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no have adventured hither, bad not thy Mercy held out the golden Scepter, and faid, Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you. At giving your Aims.

Lord, who didft not defpife the Widow's Mite, accept of this little which I
freely offer towards the relief of any of thy poor Members, Mark xii. 42.
When the Pricft is fetting in Order the Elements to be confecrated.
OOK.down, O Lord God, from thy holy Habitation, and from the glorious
Throne of thy kingdom, and fanctify us.


When you receive the Tread.

ORD, I am not worthy of the Crumbs which fall from thy Table, and yet thou giveft unto me the Bread of Life. Evermoré give me this Bread, that I may eat thereof, and not die eternally. John vi. 34, 50.

After receiving the Bread..


CT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give the. Fraife, tor
thy loving Mercy, and for thy Truth's Sake.
Before receiving the Cup..

HAT Reward fhall I give unto the Lord for all the Benefits that he hath done unto me? I will receive the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord.

After Drinking.


LESSED be God the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, for his unspeakable
Gift, in whom we have Redemption through his Blood, even the Forgiveness

of our Sins.

When you retire from the Altar.



Lefs the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me blefs his holy Name; bless the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his Benefits; who forgiveth 'all thine Iniquities, and healeth all thy Diseases; who redeemeth thy Life from Destruction, and crowneth thee with Loving-kindness and tender Mercies." 0 let that heavenly. Food, which thou haft fo lately fed me with, transfufe.new Life and new Vigour into my Soul, and into the Souls of all thofe who have been Pattakers with me of this holy Communion, that our Faith, Hope and Charity, may daily increase, and that we may all grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift. Amen and Amen.

See Pfalm viii. xxiii. lxvi. ciii.

Prayers and Meditations which may be joined to the former, where the Communions are large. et Afpirations for a devout Communicant.


Nlighten, O Lord, the Eyes of my Understanding with the Light of Faith and Wisdom, that I may ever look on thee my Redeemer as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, which leadeth unto eternal Life. What am I, Lord, and what is my

Father's House, that thou shouldft thus follow me with thy Bleffings? I was created by thee and for thee, and mayft thou ever be the Comfort of my Soul. Good Jefus, my Hope and only Refuge, I here render thee heart? Thanks for all thy Suf ferings, and I beg that I may find fhelter in thy Wounds against all Enemies, Ghoftly, and Bodily: Imprint the Memory of them taft in my Heart, that I may love thee, and in all my Sufferings never want thy divine Áffiftance, cr forget what thou haft fuffered for me. Take from me all Self-Love, and give me perfect Love for thee, that I may now be more faithful in my Duty; and let nothing for the future put me out of my Way: O that I could ever remember thee, think of thee, and delight in thee alone, and love thee only, who haft loved us, and washed us with thy most precious Blood from the Guilt of our Sins. O that my Senfes may ever be fhut against all Vanity and Sin, that my mind being free from all fruitless Solicitude and Fear, I thay fix my Heart there where true Joys are only to be found. From henceforth I will feek unto thee my only Good; my Affections and Defires fhall be fixed on thee, in whofe prefence there is Fulness of Joy, and at whofe right Hand there are Pleafures for evermore.-My Will I now refign into thy Hands, defiring that thy Will may be mine, both now and for ever. Be thou my Inftructor and Director in all things, that I may never do or fpeak, defire or think, any thing but what is according to thy good Will.


AM thy Servant, O Lord, O give me Understanding according to thy Word, that I may learn thy Commandments, and lay afide all Intereft, befide that of Heaven. Ofweet Jefus, Fountain of all Goodnefs, guide my Feet in thy Paths, and teach me to do thy Will: Difengage my Heart from all unprofitable Solicitude and vain Defires; and though I live here upon Earth, yet raise my Affections to Things above. How fweet O Lord, is thy Spirit! how pleasant to my lips are the Words of thy Mouth! O that I could ever be mindful of them, to fulfil thy laws! Make me to die daily to the World and all its Vanities, and let the Greatness of thy Love make all that is earthly appear as nothing to me. tect me against mine Enemies, and in all Dangers appear in my Defence: Make hafte to help me, O Lord, and fay unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation. Remember thou art my Redeemer, and have Compaffion on my poor diftreffed Soul; clothe it with all Virtue, and feed it with thy Grace, for it belongs to thee to take care of those whom thou haft redeemed. In thee I live, fweet Jefus, for thy fake I defire to die; both living and dying I will ever profess that thou art good, and that thy Mercy endures for ever.


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That I could now give thee, O Lord, all that Praife, Glory and Honour, with which the Angels and bleffed Spirits glorify thee in Heaven! Bu because I am unable to do this, accept at least this my Defire and good Will. Deliver me, O God, from every thing that is contrary to thy Will, and be pleafed fo to difpofe of my Soul as may be for thy Glory and Honour. I furren,


der myself into thy hands, and entirely refolve to fubmit to that State of life thou fhalt please to appoint me; and if it be more for thy honour that I fuffer, I chearfully accept it; not my Will, but thine be done. Let nothing be now my Comfort but thou, Lord Jefu, and nothing afflict me but my Sins, and whatever elfe is difpleafing to thy divine Majefty. O bleffed Jefus, Life Eternal, by whom I live, and without whom I die, grant that I may now be united to thee, and that in the Embraces of thy holy Love and divine Will, I may reft for ever. When fhallie thee, tweet Saviour; when fhall I appear before thy Face; when fhaill ice thee in the and of the Living! Till then, I figh and bewail my Banishment, defiring to be diffolved, and to be with Chrift.


An Act of Thankfulnes and Refolution before the Poft-Communion begins RAISE the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me bless his holy Name; for now I find the Mercy, the Peace, the Comfort, and the Grace which flows from this Fountain of Spiritual Communion with Chrift: Let all the World know what he hath done for my Soul; he hath rescued me, and many of thete my poor Brethren, from the nethermoft Hell: Wherefore I will love thee, O holy Jefu, more than I can exprefs, and live and die in that most holy Religion which theu haft revealed to me. O let me never pollute that Body, or defile that Soul, which the Saviour of the World delights to dwell in. O let no Oaths or Lyings, Backbitings or Slanderings, profane thofe Lips, no Obicenity or Intemperance pollure that Mouth, through which thete holy Symbols have fo lately paffed: For which tresh inftance of thy Mercy and Goodness, I will prafe thy holy Name befeeching thee to keep me in this Temper and Refolution of Mind, until Death is fwallowed up in Victory. Amen.

Upon Christmas-Day, and feven Days after, you may add these to your other Devotions.

I take

Compafficn upon Mankind in their greatest Misery, and haft provided so admirable a Remedy, by fending thy only begotten Son to recover our corrupt and degenerate Nature, and by the Purity of his Doctrine, the Example of his life, and the Sacrifice of his Death, to purchase eternal Happinets for us. Grant, O Lord, that through the Affiftance of thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, I may daily comply with thofe great Things which thou haft done and defigned for my Salvation. Poffefs my Soul with Purity and Piery, and all other Chriftian Graces and Virtues; that living foberly, righteously, and godly in this prefent World, I may hercafter dwell w th thee, O Father of Mercies, and God of all Comforts, in thole Manfions of Blifs and Glory which thou haft prepared for them that love thee. Amen.

See Pfal. xix. lxxxix. xliv.

Eafter-Day, and feven Days after.


Leffed Jefus, who haft triumphed over the Powers of Darkness, and conquered Hell and the Grave, and who, by thy glorious Refurrection, haft made


known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself the true Meffias, keep me ftedfaft in this Faith; and grant, that all the Actions of my Life may teftify the Reality and Sincerity of my Belief, by a tuitable Converfation; that I may rife from the Death of Sin unto the Life of Righteousness; that as I am buried with thee by Faptiim, I may hencefor h mortify all my corrupt Lufts and Affections, and dely proceed in all Virtue and God inefs of Living, that departing this Life in thy Faith and Fear, I may have a perfect Contummation and Blifs, both in Body and Su, in thy eternal everlasting Kingdom, who liveft and regnest with the Father and te Hly Ghoft, one God, World without End. Amen.

See Palm u. Ivii. cxi.

Whitlunday, and fix Days after.


Lord my God, who, by thy Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift, haft promised the Affiftance of thy Holy Spirit to all that afk it of thee, I befeech thee always to direct my Ways and Actions, the Thoughts and Intentions of my Heart, by the light of thy Holy Spirit. Let him be unto me a Spirit of Sanctification, to purify my corupt Natur; a Spirit of Counsel in all my Difficuties; of Direction in all m Duts, ears and Scruples; of Courage in all my Dangers; of Conftancy Comotation to me under al my Perfecutions and Sufferings, especially in Tie of S.ckness, and at the Hour of Death; that being governed and guided by his divine influence and Direction, I may pats through all the Changes and Chances of this mortal Life, till he brings me to ever afting Life, there to reign with the ever-bleffed and gloriou. Trinity, World without End. Amen.


Sec Palm xxxiv. xlu. xiii. li.



Lory be to thee; O God the Father, for creating me after thine own Image, capable of loving thee, and enjoying thee eternally; for recovering me from a State of Sin and Mitery, when I had loft and undone mvfelf.-Glory be to thee O God th Son, for undertaking the wonderful Work of Man's Redemption, for refcuing me from the Slavery of Sin, and the Dominion of Satan; for the accomplishing which miraculous Work of our salvation, thou didst descend from Heaven, and didft put on the Form of a servant, I've a miferable Life, nd die a paintul and accurfed Death Glory be to thee, O God the Holy Ghoft, for those miraculous Gifts and Graces thou dit beftow upon the Apotles, and for thote ordinary Guts, whereby fincere Chriftians in all Ages are enabled to work out their Salvation; for thy preventing and reftaining Grace; for the fubduing our understandings and affections to the Obedience of Faith and Godliness for infpiring us with good Thoughts and kindling good Defires in our Souls; for affifting us in all the Methods of procuring eternal happinets-Bleffing and Honour, Thanksgiving and Praife, more than I can exprefs or conceive, be unto thee, O Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, tor ever and ever- Amen.

See Pjaim ii. xlv. lxxii. cx.

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After the Bleffing, namely The Peace of God.


Rant, O Lord, that we, and all thy faithful Servants, who have this Day been Partakers of the holy Sacrament, may obtain Remiffion of our Sins, and be confirmed in Piety towards God, and in Charity towards our Neighbour; and may be delivered from the Power and Temptations of Satan, and being filled with thy Spirit, may become worthy Members of Chrift's Holy Church, and at last inherit eternal Life, through the fame our Lord Jefus Chrift. Amen.

A Thanksgiving after the Sacrament, to be faid at Home.


HOU, O my God, halt comforted my Soul, thou haft ftrengthened and refreshed me with thy Bleffings, and rejoiced my Heart with the Tokens of thy Love. How transporting are thy Comforts, and how ravishing the Effects of thy Goodness towards them that fear thee! Thou haft treated a vile Sinner at thy own Table, and fed me with the Bread that came down from Heaven. In what am I better than thofe to whom thou doft not grant this Favour? It is not for my Merits, but because thou wilt be glorified in doing good to the most unworthy, thou haft this Day_made me a happy Example of this thy free Grace and Bounty. Grant me this Favour alfo, O my God, that through the whole Courfe of my life I may give thee Praife and Glory; that the due Senfe of thy Mercies may make me unfeignedly thankful; and that my Thankfulness may appear in a Care to walk before thee in Holiness, Sobriety and Righteoufnefs, all the Days of my Life.

A Prayer in private after receiving the Holy Communion.


How plentiful is thy Goodness, which thou haft laid up for them that fear thee, which thou haft prepared for them that put their Truft in thy Mercy, even before the Sons of Men! I praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, O Lord, for all thofe manifold Mercies and Comforts which thou haft bestowed upon me, ever fince I was born. O Lord God, who haft been my trust from my Youth, by thee have I been holden up from the Womb; my Praise shall continua'. ly be of thee: but above all, bleffed and for ever bleffed be thy holy Name, for the Manifeftaion of thy Son Jefus Chrift, the Fountain and Foundation of all our Happiness, and for feeding me this day (who am unworthy of the leaft of thy Mercies) with the fpiritual Food of his moft precious Body and Blood, to my great and endlets Comfort. Enable me, O Lord, through thy gracious Affiftance, to perform the Conditions of that Sacramental Covenant which I have this day fo folemnly renewed and confirmed in thy Prefence, and at thy Table, that through the Strength and Power of that heavenly Food I have there been Partaker of, I may daily grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of Chrift Jefus, and abound in every good Word and Work. And fubdue in me all thofe inordinate Lufts and corrupt Affections which war against my Soul; purify my Mind from all evil Thoughts, bad Intentions, and evil Defigns; and fuffer not Pride, Vain-glory,

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