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and fuch as it ought to be my firft Concern, that you may be experimentally acquainted with. I thought it therefore adviseable to bring them forth to the World with a Dedication to You; that whilft by this Means I should have Opportunity of acknowledging the Obligations you have laid on me, and in some sort of testifying the Respect I bear you; I might alfo in a Way, hardly yet attempted by me, endeavour to engage your Regards: to that one Thing, which in a few. Years we fhall all discover to be indeed the only Thing needful.

BRETHREN, if my Heart's Defire towards you, that ye may be Partakers

of CHRIST, makes me earnest and importunate; Is there not a Caufe, feeing your Happiness and my c my own are at Stake? I would not that any one of you fhould come fhort of entering into God's Reft: Nor can I forget the Minifterial Vows that are upon me, and how fearful

fearful my Doom, if any

of you


in your Sins without Warning. For your Sakes and my own then, I beg Leave to recommend to you this Labor of Love.

IT is the Character of a CHRISTIAN, drawn as faithfully as I have been enabled to do it, from the holy Scriptures. It is not indeed a Character which will fuit the Generality of those who call themselves by that Name: Perhaps also it may make fome, who have formed too favorable an Opinion of their religious Conduct, to be difgufted with themselves or it. But if vital CHRISTIANITY be either run down by the Torrent of Infidelity and Licentiousness, or be dwindling into a ceremonial Form, in the Practice of the Few who live decently and are well spoken of; it becomes the Stewards of the Mysteries of GOD to rife up to its Rescue. It is this has engaged me to prefent that to

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you in Description, which is but too rarely to be seen in Life. That it may be made an Inftrument in the Hand of the SPIRIT of forming you after its Likeness, is my first and most earnest Defire. And fhould GOD vouchfafe to grant this Bleffing upon my Attempt, to You and others, it will be my highest Comfort, and an encourging Answer to the Prayers and Labors of

Your affectionate Servant


TRURO, May 22, 1755.



By the Reverend Mr Adam, of

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S the following Sermons are excellently calculated to promote vital Christianity, by illuftrating the means and neceffity of a real, inward Change, or the Recovery of Man from his present State of grofs Infenfibility under the Fall, to a Life of Acquaintance and Communion with GOD; it is hoped they will be well received by ferious Perfons of all Denominations; and, with the divine Bleffing, answer the Author's Defign, in roufing the ftupid Sinner, undeceiving the Formalift, and animating Men of Good-will to higher Attainments.

If the fingle Point infifted on in the first Sermon, namely, the deep Guilt of an Apoftate, Independent Will, was duly attended to, it might be a Means of checking many of the carelefs, giddy Tribe in their mad Career of Selfifm, and fenfual Pleafure; and perhaps awaken some startling Thoughts concerning natural Corruption, in the Breast of the more cool Objecter to Revelation in general.

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