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« from your evil ways, for why will ye “ die, 0 house of Israel ?" When God is willing to save your soul, why should you be willing to destroy it? When he offers you life, why should you prefer death? When he calls you to share the happiness of heaven, why should

you prefer the miseries of hell ? . Would to « God that you were wise, that you u would understand this, that


would u consider


latter end, that you “ would know in this your day, the

things which belong to your peace, “ ere they be for ever hid from your eyes."

Behold now is the accepted time, " now is the day of salvation.” Happy are they who still hear the joyful sound; thrice happy are they who accept of the gracious offer. Happy even in comparison is the state of that sinner who has not yet gone to the land of forgetfulness, but is still in the land of the living and in the place of hope. Your time is short and uncertain, your danger great, if privileges are abused and offers despised. Flee then speedily and without delay for shelter from the storms of di

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vine vengeance, to the covert of Christ's atoning blood, and betake yourselves to this fountain opened for sin and unclean. ness, while access yet remains. Behold God waiting to be gracious,—the Lord Jesus knocking at the door of every heart among you and seeking admission ! Say not to him, “ Go thy way for this time," lest he strive with you no longer, lest he “ swear in his wrath that


shall * never enter into his rest." Put not his

. forbearance to any farther trial, lest


you tempt him to cut you off in your sins, and reserve you to the day of destruction.

But though there be no hope for you while you

continue to reject Christ, yet if you accept of him as he is offered in the gospel, an unfading crown of glory, a portion in bliss, and a seat at his right hand, shall be yours throughout eternity. Choose then this day what ye will do. Life and death, the blessing and the curse, are set before you. May the Lord make you willing in the day of his power to obey his call! May he incline your heart, while it is called today, to make that holy and happy choice, of which in this world you will never repent, and for which in the world to come you

will never cease to render everlasting songs of praise and joy! Amen.




Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.

These words evidently refer to the brazen serpent which Moses, at the command of God, lifted up in the wilderness of Sinai. We learn from the book of Numbers, that the people of Israel, by their unbelief and murmurings, had displeased the Lord, and provoked him to visit them with manifestations of his wrath. As a judgment on their sin, he sent among them fiery serpents, which bit the people ; and no cure for the bite being found out, great numbers died. Terrified at this judgment, they came to Moses, confessed their guilt, and besought him to intercede with the Almighty in their behalf. Moses at their request besought the Lord ; and the Lord heard his prayer. He did not indeed grant the

very thing which was asked, nor give relief in the exact manner that the Israelites had required. Instead of immediately removing the serpents from them, he revealed a way in which those who were bitten might be cured ; at the same time that it would put their faith and obedience to the trial.

The Lord commanded Moses to make a serpent of brass, and having set it on a pole, to raise it up in the midst of the camp, that it might be seen by the whole congregation.

To this serpent, thus lifted up, the people were directed to look; while it was promised, that every one who was bitten should on beholding it be cured. And thus it came to pass, as many as believed, and obeyed the direction, were instantly healed.

Now, as the brazen serpent was lifted up for the healing of the Israelites, so was the Son of Man lifted


for the healing of the nations. It is in this interesting point of view, as lifted up

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