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in this world, that I am afraid it would not be agreeable at the present moment. To every seed its season. When the intellect, so much talked of in these days, will have passed from the close winter in which I apprehend it is still bound on certain points, to an open spring, then there will be more prospect than now of seeing my ideas on the subject welcomed and kindly entertained. I am sorry to be in a manner compelled to keep back from you what probably would give you some satisfaction, and might draw your attention to passages that appear to have been overlooked, and also elucidate others that I suppose to be misunderstood. I regret it likewise, because I think that my views being simple, intelligible, and concordant with the Bible, they might afford you the means of persuading and reconciling to the belief in the Holy Trinity, and in the Divinity of Christ, those whom you are concerned to see rejecting both, perhaps from want of considering that children, as we seem to be still in the knowledge of the Sacred History, show no wisdom in throwing aside what their weak faculties do not allow them to comprehend yet. In giving you that opinion, permit me to add that I do not believe that any body is under a positive obligation to adhere exactly, and surrender himself totally, to the old notions, that have involved the question in so much obscurity that it is next to impossibility to find out one's way in them. Were you to discard them entirely from your thoughts, and to mind that, whereas God is a Spirit, it might be proper to take the Trinity in a spiritual sense, I hope that, in searching perseveringly in the Scriptures, without yielding unreservedly to the sentiments of fallible men, you will, with the Divine help, glean and

acquire from them a rational and satisfactory intelligence of what has been always represented to us as a quite incomprehensible Mystery. Most sincerely I wish you


Farewell again, Lover of God: His Grace and Peace be with you!



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