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BEFORE the friends of dr. Dickson proceed to the reading of the second edition of this very interesting « narrative,” it will be necessary to call to their recollection, the measures which the synod of Ulster thought proper to adopt in the month of July last, in consequence of the appearance of a work, which has proved not more useful to the people for whom it has been writ ten, than vindicatory of the moral and political conduct of its respected author. The synod of Ulster have laboriously struggled to prevail on dr. Dickson to degrade his character, by signing a retractation of that statement, which CANNOT BE CONTRADICTED, which the calumniators know to be PACT, AND TRUTH, and which has already had the good effect of forcing his enemies to a PUBLIC VINDICATION OF THEIR CONDuct.


Dickson has, in the second edition briefly set forth the proceedings of the synod of Ulster, and has made such observations thereon, as appear FOR THE PRESENT, necessary to his justification. IRISHMEN will find that dr. Dickson is ready and wil ling to meet any charge which prejudice, ignorance, or malignity can urge against him, and that he boldly challenges his enemies to an enquiry, whether he, or they who presume to slander him, have most wandered from that path, which the true christian, and the sound moralist should ever be found to walk in.



TUESDAY, JULY 7th. 1812.


A correspondent, who attended the late meeting of the synod of Ulster, has furnished us with the following particulars of their proceedings.

"Dr. Black having given notice of his intentions, on Wednesday, proceeded on the following day, to lay before the synod certain passages in dr. Dickson's narrative, lately published, containing libels against the body. In this he acquitted himself in a manner highly creditable to himself, and so satisfactory to both ministers and elders, that he has been thanked from the chair, and requested to publish the substance of his speech.

After dr. Dickson had attempted to justify his book, a very long and impartial discussion took place, which concluded with a vote of censure on the dr. for the gross mistatements and misrepresentations contained in his Narrative. This vote passed unanimously, though a considerable portion of the ministers and elders present had no personal concern in the transactions complained of in that publication.

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The INDIGNATION of the synod was so much excited by the animadversions of dr. Black, and other respectable ministers, that it was proposed forthwith to expel him from the body. This, however, was commuted for a recantation and public apology to the synod by dr. Dickson. It was at first suggested, that he should propose it himself, but at his own desire a committee was appointed to draw it up, and present it to the synod next morning. Having then received the approbation of the synod, it was handed to dr. Dickson, who was allowed time to consider whether he would subscribe it. This, however, the dr. declined doing, when it was moved, that he should be forthwith suspended until he should subscribe the acknowledgment. The execution of this sentence was afterwards, through the lenity of the synod, postponed till next meeting.

Dr. Black's statement, and the subsequent proceedings, will speedily appear in print."

Since we received the above, the following official document has reached us :


At a meeting of the general synod of Ulster, at COOKS-TOWN on the 2d. and 3d. of July 1812, the following resolutions were agreed to.


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