Sophene, Gordyene, and Adiabene: Three Regna Minora of Northern Mesopotamia Between East and West

الغلاف الأمامي
Brill, 2017 - 581 من الصفحات
In Sophene, Gordyene, and Adiabene, M. Marciak offers the first-ever comprehensive study of the history and culture of these three little-known countries of Northern Mesopotamia (3rd century BCE - 7th century CE). The book gives an overview of the historical geography, material culture, and political history of each of these countries. Furthermore, the summary offers a regional perspective by describing the history of this area as a subject of the political and cultural competition of great powers.
This book answers both a recent growth of interest in ancient Mesopotamia as the frontier area, as well as the urgent need for documentation of the cultural heritage of a region that has recently become subject to the destructive influence of sectarian violence.

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Michal Marciak, Ph.D. (2012), Leiden University, is a Research Fellow at Rzeszów University in Poland. He has published extensively on ancient Palestine and Northern Mesopotamia, including the monograph Izates, Helena, and Monobazos of Adiabene (Harrassowitz, 2014).

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