years and four hundred men with him. Deut. Hoc in thy house: I served thee fourteen 7 Then Jacob was greatly afrald,

and 2. 22. 12. 12. years for thy two daughters, and fix diftreffed and he divided the people. Gen. 1 Pet. years for thy cattel ; and thou haft that was with him, and the flocks, and 47. 5.3. changed my wages & ten times. herds, and the camels into two bands; i Pet. fv.38. 42 Except the God of my father, the 8 And said, If Efag come to the one 3.6. 1 Cor. God of Abraham,

and the h fear of company and Imite it, then the other bra 15. 10. Ifaac had been i with me, Curely thou company which is left thall escape. 15.5 2 Cor. hadft seat me away now empty God And Jacob said, bo God of my f1.8 11. 26. hath k teen mine aflation and the

la- father Abraham, and God of my F-11. & V.7. bour of my hands, and rebuked thee ther Isaac, the LORD which (aidit Amos ho Gen. yesternight.

unto me, i Recurn unto thy couin trey, 1.19 27. 33. Ila. unto Jacob, Thefe daughters are my well with thee:

30.74 13. daughters, and these children are my 10 I am not worthy of the leat of all Gen. Pfalm children, and these catre are my cat the mercies,& of all the k truth, which 14.15 76. 12. cel, and all

that thou seeft is mine: and thou haft thewed unto thy servant; for b Pal Pral. what can I do this day or to these my I with my faff I paffed over thor-59, 15. 124. 1. daughters, or unto their children dan, and now I am become two bands, (Gen, k.Gen. which they have born?

11 Deliver me, I pray theç, from the 31.3. 16. 13. 44 Now therefore come thou , let hand of my brother, from the hand of Heb. and 29 us I make a covenant , 1 and thousand Efau : for I tear him,

left he will come I am let it be for a witness between me and and smite me, and the mother with les Pralm thee,

the children.

than all 31.8. 45 And Jacob took a stone, and fet 12 And thog faldt, I will surely do Gen. Chro, it up for a pillar.

thee good, and make u thy feed as the 24. 27 12. 17.46 And Jacob fald unto mhis bre- land of the sea, which cannot be njim- pob Gen. thren, Gather ftones & they took bred for multitude. 11.5. Atones, and made an heap: and they 13. And he lodged there that Game'm ten. i Gen, did cat there upon the heap.

night and took of that which came 28 14 15. 18. 47. And Lalsan called ic# Jegar-faha-to his hand , n a present for at his n Pro, mv.32, durha: but Jacob called it Galeed. brother; 3.72-54. 4 8 And Laban fald, This heap is a 14 Two hundred the-goats and That wlinefs between me and thee this day, twenty he-goace, two buzdred ews. Iso the beap of witness. Heb. 12. I.






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3. 8.


Facobs prefeat to Efax.

GhpdHN: Jacob and Efan mit
OV. 20. and twenty rams,

ven times, until he came near to bis: l'rov. Gen. 15 Thirty milch camels with their brother.

21. I. 33. 3. colis, forty kine and ten bulls, twen-.4 And Efau e ran to meet him, and Pral. Plalm ty The-alies and tea foals.

embraced him, and fell on his neck , 37.4 112.. 16 And he dellvered them into the and

skilled him : and they & wept. Luke March, hand of his servants, every drove by And he lift up his eyes, and fax 15. 30. jo, 16. themelves; and fald unto his servants, the women and the children i and Gen.

Heb. Pals over before me, and put oa space faid , Who are thote with thee? and he 32. 28. ofteafe betwixt drove and drove.

fald, The children b which God hath Prov. Eis fáce 17 And he commanded the foremost, graciously given thy servant.

15. 11. Prov. Laying, When Efau my brother meet 6 Then the band - maids came Gen. 21. 14. eth thee, and asketh thee, saying, near, they and their children, and they 43. 30 2 Gen. Whofe art thou and whither goeft bowed themfelves.

bi Sa. 35. 22. thou? and whose are there before thee! 7 And Leah also with her children 1.27. 9 Hor.

18 Then thou shalt tay, They be thy camne near, and bowed themselves : and Gen. 12:3; fervant Jacobs, it is a present tent un- after came Joseph near and Rachel, 30. 2. Ephef. co my ford Elau: and behold also he and they bowed themselves.

1 Gen. 6. 12. is behind us.

8 And he said, 7 What meaneft thon 32. 16. Rom. 19. And fo commanded he the fe- by all this drove, which I met? And Heb. 15. 30. cond, and the third, and all that fol- he said, Thefe are to find grace in the 'be that rv 28 lowed the droves, saying, On this fight of my lord.

to the manner thall you speak unto Elau, 9 And Efau said, I have enough, my that jo Hof. when you find him.

brother, tk

that thou hast unto thine,
12. 4 20 And say ye moreover, Behold,
thy thy self.

krra. SExo. fervant Jacob is behind us : for he 10 And Jacob faid, Nay, I pray thee, 41. 11. 14. 27. Gaid, I will appeare him with the pre- If now I have found grace in thy! 1 Sa. Song sent that goeth before me, and after- fight, then receive my present at my 25. 27. ward I will tee his face,

peradventure hand for therefore I have seen thy 2 Cor. Ild. he will accept of me.

face, as though I had seen the k tace 2:36. 41. 14

21 So went the prefent over before of God, and thou waft pleased with me. Heb. Gen.

hin: and himself fodged that night in 11 Take, I pray thee, my / blefling that have 19. 22. the company. Marth.

is brought to thee; because God bath au. 22 And he rose up that night pand dealt graciously

with me, and because Rom. 35: 22. took his two wives, and his two wo- | I have enough : and he urged him, 8.32 * 2 Cor. men-fervants, and his eleven fons, and and he took it :

iTim. 12, 7:. paffed over the ford Jabbok.

12 And he said, Let us take our 4.8.
* Exo.
23 And he took them,

and sent them journey, and let us go, and I will go i Cor. To over brook, & fent over that he had before thee.

3. 22. 24 F And Jacob was left alone: and 13 And he said unto him, My lord Phil. 4:28. there a wrestled ra man with him, un. knoweth that the children are render, 4. 13. da thé Loreaking of

the day. and the flocks & herds with young are m la. 7.5. i Hoc

2 And when he saw that het pre- with me, and Ifmen should over-drive 40. il. ralled not against him, he touched the them one day, all the flock

will die. пEҳо, 2.4 hallow of his thigh : and the hollow of 14 Let my lord, I pray thee,pals over 23.8. Roma Jacobs thigh was n out of joyat, as before his Tervant, and I will lead

Rom. 6:37: he wreidled with him.

m Coftly, according n as the cartel thar 15.1. 26 And he fald, *Let me go, for the goeth before me, and the children be 'Ruth 18. 197. day breaketh: and he said, I wld not able to endure; unul I come unto my 2. 13: Song let thee go except thou blets me. lord unto seir

Jor. 27 And heald unto hin, What is 15 And Efau sald, Let me now leave 13: 27.

thy name and he fald, Jacob. with thee some of the folk that are Act. 6.6. Hor.

28 And he laid, Thy name thall be with me: And he said, What needeth 7. 16.

called e no more acob, but Ifrael: for it? o let me find grace in the light Exod. 123: bas a priace haft thon power with God of my lord, cGen.

12.37. and c with men, and haft prevailed.


So Efau returned that day on Lev. 25. 31. Cud 29 And Jacob asked him, and raid, his way unto Seir.

hy to p Saccoth, 933034 342ad, wherefore is it, that thou doft and built him an house, and made 3.23.

ask after my name? & he blefled bim booths for his cartel therefore the Joh.
+ The

game of the place is called Succoth.
30 And Jacob called the name of the
is the

a leb. face any place them, and for likave teen God facity cofrase changes widel channel beland m2: God. Mal

31 And as be passed over Pengel the dan-aram; and pitched his tent before 1.16. e lun role upon him, and hef halted the city:

u Gen. apon his thigh. Gen.

19 And be bought : parcel of a field, 12.7.1 19. 25. not of the linew which arank, of children of Hamor Shechems fa- is, God

32 of 2 Cor. 12,729 which is upon the bollow of the thigh, ther,

for m hundred pieces of money. the God Ptal.

anto this day, because he touched the 20 And he erected there u an altar, of Ir. 39. 27. dear forank. hollow of Jacobs thigh, in the linew and called It El-Elohe-Ifrael.



Diab kravlhed. 21 Tha Shecbemites
The kindness of Tacob and Elan at are circumcised; 35 Rain by the fons
that meeting. 13acob buyeto a field, of Jacob. 27. Their city polled.
Na Jacob lifted up his eyes, and A Dinah the daughter of Leah, a Tit:

mbtch the bare unto Jacob, 4 went 2.5. 32. 16.

Job. and with him fout hundred men : and 2 And when Shechem the son of 30. 13. 1o.4 be a divided the children unto Leah, Hamor the c Hivite prince of the Gen. 1, 15. and unto Rachel , and unto the two countrey d faw her, he took her, and 10. 17. en hand-maids.

lay with her, and defiled her.

dGen, 2. And he put the hand-malds, and 3 And his soul clave unto Dinah the 6.2. Keh. their childre i foremost, and Leah and daughter of Jacob,& be loved the dam- Job

her children after, and Rachel and fel, and spake kindly unto the damsel. ! Jofepb hindermoft.

4 And Shechem é fpake unto his ta. Heb. 3 And he palled over before them, ther Hamor, laying, Get me this damn- hum &r bowed Alacant to the ground 4 [B- Lafto wife

5. And Gen.] 81.21. / Proy, 20.


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f Heb.

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Theciben furth for Dinah.


Jacob Gorth to Beth I. And Jacob heard that he had de- chem his son with the edge of the a EA. 0.3. sled Dinah his daughter (now his (word, and took Dinah out of she-9, 10, Pralin fons were witb his cautel in the field ) chems house, and went out. 39.9. and Jacob & beld his peace undil they 27 The Cons of Jacob came a upon the Z1, 11, b Deu. were come.

Aain, and fpolled the city, becaure Exod. 31. 21. 6

And Hamor the father of She- they had b defiled their filter. 2.14 Judg. chem went out unto Jacob co com- They took their theep, and their or, 19. 40.none with him.

oxen, and their affes, and that which potapr. i Deur. 7 And the sons of Jacob

came out of w.w in the city, and that which was Deu. 3. 23. 17. the field when they beard it, and the in the field i

17, 18. Gen. men were grleved, and they were very 29And all their wealth, and call their c Num. 19. 14.wroth : because he had wroughs b folly little ones, and their wives took they 31. 17. i beut.in lfrael, in lying with Jacobs daugh-captive, and spoiled even all that puis Gen. 23. ter ; thing í ought not to be done. in the house. Gen. s And Hamor communed with them, 30 And Jacob fald to 4 Simeon and 13.9. saying: The soul of my son Shechem Levi, Ye have a troubled me to make 7: 25. m Gen.longeth for your daughter, I pray you me to faink among the inhabitants of sexo. 33: 15 give her him to wife.

the land , amongit the Canaanites, and's. 21. 9. And make ye marrlages with us, the perlzzites and I being t few in Heb. multi- and k give your daughters unto us and number, they

thall gather themselves men of Pb you take our daughters unto you. together againt me,

and flay me,

and numupon

10 And ye tall dwell with us, and I thall be dettroyed, I and my house. ber. me re- the land thaí be l before you;dwell and 31 And they said, Should he dealg Gen. bement-trade you therein, and get you poffef- with our fifter, as with an harlot?

49.7 fions therein.

CHAP. XXXV. 2 Sam, 11 And Shechem said unto her fa- i God fendeth Jacob to Beth-el. a He 13. 18. ther, and unto her brethren. Let me purgeth bis bouse of idols. 6 And Gen. m find grace in your eyes and whar ye bilieth

an altar at Beth-el.: Matt.

had fax se me never so much n dowry Agoup Cod Becher and doen ihrere: 43.12. 14.7. and gift, and I will give according

as & make there an alcar unto God, that b Gen. n Exo. ye mall say unto me: but give me the appeared unto thee

when thou c Hed- 28. 20, 22, 16, damfel to wite.

deft from the face of Educhy brother. c Gen. 17. 13. And the sons of Jacob answered

2. Then Jacob fald unto his d hour. 27: 43. Deut. Shechem & Hanior his father o deceit- hould, and to all that there with him, Jole 22. 23. fully, and said, because he had defiled e put away the frange gods that are 24. 15. Gen. Dinab their filter.

among you, and f be clean and change cicor. 24. 53. 14. And they laid unto them, We can- your & garments. 1 Sam. nor do this thing, to give our fifter to And let us arise, and go up, to fheb 18. 25. one that is y uncircumcised: q for that Beth-el: and I will make there an alçar 10. 19. o Pro. were a reproach unco us.

unto God, who b answered me in the Jud. M. 18. 15 Bur' in this will we consent unto day of my i diftrefs, and was with me 23. Plalm you: if ye win be as we be, that every in the way which I went. 12, 2. inale of you be circumcised;.. 4 And they kave tinto Jacob all k the 30. 19. Gen. 16 Then will we give our daughters Aange, Gods were in their hands, i pai. 25. 27.unto you, and we will take your and all their lear-rings which were in 103. 2.

Gen. daughters to us and we will dwell with their ears; and Jacob m hid them un- Rasa. 17. 11. you, and we will become one people: der

the oak which wu by Shechem. 2 Sam. 17 But if ye will not hearken antro S And they jdurneyed: and the 7 rer-i

Hof. 3.7: us to be circumcised; then will we take ror of God was upon the ciries that 2.13.

were round about them, and they did m Exo. 28. 13. 18 And thelt words pleased Hamor , not partye after the fons of Jacob. 1 Kin. and Shechem Hamors lon.

69 So Jacob came to o Luz, which is n Gen.

32. 20. 21.9. 19. And the young man deferred not in the land of Canaan ( that Beth-el) 34. 30. q jor. fo do the thing, becaufe he had delight he & all the people that were with him. Gen.

9. in Jacobs daughter : and he was more 1 And he built there fan altar, and 12. 8. Kom. honourable than all r the house of his called the place q El-beit-el becayte

Gen. 4. 1. father.

there God appeared unto him, vben 28. 21. Gen.

20 And Hamor and Shechem his he Aed from the face of his brother. Eccl. 5. 41. 40. Con came into the gate of their city. But Deborah. Rebekahs parse died, 4 s. ikin, and communed with the men of their and the was burled beneath Bethel 2. 24. city, saying,

under an oak: and the name of it was (Exo. 21 These men are peaceable with us, called Aton-bachath. Gen.

175 T. 22. 17. therefore let them dwell in the land, 9.9 And God s appeared unto Jacob Prov. and trade therein : for the land be again, when he came out of Padan


+ That 31, 23. hold it is large enough for themi: let us Aram, and blęffed him."

is, the Deut. take their daughters to us for wives, 10 And God fald'unto him, Thy 17.3. and let us give them our daughters. name * Jacob: thy game shall not be Dirim. 11 Only herein will the men consent called any more Jacob , bur Iftaet han 'unto us for to dwell wich us to be one berthy name; and be called his nathe Judg.

ing 19, 20circumcised, as they are circumcised. 11 And God said unto him, I am u God

Gen. jon. 6. Shall not the cattel, and

the Almighty,

be frutiful and multiply: 23.11. 26. fubitance, and every beast of theirst be a nation and a company of nations Gen.

ours? only let us confent unto them, thall be of thee, and Klags that comez2; 28. and they will dwell with us.

out of thy foins. 24 And upto Hamor and unto She '12 And the band which I gave Abrau Matt. Chen his son hearkned all that went ham and Ifaac to thee I wlir give it, Geni out of the gate of his city: and every and to thy feed after

theo wł! I give 28:4. * Jor, male was u circumcised, all that went the land.

Gen. S.S. out of the gate of his city.

13 And God z went up from him,In 13. 15. y Gin. 25. And it came to pass on the the place where

he talked with him. 37. 22, third day when they were * fore, that

< Gen.

14 And Jacob Tet up a aprilar in the 172 22. 26. y two of the sons of Jacob,Simeon and place where he talked with him, even a Gen. 2G n. Levi, Dinahs brethren, took each man a pillar of stone : and he poureda 28. 1 49: 6. his sword, and came upon the city drink-offerļng thereon, and he poured. 2 Chr. boldly, and slew

z all the

males. oil thereon. 32. 25. 26 And they New Hamor and She 15 And Jacob called the name of the


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Ifuats death,


Efans gegrations
bi Chr.place where God Ipakt with Ha, of Étadt Reuel ile foh of Bathcinath
4. 19. Beth-el.

the wite of Efau.
Matt. 16 And they journeyed from Beth 11 And the sons of Eliphat were
2. 1.

el : and there was but a Hecte way to Terra; Omar, Zepho , and Gatam, aiChr. Gen. come to b Ephrat kand Rachel travait- and Kerraz.

1. 36. 3. 17. ed, and the had chard labour,

- 12 Amd 2 Timna was concubine to 1 v.22. i Tim. 17 And it came to pass when he was Eliphac Efans fors; and the date to 4 v. 16. 2. 15. in hard labour, fiat the midwifc faid Eliphas Amalek:These were the fons Exod. & Gen. unto her, Fear not, thod fhratt have of kran Eraus wtre.

17.8 30.1. this son alio.

13 And then the sons ofr Actet; 14. That 1. And it came to pats, as he foul Mahath, the Zterat stamman, and Deut. is, the was in departing (for the d died) that Mizah: tbiere were the fons of Bafhe. 25. 1. Con of the called his name Ben-onl; bat his math Egns wife.

richr. my for- father called him Benjatia.

14 And there were the fons of A- 1.37.. 19 And Rachel died, and was burled holtbamab , the daughter of Anab , the stral. 4990. inbideway toEphrath, e which * Bethe doughter of Zheolaus write and # That 20 And Jacob sei a piðar upon her and Koran.

bare , Jeuth, and Job 31.

8. Is , son grave: that » the pillar of Rachels 15 T There were dukeg of the con's * v. fo of my grave omto this day.

of Efau: the fons of Eliphat the first 14, 18. right

21 And Ifrael journeyed and spread bom son of Efau; duke reakt, duke i Chr. band, his tent beyond the tower of Edar. Omar, duke Zepho, duke Kenaz,

1, 36, Joth. 22 And it came to pass when Ifrael 16 Duke + Korah, duke Gatam, and a Geni. 19. 15. dwelt in that land, that Rechen went duke Amalek : thefe are the dukes. 14.6. Mat.' and slay with Bilhab his fathers con- that came of Eliphaz, in the land of v.2-4. 2. 1. cabine: and Ifracl heard it. Now the Edom: there were the fon's of Adah. * Deu. Gen, sons of Jacob were & twelve.

17 And there are the fons of Rettel 2, n. 49.4. 23 The fons of Leab: Reuben Ja- Edus con; duke Nahath, duke Zerat, Gen.

Ad. cob's firft-born, and Simeon, and Levi, duke Shammiah', duke Mizzab. There 27. 40, 7. 8. and Judah, and Iflachar, and Zebulu. are the dukes that came of Rebel, in and 31. Ezek

24 The fons of Ráchel; Jofeph, and the land of Edom : there are the sons 23, 24 48. 31. Benjamin.

of Bathemath Efaus wife.

Jich, Rey. 25 And the fons of Bihah , Rachels 18 And thefe are the fons of Aho- 1.39. 22. 14. hand-maid; Dan , and Naphtal. libamah Elitis wife; duke Jeath, duke z 1.12. Gen. 26 And the fons of Zilpah, Leahs Jaalam

, duke Korah: thefe were the Deut. 25. zo. hand-mad; Gald, and Ather. These dukes that count of Xhollbámah the 2. 12. per. i8. are the fons of Jacob, which were born daughter of Anah Elaus wife.

Gen. Judg,, to him in h Padan-Kram.

- 19 These are the fons of Efai.(who is 27. 40 20. 46. 27 Aad Jacob came onto Ifaac hls Edom) and title are their dukes. arca, Gen. Father unto

Marre, unto the city of . 20 There are the fons of Seir write 1
S. 13.k

Arbab (which is Hebron) where Horite, * who inhabited the land; Lo-Heb. iGen. Abraham and Haac fojourned. tansand Shobal,and Zibeloty, and Anat, Kemint 23. 17. 28 And the days of Ifaac were I an 28 And Dishon,ind' Ezer and Difhap: m and 13. hundred and four score years. there are the dukes of the Horites , the where 18.

,29 And Itaac gave up the ghoft and children of Seir in the land of Edom. elfe. k Gen. died and was gathered unto m his peo 22. And the children of Lotan were some 13:18-ple being old and fan of days:

and Horl, and Heman: and Lotans lifter read 16en, bis fons fan and Jacob burled him. van Timna.

wiers. 27. 1.

23 And the children of shobal ware Geni. Gen.29.8.9. nGen. 23. 19.and 25.9. théle; 4 Alvan, and Manahath, and E-24.and

bal, Shepho,

and Onam. CHAP. XXXVI.

24 And tiefe are the children of ZI- 20. s Efants potues. 6. His removing to beon ; both Ajah, and Anah: thits was Lev. mount Seir. 9 His fons.

that Anah, thar found the t mules In 19. I.
22.17. Nelai, thon edem.
Tow these are the a generations of the wilderness, as he fed the effes ot bi ch.

Zibeon his

and 23: 2L fant c took his wives of the tangh: 25. And the chndren of Anah berec V. 21.
14. and ters of A Canaan;? Adab daughter of diete » Dlhon, and 6 Aholibamibi titie Chr.
27. 39. Blon stie Hitlera, and Ahotibanah the daughter of Anah.
40. daughter of Anab , the daughter of 26 And there are the children ofd v. 21.
i Chr. Zibcon de llvite,

Dithon ; Hemdan , and Bfhbat, and Gen. 1.35. 3. And f Bathemark. Inaels daughter, Ithiran , ant Cheran.

10. 16. B Gen. After otg Neblioth.

27 The children of Ezer are there; mat 2: 30. 4. And Adatr bare to Efau, h Eliphaz: Bilhan, and Zanvant, and Aclan. is, duke Gen. and Bathematk bare Retet.

28 The children of Dirtan de liefe; domet. 5. And Aholfbamah bare Jeuth, and Uż, and Arar.

Ilai. 4 Gto. Jazam, and Korah: there are the fons zg There are the dakes that came of 23. 15. 9.25. of Elau, which were borni'unto him in the & Horites; duke Lotan, duke sbo-Dan.. Cén. the land of Caraan.

bal , duke Zibeon , duke Anal, 17. 23 6 And Efau took his wives and his 30 Duke Dihon, dake Ezet, duke 2 Kia. G:n. fons, and his daughters, and all the Dithan: these are the dukes that came 11. 19. 29.9. persons of his houle, and his cartel, of Hort among their dukes in fie e Pfal. Gen. And að bis beatts, and ad his fubftancé land of Setr.

192. 25; 13. which he had got in the land of Ca. 34 And there are the kings that 28. and b'Jobpan and went

into the countrey from reigned in the land of Edom, e before 144. 2. II. the face of his brother Jacob.

there reigned any king over thodhll. 15. IGn. 7 For their riches were more than dren of traer

Deut, 35. 26. that they mighr / dwon together : and 32 And Belirtkit fow of Bdor reigned : 29. Gen. che land wherein they were miran in Edom and die name of his cky and 17.

142.15. Gén. their cartel. gers. could not bear dent, because of w. Din habah.

33 And Bela died, and Jobates Ifa. 13.6. 8 Thus dwelt EGu in mount * See : ron of Zerah ot f Bozraht reigned in 34.6. Di Gen. Efau is Edom.

His tead,

and 17.8. 2.1 And there are the generations 34 And Tobald died, and Fashian of a 1:20. of Blau, the father of the

+ Edomites le land ofg Temant refigned lo bls Am. So theb. in mount Seir.

Atead. 10 Thete are the names of Elas 35 And Furlater died and Hadithe & Jon.

Cons; Eliphaz che con of Adat date wife ros of Bedad (who Imote Midian in 2. 12. 1,37

B 3

6. 195

26. 34


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10. 11. ftead,

Jofephs areams.


Feraph is soll, biGen. the field of Moab) reigned in his not thy brethren feed the floor In She- Het 34.7. Atead and the name of his city was chem Come and I will send thee unto fee the Avith.

them. And he fald unto him, Here am I. peace 36 And Hadad died, and Samlab 14 And he laid to him, Go, I pray of the of Mafrekah reigned in his fead. thee, tree whetheNt be well with thy brea

37. And Samlah died, and Saul of brethren and well with the flocks and thren. +Gen. i Rehoboth by the river reigned in his bring me word again. So he sent him Gen.

out of the vale of Hebron, and he 41. 16. k.v.31. 38 And Saal died, and Baal-hanan came to Shechem.

Matt. Exod." the con of Achbor reigned in his ftcad. 15 And a certain man found him, 15. 25. 35. 15. Num.

bor died, and Hadar reigned in his field : and the man asked him, laying, 19. 49. 20. 14. Atead ; and the name of his city was What leckeft thou ?

i King I v.7. Pau ; and his wives name w., Mehe. 16 And he said, I seek my brethren 2.33. Gen. tabel', the daughter of Matred, the tell me, I pray thee, where they feed Pralm 37. 1. daughter of Mezahab.

their flocks.

125. S. Deut. 40 And these are the names of the 19. And the man fald, They are de jer:

dukes that came of Elau, according to parted hence: for I heard them fay: 29.7. Gen. their families, after their places, by Let us go to a Dothan. And Joseph z Sim. 25. 12. their names į Duke Timnabi, duke Al- went after his brethren, and found 19.34. Psalm vab, duke Jecheth,

them in Dothan.

Pial 73.4

41 Duke Ahollbamah, duke Elah, 38 And when they saw him afar off, 38.4 m Gen. duke rinon,

even before he came near unto them, Nunt. 35:30. 2 Dake Kenaz, duke Teman, duke they conspired against him,to Nay 16, 26, ikin. Mlbzar.


Lok. 16. 26. 43 Duke Magdiel, duke Iram: there

19 And they said one to another, Be-19.

19 and 22. be the k dukes ot Edom, according to hold , this dreamer cometh: 92KI. 25. their habitations, in the land of their 20 Come'now therefore, and let us C. 13. äkin. I poffeflion: he * Elau them father ot lay him, and caft him into fome t pit; PAI. 3. 3. the Edomites.

and we will tay, * Some evil beaft bath 107.25. CHAP. XXXVII. devoured him and we shall see whar Luke a Joseph is hated of his brethren. s His will become of his dream.

20. I iwo dreams. 18 His brethren conspire 21 And x Reuben heard it, and he de deb his death. 36 Her fold to‘Portphar livered him out of their hands, and inahit in Egypt. fald, Let us not kill him.

of terhebe A Mais dwelt in the land te when rein his father was a ftranger, in no blood, but caft him into this pit Ad

22 And Reaben fald unto them,shed Ahren fathers the land of Canaan.

that is in the wilderness, and lay no 7.9.: rojour

2 These are the generations of Ta hand upon him; that he mightrld him pror. nings. cob; Jofepb being seventeen years old, ogt of their hands, to y deliver him to 27.4. Gen.

was feeding 4 Aock with his brethren, bis father again. 17. 1. & the lad was with the sons of Bilhah, a'Gen. and with the sons of Zllpah, his fa- seph was come unto his brethren, that kins

23 g And it came to pass when Jo13:24 . unto Joba his father their b evil report. 7.7: 3 Now Ifrael c loved Joseph more him. his coat of many colours that war on * Gene

42.26 John than all his children, because he was 24 And they took him, and caft him and 13. 22, the d son of bis old age: and he made into a pit: and the pit was emptydert 36 'Gen. him ea coat of many colours.

was no water in it. 44. 20. 4. And when his brethren faw that

25. And they sat down to eat bread: 41.2. sa. their father loved him more than all and thoy litt up their eyes and looked, v. 13..18. his brethren, they f hated him, and and behold, a company of Ihmaclires 3 t. sv. 24. could not speak peaceably unto him. came from c Gilead, with their camels Mate,

Num. 5. 9 And Jofepb s dreamed a dream, bearing fpicery, and balm,and myrrhe, 27. 28. 12. 6. and he told tt bls brethren: and they going to carry it down to Egypt. Gen. Joel hated him b yet the more.

26 And Judah fald unto his brethren, 44, 31. 2. 28.

6 And he laid unto them, Hear, I 2 What profit is tt, if we lay our broer b Joh. pray yon, this dream which I bave ther, and conceal bis blood?

39.6 17. 14. dreamed.

27 Come, and let us s fell him to the Zach. 7 For behold,we were binding theaves ihmaelites, and let not onr hand be 9.11

.: in the field, and lo, my heaf arose, and upon him; for he is our brother,& our %1

Eith, also ftood upright; and behold , your Aeth: and his brethren were content. 2.15 Num, theaves stood i round about, & k made 28 Then there paffed by Midlanites. Gen. 2. 17. obeifance to my heaf.

merchant-men and they drew and lift 25036. Rev. 8 And his brethren said unto him, up Jofeph out of the pit, and fold Jo- Amos 4.3. Shalt thou

indeed I reign over us? or ceph to the Ishmaelites for b twenty 6.6 k.Gen. thalt thou indeed have dominion over pieces filver: and they brought Jo-Jet. 42.6. us and they hated him yet the more seph Into Egypt. Luke for bis dreams,

and for his words. 29 9 And Reuben returned unto the Gen. 19. 14 9 And he dreamed yet another pit; and behold, Joseph W. not in 1, 21.

dream, and told it his brethren, and the pit: and he i rent his clothes, a Mas

Caid , Behold , I have dreamed a dream 30 And be returned unto his bre. 16. 26. m Gen. more, and behold, the m sun and the thien, and said, The child is knot; and Roma

moon, and the eleven n ftars made obei. I, whither shall I go? 45. 29.

6, 21. * Phil.

31 And they took Jofepbs coat, and Gen. 16 And he told tt to his father, and killed a kid of the goats, and dipped 4.10. 2.15.

to his brethren: and his father rebuked the coat in the blood. Dan.

fob 8. 10. him, and said unto him, What k this 32 And they fent the coat of many 16, 18.

dream that thou haft dreamed ? fball I colours, and they brought to their Deut.
and thy mother and thy brethren father; and fald, This have we found : 19.8.
indeed come to bow down our selves know now whether it be thy fons coat 2 Sam.
to thee, to the earth?
or no.

1. 16. II And his brethren envied him but 33. And he knew it, and faid, It is v. 22, Luke his father o observed the faying. my fons coat: an evil beast bath de-Exod. 2.19. 12 I And his brethren went to feed

voured 21. 21. and fx, their fathers flock in Shechem.

& Gen. 13 And Israel laid unto Joseph, Do 25, 2. b Matt. 27: 3. Exod. 21. 32. 1 2 Kin.19

1. kv.20. Jer. 31, 15.

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