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SER M.Vour always to keep it in that original XVIII. Simplicity, wherein he himself has delivered it in fuch a manner, as to be level to the capacity even of the meanest Understandings. Nay, let us not only not give any of these Offences, but let us by all poffible means endeavour diligently to prevent them. Our Saviour exhorts us, in the words immediately following the Text, as they are recorded in St Matthew's Gospel, ch. xviii. 8; If thy Hand offend thee, cut it off; and if thine Eye offend thee, pluck it out: that is, (as appears from the connexion of these words with thofe of the Text.;) how great worldly Tempta tions foever, any Man or any Body of Men may have, to do any thing which will offend or hinder Others from embracing the Gospel; yet do it not. Abftain, (not indeed from any thing which is necessary in order to preferve either the Truth and Simplicity of the Gospel, or the Practice of Righteousness; but abftain,) both from impofing and from practising, even things innocent and indifferent, if doing otherwife will accidentally be a prejudice to. true Religion: Rom. xiv. 21; It is good,


neither to eat flesh nor to drink wine, (much SER M. lefs to infift on any needlefs Doctrine or XVIII. n Ceremony,) nor any thing whereby thy Brother ftumbleth or is offended, or is made Weak. For my own part, fays St Paul, if meat make my Brother to offend, I will eat no Flesh while the World ftandeth, rather than make my Brother offend. To conclude: Provide things honeft, fays the fame Apostle, in the Sight of all men. Have a good Report from them that are without, that is, even from Unbelievers themselves. In a word; Give no offence, fays he, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God.

The End of VOL. VI.

KNAPTON, at the Crown in Ludgate-


HE Hiftory of England, by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras. Tranflated into English, with Additional Notes, by N. Tindal, M. A. Rector of Alverftoke in Hampshire. In Two Volumes in Folio. The Third Edition, Illustrated with Maps and Genealogical Tables, the Heads of the Kings, the Sovereign Queens, and fome of the most Illuftrious Princes of the Royal Family, engraven by Mr. Vertue; and the Monuments of the Kings, with their Epitaphs and Inferiptions; On Seventy-Seven Copper Plates. price z/. 125.

6d in Sheets

An Anfwer to the Diffenters Pleas for Separation: Or, an Abridgement of the London Cafes. Wherein the Subftance of those Books is digefted into one fhort and plain Difcourfe The Sixth Edition. 8vo. By Thomas Bennet, D. D Late Vicar of St Giles's Cripplegate.

Directions for Studying. I. A General Syftem or Body of Divinity. II. The Thirty nine Articles of Religion. To which is added St Jerome's Epistle to Nepotianus. By Themas Bennet, D. D. The third Edition.

Dr Bennet's Paraphrafe, with Annotations on the Book of Common Prayer: Wherein the Text is explained, Objections are answered, and Advice is humbly offered both to Clergy and Laity for promoting true Devotion in the use of it. The Second Edition.

The Rights of the Clergy of the Chriftian Church: Or, a Difcourfe fhewing that God has given and appropriated to the Clergy Authority to ordain, baptize, preach, prefide in Church-Pra and confecrate the Lord's Supper: Wherein alfo the pretended Divine Right of the Laity to elect either the Perfons to be ordained, or their own particular Paitois, is examined and difproved. By Thomas Bennet,


D D. 8vo.

The Common Prayer Book, the beft Companion in the House and Clofet, as well as in the Temple: Or, a Collection of Prayers out of the Liturgy of the Church of England, molt needful both for the whole Family together, and for every fingle Perfon apart by himself. With a par

ticular Office for the Sacrament. The Sixteenth Edition. pr. 1 s.

The Word of God the beft Guide to all Perfons, at all Times, and in all Places: Or, a Collection of Texts of


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Scripture, plainly fhewing, all fuch Things as are neceffary for every Chriftian's Knowledge and Practice. By the Author of the Common Prayer Book the beft Companion. pr. 1s. 6d.

A Dictionary of all Religions, antient and modern; whether Jewish, Pagan, Chriftian, or Mahometan: Particularly comprehending, I. The Lives and Doctrines of the Authors and Propagators. II. The refpective Divifions, Sects, and Herefies. III. Not only the True but Falfe Objects of Worship, fuch as Heathen Gods, Idols, &c. IV. The various Way's and Places of Adoration. V. All religious Orders and Communities. VI. Sacred Rites, Utenfils, and Feftivals VII. Diftinct Offices and Functions. VIII. Rules, Cuftoms, Ceremonies, &c. The zd Edition, with very large Additions, 8vo. pr. 5 s.

Several Tracts. by the ever memorable Mr. John Hales, of Eaton College, viz. I. Concerning the Sin against the Holy Ghoft. II. Of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. III. Paraphrafe on St. Matthew's Gofpel. IV. Ôf the Power of the Keys. V. Of Schifm and Schifmaticks. VI. Mifcellanies. To which is added, his Letter to Archbishop Laud, concerning his Tract of Schifm. 12mo. pr. 2s. 6d.

Celestial Worlds difcovered: Or, Conjectures concerning the Inhabitants, Plants, and Productions of the Worlds in the Planets. Written in Latin by Chriftianus Huygens, Tranflated into English. The Second Edition.

Difcourfes upon divers important Subjects, viz. Concerning the firft Tranfaction between God and Man. The dangerous Efficacy of Temptation. The proper Security of Innocency. The next and immediate Caufe of Sin. The feveral Difpenfations of True Religion. The fingular Perfection of Chriftianity. By John Jeffery, D. D. late Archdeacon of Norwich.

A Brief Expofition of the Apoftles Creed, according to Bifhop Pearfon, in a new Method, by way of Paraphrafe and Annotations. By B. Kennet, D. D. late Prefident of Corpus Chrifli College, Oxon. The Second Edition.

A Chronological Treatife upon the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. Wherein is fhewn the Unreasonablenefs of the Author of the Grounds and Reafons of the Chriftian Religion in calling in queftion the Accomplishments of this Prophecy. By B. Marshall, M. A. Rector of Naunton in Gloucestershire.

A Summary

A Summary of all the Religious Houses in England and Wales: With an Account of their Value at the Time of their Diffolution, and of what they might be worth at this prefent Time. pr. 25

A true Reprefentation of Popery, as it appears in Foreign Parts. In ten Difcourfes: Being the Substance of several Sermons preached before the British Factory at Oporto in Portugal. On the Doctrine of Merit; Death-Bed Confeffion; Tranfubftantion; Invocation of Saints; Prayers in an unknown Tongue; Invention of new Sacraments; Denying the Cup to the Laity; Superftitious Ceremonies: Popery deftructive of the Love of our Country; Pope's Supremacy; Romish Cruelty in their Act of Faith ; Infallibility; Purgatory; Artifices and Sophiftry of their Priefts in making Converts, &c. By Henry Stephens, M. A. Vicar of Malden in Surrey, and Chaplain to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. 8vo.

Twelve Sermons preached at the Cathedral Church of Sarum, viz: I. Of the Immortality of the Soul. II. Of the Spiritual Nature of the Soul. III, & IV. Of the Duty of delighting in God. V. Of the Resurrection, and its Confequence. VI. Of Moral Good and Evil. VII, & VIII. Of the Advantages of Self-Denial. IX. Of the Satisfaction of Chrift. X. The Commands of God not grievous. XI. The Neceffity of Holiness, to fit Men for Heaven. XII. God neither advantaged by our Righteoufnefs, nor a Suf ferer by our Sins. To which are added, two Sermons: The one concerning the Incapacity of a Popish Prince to govern a Proteftant Kingdom: The other, concerning the inhuman Barbarities of the Church of Rome to all whom they call Hereticks and Schifmaticks. By Daniel Whitby, D. D. and Chancellor of the faid Church.

Two Letters: One from a Lady to a Friend, who had married a Roman Catholick Gentleman. The other from the fame Author to the faid Gentleman; by which he was converted from the Popish Religion to the Proteftant. First published in the Year 1727, upon the Recommendation of the late Dr. Samuel Clarke. The 3d Edition. pr. 4d. or 25 for 6 s. to those who give them away.

The Rational Communicant: or a plain Account of the Nature, Ends, and Benefits of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, fuited to the meaneft Capacites. The zd Edition, Price 4d. or 100 for 1l. 45.

A Scripture Catechifm; or, the Principles of the Chrif tian Religion, laid down in the Words of the Bible. The 3d Edition. pr. 4d. or 100 for 1 h 45

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