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CHAP. with him in the holy mountain. of trial and condemnation of un


And we find confirmed by this the godly men.
19 words of the prophets relating to Now let not this one thing, be- 8

Christ; to which ye do well to at-loved! escape your notice; that one Delay of
tend, as to a lamp burning in a dark day is with the Lord as a thousand judgment
place, 'until the day shine through, years, and a thousand years as one the divine

and the morning-star be risen in day. The Lord is not slow with patience 20 your hearts; considering this espe- his promisc, as some men account and fox

bearance. cially, that no prophecy is the ex. it slowness; but is patient for your

planation of a man's own mind; sakes, not willing that any should 9
21 for prophecy was not uttered of perish, but willing that all should

old by the will of man, but holy come to repentance.
men of God spake by the influence But the day of the Lord will 10
of a holy spirit.

come as a thief in the night'; when Christ's CHAP. I am now writing, beloved ! the the heavens will pass away with a coming is

; second of my epistles to you ; in loud noise, and the 5 elements will Caution both which I endeavour to stir up be destroyed, so as to lose their preagainst scoffers.

your uncorrupted thoughts to re- sent terture, by fire, and the earth

membrance, that ye should call to together with the works on it, will
2 mind the words formerly spoken be burnt up. Since, therefore, all ri

by the holy prophets, and the com- these things are to be so destroyed,
mandment of our Lord and Saviour, what sort of persons ought ye to 12
3 delivered by the apostles ; attend-be? Ye ought, in a holy and pious

ing to this especially, that in the course of life, earnestly to expect the
last days scoffers will come, walk-coming of this day of God, in which

ing after their own wills, and say- the heavens will be destroyed by fire,
4 ing, “ Where is the promise of his and the elements will melt away

* coming? for since the fathers fell with heat. But we, according to his 13
asleep, all things continue just the promise, look for new heavens,

same as they were from the be- and a new earth, in which righte-
5 ginning of the creation ;" for this fousness will dwell.
they purposely overlook, that in Wherefore, beloved, under this which
the days of their fathers the hea-expectation endeavour to be found should ex-
vens formed by the appointment of | by him in peace without spot, and tians to all
God, and the earth which standcth unreproveable : and account the holiness of

out of the water and in the water, patience of our Lord to he salvation life. 6 had continued from old time; and to you, since it gives full time for See epistles

yet this world as it then was pe- preparation, as our beloved brother sians Colos7 rished by a flood of waters. So the Paul also, according to the wisdom stans and present heavens and earth are trea- given him, wrote unto you.

Galatians, sured, up by the same appointment, Do ye then, beloved ! who are 17 for fire, and reserved against a day thus forwarned, keep a guard upon


ir Until there is sufficient reason to be. • The rudiments or constituent principles lieve that the prophecies have received their of things. full accomplishment.

6 Because though the coming of Christ • Under the Christian dispensation. be certain, the precise time of it is known

a To reward the righteous, and punish only to God. the wicked.

1 Promise of Christ of a happy and glo* The time of Christ's coming to the last rious immortality. and general judgment.

8 A new and improved state of this world.

CHAP. yourselves, that ye be not led away of our Lord and saviour Jesus CHAP. III by the error of the wicked, and fall Christ. To him be glory both

rom your own stedfastness. But now and for ever! Amen. conclusion. grow iņ the favour and knowledge


Exhorta, tion and




of Jesus Christ.


declare unto you,

CHAP. THAT which was at first, which God and we have fellowship with CHAP.


we heard, which we saw with each other, and the blood of Jesus Description our eyes, which we observed, and Christ cleanseth us from all sin.

our hands handled, as concerning If we say we have no sin, we de- 8

the Revealer of the word of life ceive ourselves, and the truth is 2 (for this Revealer of the word of not in us; but if we confess our

life was manifested, and we have sins, God is so faithful and just to seen him, and bear testimony, and his promise, as to forgive us our 9 declare unto you this Revealer of sins, and to cleanse us from all unthat eternal life which was compa- righteousness. If we say we have 10 ratively concealed with the Fa- not sinned, we make him Smis

ther, and was manifested unto us); taken, and his doctrine is not in
3 that which we saw and heard, we

ye also

My dear children ! I write these CHAP. have fellowship with us; for we things unto you, that ye may not

have fellowship with the Father and sin ; and if any one should sin, we Profession 4 with his son Jesus Christ. And have a righteous advocate with the of Chris

these things we write unto you that Father, even Jesus Christ; and he tianity use your joy may be complete. is a propitiation, assuring us upon out obe

Now this is the declaration which the authority of God, that by true dience. What he we heard from him, and make repentance pardon may be ob- Mark, aught of known unto you, that God is light, tained for our sins, and not for Luke

, and in him'is no darkness at all. our's only, but also for the sins 6 If we say that we have fellowship of the whole world. And by this 3

with him, and walk in darkness, we know, that we have a know-
7 we deceive ourselves, and conform ledge of Christ, if we keep his

not to the truth: but if we walk in commandments. Whoso saith 1 4
the light, as he is in the light, know him, and keepeth not his



XV. 10.

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This epistle, which was written from ther. Thirdly, how certain a fact it is, that
Ephesus about A.D. 80, is directed to all Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ or son of
Christians without exception, showing, first God, and no other person, whatever his
how necessary it is to walk in the light of claims or pretensions might be.
the gospel, and preserve themselves from By ratifying the covenant of pardon to
fleshly lusts, in order to partake of the hap- the sincerely penitent.
piness of heaven. Secondly, how strong 3 Because he had acted towards all men
the obligations which they are under to keep as sinners, in providing a way by which all
the new commandment of loving one ano- I may be forgiven,



for ever.

commandments, he speaketh false-ther is not in him; for every thing CHAP. II.

ly, and the truth is not in him ; that is in the world, the desire of
5 but whoso keepeth his word, in the flesh, and the desire of the 16
him is the love of God truly made eyes, and the * pomp of life, is not

complete: by this we know that of the Father, but of the world.
6 we are in bim. Whoso professeih Now the world is passing away, 17

to continue in him ought also to and the desire thereof; but he that
conduct himself even as Christ doeth the will of God will remain

conducted himself.
Love is an Brethren! I am not writing a My children ! it is the last time, 13

new commandinent unto you, but and as ye heard that antichrist is Caution Christians. an old commandment, which ye coming, even now there are many ducerstore

had from the first : this old com-antichrists, by which ye know that antichrists.

mandment is the doctrine which ye it is the last time. They went out 19
8 heard. On the other hand, I am from us, but were not of us, being
writing to you a 'new command-insincere in their professions, for
ment, which is realized and exem- had they been of us, they would
plified in Christ, and in you also; have continued with us : but this
for the darkness is passed away, hath happened to make it manifest
and the true light now shineth. that all are not of us, whatever
9 He who professeth to be in the they may pretend; but ye have an 20

light, and hateth his brother, is in unction, even a communication of
10 darkness even until now. He who spiritual gifts from Jesus Christ

loveth his brother continueth in the holy, and know all things re

the light, and no cause of stum-lating to his gospel. I have not 21 11 bling will be unto him. But he who written unto you, because ye know

hateth his brother is in darkness, not the truth, but because ye do
and walketh in darkness, and know- know it, and that no false teacher
eth not whither he is going; for is of the truth. Who speaketh false- 22

the darkness hath blinded his eyes. ly, but he who denieth that Jesus is

I write unto you, dear children! the Christ ? this is the antichrist,

because your sins are forgiven on who denieth the Father and the for writing account of your professing his son. of different name. I write unto you, fathers,

Whosoever denieth the son, by 23 because ye have known Christ denying Jesus to be the Christ, Denying 13 from the first. I write unto you, hath not the Father, but he who the truth

young men! because ye are strong, acknowledeth the son, hath the Christian and the word of God abideth in Father also. Let that doctrine, religion is you, and ye have overcome the therefore, which ye heard at first in effect wicked person.

remain in you. If what ye heard denying Worldly- Love not the world, nor the at first remain in you, then will ye city of

things in the world. If any one remain in the son and in the Fa. God.
love the world, the love of the Father. Now this is the promise 25




mindedness condemn


1 Meaning the duty of love, which was mies of Christ and his religion, or anticalled new, from the new obligations by christs, were to be expected, 1 Tim. iv. 1. which it was enforced, and the new extent 2 Tim. iii. 2 Pet. ii. 3. given to it.

6 Whoever denies Jesus to be the Mesa • Unlawful sensual indulgences. siah, when the evidence is fairly laid before 3 Avarice.

him, in effect denies the Father, because he • Undue splendour, pomp and ambition. rejects the ample testimony which he has

5 The time meant by the expressions, the given of his son, latter days, the last days, &c, in which enc


CHAP, which he gave us, even everlast- sin is of the devil; for the devil CHAP. III. ing life. sinneth from the first; and for

III. 26

These things I write to you with this end did the son of God appear, Exhortation a view to those who would deceive that he might destroy the works of ness in the you. But the unction which ye the devil. No son of God com- 9 true faith. received from him remaineth in mitteth sin ; for he keepeth to his

27 you, and ye have no need of an parentage, and cannot sin, because

instructor. As then this same unc- he is a son of God. By this are 10
tion teacheth, you concerning all discovered the children of God, and
things, and is true without any the children of the devil ; he who
mixture of falsehood; so, as it doth not practise righteousness is

taught you, remain therein. Even not of God; nor he who loveth
28 now, dear children! remain there- not his brother. For this is the il

in, that when Christ shall appear, charge which ye heard from the
we may have confidence, and may first, " That ye love one another.”

not be ashamed before him at his Not as Cain who was of an evil 12
29 coming. If ye be convinced that disposition, and slew his own bro-

he is righteous, be assured that ther. And why did he slay him?

every one who practiseth righteous because his own deeds were wicked, CHAP.

is born of him. Behold! and his brother's righteous. III.

what great love the Father hath Wonder not, my brethren! if 13 shown in our being called children the world hate you. We know that The love of of God. The world, therefore, we have passed over from death God will knoweth us not, because it hath unto life, because we love the bre- love of our not known him.

thren; he who loveth not his bro- fellow2 Beloved ! now are we the chil-ther is still in death. Whosoever The hopes dren of God, but it hath not yet hateth his brother is in disposition 15 of Chris- been declared what we shall be: a murderer ; and ye know that no tians should pre- we know, however, that when nurderer hath everlasting life, or serve them Christ shall appear we shall be any just hope of it, abiding in him. from sin. like him, and that we shall see him Hereby we know what love is, 16

3 as he is. And every one that hath since "Christ laid down his life for

this hope in him purifieth himself us, and we ought also to lay down
4 even as he is pure. Every one who our lives for the brethren. But 17

committeth sin, breaketh thereby whosoever hath the good things of
5 the law; for sin is the breach of the this world, and seeth his brother
law. Now we know that Christ was in want, but shutteth

manifested to take away our sins : passionate affections from him,
6 and in him is no sin. Whosoever how can the love of God remain

continueth in him 'sinneth not; but in him?
no sinner hath seen him or known My dear children ! love not in Conscious
him, except in vain.

word and tongue only, but in deed integrity is 7 Dear children ! let no one de- and in truth, and by this we know ground of Good prac-ceive you; he that practiseth righte- that we are of the truth, and shall confidence tice makes

ousness is righteous, even as Christ assure our hearts before him. For if good men.

God, is righteous; he who committeth our hearts condemnnus, God is great


his com

the best


I Wilfully, or through carelessness ; so and therefore might, in the true sense of the ią verses 9, and 18.

word, be called ihe devil. Referring to the murder of Abeļ by 3 Satisfy ourselves that we shall receive Cain, as mentioned in verse 12. Cain was God's final approbation. a false accuser and slanderer of his brother,


true and

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CHAP. er than our heart, and knoweth all much beloved son into the world, CHAP IV.

V. things. Beloved ! if our heart con- that we might live through him. 21 demn us not, we have confidence in this consisted the love of God; 10

towards God; and whatsoever we that though we loved not God, he 22 ask, we receive from him, because loved us, and sent his son to be

we keep his commandments, and a propitiation for our sins. Be-11

do what is pleasing in his sight. loved, if God so loved us, we ought
23 And this is his commandment, that also to love one another. Though 12

we believe in the name of his son. no one hath seen God at any time,

Jesus Christ, and love each other, yet if we love each other, God
24 as he commanded us. And who dwelleth in us, and his love is com-

soever keepeth his commandments plete in us. There is no servile 18
abideth in God, and God in him, fear in love, but perfect love casteth
and by this we know that he abideth out such fear ; for fear hath punish-
in us, hy the spirit which he hath ment, and he who feareth is not
given us.

complete in love. Let us love him, 19 CHAP. Beloved, believe not every spirit, for he first loved us. If any one 20 IV.

bat try the spirits of men whether say, I love God, though he hate Distinction they be of God; for many false his brother, he speaketh falsely ; between

teachers are gone out into the for how can he who loveth not his false teach- world. By this we know the 'spi- brother, whom he 'seeth, love God,

rit of God: every spirit which al whom he doth not see. And this 21

loweth that Jesus Christ came inthe very commandment we have from 3 flesh, is of God: but every spirit him, that he who loveth God, love

which alloweth not that Jesus Christ his brother also. came in the flesh is not of God; Whosoever believeth that Jesus CHAP: and this is that spirit of antichrist, is the Christ, is born of God, and of whose coming ye have heard; every one who loveth the Father, Believing and indeed hcis already in the world. loveth his children also.. By this the divine 4 Ye are of God, dear children, and we know that we love the children Jesus leads

have overcome them (antichrists); of God, when we love God, and to the love for he who is in you is greater than keep his commandments; for this of God and 5 he who is in the world. They are is the love of God, that wekeep his

of the world, therefore they speak commandments, and his command

suitably to the world, and the worldments are not grievous. Every son 4
6 listeneth to them. We are of God; of God overcometh the world, and

he who knoweth God listeneth to that by which we victoriously over-
us; he who is not of God listeneth come the world, is our faith.
not to us : by this we know the spirit Who is he that overcometh the 5
of truth from the spirit of error. world, but he who believeth that

Beloved! let us love one another; Jesus is the son of God?
Mutual for love is of God, and every one

This is that Jesus who came, and 6 love

who hath this love is born of God, is proved to be the Christ, by 'water Evidences strongly in and knoweth God; for God is love and blood, and “spirit, not by water

of the di9 Iserein was the love of God shown only, but by water and blood and sion of

towards us in that God sent his spirit is the testimony given; for Jesus.



sisted upon

ine mise

1 The spirit or mind which he approves.

4 The miracles which took place at his • Whom the bent of his social nature

death. and mutual intercourse induce him to love. 5. Spiritual gifts bestowed upon the first

3 By the voice uttered when he came out teachers of Christianity, of the water at his baptism, Matt. 111, 16, 17,

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