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who are at the helm of affairs, in what manner they may best avert the impending storm; yet to whisper a caution in the most respectful terms, against reposing too much confidence in Roman Catholic professions, may be found to have its uses in these perilous times. The more diligently this subject is considered, the more urgent will the necessity of this caution appear, and the more clearly founded in reason and justified by experience.

After all, the impression with which I would wish the minds of every one of us (even from the throne to the lowest subject) to be most deeply affected, is, that, notwithstanding the wisest cautions we can use or devise, unless the Lord keep the city the watchman waketh but in vain. However, this great practical truth does not render labours, warnings, and an incessant watchfulness on our part, the less necessary: and therefore, with every loyal subject of the country, I would rejoice, with thanksgiving to Almighty God, that in the present awful conjuncture we are blessed with a Prince on the throne whose sensibility and firmness on Protestant questions have already

shewn themselves to be admirably proportioned to the emergency of the circumstances.


most bitter and cruel of all the adversaries of Charles I., is known to have declared, that that unfortunate prince would have (as he has expressed it) fooled all his enemies, if he had but had the resolution to abide by his own judgment, rather than that of others. And it is, if I mistake not, owing to the full possession, and in a very high degree, of the quality directly opposite to the infirmity of that ill-advised and irresolute monarch, that our present justly beloved Sovereign, conscious of the integrity of his intentions, and well informed of the duties of his high station, has been enabled to conduct himself through a long and eventful reign with so much honour to himself and advantage to his people. With the fear of God before his eyes in deliberation, and with a humble hope of the Divine support in decision and in action, he has exhibited to the nations, in seasons of peculiar difficulty and danger, a long and steady exercise of justice, vigour, and circumspection. Under his mild government, it is true, some have complained; but it would be

hard to produce an instance of any one who has suffered in the least of his just rights; and it is the universal prayer of his loyal subjects, that Almighty God may be pleased to protect his valuable life, and prolong his venerable old age.



MARK ii. 27, 28.

And he said unto them, The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath.

THE words of this text, relating entirely to the Sabbath, and explaining the spirit of the Divine institution, will perhaps be better understood when considered in connection with some other passages of Scripture, which belong to the same subject. For I purpose in this discourse to illustrate, in as plain a manner as possible, the Scripture history and doctrine of the great duty of observing the Sabbath day. And when I shall have put together the various lights which can be collected respecting it, it will be proper in the next place to exhort this audience, and enforce the duty on their minds in a practical manner.

The profanation of the Sabbath is so common, and so glaring; and the views of many persons concerning it are so low, and so limited to mere prudential considerations, and have in them so little of the fear of God, and so little recognition of the Divine authority; that it cannot be deemed inexpedient, by any pious character, to have the grounds of the duty reviewed from time to time from the pulpit.

The foundation of this institution we have in the second chapter of the book of Genesis. No sooner were the heavens and the earth finished, and God had completed his glorious work of six days, and had rested on the seventh day from all his work, than God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because that on that day he had rested from all his work which God had created and made. So that no institution can possibly carry more evidence of Divine authority than

this does.

The Sabbath is a blessed, holy day,

made so by God himself. The Creator rested in it from his work; and nian, his creature, is ordered to rest also, after His example, that he may commemorate the work of creation, and give himself entirely to the devout contemplation of

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