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providence, that in his fyftem could certainly afford but little chearfulness to thofe who throughly imbibed it. I hope it has been fhewn, in the following work, that the opinion much infifted on by him, and which raifes the most melancholy fufpicions of the deity, viz. that repentance alone is not fufficient to restore finful creatures to the favour of their maker, is as void of foundation in fcripture, as it is contrary to all rational fentiments of the Divine Being, and to all just conclufions from reason and fact. What a door alfo does it open to the worst fuperftition, to be told that a return to fincere piety and virtue will not fatisfy or appeafe the divine difpleasure against fin? What evil is there, which the opinion of God not being in his own nature placable, hath not caufed, both in the chriftian and pagan worlds?

It was tedious, though ncceflary, to repeat many things before noted, by myfelf and others, to fhew what a mistaken interpreter of fcripture the Dean of Canterbury is in his printed Difcourfes ; from which I have made fome few citations. But the change, (muft not I call it!) which


he has made in the object of religious worhip, throughout the two volumes of his commentaries on the pfalms, will to many appear to exceed all belief; in his folemnly, and frequently, nay almoft intirely addreffing prayer to Jefus Chrift, by name, whom he also stiles, God, LORD God, LORD of hosts, God of Ifrael. What will the unbeliever fay to this, done by an approved high dignitary of the church-eftablished, when he looks into our facred books, and finds no fuch God there?

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N. B. I have juft now been informed, VAPADINHOLS, Top of it, was he of the clerical affembly at Tennison's library, mentioned, p. 51. who united with others now alfo on the epifcopal bench, to request a revisal of the articles and liturgy and forms of fubfcription of the church; in the year 1772.

*The fecond propofed part of this work,

fee p. 2. 3. is in good forwardness,
and will in due time be laid before
the public,

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