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As the one catholic church of Jesus his mind such a powerful interest, Christ, composed as we believe it to or to animate his exertions in the be of various sects and parties, shall cause of truth and righteousnesss, become more and more imbued with and the general welfare, with such the mind that was in its great founder, ardour, as the spiritual kingdom of we may expect that minor points of which we are about to treat; the belief will be less strenuously main- nature and properties of which are tained, (though not less surely felt) by no means sufficiently understood. and that the writings and personal - It is called the kingdom of God, , labours of Christians will be directed or of the Messiah, which the latter to the grand doctrines of the Cross, came to establish in the name, and and to the cultivation of that spirit with the authority, of his heavenly of brotherly love, which is an indis- Father. When considered in its propensable proof of the reality of our per and most extensive signification, love to God. 'If a man say, I love it may be denominated the triumph God, and hateth his brother, he is of Christianity over the evil prina liar : for he that loveth not his ciple; or what is termed in Scripbrother whom he hath seen, how can ture the kingdom of Satan. When he love God whom he hath not seen? . Christ says, my kingdom is not of And this commandment have we this world,' he does not mean that it from him, That he who loveth God has nothing to do with the affairs of love his brother also.' 1 Johniv.20,21. the world ; far from it: but that it

The truth of these expectations, is of a nature very superior to, and we have been delighted to observe differing from, all earthly power and in addresses from the pulpit, and in dignity, the kingdoms of the world, publications from the press. Among and the glory of them ;' and that it the latter, we note with peculiar was not only intended to be a pledge satisfaction, a little work by the Rev. of the happiness which the righteous John Whitehouse, bearing the sim- are to enjoy in the regions of bliss ple but striking and comprehensive hereafter,--but to constitute, moretitle, The Kingdom of God on Earth! over, such a portion of temporal Though written by a clergyman of felicity as could never otherwise have the established church, it will be been expected, in the great and maread with pleasure by pious Chris- nifold blessings it will undoubtedly tians of all denominations, for it produce. With the word “kingdom, bears throughout the impress of that what more natural than to associate charity that never faileth.'

ideas of worldly power, riches, and If in the extracts we are about to aggrandizement ? – and these cormake, it shall be found that their rupt elements have, in fact, through immediate connection with the sub- many successive generations, united jects of Peace and War is not ap- themselves in close but unhallowed parent, we must refer our justification alliance, with the pure and spiritual to the preceding remarks, only ob- religion of the Gospel. The kings serving here, that we believe the of the earth have stood up, and the entire work is eminently calculated rulers have taken counsel together, directly, or indirectly, to promote the not professedly against the kingdom reign of the Messiah, and the domi- of the Messiah, but for the purposes nion of universal peace. The writer of human policy, to hold their aubegins by describing the difference thority in conjunction with his, or between the kingdom of Jesus Christ, rather to make it subservient to their and the kingdoms of the world. 'own. Hence the abuses which have

“ Sec. 1. There is no subject con- arisen, and the causes which operate nected with the present condition of to obstruct the progress, and dimiman, which is calculated to excite in nish the salutary effects of a religion


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This evange

which is eminently calculated to ad- lence of the spirit of Christian love, vance human happiness to the highest he writes as follows :possible degree. Hence, moreover,

“ Sects and parties, and partyit has been frequently resorted to, in spirit, it is to be hoped, are gradually order to excite those passions which giving way to the substitution of it was intended to control; to kindle principles conducive to the interests the flames of blind zeal, and to con- of humanity, justice, and the public jure up the demons of fanaticism and good : while the opposition made superstition. Long and bloody wars to them can only serve to strengthen have often been undertaken and per- their growth, to promote their exsisted in, to gratify a wild and in- tension, and to bring about the longsatiable ambition, under the hypo- predicted period, when Christianity critical garb of a religion which was shall triumph in the universal spread given to subdue wrath, and anger, of its doctrines, which, founded in and malice, and to promote the truth, and having God for their au'glory of God, peace on earth, and thor, shall cease not to shed around good-will to men.'

their enlightening and purifying inBut although the evils which fluences, till the kingdoms of the have been occasioned hereby are in- world become the kingdom of God calculable; yet when the real nature and of his Christ.' * of the Messiah's kingdom comes to lical spirit (for such it really is) be rightly understood, and the know- which is still inereasing, and which ledge of God more widely diffused will eventually effect the overthrow and impressed on the minds and of that mystery of iniquity' which

' consciences of men ; and as error

has held the mind of man in slavish gradually yields, as it must, to the subjection through so many ages, and light and evidence of truth ; there which began to work’soon after the can be no doubt, but that the misery promulgation of the Gospel, to defeat and suffering which have preceded its professed design, and to make it this glorious era will be overbalanced curse instead of a blessing, an by-such a preponderance of transcen- engine of tyranny instead of the

a dental good, as to render the former harbinger of peace and good-will; comparatively as nothing. The coun- this evangelical spirit has accomsels of heaven are, indeed, involved plished one grand object in spite of in darkness, and are not to be mea- all the opposition it met with, viz. sured by man's ignorance : nor are

the abolition of the Slave-trade: and we to call in question the times and although this preliminary work of seasons which infinite Wisdom has reformation is incomplete, there is appointed for the developement of every reason to believe and expect its purposes : in the mean time; it that it will not long continue so. is incumbent upon those who are

It is one of those abominations which anxious to promote the Redeem- scarcely an individual of the least er's kingdom, to persevere in the respectability would not blush to straight, undeviating path, and stea- countenance; and it is to be hoped its dily and strenuously to pursue those

total extinction, in


civilized and objects which both reason and reve- Christianized country, will proclaim lation point out as attainable by those ere long the triumphs of humanity. who are resolved to sacrifice every

It is of some moment, in the mean other consideration to the duty im- time, to have pulled down one of posed upon them—of advancing, by the strongest holds of the powers of all possible means, the interests of darkness.'t To rescue

men from peace, and truth, and righteousness the chains of slavery, by arguments in the world.”

Alluding to the growing preva. * Rev. xi. 15. f Ephes. vi, 12:


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drawn from reason and revelation, the very circumstance of being famiis a real glory to the Christian cause. liarized with scenes of rapine, masHere is no violence, no physical sacre, and violence, must, without a force; the whole has been effected, man's consent, and perhaps, even as all other moral disorders may, without his consciousness, have this and will be, by one power, the simple effect. In vain a voice is heard, principle of the love of God and of Why do ye this wrong one to anour neighbour.'

other? Know ye not that ye are Sections 11. III. and part of iv. are so

brethren?'* No such wrong is perdirectly levelled at the horrible prac- ceived; no such relationship is actice of War, and so perfectly in unison knowledged. Alas! what an aceldema, with the design of the Herald of Peace, what a field of blood, of misery and that we feel no apology necessary desolation, has not war made of this for their insertion at length, without fair creation of God! What widows note or comment, believing that the and orphans innumerable has it left perusal of them will be highly ac- to mourn out their days in sorrow ceptable to our readers.

and bitterness of heart! And what “Sec. 11. But the greatest obstacle a moral pestilence has followed, of all, and which is most adverse to wherever - havoc has let slip the the kingdom of God and of his dogs of war!' All war therefore is Christ, is the custom of what is to be deprecated; war in general; called civilized war; or in other even that which is in a just cause : words, murder reduced to a science. how much more, then, all ambitious Among barbarians and savages, wars prædatory, liberticide wars !-wars there must and will be, just as

entered into, and carried on, not only among the brute beasts that have in violation of the divine commands no understanding :

as contained in the written oracles Brute preys on brute,

of truth, but also against the natural The lion and the tiger in their baunts

and inalienable rights of mankind; War on the other animals, when urg'd

and which are, in fact, the very By appetite or passion ; else they dwell

engines made use of to uphold the In peaceful neighbourhood: but savage man Ah ! far inore savage than the beasts of prey,

kingdom of darkness; by perpetuThough boasting of his reason, urges on ating as much as possible, the reign The bloody conflict, when nor appetite

of vice and error. Is it not then inNor passion sway him.

cumbent upon the disciples and fol“ This inhuman practice, which lowers of Him, at whose birth Peace outrages réason and common sense, was proclaimed on earth, and who which tramples upon every principle, is himself emphatically styled, the and every virtuous feeling of the Prince of Peace,' to exert themheart, and owes its continuance to selves to the utmost, to deliver the blind custom and the depraved pro- world from this dreadful and depensities of our nature, has, by habit. solating scourge !-What was the and the factitious trappings and language of the Baptist, the foreglitter which accompany it, become. runner of the Messiah, who was respectable in the eyes of the commu- appointed to prepare the way before nity: but the evil itself is not the less him, and of whom Christ himself on that account, but the greater, and said, ' of those born of women there more dangerous : and wars, let it be was not a greater prophet than he:'t remembered, must always be 'fra- what was his answer to the soldiers ternas acies ;' they must be trother's when they demanded of him, saying, blood; besides, they have a direct " And what shall we do?' and he tendency to render those who are said unto them,

Do violence to no actors in them cruel, hard-hearted, and unfeeling; for it is evident, that * Acts vii. 26. t Luke vii. 28.

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man;' which may be considered as creatures sacrificed in war, perhaps a virtual prohibition against the pro- for the gratification of a single indifession of arms; at least, it must be vidual; and that individual notorious acknowledged to be absolutely such for nothing more than his pride, his with respect to every kind of abuse ambition, or his sensuality ?--As long of military power. What was the con- as this sanguinary custom exists, duct of our Saviour himself, and consecrated as it is by long usage, and how did he express himself, when considered as the chief bulwark of two of his disciples asked him if he States, it would be in vain to expect would not give them a commission those beneficial effects which would to command fire to come down from otherwise be derived from the diffuheaven, to consume the Samnaritans ?' sion of Christian knowledge: no; -He turned and rebuked them,' light and darkness may as soon unite and said, - Ye know not what man- as these can be united : God and ner of spirit ye are of: for the Son Belial may as soon have the same of man is not come to destroy men's interests, as a passion for war and the lives, but to save them :'* so that love of human kind. Justly may it one great object of his mission, was be asked, "Whence come wars and to save the lives of men. How different fightings among you; come they this from the example of those who not hence, even from your lusts seem to set little or no value upon which war in your members ?'t human life, connected as it is with "The mind of every good man must interests beyond the grave, and which revolt at the recital of all the horreach through eternity itself! Who rors and miseries, and heart-appaling then can plead a right to cut the scenes of distress occasioned by conthread of human life, without such tending armies, led on in the pursuit an authority stamped upon the deed, of conquest and military distinction, as heavenly justice would warrant? and but too often without due consi

Can any one believe that the profes- deration of the motives which induce - sed advocates of war, those who are them to draw the sword; as if it

ready on every occasion where self- a trifling matter to scatter interest, or hatred, or revenge, or slaughter and desolation among the passion hurry them, to crimson their inhabitants of populous towns and hands in the blood of their fellow- peaceable villages, regardless of the men; can it be believed that such cries and shrieks of defenceless wopersons are influenced in their con- men and innocent children! Such duct by that assurance which Scrip- scenes are almost too horrible to ture gives us of a judgment to come, draw out in detail; or even indeed and that God will take vengeance on

for the imagination to dwell upon : the workers of iniquity? If man was they degrade the species, and make born in the image and similitude of us almost ashamed that we are men. his Maker, endued with reason, and It must, nevertheless, be owned, that an heir of immortality; if such be no effectual restraint can be put upon his worth and high destination, ought enormities of this kind, with which we not to reverence him, and to re- the public mind has been so long fagard him as a being too highly miliarized, but by stripping the pafavoured, and too highly endowed, geant of its false colours and shewing for it to be lawful to deprive him of it in all its native deformity, till the existence, unless upon such grounds spell be broken, and the illusion has as admit not of the slightest shadow no longer power to deceive. In this of a doubt? What shall we say, then, great task every true philanthropist with regard to the myriads of human should unite, and employ all the


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* Luke ix. 54, 55, 56.

+ James iv.

powers of argument and eloquence stigation of despots more merciless he is master of, in assisting to abo. than themselves, should come to lish a custom which is a disgrace to plunder us of our lives or property; the Christian name. And surely ne- or that such should be the unhappy ver was appeal made to the head or fate of our fathers or mothers, or heart of man, which had stronger sisters, or brothers, or of our own claims to his attention than this, which wives and children? No! the very involves in it the fate of so many mil- thought fills the mind with horror! lions of the human race. What a

But are not the friends and relatives blessing will it be, not only to the of others as dear to them as our own present, but every succeeding gene- can be to us? Yet how many are ration, to have effected this great deli- there who call themselves the disverance, by shewing the difference ciples of Christ, who train their sons between true and false glory; 'the to the military profession, with the honour that cometh from man, and hope that they will one day distinthat which cometh from God alone.'*

guish themselves in the art which “Sec. 111. That philanthropy alone makes children fatherless, and wives is of the genuine kind, which, not widows ! And this is called victory, confining itself to our families and and glory! And they can sit down friends, extends, in will at least, if quietly and enjoy these triumphs, not in deed, to strangers and foreign- though the cost are human sacrifices, ers, nay to all on whom the universal and garments rolled in blood !' But Father causes his sun to shine, and let us bring the case of the sufferers his rain to descend. The whole race home to ourselves ; let us imagine of mankind may be said to be united we are present to the tears that are together by the ties of relationship, shed, the sighs and groans that are as descendants from the same origi- , uttered; and the heart-rending annal Parent ;-and we ought not to guish which pervades the bosom of think the sin the less, to injure or affectionate parents, and near reladestroy a fellow-creature, because we tives, when they behold those who have never seen him, or because he are as dear to them as their own lives in a distant country, or speaks souls, torn from their embraces, and a language different from our own. the victims of furious conquerors and The natural instinctive affections it invaders of their country. Surely is not in our power to divest our these are pictures which cannot be selves of : they are cords of love looked upon without exciting both and bands of a man,' which cannot our pity and indignation. Is it then be easily broken nor separated : but for Christians to engage in these nethose of our brethren whom we have farious acts ? Is it for them whose never seen nor known, and with whom religion teaches them to do good to we have never been in habits of social all men ;'t to be tender-hearted' # intercourse : to love them as we ought and · kindly-affectioned one to ano. to do; to love them as ourselves ; this ther?'$- Is it for them to take a part is the difficulty: yet we have the di- in, or to countenance, such enormivine command for it; and he who does ties?–Must not the thought strike not fulfil it, dishonours God, and sets them, “How can I do this great at nought one of the first and great wickedness, and sin against God?' commandments. What is it but the -How can I wilfully violate the contempt of this duty, which has command which expressly declares, caused so many wars to take place « Thou shalt do no murder?' And in the world ? Should we be willing is not war murder? What ever veil that foreign mercenaries, at the in

of Gal. vi. 10. * John v. 44.

f Rom. xii. 10.

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Ephes. iv. 32.

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