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"The true Christian Church, what it is." Evening "The reality of Heaven, how to be thought of." The audiences on these occasions were unusually large, especially in the evening, when almost every seat was occupied by an attentive hearer. The manner in which the subjects were hanIdled gave the greatest satisfaction, and without doubt performed much use to all who heard them. On the next Tuesday evening Mr. R. again lectured in the temple on the "Nature of Instinct," the Philosophy of Reason' and the "Spirituality of Man," the audiences again being numerous. These efforts to do good were accompanied also by the administration of the Lord's Supper on the Sunday morning; and as the Word does not return unto the Lord void, it has in this instance doubtless fulfilled its mission. R. C.

ORDINATION AT BOLTON. On Sunday morning, November 8th, in the New Jerusalem Church, Bolton, Mr. R. Edleston was ordained into the ministry of the New Church, by the Rev. D. Howarth, assisted by the Rev. E. D. Rendell. Mr. Edleston was attended to the altar by Mr. Wild and Mr. Horrocks, as representatives of the society. The performance of the beautiful and instructive ordination service seemed to be impressive and interesting to a large and respectable congregation; and was further improved by the delivery of a most excellent charge, by the Rev. E. D. Rendell, founded on Luke x. 2:-" The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

On the same day, the anniversary sermons were preached that in the afternoon by the Rev. D. Howarth, and that in the evening by the Rev. J. Bayley. These were truly edifying discourses, and were listened to with profound attention and delight, by many persons unaccustomed to the doctrines of the New Church.

The day was one of enjoyment and gratification, and will long be remembered. The collections amounted to upwards of £28.

TIVERTON, NEAR BATH.-The Rev. T. Goyder, of Chalford, on Sunday, October 11, consecrated and opened a neat chapel in this village, for the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Only True God and Eternal Life. He delivered two discourses, explanatory of the doctrines of the New Church, to crowded congregations. Sermons were also delivered by him on the following Monday and Thursday evenings. These have excited much stir and attention among the inhabitants, by which a fair prospect is presented of ultimately establishing a congregation of the New Church in that populous village. Mr. Goyder also visited Bristol, and preached there on Sunday, the 18th of October, and the following Tuesday. He attended the anniversary there on the Monday evening, when thirty-five assembled to tea. Psalm cxxxiii. was explained and illustrated by several speakers, and the meeting was both, instructive and happy.

CHALFORD AND STROUD.-During Mr. Goyder's absence from home, the Rev. T. D. Dyke, of Salisbury, visited Chalford, and on Sunday, October 11th, preached two discourses to numerous and attentive audiences. Mr. Dyke also gave an elucidatory lecture on Monday, October 12th, at Stroud, to a very respectable assembly, all of whom expressed delight at the truths advanced. For an hour after the lecture, conversation concerning the doctrines kept the lecturer fully employed, and a desire was expressed that exertions should be made to give a course of lectures on the whole of the doctrines, by Mr. Dyke and Mr. Goyder, at the Subscription Rooms in that town, during the ensuing winter. Efforts are now making to accomplish this object.


Died, at Liverpool, aged 88, Mary Brownbill, relict of the late Robert Brownbill. She has been connected with the New Church since its first introduction into this town, and was, we believe, the oldest member living.


At Lucea, Jamaica, on the 19th March last, aged 50 years, Lydia Hine, relict of the late Jacob Edward Chambers, and last surviving daughter of the late Alex. Chambers, Esq., of that place. She was early in life introduced by baptism into

the communion of the Lord's New Church, and remained a steadfast adherent to the doctrines throughout her sojourn in this world, which had been to her one of much sorrow.

On the 24th September, 1846, in the 47th year of her age, Elizabeth, wife of William Holbrook, London-road, Manchester, finished the period of her earthly probation. Mrs. H. was formerly a member of the calvinistic persuasion. Mr. H. introduced the doctrines of the New Church to her notice prior to their marriage, her religious creed being the only obstacle to their union. She first read various works of the late Rev. J. Clowes; next some of the writings of Swedenborg, and her mind gradually became impressed and enlightened by the truths thus presented; but it was not until the lapse of three years that she became fully convinced of the truth and excellence of the principles of the new dispensation, which was shortly after her marriage. She then joined her husband in membership with the Salford Society, and continued to be a most worthy member of that body for nearly twenty years, to the time of her death. For some time past she had suffered much from physical debility, which led to pulmonary consumption, attended with a most harassing cough, which resisted all attempts to cure, or even relieve her. Finding herself no longer capable to perform her accustomed family duties, she often expressed a hope that she should not long continue in what she called a useless state. On the Sunday previous to her decease, she requested her husband to read that portion of the "Treatise on Heaven and Hell" which describes the first, second, and third states of man after death. He did so; and she then said, "I am satisfied; I know that the Lord in his mercy has made every needful preparation for us." She repeatedly declared her conviction that she should not recover, yet her resignation was complete; not a murmur escaped her lips; her steadfast faith in the doctrines of the New Church, and unshaken reliance on the Lord, had completely dissipated the fear of death, in the anticipation of which her mind was weaned from earthly ties, and consoled with a strong confidence that the Lord's merciful providence would render all needful assistance to her surviving husband and family, by whom her loss is felt to be irreparable. To herself the change

is doubtless a blessed one,-a removal from the uncertainties and trials of earth, to the realities and enduring felicities of heaven, where the adorations of the Lord, the performance of spiritual uses, and the more exalted contemplation of those truths with which she was delighted here, will more eminently delight her expanded and expanding mind for ever.

W. H.

On Sunday, the 18th of October, the earthly remains of John Grayson Butter, the last son of Mr. Henry Butter, of London, the present Secretary of the General Conference, were interred in the Highgate Cemetery. The funeral was attended by a numerous band of friends, whose esteem for him while living had brought them to see the last rites paid to his earthly tenement. The short but amiable life of this young man claims a notice amongst the obituaries of those who have by their conduct adorned the doctrines of the New Jerusalem. Early imbued with the truths of the new dispensation as his mind gradually expanded, and as he was enabled to form them into doctrine applicable to life, he loved and practised them the more; and it is manifest to all who knew him that his gradually-increasing sphere of usefulness was only checked by the inability of the body to be the full instrument of carrying out the ends of so energetic a mind. When it was determined that a Sunday school should be commenced in connexion with the New Church in Argyle-square, none were more active than he in labouring for its establishment, and when established, none more regular in attendance for its support, so long as his health permitted him to be so. After a long illness, during which he exhibited the patience and confidence of a New Church Christian, and testified to the efficacy of New Church truth, he died October 13th, in the 23rd year of his age. To contemplate such a life and such a death, must, from his parent and only sister, take away, or at least alleviate, the sting of separation, because it assures them that he has gone where he was wanted, and has now entered into his sphere of usefulness above. As a young man of business the straightest line of integrity marked his path, and thus he gained the esteem of all his employers, one of whom (the writer of this) feels that in this dispensation of Providence he has been separated from a friend and companion. May the example

of his short life be followed by all the that her German friends regarded her young friends who knew him! J. B.

On the 25th of October, 1846, Marie, the widow of my youngest son, the late Samuel Bradley, B.A., was divested by death, as we usually call it, of her material covering, and entered thereby into the sensible experience of true substantial life, in the spiritual world. There is every reason to believe that she was a sincere and intelligent recipient of our heavenly doctrines, which she appeared to receive without much difficulty, as fast as she became acquainted with them by reading. She appeared to enjoy the felicity of perceiving at once their genuine character and tendency, and to have much delight in conversing respecting them, which I have observed with great pleasure on several occasions. After the death of her husband, she lost few opportunities of attending Divine worship, and the Holy Supper. She attended nearly the whole of the last course of lectures delivered in the New Jerusalem Temple, Bolton-street, Salford, by the Rev. D. Howarth, and would have attended the whole but for her declining health. She returned from these lectures with a great flow of spirits, on account of the certainty of the truth they seemed to communicate to her mind, and the pleasure inspired by such certainty. On these occasions she would say to a kind friend, with whom she was staying, "If you had been there, you must have been convinced of the great superiority of the New Church doctrines." It is to me a great pleasure

with so much affection and esteem, as an amiable and talented woman, and which they shewed to her by tokens not to be mistaken. The death of her husband occurred only three months and a few days after their marriage, and another twelve months and a few days has consigned her mortal remains to an early grave. In the New Church we cannot mourn on these occasions as those without hope. Her early removal into another and better world, we trust will be to her infinite gain. She died a very quiet and happy death: "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."


Nov. 9th, 1846.
Ardwick Cemetery, Manchester.

Died on the 16th November, 1846, Mrs. Sarah Allum, widow of Mr. Thomas Allum, and eldest and last surviving daughter of the late Rev. Manoah Sibly, in the 66th year of her age. Mrs. Allum was a constant and punctual attendant on the divine worship of the Lord as long as her health permitted; but a life of activity and usefulness was succeeded by paralysis, which prevented her, for the last three years, from leaving her house. This affliction she bore with patience and quiet resignation; and it is confidently trusted that her spirit, now freed from the trammels of earthly impurities, will rise to perform higher and nobler uses in the Lord's kingdom above. This thought serves to console her sorrowing children, six of whom survive her.


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