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playmates, and eminently in ballplaying, which he was very fond of,

and practised whenever he could.

He was intended for the church, and went to the bishop of Elphin to be examined for orders; but appear

ing in a pair of scarlet breeches (a

piece of dress, you will allow, not ex

actly suited to a clerical garb), he was

rejected, turned his studies to physic,

and went to the university of Edin

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The place of Goldsmith's birth is, we may now conclude, established beyond the reach of disputation; and it appears that Dr. Johnson was not accurately informed when he wrote his friend's epitaph, as it stands in Westminster-abbey; in which it is said that Goldsmith was born IN LOCO CUI NO

MEN PALLAS: an error that has given rise to a strange conceit on the part of the absurd translator of the Latin, who observes that the place in question was one where Pallas had set her name!

To many, this investigation will appear impertinent and immaterial: there

are some, however, who will think otherwise of it, and allow that it is de

sirable to know even the most trivial circumstance connected with the life of one whose writings are destined to delight and improve mankind hereafter, and whose private history will probably form an object of eager inquiry to generations yet unborn.

Upon the subject of novels I have, aş I conceive, said all that belongs to the nature of this Essay, designedly thrown

off in a plain, brief, and popular manner, in order to afford it the better chance of being read and remembered by those for whose use it is intended.

But as it might be thought that I had very imperfectly performed my task should I, in treating of light reading, pass by the poetical department without notice, I shall add something upon that head. And, in the first instance, offer my opinion candidly on the general characteristics of the poems of Swift and Pope: I mean those parts of their poetical labours which are more particularly in every one's possession,

and constantly submitted to the eye of youth, as models of perfect versification, and splendid proofs of human capacity.

It must be confessed that many of their poems are such: but it should not be forgotten that the most ingenious compositions of these eminent wits are also the most pernicious and inex


These authors, in their poetical characters, may be considered as parallels to Fielding and Smollet, and as entitled, for many of their effusions, to the like condemnation. Let any person of ripe

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