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husbands are already dead; and why should if it please not thee that I should die, com 1 Tobit, grieved at his wife's taunts, prayeth. 11 Sara, reproach- regard to be had of me, and pity taken of ed by her father's maids, prayeth also. help them both.

17 An angel is sent to

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6 Now therefore deal with me as seemeth best unto thee, and command my spirit to be taken from me, that may be dissolved, and become earth: for it is profitable for me to die rather than to live, because I have heard false reproaches, and have much sorrow: command therefore that I may now be delivered out of this distress, and go into the everlasting place: turn not thy face away from me.

7 It came to pass the same day, that in Ecbatane a city of Media, Sara the daughter of Raguel was also reproached by her father's maids;

8 Because that she had been married to seven husbands, whom Asmodeus the evil spirit had killed before they had lien with her. Dost thou not know, said they, that thou hast strangled thine husbands? thou hast had already seven husbands, neither wast thou named after any of them.

9 Wherefore dost thou beat us for them? if they be dead, go thy ways after them, let us never see of thee either son or daughter.

10 When she heard these things, she was very sorrowful, so that she thought to have strangled herself; and she said, I am the only daughter of my father, and if I do this, it shall be a reproach unto him, and I shall bring his old age with sorrow unto the grave.

11 Then she prayed towards the window, and said, Blessed art thou, O Lord my God, and thine holy and glorious name is blessed and honourable for ever: let all thy works praise thee for ever.

12 And now, O Lord, I set mine eyes towards thee,

and my


13 And say, Take me out of the earth, that I may hear no more the reproach.

14 Thou knowest, Lord, that I am pure from all sin with man,

15 And that I never polluted my name, nor the name of my father, in the land of my captivity: I am the only daughter of my father, neither hath he any child to be his heir, neither any near kinsmen, nor any son of his alive, to whom I may keep myself for a wife: my seven

hear no more reproach.

16 So the prayers of them both were heard majesty of the great God.

17 And Raphael was sent to heal them b to scale away the whiteness of Tobit's eyes, Sara the daughter of Raguel for a wife to son of Tobit; and to bind Asmodeus the because she belonged to Tobias by right of i The self-same time came Tobit home, and e his house, and Sara the daughter of Raguel, from her upper chamber.


3 Tobit giveth instructions to his son Tobias, 20 and|| money left with Gabael in Media.

N that day Tobit remembered the money w committed to Gabael in Rages of Media, 2 And said with himself, I have wished wherefore do I not call for my son Tobias, signify to him of the money before I die?

3 And when he had called him, he said, My I am dead, bury me; and despise not thy i honour her all the days of thy life, and do shall please her, and grieve her not.

4 Remember, my son, that she saw many thee, when thou wast in her womb; and w dead, bury her by me in one grave.

5 My son, be mindful of the Lord our G days, and let not thy will be set to sin, or to his commandments: do uprightly all thy life follow not the ways of unrighteousness.

6 For if thou deal truly, thy doings shall pr succeed to thee, and to all them that live just 7 Give alms of thy substance; and when alms, let not thine eye be envious, neither tur from any poor, and the face of God shall not away from thee.

8 If thou hast abundance, give alms accor thou have but a little, be not afraid to give a that little:

9 For thou layest up a good treasure f against the day of necessity.

10 Because that alms do deliver from deat fereth not to come into darkness.

11 For alms is a good gift unto all that giv sight of the Most High.

12 Beware of all whoredom, my son, and e a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take no woman to wife, which is not of thy father's we are the children of the prophets, Noe. Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that o from the beginning, even that they all marri their own kindred, and were blessed in their and their seed shall inherit the land.

13 Now therefore, my son, love thy bret despise not in thy heart thy brethren, the daughters of thy people, in not taking a wif for in pride is destruction and much troubl

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is decay and great want: for lewdness is the famine.

not the wages of any man, which hath wrought tarry with thee, but give him it out of hand: u serve God, he will also repay thee: be cirmy son, in all things thou doest, and be wise conversation.

that to no man which thou hatest: drink not ake thee drunken: neither let drunkenness go in thy journey.

e of thy bread to the hungry, and of thy garthem that are naked; and according to thine e give alms; and let not thine eye be envious, u givest alms.

ir out thy bread on the burial of the just, but ing to the wicked.

counsel of all that are wise, and despise not el that is profitable.

ss the Lord thy God always, and desire of him ways may be directed, and that all thy paths sels may prosper: for every nation hath not but the Lord himself giveth all good things, imbleth whom he will, as he will; now thereon, remember my commandments, neither let ut out of thy mind.

1 now I signify this to thee, that I committed s to Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages in

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me, that I may kuow of what tribe he is, and whether he be a trusty man to go with thee.

9 So he called him, and he came in, and they saluted one another.

10 Then Tobit said unto him, Brother, show me of what tribe and family thou art.

11 To whom he said, Dost thou seek for a tribe or family, or an hired man to go with thy son? Then Tobit said unto him, I would know, brother, thy kindred and name.

12 Then he said, I am Azarias, the son of Ananias the great, and of thy brethren.

13 Then Tobit said, Thou art welcome, brother; be not now angry with me, because I have inquired to know thy tribe and thy family; for thou art my brother, of an honest and good stock: for I know Ananias and Jonathas, sons of the great Samaias, as we went together to Jerusalem to worship, and offered the first-born, and the tenths of the fruits; and they were not seduced with the error of our brethren: my brother, thou art of a good stock.

14 But tell me, what wages shall I give thee? wilt thou a drachm a day, and things necessary, as to mine

own son?

15 Yea, moreover, if ye return safe, I will add something to thy wages.

16 So they were well pleased. Then said he to Tobias, Prepare thyself for the journey, and God send you a good journey. And when his son had prepared all things for the journey, his father said, Go thou with this man, and God, which dwelleth in heaven, prosper your journey, and the angel of God keep you company. So they went forth both, and the young man's dog with them.

17 But Anna his mother wept, and said to Tobit, Why hast thou sent away our son? is he not the staff of our hand, in going in and out before us?

18 Be not greedy to add money to money, but let it be as refuse in respect to our child.

19 For that which the Lord hath given us to live with, doth suffice us.

20 Then said Tobit to her, Take no care, my sister; he shall return in safety, and thine eyes shall see him.

21 For the good angel will see him company, and his journey shall be prosperous, and he shall return safe. 22 Then she made an end of weeping.


4 The angel biddeth Tobias to take the liver, heart, and gall out of a fish, 10 and to marry Sara the daughter of Raguel: 16 and teacheth how to drive the wicked spirit away.

AND as they went on their journey, they came in the evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there.

2 And when the young man went down to wash himself, a fish leaped out of the river, and would have devoured him.

3 Then the angel said unto him, Take the fish. And the young man laid hold of the fish, and drew it to land

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4 To whom the angel said, Open the fish, and take the heart and the liver and the gall, and put them up safely.

5 So the young man did as the angel commanded him; and when they had roasted the fish, they did eat it: then they both went on their way, till they drew near to Ecbatane.

6 Then the young man said to the angel, Brother Azarias, to what use is the heart and the liver and the gall of the fish?

7 And he said unto him, Touching the heart and the liver, if a devil or an evil spirit trouble any, we must make a smoke thereof before the man or the woman, and the party shall be no more vexed.

8 As for the gall, it is good to anoint a man that hath whiteness in his eyes, and he shall be healed.

9 And when they were come near to Rages,

10 The angel said to the young man, Brother, to-day we shall lodge with Raguel, who is thy cousin; he also hath one only daughter, named Sara; I will speak for her, that she may be given thee for a wife.

11 For to thee doth the right of her appertain, seeing thou only art of her kindred.

12 And the maid is fair and wise: now therefore hear

me, and I will speak to her father; and when we return from Rages we will celebrate the marriage: for I know that Raguel cannot marry her to another according to the law of Moses, but he shall be guilty of death, because the right of inheritance doth rather appertain to thee than to any other.

13 Then the young man answered the angel, I have heard, brother Azarias, that this maid hath been given to seven men, who all died in the marriage-chamber.

14 And now I am the only son of my father, and I am afraid, lest, if I go in unto her, I die, as the other before for a wicked spirit loveth her, which hurteth nobody, but those which come unto her: wherefore I also fear lest I die, and bring my father's and my mother's life, because of me, to the grave with sorrow: for they have no other son to bury them.

15 Then the angel said unto him, Dost thou not remember the precepts which thy father gave thee, that thou shouldest marry a wife of thine own kindred? wherefore hear me, O my brother; for she shall be given thee to wife; and make thou no reckoning of the evil spirit for this same night shall she be given thee in marriage.

16 And when thou shalt come into the marriagechamber, thou shalt take the ashes of perfume, and shalt lay upon them some of the heart and liver of the fish, and shalt make a smoke with it:

17 And the devil shall smell it, and flee away, and never come again any more: but when thou shalt come to her, rise up both of you, and pray to God which is merciful, who will have pity on you, and save you fear not, for she is appointed unto thee from the beginning; and thou shalt preserve her, and she shall go with thee. Moreover, I suppose that she shall bear thee children. Now when Tobias had heard these things, he loved her, and his heart was effectually joined to her.


11 Raguel telleth Tobias what had happened to hả and giveth her in marriage unto him. 17 She is chamber, and weepeth. 18 Her mother comforte

AND when they were come to Ecbatan to the house of Raguel, and Sara me after they had saluted one another, she b into the house.

2 Then said Raguel to Edna his wife, Ho young man to Tobit my cousin!

3 And Raguel asked them, From whene thren? To whom they said, We are of Nephthali, which are captives in Nineve.

4 Then he said to them, Do ye know To man? and they said, We know him. The he in good health?

5 And they said, He is both alive and in and Tobias said, He is my father.

6 Then Raguel leaped up, and kissed hi 7 And blessed him, and said unto him,! son of an honest and good man: but w heard that Tobit was blind, he was sorrowft 8 And likewise Edna his wife and Sara

wept. Moreover, they entertained them che after that they had killed a ram of the f store of meat on the table. Then said T phael, Brother Azarias, speak of those thin thou didst talk in the way, and let this bus patched.

9 So he communicated the matter with 1 Raguel said to Tobias, Eat and drink, and

10 For it is meet that thou shouldest marr ter: nevertheless, I will declare unto thee t

11 I have given my daughter in marria men, who died that night they came in unto theless, for the present be merry. But T will eat nothing here, till we agree and s another.

12 Raguel said, Then take her from he cording to the manner, for thou art her com is thine, and the merciful God give you goo all things.

13 Then he called his daughter Sara, an to her father, and he took her by the han her to be wife to Tobias, saying, Behold, ta the law of Moses, and lead her away to thy i he blessed them;

14 And called Edna his wife, and took pa write an instrument of covenants, and sealed 15 Then they began to eat.

16 After Raguel called his wife Edna, an her, Sister, prepare another chamber, and thither.

17 Which when she had done as he had she brought her thither: and she wept, and the tears of her daughter, and said unto her.

18 Be of good comfort, my daughter: t heaven and earth give thee joy for this thy of good comfort, my daughter.





riveth the wicked spirit away, as he was taught: 4 He rife rise up to pray. 10 Raguel thought he was dead: nding him alive, praiseth God, 19 and maketh a wed



1 Tobias sendeth the angel unto Gabael for the money: 6 The angel bringeth it and Gabael to the wedding.

hen they had supped, they brought Tobias in THEN Tobias called Raphael, and said unto him,


as he went he remembered the words of RaI took the ashes of the perfumes, and put the the liver of the fish thereupon, and made a rewith.

which smell when the evil spirit had smelled, to the utmost parts of Egypt, and the angel


after that they were both shut in together, e out of the bed, and said, Sister, arise, and let at God would have pity on us.

began Tobias to say, Blessed art thou, O God ers, and blessed is thy holy and glorious name let the heavens bless thee, and all thy crea

madest Adam, and gavest him Eve his wife per and stay of them came mankind: thou It is not good that man should be alone; let nto him an aid like unto himself. now, O Lord, I take not this my sister for prightly therefore mercifully ordain that we le aged together.

she said with him, Amen. ey slept both that night. and made a grave,

2 Brother Azarias, take with thee a servant, and two camels, and go to Rages of Media, to Gabael, and bring me the money, and bring him to the wedding. 3 For Raguel hath sworn that I shall not depart. 4 But my father counteth the days; and if I tarry long, he will be very sorry.

5 So Raphael went out, and lodged with Gabael, and gave him the hand-writing: who brought forth bags which were sealed up, and gave them to him.

6 And early in the morning they went forth both together, and came to the wedding: and Tobias blessed his wife.


1 Tobit and his wife long for their son; 7 She will not be comforted by her husband. 10 Raguel sendeth Tobias and his wife away with half their goods, 12 and blesseth them.



OW Tobit his father counted every day: and when the days of the journey were expired, and they came

2 Then Tobit said, Are they detained? or is Gabael dead, and there is no man to give him the money? 3 Therefore he was very sorry.

4 Then his wife said unto him, My son is dead, seeAnd Raguel arose, ing he stayeth long; and she began to bewail him, and said,

ing, I fear lest he also be dead.

when Raguel was come into his house,

said unto his wife Edna, Send one of the 1 let her see whether he be alive: if he be e may bury him, and no man know it.

the maid opened the door, and went in, and n both asleep,

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I came forth, and told them that he was

n Raguel praised God, and said, O God, thou to be praised with all pure and holy praise; et thy saints praise thee with all thy creatures; 1 thine angels and thine elect praise thee for

a art to be praised, for thou hast made me nd that is not come to me which I suspected; Last dealt with us according to thy great mercy. art to be praised, because thou hast had wo that were the only-begotten children of rs: grant them mercy, O Lord, and finish health with joy and mercy.

Raguel bade his servants to fill the grave. he kept the wedding-feast fourteen days. before the days of the marriage were finished, d said unto him by an oath, that he should until the fourteen days of the marriage were

then he should take the half of his goods, safety to his father; and should have the rest my wife be dead.

5 Now I care for nothing, my son, since I have let thee go, the light of mine eyes.

6 To whom Tobit said, Hold thy peace, take no care, for he is safe.

7. But she said, Hold thy peace, and deceive me not; my son is dead. And she went out every day into the way which they went, and did eat no meat on the daytime, and ceased not whole nights to bewail her son Tobias, until the fourteen days of the wedding were expired, which Raguel had sworn that he should spend there. Then Tobias said to Raguel, Let me go, for my father and my mother look no more to see me.

8 But his father-in-law said unto him, Tarry with me, and I will send to thy father, and they shall declare unto him how things go with thee.

9 But Tobias said, No; but let me go to my father: 10 Then Raguel arose, and gave him Sara his wife, and half his goods, servants, and cattle, and money:

11 And he blessed them, and sent them away, saying, The God of heaven give you a prosperous journey, my

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6 Tobias's mother spieth her son coming: 10 His father meeteth him at the door, and recovereth his sight: 14 He praiseth God, 17 and welcometh his daughter-in-law.


5 Tobit offereth half to the angel for his pains. them both aside, and exhorteth them, 15 and tel was an angel, 21 and was seen no more.

AFTER these things Tobias went his way, praising THEN Tobit called his son Tobias, and s

God that he had given him a prosperous journey, and blessed Raguel and Edna his wife, and went on his way till they drew near unto Nineve.

2 Then Raphael said to Tobias, Thou knowest, brother, how thou didst leave thy father:


3 Let us haste before thy wife, and prepare the house. 4 And take in thine hand the gall of the fish. they went their way, and the dog went after them. 5 Now Anna sat looking about towards the way for her son.

6 And when she espied him coming, she said to his father, Behold, thy son cometh, and the man that went with him.

7 Then said Raphael, I know, Tobias, that thy father open his eyes.


8 Therefore anoint thou his eyes with the gall, and being pricked therewith, he shall rub, and the whiteness shall fall away, and he shall see thee.

9 Then Anna ran forth, and fell upon the neck of her son, and said unto him, Seeing I have seen thee, my son, from henceforth I am content to die. And they wept both.

10 Tobit also went forth towards the door, and stumbled; but his son ran unto him,

11 And took hold of his father; and he strake of the gall on his father's eyes, saying, Be of good hope, my father.

12 And when his eyes began to smart, he rubbed them;

13 And the whiteness pilled away from the corners of his eyes and when he saw his son, he fell upon his neck.

14 And he wept, and said, Blessed art thou, O God, and blessed is thy name for ever; and blessed are all thine holy angels:

15 For thou hast scourged, and hast taken pity on me: for behold, I see my son Tobias. And his son went in rejoicing, and told his father the great things that had happened to him in Media.

16 Then Tobit went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gate of Nineve, rejoicing, and praising God: and they which saw him go marvelled, because he had received his sight.

17 But Tobit gave thanks before them, because God had mercy on him. And when he came near to Sara his daughter-in-law, he blessed her, saying, Thou art welcome, daughter: God be blessed, which hath brought thee unto us, and blessed be thy father and thy mother. And there was joy among all his brethren which were at Nineve.

18 And Achiacharus, and Nasbas his brother's son,

came :

19 And Tobias's wedding was kept seven days with

My son, see that the man have his went with thee, and thou must give him 2 And Tobias said unto him, O father, to me to give him half of those things brought:

3 For he hath brought me again to thee made whole my wife, and brought me th likewise healed thee.

4 Then the old man said, It is due unt 5 So he called the angel, and he sa Take half of all that ye have brought, ar safety.

6 Then he took them both apart, and sa Bless God, praise him, and magnify him, a for the things which he hath done unto yo of all that live. It is good to praise God, name, and honourably to show forth the v therefore be not slack to praise him.

7 It is good to keep close the secret of is honourable to reveal the works of G which is good, and no evil shall touch you 8 Prayer is good with fasting, and al A little with righteousness i much with unrighteousness. It is better than to lay up gold:


9 For alms doth deliver from death, an away all sin. Those that exercise alms : ness shall be filled with life:

10 But they that sin are enemies to the 11 Surely I will keep close nothing fr I said, It was good to keep close the ses but that it was honourable to reveal the w

12 Now therefore, when thou didst pray. daughter-in-law, I did bring the rememb prayers before the Holy One: and when th the deed, I was with thee likewise.

13 And when thou didst not delay to leave thy dinner, to go and cover the d dead was not hid from me: but I was with 14 And now God hath sent me to heal thy daughter-in-law.

15 I am Raphael, one of the seven holy present the prayers of the saints, and whi out before the glory of the Holy One.

16 Then they were both troubled, and f faces: for they feared.

17 But he said unto them, Fear not, fi well with you; praise God therefore.

18 For not of any favour of mine, bi of our God I came; wherefore praise him 19 All these days I did appear unto yo neither cat nor drink, but ye did see a visi

20 Now therefore give God thanks; f him that sent me; but write all things wi

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