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THIS publication, consisting of Sermons, Essays, &c. on various important subjects, is presented to the public with an earnest désire, that it may aid the cause of truth, and be conducive to the divine glory in the salvation of men. The subjects particularly considered are of primary importance; and it is hoped that the contents of this volume will be read by many, with an impartial desire to know and embrace the truth, and with much instruction and consolation.

The subject of the two first sermons is one, which has not been so frequently discussed, either from the pulpit or the press, as many others, and for this reason is less familiar, and less clearly understood than many others, even by persons of sound understanding, and ardent piety. This subject is thought to be illustrated in these discourses, in a judicious, scriptural, and convincing manner.

That is doubtless the most evangelical exhibition of any divine truth, which is best suited to convince of sin, to shew the sinner, that he is justly condemned before God, and wholly without excuse, in his impenitency and unbelief; and which is, therefore, best suited to bring down the loftiness of man, that the LORD alone may be exalted. Such it will be found, by every candid reader, is the exhibition of the truth, which is attempted in these discourses. But this is submitted to the reader's judgment

Of these two sermons, the London Evangelical Magagazine gives the following account:

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