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On the other hand, they repre. Again ; the scriptures speak of sent saints as kept by the power the actions of good men as if the of God; God hath made them to credit of these actions were to be differ from others; as to their ascribed to the Divine agency good deeds, it is not they who do which prompted them, in some ihem, but Christ who dwelleth in respects as the credit of the rethem


The Lord inclines their formation of a voluptuous youth hearts to his statutes and keeps is ascribed to the kind friend their feet in his way.

whose persuasion ioduced bim to Tbe

agency of God is exerted reform, or the guilt of his vicious and is efficient in both cases, (i. e. course to the man whose counsels accomplishes all which God de- and influence led him astray. Now signs) but in one case it is priva- if the agency of God is the same tive or indirect and general, in in the hearts of sinners, as of saints the other, it is positive, direct and why does it not follow that the special. Ia one case, it merely actions of the wicked are to be preserves the ordinary laws of ascribed to God in the same sense mind and does not prevent their as the holy actions of the rightpatural effect, in the other, it counteracts the influence of these laws Ill. The doctrine is not in the or creates new

Just as Bible. the agency of God is as real and If this objection can be fairly efficient in causing a stone to fall set aside 1 freely acknowledge to the ground when unsupported, that the doctšine must be receiv. as in causing it to fly off unpro. ed, whatever difficulties may atpelled, whilst there is yet a mani- tend it. The text to which your fest difference in the agency ex- correspondent alludes Er. 9. 12. erted in the two cases.

66 The Lord hardened the heart of The Scriptures also represent Pharaoh and several others which the human mind as the scene of a , he might have named, prove, controversy between God and the (what indeed nobody doubts) the adversary of souls. God invites, existence of some divine agency urges, threatens singers in order to in the actions of wicked men; but lead them to holiness. Satan al do they prove that this agency is lures, flatters, deceives, in or- positive or direct; and that it is the der to keep them in sin. Now if same as in the actions of holy men! the agency of God is equally di. If they do not, they leare the objecrect and positive on both sides of tion unaffected; if they do prove this controversy, there would seem this, the objection will be answerto be an incongruity in the repre- ed by showing how they prove it. sentation.

With a few, remarks upco gour


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correspondents principles of inter- moved David, by employing satan pretation I shall close.

to move him ? He says he knows of no prin- lodeed the whole number of ciples of logic or interpretation texts in which the actions of mea which allow of such license" as are ascribed to God, seem incapaascribing to God what man does ble of explanation without admitI profess no skill in the “ rules of ting that God is said to do, what logic or interpretation" with in his providence be employs oth. which your correspondent seems ers to do.* The truth is we canfamiliar, but I have been accustom, not tell from the terms employed, ed to regard tbe principles which whetber the Divine agency in he thinks so inadmissible, viz. that particular cases, is the same or it is proper to ascribe to God in different, direct or indirect, for one sense, what is done by man in the manifest reason that agencies another sense as of fundamental and are spoken of in the same terms indispensable importance in the which are in other parts of the explanation of the scriptures.- scriptures determined to be differ. Nor do I see how your correspon. eat. The objections mentioned dent can without it dispose of the go to show that this is the case in very text he adduced, viz. - The the agency exercised in the hearts Lord hardened the heart of Phara- of sinners and of saints and it may oh,” for the same chapter repeat. be well for your correspondent to edly assures us tbat Pharaoh bar- answer the real objections of those dened his own heart. I know of who differ from him before he no way to avoid this difficulty, but very confidently concludes their by adopting the principle in ques. opinion to be false. If the reasontion and saying “God bardened ings on the rules of interpretation, Pharaoh's heart by employing an- to which he objects, are invalid, it other” (i.e. Pharaob himself) "to will tend much to the conviction of do it."

those wbo adopt them to have Again; it is said Il. Saml. 24. 1. this invalidity pointed out. 16 The Lord mored David to num.

XANTHUS. ber Israel and I. Chron. 21. 1.

*See an admirable illustration of this that Satan moved him to the same

principle in a Sermon of the Rev. Dr. shing; yet II. Saml. 24. 10, 17 and Emmons relative to Pharaob. 1. Chron. 21. 8, 17 the transaction is spoken of as if David's agony was alone concerned in numbering the

Friendship.- A false friend is people. Will your correspondent like the shadow of a dial, it apinform me by what" principles of


in clear weather, but vaninterpretation” he reconciles these ishes on the approach of a without admitting that the Lord cloud.


Scandal. The way in which pense, to himself, of about $43,: some good sort of people are be. 000, and officiated in it as long as trayed into scandal is not by forg

as his health would permit. There

are commonly about 20,000 Ening a false story, but by telling glish People at Paris.-An Ameriwhat they do not know to be true. can Church is also established There is not so much lying in the there. There are 2 or 3 millions world as want of solicitude about of Protestants in France.

The whole 'number of missiona. truth. Ano:her tosses the fire

ries now actually employed by brand 'to us and we toss it along the British Society for PropagatLet'such people remember a sen- ing the Gospel in Foreign parts, tence from Barrow. 66 There is in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward's no great difference between the island, Capé Breton, New-Bruns.

wick, and Newfoundland, togetha great Devil that framed scanda

er with the Canadas and Burmudas, Jous reports and the little imps is one hundred and three ; besides that run about and disperse them. wbom, more than a hundred The reader must recollect the ely- schoolmasters are partially sufmology of the Greek word, devil. ported froin its funds. Ch. Spec.


The Publishing Committée of The Pope has lately founded a the Christian Magazine will conphilological college at Rome, on tinue the work. They cherish

. the same footing as the ancient the hope, that in consequence of Sorbonne in France, which will be

some new arrangement wbich they charged with the examination of have determined to adopt, the all literary works before they are third volume will be more enterprinted. His Holiness has also taining and more deserving of apconsiderably augmented the num probation than either of the preber of theological colleges. ceding. While they feel grateful

Some years since, the Syrian for the public patronage they Archbishop, Giarve, visited Rome, have received, they respectfully Paris, and London, to obtain mon- solicit its continuance. If any of ey, as he then professed, in order the present subscribers intend to to print the Scriptures on Mount disconiinue the work at the close Lebanon. Money and a press of the current year, they are dewere accordingly given him; but sired to give notice of their inhe has never printed the Scrip- tention to the printer 'or some atures, and being now elected Syr- gent before the issuing of the next ian Patriarch, he opposes their number. And all who give no circulation by the missionaries. such notice will be considered as

The Rev. Jewis Way purchas- desiring the work the succeeding ed a Church at Paris, at an ex- year.






No. 12.



made light of it, and went their MATTHEW 22, 14.For many ways; one to his farm, anotherto are called, but few are chosen. his merchandize : and the rem

Ever since the first apostacy, nant took his servants, and enthe minds of men have been treated them spitefully, and slew darkened, through the ignorance them. But when the king heard that is in them by reason of the thereof, he was wroth: and he blindness of their hearts. They sent forth his armies, and destroy

no beauty in the divine ed those murderers, and burned character, and no consistency, nor their city. Then saith he to his even sincerity in the divine con- servants, The wedding is ready, duct. The truth of this observa. hut they which were bidden were tion will probably be felt by not worthy. Go ye iberefore many, while I am reading the into the highways, and as many parable, which closes with the as ye shall find, bid to the marwords I have read. “And Jesus an- riage. So those servants went swered, and spake unto them again out into the high-ways, and gathby parables, and said, The king- ered together all as many as they dom of heaven is like unto a cer- found, both bad and good: aod tain king who made a marriage for the wedding was furnisbed with his son; and sent forth his ser- guests. And when the king came vants to call them that were bid- in to see the guests, he saw there den to the wedding: and they a man who had not on the wed. would not come. Again he sent ding garment: and he said unto forth other servants, saying, Tell him, Friend, how camest thou in them that are bidden, behold i hither, not having a wedding garbave prepared my dinner; my ment? Add he was speechless. oxen and my fatlings are killed, Then said the king to the servants, and all things are ready: come bind him hand and foot, and take tinto the marriage. But they him away, and cast bim into outer

can see


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darkness: there shall be weeping has elected, to accept of salvaand goashing of teeth. For many tion. are called, but few are chosen.1. I am to show that God in. Now says one and another I have vites all to accept of salvation, often heard and read this text, Election always conveys the idea and it always appears to me in of distinction. If God had deterthe same light. Do you not see mined to save all mankind, such the inconsistency of God in his a determination would have been secret and revealed will, and his inconsistent with any personal insincerity in bis universal call distinction or election. But if he and particular election ? Many has determined to save a pant, are called, but few are chosen and not the whole of the human All are invited to accept of salva- race; then this determination tion, while only a few are elected necessarily supposes what is propto eternal life. If God means to erly called personal election, or save all, he may with propriety choosing one and not another, or invite all to come to the gospel choesing a part and not the whole feast; but as he means to save of mankind to eternal life. And only a chosen few, and to destroy in this distinguishing sense, the the rest, it is very hard to con- doctrine of election is represented ceive how his offers are sincere in scripture, God chose David, in and consistent with his designs. distinction from all his brethren, As there are many, no doubt, who to be king over Israel. God entertain such views of God, and chose the Jews in distinction from feel such difficulties in their all other nations to be his peculiar minds, respecting his character people. And God chose Paul in and conduct, it seems necessary distinction to Judas to eternal to explain the meaning and con- life. All saints are called a chosen sistency of his language in the generation, a peculiar people. text, “ Many are called, but few The apostle speaking of the few are chosen." This plain declara-Jews that embraced the gospel in tion suggests this plain truth to his day, says, “So then, at this

, our present consideration,

time also, there is a rempant, That God invites more, than he according to the election of grace." elects, to accept of salvation. To Christ speaks of all those as beset this subject in a clear light, it lievers, whom his father had givis proposed,

en him, and whom he had chosen 1. To show that God does io. Out of the world. And this agrees vite all to accept of salvation, with his declaration in the text. And,

“Many are called, but few are 1. To illustrate his sinceri. chosen."

Whether by this dec. ty in inviting more, than he laration he meant to intimate, that

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