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of visiting

tians at Rome,


strive together with me by prayers CHAP.
to God on my behalf; that I may
be delivered from the unbelievers 31
in Judea, and that this service of
mine may be acceptable to the
saints, that I may come to you with 32
joy, and may be refreshed together
with you. Now the God of peace 33
be with you all. Amen.

a few cau

CHAP. often hindered from coming to you, yet now, as I have no further expresses business in these parts, and have his desire been desirous of coming to you the Chris- these many years, I will come to you whenever I go to Spain; for I hope to see you as I pass on, and 24 to be set forwards by you on my journey, when I have been in some measure satisfied with your com25 pany. But now I am going to Jerusalem on a service to the saints; 26 for Macedonia and Achaia have been pleased to make a contribution for the poor saints in Jerusa27 lem: and it is well that they have so pleased; for they are indeed debtors to these Jews; because if the Gentiles have shared their spi-ceive the hearts of the innocent. ritual gifts, they ought in return, And I exhort you with greater to minister unto them these worldly confidence, for your obedience is 19 28 gifts. When, therefore, I have come abroad, so as to be known to finished this business, and have con- all: I rejoice therefore in you on signed to them this fruit of love, I this account, and wish you to be will come by you into Spain. wise concerning that which is good, and uncorrupt, concerning evil; and the God of peace will quickly 20 trample Satan under your feet. The favour of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Now I beseech you, brethren, to CHAP. mark those who cause divisions, XVI. and lay stumbling-blocks in the He conway of others, contrary to the doc-cludes with trine which ye have learned, and tions and avoid them; for such men are not his bles servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, sing. but of their own appetites, and by kind words and fair speeches, de

and en


Now I am sure, that when I come to you, I shall come with the treats their full blessing of the gospel of Christ; so I beseech you, brethren, by our 30 Lord Jesus Christ, and by the love, which is the fruit of the spirit, to

prayers for him.

Or God will remove every adversary that opposes you.


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of the bles



horts them

Now I beseech you, brethren, CHAP. by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the He exsame thing, and that there be no to unity. divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same purpose; for it hath been signified to 11 me concerning you, my brethren, by the family of Chloe, that there are contentions among you. Now 12 I mean this, that each of you says, I am of Paul, but I of Apollos,' but I of Cephas,'' but I of Christ.' Is Christ then divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were ye baptized into the name of Paul?

should as

4 I thank my God always concerning you, for the favour of God, for whose which hath been shown you in enjoyment Christ Jesus, because in him ye sings of are become rich in every thing, in Christ sent me not to baptize, 17 the gospel all utterance and all knowledge, but to preach the gospel, not in Christians the apostle according to the strong proof of the wisdom of speech, lest the cross of pire after expresses divine commission of Christ Christ should be made of none ef- divine, not gratitude among to God. you, so that ye are come short of fect. For unto them that are lost, worldly 7 no gift, whilst ye are waiting for the doctrine of the cross is foolishthe manifestation of our Lord Jesus ness, but it is a divine power to us 18 9 Christ. God, by whom ye were who are saved. For it is written, 19 called into a fellowship with his I will destroy the wisdom of the Isaiah, son Jesus Christ our Lord, will keep learned, and bring to nothing the 8 his word and will also establish understanding of the wise." Where 20 you blameless unto the end, unto is the wise? Where is the scribe? the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where is the disputer of the pre


xxix. 14.

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unanimously submit to the authority of
his divine mission, and with one ac-
cord, receive and keep the doctrines and
directions which he had delivered to them.
The apostle also answers some ques-
tions which the Corinthians had proposed
to him, and resolves some doubts.

I The main design of the apostle in this
epistle, which was written from Ephesus,
in the early part of A. D. 56, is to sup-
port his own authority, dignity, and cre-
dit, with the sound part of the church;
to vindicate himself from the calumnies
of the opposite party, to lessen the credit
of the chief and leading men in it, by in-
timating their defects and failings; and
showing how little cause they had of glory-
ing or being glorified in. By thus with-
drawing the party from the admiration and
esteem of their leaders, he hoped to break
the faction, and putting an end to the di-
vision, re-unite them with the uncorrupt-ing to destruction.
ed part of the church, that they might all

This refers to the gift of tongues.
Of the truths and privileges of Chris-

4 Strive to divest your minds of all pre-
judice and partiality, that you may all be-
lieve and profess the same leading doctrines.
5 Those who are prepared for, or go-


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weakness and in fear, and great CHAP.
trembling, and my conversation
and preaching were not with per- 4
suasive words of man's wisdom,
but with a demonstration of a pow- 5
erful spirit, that your trust might
not be in human wisdom, but in
divine power.


CHAP. sent age? Hath not God made the wisdom of this world folly? For 21 since the world by its wisdom knew not God, it pleased God in his wisdom to save the believers by this foolishness which we 22 preach. So that while Jews are asking for a sign, and Greeks 23 are seeking for wisdom, we preach Now we proclaim a wisdom 6 Christ crucified, to Jews a stum- that is perfect; not a wisdom of this not esta bling-block, and to Greeks foolish-age, nor of the mighty ones of this age, who will come to nought; learning but we proclaim a mystery of di- and elovine wisdom, pre-ordained by God, quence, but hidden, before the ages, for our glory; a wisdom which none of 8 the mighty ones of this age knew ; for if they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But as it is written, 9 "Things which eye hath not seen, Isaiah, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, God hath prepared for those that love him;" but 10 God hath revealed them to us by his spirit: for this spirit searcheth all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men know- [1 eth the thoughts of any man, but the spirit of that man, which is in him? So likewise no one knoweth the thoughts of God, but the


and hum

ble are best

Ixiv. 4.

24 ness; but unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of 25 God; for this foolishness of God is wiser than men, and this weakness of God is stronger than men. For observe those among you, The meek brethren, who have been called, that not many of them are wise fitted to after the flesh, not many mighty, obey the not many of noble birth; but God gospel. hath chosen for himself the folly 27 of the world, to put the wise to shame; and God hath chosen for himself the weakness of the world 28 to shame the strong; and those of mean birth and those of no account God hath chosen for himself; and those who were not, 29 to do away those that were so; that no flesh can boast before him. 30 But of him are ye both righteous-spirit of God. ness and holiness, and 'redemption Now we have not received the 12 in Christ Jesus, who is become spirit of the world, but the spirit Sensual 31 unto us wisdom from God; so which is from God, that we may rightly that, as it is written, "Let him, know the things which have been judge of who boasteth, boast in the Lord." freely given us by God; which the truths Accordingly, brethren, when I things we declare also, not in came unto you, I came not with words taught by human wisdom, The truth excellency, of speech or wisdom, but taught by a holy spirit, comparof the gos- in declaring to you the testimony ing spiritual things with spiritual. testsd by of God; for while I was among But the sensual man receiveth not 14 miracles, you, I judged nothing to be know- the things of the spirit of God, ledge, but Jesus Christ, and him for they are spiritually searched 3 crucified; and I was with you in out.

Jer. ix. 23, 24.



pel was at

A people redeemed or delivered from
your sins, by embracing and obeying the
Solicitous diligence in preaching, and
fear of giving offence.


3 The before unknown doctrine of call

ing the Gentiles into the church of

4 The words of one revelation with

men cannot

of the go.



Dissentions amongst

hinder their advancement


will escape, yet so as through a CHAP. fire.


is the best


Moreover, brethren, I could not speak to you as to spiritual, but as to carnal: I fed you as babes in Christ, with milk and not with meat, Christians because ye were not then able to bear it; nor indeed are ye now able, since ye are still carnal; for where in know- as rivalry, and strife, and divisions, are among you, are ye not carnal? 4 For while one says, "I am of Paul," and another, "I am of Apollos," 5 are ye not carnal? Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers, through whom ye believ-wise. Now the wisdom of this 19 ed? and that according as God world is folly with God. For it is Job, 6 gave to each of us. I planted, written, "He taketh the wise in V. 13. Apollos watered; but God gave the their own craftiness ;" and again, 7 increase. So then neither is the " The Lord knoweth the reason- 20 planter any thing, nor the wa-ings of the wise that they are Psalm terer; but God that giveth the in- vain." Therefore, let no one glory in men; for all things are 21 your's; whether Paul or Apollos, 22 or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come, 'all are yours, and ye 23 are Christ's, and Christ is God's.

Know ye not, that ye are a 16 temple of God, and that the spirit of Humility God dwelleth in you? If any man corrupt the temple of God, him will God destroy; for this temple 17 of God, which ye are, is holy. Let no one deceive himself. If 18 any one among you have the reputation of being wise, let him become a fool in the wisdom of this age, that he may become truly


8 Now the planter and the waterer The intro- are one and the same thing, and duction of each will receive his own reward, trines into according to his own labour; for Christianity we are fellow-labourers with God!

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xciv. II.

Let a man so think of us as CHAP. IV. of ministers of Christ, and stew

must be

highly dan ye are God's tillage, ye are God's building; according to the office 10 graciously conferred on me, as aards of divine mysteries. Now it Ministers wise master-builder, I have laid a is required in stewards that a man faithful, foundation and another buildeth be found faithful; but I make no on it; but let every man take heed account at all of being question- 3 11 how he buildeth on it; for no one ed by you, or by man's judg can lay another foundation instead ment: nay, I do not even judge of that already laid, which is Jesus myself, for I am conscious to my- 4 12 Christ. Now if any one build self of no evil; but he who callupon this foundation, gold, silver, eth me to account is the Lord; precious stones, wood, hay, stub-wherefore judge not any thing 5 13 ble, each man's work will become before the time of the Lord's commanifest; for the great day willing, who will both bring to light show it, because it will be reveal-the secrets of darkness, and will ed with fire; and the fire will try make manifest the counsels of all every man's work of what kind it hearts, and then will every good 14 is. If the work of any one which man have praise from God. he hath builded upon the founda- Now these things, brethren, 16 tion remain, he will receive a re-have applied to myself and Apol- Parties to 15 ward; if any man's work be burn-los for your sakes, that ye may ed, he will suffer loss; but he learn from us not to think of men

All are subservient to your salvation. That as you ought not to have parties denominated from Paul, or Peter, or Apol


los so much less should you rank yourselves
under your present leaders.

be avoided.



CHAP. above what is here written, and terers, nor impure abusers of them- CHAP. that none may pride himself in selves with themselves and manany one teacher against another. kind, nor thieves, nor extortion- 10 7 For who maketh thee, who settest ers, nor drunkards, nor revilers, up for a teacher, to differ from nor oppressors, will inherit the another? And what hast thou kingdom of God; and such were 11 which thou didst not receive; but some of you, but ye have been if thou didst only receive it, why washed, but ye are become holy, dost thou glory as if thou hadst but ye are made righteous, by the 8 not received it? Are ye, my bre-name of the Lord Jesus and by the thren, already full? Are ye already spirit of our God. become rich? Do ye reign as kings without us? I wish, indeed, ye did reign, that we might reign 9 with you. And we apostles may well express such a wish, for I think that God has brought us apostles last on the stage as devoted to death for we are made a spectacle to the world, to angels,

tempt, and


and to men.


quired in

Know ye not that your body is 19 the temple of the holy spirit with- Personal in you, which ye have from God! purity reNor are ye your own; for ye were Christians bought with a price from the slavery of sin. Glorify God, therefore, with your body, and with your spirit, for they are God's.


of human

The remaining time of life is CHAP. 10 We are fools for Christ's sake, short; so that those who have Want, con- but ye are wise in Christ; we are wives will be as those who have Shortness persecution, weak, but ye are strong; ye are none, and those who weep as life. distinguish- honourable, but we are despised: though they wept not, and they ed the apos- to this very hour we continue who rejoice as though they rejoiced 30 both hungry and thirsty, and nak-not, and they who buy as posses11 ed; we are beaten and driven from sing not, and those that use this 31 12 place to place; we endure labour, world as those that use it not; for working with our own hands; when the fashion of this world passeth reviled, we give good words; when away. reproached, we take it patiently; 13 when railed at, we entreat: we not an apostle ? Have I not IX. are made as the vilest of the world, seen Jesus Christ our Lord? as the offscouring of all things un-not ye my work in the Lord? 14 til now. I write not these things be not an apostle unto others, yet racter, to shame you; but I admonish doubtless I am unto you; you as my beloved sons. are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord


does not

Am I not a free man? Am I CHAP.

Are The apos

If I

for ye

tle asserts his cha

nance from

Certainly there is some defect among you, that ye go to law with Who ever serveth in war at his 7 Litigation each other. Why do ye not ra- own charges? Who planteth a vine- his right to become ther suffer yourselves to be defraud-yard and doth not eat of its fruit? a mainteChristians. ed; whereas, yourselves wrong and Or who tendeth a flock, and eat- his con8 defraud even your brethren. Know eth not of the milk of the flock? verts, ye not that the unjust will not in- Say I this on the authority of man? 8 9 herit the kingdom of God? Do Doth not the law say it also? For 9 not deceive yourselves; neither it is written in the law of Moses, Deuter. fornicators, nor idolators, nor adul-" Muzzle not the ox, whilst he

To all beings who have any knowledge

of the affairs of men.


By all the labours and sufferings which

Christ underwent to promote virtue and
holiness amongst men.

XXV. 4.

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