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them no aid. They all perished except one lad ; and he was driven by the waves upon a piece of the wreck, entwined among the ropes attached to the mast. Half naked and half drowned, he reached the shore.

" As soon as they had rescued him, they saw a small parcel tied firmly round his waist with a handkerchief. Some thought it was his money ; others, the ship papers ; and others said it was his watch. The handkerchief was unloosed, and to their surprise it was his BIBLE: a Bible given to the lad's father by the British and Foreign Bible Society. Upon the blank leaf was a prayer written, that the Lord might make the present gift the means of saving his son's sou!. Upon the other blank leaf was an account how the Bible came into the father's hands, with expressions of gratitude to the Society from which he received it. To this was added, a request to his son, that he would make it the man of his counsel; and that he could not allow him to depart from home, without giving him the best pledge of his love, a Bible ; although that gift deprived the other parts of the family. The Bible bore evident marks of having been often read with tears.


CARRYING' WOOD. On our road to Sychar, near Samaria, we met a family returning from their work in the field, bringing home wood for firing. Several of them were girls; the youngest of them not more than 4 years old, which the others were scolding for not keeping up with them, though she was struggling under far too heavy a load. I thought of Lamenta. tions, v. 13. “They took the young men to grind, and the children fell under the wood."

Jowett's Christian Researches. May all English children who read this, think, with gratitude to God, how different is their case; and learn to bear cheerfully, the light burdens that fall to their lot.


VALUE OF THE BIBLE. It has been well remarked, that those who know the value of the Bible will recommend it to others.-Samuel Fay, of London, died at ten years of age; and a short time before he expired, he gave his books and other things among his young relations and friends, who stood around his bed. To his brother, to whom he gave his Bible, he said; “I give you this Bible. It is an old one; but it is a precious one. It has been a great blessing to me. The comfort I now feel, I got from this book. I am going to heaven, and from this Bible it was that I learned the way. Study it, and treasure up these things in your mind. Remember, mine are the words of a dying brother. May this book make you happy on your dying bed !"

To another of his young relations, to whom also he gave a Bible, he said ; “ Here is a Bible for you : pray for a blessing on it : do not part with it, even if you should want bread. It will support you when every thing else fails. It has comforted me in all my afflictions."

CHRISTIAN NEGROES. The following reinarks of one of the Chris. tian Negroes form a simple and forcible il. lustration of the apostle's words--I was alive, without the law once ; but, when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died:

“ Yesterday morning, when you preach, you shew'we that the law be our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. You talk'about the ten commandments. You begin at the first, and me say to myself, “ Me guilty !”_ the second : “Me guilty !"_the third: "Me guilty !"- the fourth : " Me guilty !”- the fitth : " Me guilty!”—Then you say the sixth-Thou shalt not kill. Me say, “Ah! me no guilty! me never kill some person." You say, “I suppose plenty people live here, who say-Me no guilty of that !!" Me say again in my heart, “ Ah! me no guilty." Then you say, “ Did you never hate any person ?-Did you never wish that such a person, such a man or wo. man, was dead ?"- Massa, you talk plenty about that; and what I feel that time I can't tell you. I talk in my heart, and say, “Me the same person !" My heart begin to beat-me want to cry-my heart

eart heave so much me don't know what to do. Massa, me think me kill TEX people before breakfast ! I never think I so bad. Afterward you talk about the Lord Jesus Christ, how He take all our sin. I think I stand the same like a person that have a big stone upon him head, and can't walk-want to fall down. O Massa! I have trouble to much I no sleep all night. (Wept much.) I hope the Lord Jesus Christ will take my sins from me! Suppose He no save me, I shall go to hell for ever.”


HYMN II..... “Hallowed be thy name.” Lord, may a little child draw near,

And worship with thy faithful throng?. Make known her many wants in prayer, e

And breathe her simple praise in song ? O yes, but since with veiling wing,

Angels in heaven thy praises sing; Let me with holy awe exclaim,

My Father, “hallowed be thy name." 'Tis strange that thou who dwellest afar,

Yea, far beyond the arched sky, Or silent night's most distant star,

Should'st hear a lowly infant's cry. But since thou lov'st the simple hymn,

I breathe at morn or evening dim; With grateful joy I'll still exclaim,

Ny father, “hallowed be thy name."

HYMN III....“Thy kingdom come.”'
Lord ! when this world thy wisdom planin'd,
Rose beauteous from thy forming hand,
From imperfection wholly free,
It seem'd a temple worthy thee ;
Thou spak'st it good and every star
Sang hallelujah from afar.
But soon 'twas chang'd,--and what the

cause ?
Man-perfect made-forsook thy laws;
He fell! at once amid the throng
Ofangels. ceas'd the choral song ;
For they did hear the curse which gave
To ruin earth, - man to the grave!

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