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science, and horrors of soul, diminished in degree every year that you have been in the Universalist ministry?

11. Do you not wish at times that you never had become a Universalist minister?

12. Do you not wish that you could recall some of the compositions that you have published to the world?

13. Do you not often think, that in case you should renounce Universalism, these published productions of yours will afford you the greatest grief?

14. Do you not sometimes think, that it will be an awful aggravation to your torments in a future world, to reflect that you have books, and pamphlets, and opinions, still publishing and circulating in this world, calculated to drown souls in perdition ?

15. When you come to die, will you not wish all the productions that you have ever published, to be brought and burnt before your eyes?

16. When you are preparing your sophistical sermons for the pulpit, do you not often reflect"What a guilty wretch am I, not only to destroy my own soul, but thus knowingly to mislead poor souls, and ripen them for everlasting despair?"

17. When you repair to the Word of God, is it not for the express purpose of gleaning out of it materials by which to defend and prop up your system?

18. Has not the most of your ministry been spent in harmonizing your system with the various contradictory portions of the Word of God?

19. Are there not passages in the Bible that trouble you amazingly, and haunt your fears by day and by night?

20. Do you not preach more against everlasting punishment, than you do in favour of universal salvation?

21. Would not your task be rather dull and heavy, if you should confine yourself to the preaching of universal salvation?

22. Are you not opposed to what are denominated "revivals of religion?"

23. Did you ever have a hearer come to you, and, with trembling and anxiety, ask-"Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

24. Are you in the habit of appointing and attending prayer meetings among your people?

25. Are the Universalist ministry in favour of, and do they urge their people to support, by their prayers and charities, any of the great benevolent institutions of the day?

26. Has your denomination any missionary stations among the heathen?

27. If you have none, why have you none?

28. How have you felt in regard to yourself, ministry, and people, when any great epidemic (as the Asiatic cholera) has been amongst us?

29. Do you believe it right or expedient for ministers of the gospel to drink wine at weddings, or on any other occasion, except at the Lord's supper?

30. Are you in the habit of preaching on the

importance of a strict observance of the Lord's day?

31. Do you consider Sabbath-breaking, going to the theatre, horse racing, profanity, and intemperance, disciplinable offences? and were you informed of the delinquency of members in your churches, in any of these particulars, would you enforce a severe discipline?

32. Would you be willing to engage in a discussion upon the truth of Universalism, with laymen of the highest standing for character and talents ?* 33. If not, why not?

34. Do you preach on the absolute importance of repentance and faith, as conditions of salvation by Jesus Christ?

35. Are you not just as skeptical, and do you not preach as skeptically, on many of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, as you do upon the doctrine of future punishment?

36. Do you ever warn your hearers against the agency of the devil, saying unto them, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you?"

* In this question, many will observe, that there is an allusion to the fact, that the two champions of Universalism in this city, the Rev. Abel C. Thomas, and the Rev. S. W. Fuller, were challenged to a public oral debate, by a literary debating society in Fairmount, and that, while they were assured in the challenge, that their opponents should be gentlemen of the highest standing, they declined accepting the challenge, if laymen were their opponents, "whatever might be their character or talents!!!" The public are left to draw their own conclu


37. Do you believe in the divine inspiration (by the Holy Ghost) of the whole or any portion of the Bible?

88. Do you believe in, or even preach upon, the the day of final judgment?

39. Do you sincerely believe that one of your hearers possesses experimental religion, having been renewed and sanctified by the Holy Spirit?

40. Have you been born again yourself, or does a decent external morality constitute the sum and substance of your religion?

41. Do you live in the habit of communing daily with God in secret?

42. Is it your fervent prayer, when you are preparing any thing for the pulpit or the press-" "O Lord, let not thy servant deceive himself or others?”

43. Do you not think that all your labour is useless, and in vain, if your doctrine is true?

44. Do you not often think, that your imaginary defence of the mercy of God, will atone, in the great day of judgment, for your denial of the justice of God-or, at least, that it will serve to mitigate the horrors of condemnation and perdition?

45. Do you not intend to make an open or secret renunciation of your belief before death?

46. When you walk through your cemeteries, and look upon the sepulchres of those who have gone down to the judgment under your ministry, is not your soul filled with the most painful misgivings, and fearful forebodings?


47. Did you never tell the friends of one of hearers, who was sick, and nigh unto death, not to

allow the believers in future punishment to speak to, or pray with such an one?

48. Were you never told, by the friends of such a dying person, that he did not wish to see you any more, having renounced Universalism ?*

49. Do you not feel your perfect incompetency, when you approach the bed-side of a dying fellow immortal, to speak or pray with him?

50. Will not your death be one of the most fearful deaths that can be imagined?

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." Prov. xxvii. 6.

* The 47th and 48th questions have particular reference to a case which occurred under the ministry of the Rev. A. C. Thomas. The name and place of residence are at hand, whenever called for.


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