Wealth Deployment in the Church

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2007 - 108 من الصفحات
Does the church have a solution to the eminent poverty in society? Do the scriptures provide Christians with strategies for success in their financial pursuits? The forces of intellectualism, manipulation, greed and spiritual forces of evil and good all come to play in the world of work and business. Government policies, decisions of corporations and financial institutions, as well as supply and demand factors also influence the fate of everyone in society. In Wealth Deployment in the Church, Kenneth Walley equips leaders of the local church to develop a plan that can ameliorate the financial problems of Christians. You will learn how to harness and develop potentials as well as apply divine strategies in the pursuit of purpose. Kenneth Walley is the senior pastor of Power Chapel churches and director of Favor Inc. He is the author of 'Substitutional Arrangement' and 'Dominion of Dispensations'. Specializing in Christian finance and business growth he conducts seminars for churches, ministers, businesses and professional associations. He is married to Faith and they are blessed with two children. Ken can be reached by email: kennethwalley@yahoo.com

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