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ceth some,

but others are un

CHAP. after, a south wind sprang up, and I know that it is every where spoken CHAR

XXVIII. we came on the second day to against. 14 Puteoli; where we found some bre

Accordingly, on a day which 23 thren, and were desired to remain they had appointed with him, ma- He convin.

with them seven days, and then we ny came to him at his lodgings; to 15 went towards Rome. And when whom he expounded, with much

the brethren heard of us, they came earnestness of declaration, the king- moved. thence to meet us as far as Appii dom of God; endeavouring to conForum, and Three-taverns, at the vince them concerning Jesus, both

sight of whom Paul thanked God, by the law of Moses, and the pro16 and took courage. And when we phets, from morning until eveu

were come to Rome, the centurion ing: and some were convinced by 24 delivered up the prisoners to the his words, but others disbelieved. captain of the guard ; but Paul was So when they agreed not among 25 suffered to remain apart with a sol-themselves, they departed, after dier, who guarded him.

Paul had said one thing more, 17 Three days after, Paul called the “Well did the holy spirit speak by He relates principal men of the Jews together Isaiah the prophet, concerning your to the Jews unto hin, and when they were as fathers, saying, "Go to this people 26 of his com-sembled, he said to them, “ Pre- and say, "Ye will hear plainly, but Isaiah, ing to thren, though I have committed not understand, and see clearly,

vi. 9. nothing against my people, or the but not perceive : for the heart of 27 customs of our fathers, yet I was this people is become gross, and delivered a prisoner from Jerusalem their ears are dull of hearing, and

into the hands of the Romans; their eyes have they closed ; so as 18 wlio, when they had examined me, not to see with their eyes, nor hear

would have released me, as there with their ears, and understand 19 was no cause of death in me. But with their heart, and turn that I

when the Jews spake against this, may heal them.' Be it known 28 I was compelled to appeal unto therefore unto you, that the salvaCesar; not as having any thing to tion of God is sent to the Gentiles,

accuse my nation of before Cesar. and they will listen to it.” And 29 20 On this account, therefore, I have when he had thus spoken, the Jews

called you hither, that I might see, went away, debating much among
and talk with you ; because for the themselves.

hope of Israel I am bound with Now, Paul continued two whole 30
21 this chain.” Then they said unto years in his own hired house, and yet he

him, “ Neither any letters that we gladly received all who came to have received from Judea concern-him, preaching the kingdom of ing thee, nor any of the brethren God, and teaching those things 31

who came hither, have related, or which concern the Lord Jesus 22 spoken any harm of thee ; but we Christ, with all freedom of speech,



there two years.

desire to hear from thee what thou and without hindrance. thinkest ; for as to this sect we

I The Christians.






a servant of Jesus Christ, you, that I may impart unto you CHAP.

called to be an apostle, sepa- some spiritual gift for your estabintroduce rated for the gospel of God, which lishment, and for our mutual com- 12

he promised aforetime by his pro- fort among you from the faith of 2 phets in the holy scriptures, even each other ; even from your faith 3 the gospel concerning his son, and mine.

who was of the race of David, ac- Now, I wish you to know, bre-13 4 cording to the flesh, but proved to thren, that I have been hindered hi. He ex

be the son of God by the holy spi- therto, when I had often purposed presses his rit, through a miraculous resurrec- to come unto you, that I might preach the

tion from the dead, even Jesus reap some fruit among you also, as gospelto 5 Christ our Lord; from whom I among the other Gentiles. I am a received the favour of an apostle- debtor both to Greeks and Barbaship for preaching obedience to the rians, both to the learned and un- 14 faith among all the Gentiles, for the learned : so that I am ready to 15 6 sake of spreading his name; among preach the gospel to you at Rome

which Gentiles ye also have been also; for I am not ashamed of the 16 7 called unto Jesus Christ : To all gospel, for it is the power of God,

the beloved brethren in Rome, for the salvation of every one that
called and made holy of God, fa- believeth it, to the Jew first, and
vour be unto you, and peace from also to the Greek; for thereby is 17
God our Father, and our Lord Je-. revealed God's method of justifica-
sus Christ.

tion,from first embracing the * faith 8 In the first place, I thank my of the gospel, and then living Se fame God through Jesus Christ, on ac- agreeably to that faith, as it is tra's faith, count of you all, that your faith written, “ The just by faith shall Hab. a subject is spoken of in all the world. live.” And severe punishment is . 4. joy and For God is my witness, whom I denounced from heaven against all 18 ess to the serve with my whole spirit in the ungodliness, and unrighteousness posle gospel of his son; that I make men- of men, who hinder the truth by 10 tion of you without ceasing in my their wickedness, and show not in 19

prayers, requesting that I may by their conduct that knowledge of
some means, at length, through the God, which is displayed to them by

will of God, enjoy an opportunity God'himself.
11 of coming to you; for I long to see For from the creation of the 20

* This epistle was written from Corinth, epistle, reaches to the twelfth chapter, from
the capital city of Achaia in Greece, A. D. which to the end, the apostle proceeds to en-
58, in the early part of the year, and is ad- force that disposition, and those duties which
dressed to the Jewish and Gentile converts are suitable to the Christian profession.
to Christianity in Rome. The principal * By reason of Jesus Christ, for the
design of the epistle is, to persuade the Ro- blessings of whose gospel every one ought to
mans to a steady perseverance in the pro- be most thankful to God.
fession of Christianity, by convincing them

3 The Christian world, or among all be-
that God is the God of the Gentiles, as well lievers in Christ.
as of the Jews ; and that under the gospel 4 By faith, is here meant a belief of the
there is no difference between Jews and gospel, or a persuasion that Jesus was the
Gentiles. The argumentative part of the Christ



God was lost among


of God leads to the worst crimes.

CHAP. world, the invisible properties of will be without distinction upon CHAP.

him, even his eternal power and them who commit such things ; The know- godhead, are clearly manifest, being and thinkest thou this, man! that 3 ledge of

understood by the things which are judgest those who do such things,

made. So that men are without and doest them thyself, that thou men by excuse, because when they knew wilt escape the judgment of God? their own God, they glorified him not as or dost thou despise him for his 4 folly.

21 God, nor gave him thanks, but be abundant gentleness and patience,

came vain in their reasoning, and and forbearance; not considering

their inconsiderate heart was dark- that this gentleness of God should
22 ened ; professing to be wise they lead thee to repentance? And lay- 5
23 became fools, and changed the glo- est thou up in store for thyself,

ry of the incorruptible God into an through thy hard and impenitent
image, made like to corruptible. heart, punishment against the day
man, and to birds, and four-footed of punishment, and of the display
beasts, and creeping things. of the righteous sentence of God?

Therefore, God on his part gave who will render to every one ac- 6
Ignorance them up to uncleanness, through cording to his works : everlasting 7

the lusts of their hearts,to dishonour life to them who by a patient conti-
their bodies with each other, be-nuance in well doing seek for glo-

cause they changed the true into a ry and honour, and incorruption ;
25 false God, and paid religious reve- but to them that oppose and dis- S

rence and service to the creature, obey the truth, and devote them

and not to the Creator, who is selves to unrighteousness, he will 26 blessed for evermore ! - For this render indignation and punish

cause I say God gave them up to ment, tribulation and distress, even 9 28 vile passions. And as they did not upon every soul of man that con

approve of retaining God in their tinueth to do evil, whether Jew

knowledge, God gave them up to or Gentile; but glory, honour, and 10 29 an undiscerning mind; so that peace,to every one that doeth good,

they committed the greatest crimes, whether Jew or Gentile ; for there 11
and abounded in all unrighteous- is no respect of persons with God.
ness, wickedness, extortion, ma- For as many as have sinned with- 12

lice; and were full of envy, mur- out a written law, will be sentenced Men will 30 der, strife, deceit, malignity; they to death without such a law; and be judged

were whisperers, slanderers, haters whoever have sinned under a law, to the adof God, injurious, proud, boastful, they will be condemned by a law, vantages

devisers of mischief, disobedient to in the day when God will judge the they posa 31 parents ; without consideration, secrets of men by Jesus Christ, ac

morose, without natural affection, cording to my gospel. For not the 13 32 implacable, without pity: who mere hearers of any law will be

knowing the righteous appoint- righteous before God, but the pracment of God, that they who com-tisers of the law will be justified; mit such things, are worthy of for when nations, born without a 14 death, not only commit them, but law, perform the commandments approve them in others also. of the law, though they have no

Therefore, thou art inexcusable, law, they are a law unto themselves,

() man ! whosoever thou art, that as they show the efficacy of the law All the bad judgest, if thou art equally guilly: to be written on their hearts ; punished

for by judging the other, thou con- | their conscience bearing testimony 15

demnest thyself; because thou, who with them, and their reasonings berespect of judgest doest the same things. Now tween themselves, accusing or ex

we know that the judgment of God'cusing one another.




will be





Jews as well as


CHAP. Behold! thou callest thyself a No man will be justified in the CHAP.

Jew, and restest on the law, and sight of God, by the works of any

gloriest in God, and knowest his law under which he has been here- Free offer Gentiles.

will, and art taught to distinguish tofore put, for so far from per- to all who

the excellencies of the law; and forming the works of it, he has embrace, 19 takest upon thyself to be a guide of gained only a conviction of his and obey

the gospel the blind, a light to them that are sin ; but now, independently of any

in darkness, an instructor of the former law, God's method of justí- 21 20 ignorant, a teacher of babes ; as fication is manifested ; being attest

possessing the form of knowledge ed by the law and the prophets ;
21 and truth in the law : dost thou even God's method of justification 22

then, who teachest another, ne- through faith in Jesus Christ, to all
glect to teach thyself ? Dost thou, believers (for there is no distinc- 23

who preachest against stealing, tion, inasmuch as all have sinned, 22 thyself steal? Dost thou who for- and come short of that glory which

biddest adultery, commit adultery God designed for them), being jus- 24
thyself? Dost thou abhor idols, lified of free bounty, even by his

and yet profanely rob the temple favour, through the deliverance
23 Dost thou glory in the law, and by which is by Christ Jesus; whom 25

the transgression of the law dis-God hath set forth to be a mercyIsaiah,

honour God? for the name of God seat through faith in his blood,

is evil spoken of among the Gen- for the remission of former sins, by XXXVI. 20. tiles, as it is written.

means of the forbearance of God, For truly circumcision is of use, to show his mercy at this time, 26 Circumcia if thou perform the law ; but if by the gracious justification of the avail with thou be a transgressor of the law, believer in Jesus. out obedi- thy circumcision is no better than Where then is the boasting of the 27

uncircumcision; if therefore the Jew? It is excluded. By what The Jew 26 uncircumcised man keep the righte-law ? A law of works? Nay; but by

ous precepts of the law, will not a law of faith, which deals with all, periority

his uncircumcision be regarded as both Jews and Gentiles alike: for over the 27 circumcision ? and will not he, we conclude that man is justified

who is born to uncircumcision, if by faith, without the works of any
he fulfil the law, condemn thee, former law. Is God the God of 29
who hast a written rule of circum- the Jews only? is he not of the

çision, and yet transgressest thy Gentiles also ? inasmuch as one 30 28 law ? For he is not a Jew, who is is the God of all, who will justify

one outwardly ; neither is that cir- the circumcised by faith, and the

cumcision which is outward in the uncircumcised through the same
29 flesh; but he is a Jew, who is one faith. Do we then destroy law by 31

inwardly, and that is genuine cir- this faith? By no means, we rather
cumcision which is a circumcision S establish law.
of the heart, in the mind, not in Therefore being justified by faith, CHAP.
precept only: whose praise is not we are at peace with God through
from men but froin God.

our Lord Jesus Christ, through




therefore has no su



past sins.

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• The draught or outline.

Or believing him to be the Christ who 3 That is, we urge the necessity of obe-
died and rose again, which belief was the dience to all the laws of the gospel, after
condition of persons being acknowledged admission into its privileges.
Christians, and obtaining a pardon of all



CHAP. faith in whom we have access also abound? By no means: how shall we CHAP. VI.

into this gracious gospel, wherein who have died to sin, by vowing to Design of

we stand and we boast in our renounce it, live any longer there God's fa. the gospel. hope of the glory of God. (And in? Do ye not know then, that as voeurope concise man not only so, but we boast also in af- many of us as were baptized unto ment to to God.

fictions, knowing that affliction Jesus Christ, were baptized unto sin ;
4 worketh patience, and patience his death. By this baptism, there-4
5 proof, and proof, hope. And fore, unto his death we were buried

hope will not disappoint us, an with him; that as Christ was raised
earnest of which is, that the love from the dead by the power of the
of God has been poured out into Father, so we also should walk in

our hearts by a holy spirit, which is newness of life. Since then we 5
6 given us.) For though we were have conformed to the likeness of

weak in goodness, Christ died at his death, let us conform to the
an appointed time, for the benefit likeness of his resurrection also ;
7 of the ungodly. Now, scarcely considering this, that ours old man 6
will any one die for a righteous hath been crucified with him, that
man, (though indeed some may the sinful body might be destroyed,
possibly venture even to die for a and we no longer be slaves to sin;
good man who has conferred very for as he who is dead, is set free 7

great favours upon them) ; but from sin, so should we be, as hav-
8 God displayeth his love for us, in ing died to sin. But, if we have 8

that Christ died for us, while we died with Christ, we are persuaded
9 were yet sinners ; much more, that we shall also live with him :

therefore, having been justified by knowing that Christ being raised 9
faith in him toho shed his blood from the dead, dieth no more; death
for us, we shall be saved through hath no more dominion over him;
10 him from punishment. Forif, when for when he died, he died with re- 10

we were enemies, we were recon- gard to sin once, but in that he
ciled to God by faith in the death liveth, he liveth with regard to
of his son, how much more, after God; in like manner reckon ye 11

reconciliation shall we be saved by yourselves to be once and for ever
11 his S life. Moreover we boast also dead indeed with regard to sin, but

in God through our Lord Jesus alive with regard to God, through
Christ, by faith in whom we have your obedience to the gospel of Je-

now received this reconciliation. sus Christ our Lord.

20 Now, by the coming in of a Let not sin therefore reign in 12 Those un- law, sin abounded, but where sin your mortal bodies, that ye should but to the

abounded, favour did much more obey it, nor yield your members to nunciation first offer abound, that as sin reigned so al sin for instruments of unrighteous- of it; of the gos- sn favour might reign by justifica-ness, but give up yourselves to God, 13

tion unto eternal life, through Je- as those that are alive from the dead,
sus Christ our Lord.

and your members also for instruCHAP.

What shall we say then? Shall ments of righteousness unto God; we continue in sin, that favour may for sin must not have dominion 14

utter re

der the law had the



1 Of our real sincerity.

4 The law of Moses was adapted to the * Who being induced by the example of exigencies of the Hebrews, but was not an Christ, which he set both in life, and at essential part of the divine dispensations, the death, and by the promises of that gospel Abrahamic covenant, not requiring such a "which he ratified by his blood, to turn from ritual, but the introduction of a perfect law. their evil ways, may become truly blessed. 5 Our former corrupt state of mind.

By believing in his return to life.


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