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is not keeping the Sabbath-day holy for though you may have done some things which you ought to have done, you have left other very material things undone which you ought also to have done; and with such an inattention to the sacred business of the Sabbath, and such a lukewarm observance of its duties, no blessing is to be expected. Brethren, I appeal to the consciences of those who unhappily spend their Sabbaths in this defective way, whether they themselves are in the habit of expecting the blessing of God on their heartless services; whether, when such services are over on the Sunday evening, they are not more inclined to muse on what is to be done in the way of business, or pleasure and diversion, on the Monday following, than on the spiritual comforts and blessings they have experienced in discharging the duties of the Sunday.

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Those who verily and indeed obey the Fourth Commandment, and remember to keep the Sabbathday holy, have a very different tale to tell. Their closet witnesseth to them that they pour out their spirit to God-though not at all times, I allow, with equal fervour or earnestness, yet always with a sense of their necessities and unworthiness

they pray for the blessing of God on their attention to the duties of his holy Sabbaths, and that they may comprehend the excellency of Jesus Christ and his redemption; that they may have their hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and his love shed abroad in them, according to the promises of the Gospel.

Moreover, they are particularly distinguished by their attention to their family duties, It cannot be expected that those who have no great Sabbathday concern for themselves, should be very solicitous about it for others. The discharge of duties to ourselves, and to our neighbours, our relatives, and our dependants, I believe usually keep pace with one another.

To conclude. Whenever you are inclined to feel cold and heartless about the Sabbath, or when you find your minds pressed with the crowding of worldly business or pleasures, it may have its uses to ask yourselves such questions as these:Is this remembering the Sabbath day, and keeping it holy? Was it for this that God blessed the Sabbath, and sanctified it, from the beginning? Was not this day given to man before he fell, as a day of devout and grateful commemoration of his

Maker's kindness? And since his Fall and his becoming a miserable sinner, are not the reasons for employing the Sabbath in sacred things and to holy purposes, abundantly stronger-now that God has opened to us the gate of everlasting life through Jesus Christ? Again: Is not Christ risen from the dead; and do we not, as Christians, commemorate his resurrection every Sabbath, or every first day of the week; and does not the Saviour call on us to look to Him, and expect from his grace a resurrection to that rest, to that eternal rest, which the Scripture saith remains for the people of God?

Brethren, I am persuaded that every sensible, thinking person, when he has put all these things together, will not only be ashamed of the little he does, when he keeps the Fourth Commandment only in the way of mere form and without heart, but grieved on account of the much which he leaves undone.

In one word: the great use of the Sabbath is to purify the heart, and to lead it to the love of God, and to form a heavenly temper at peace with God through the atoning blood of Jesus, that we may lead a sanctified life here, and be thereby

prepared to sing the heavenly song of the blessed, And you

Thou hast redeemed us by thy blood! And may be assured that every Sabbath is well spent which brings you nearer to your God and Redeemer in faith, love, gratitude, holy joy, and humility. These are the heavenly affections which enlarge the soul in a manner that passeth knowledge, and that wean it also from the world, and raise it to things above. Those who think differently of these things, either shut their eyes entirely, or open them so little as to excite no serious thought and reflection. In a very little time, all of us will think and judge, as those who have now their eyes open do think and judge; that is, we shall have a lively conviction on our minds that the one thing needful, the care of the soul, is the business and proper concern of God's holy day. My prayer is, that you may remember this morning's warning respecting the Fourth Commandment; and let all our most devout prayers be, with respect to this commandment, "Lord have mercy upon us, and incline our hearts to keep this law."



COLOSS. iii. 17.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

THIS is a very comprehensive and important precept, which, as it has no very particular connection in the place in which it stands, I shall proceed immediately to lay open and illustrate to the best of my power; and then endeavour to apply it in a practical manner to the consciences of different characters.

As the sacred writer allows of no exception, but requires that whatsoever we do in word or deed be all done in the name of the Lord Jesus, it is surely of great moment that we should clearly understand what is meant by doing or saying any

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