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THIS Abridgement of "Persuasives to Early Piety" is particularly designed for Sunday Schools, and for benevolent persons who give away religious publications, and who find a book of this size most suitable for their purpose. should, however, be understood, that this volume does not contain more than half the original work, which is interspersed with prayers and meditations, adapted to the state of mind referred to in the various chapters.

The original work is published by Thomas Richardson, Derby, and is sold by him; and by Hurst, Chance, and Co., London.




Introductory Address to the Young Reader.

My dear young friend, if a person could rise from the dead to speak to you, how attentively would you listen to his discourse, and how much would you be affected by it. Yet a messenger from the dead could not tell you more important things, than those to which I now beseech you to attend. I come to ask you to give your heart to GoD; I come to invite you to follow the divine REDEEMER now; I come to entreat you to walk in the pleasant path of early piety. O that I could, with all the fervour of a dying man, beseech you to attend to your only great concerns!It is not to a trifle that I call your attention, but to your life, your all, your eternal all, your God, your Saviour, your heaven, your every thing, that is worth a thought or wish



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