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A. By the hand is denoted power, because the hand is formed to execute the determinations of the will, in which all power originates. By the hand of JESUS, therefore, is represented Divine Power, which is Omnipotence; and by putting forth the hand is signified the exercise of that Omnipotence, thus the fulfilment of the purposes of the Divine Mercy and Love. According to this sense, it is to be understood that the. blessed JESUS is always putting forth his hand, because he is always in the act of relieving the infirmities, soothing the sorrows, and healing the spiritual distempers of all his children who believe in his divinity, and have confidence in the omnipotence which he possesses as the ONLY GOD of heaven and earth.

Q. And what do you conceive to be further meant by JEsUs touching the Leper and saying, I will, be thou clean?

A. By touching is here to be understood the communication of that omnipotence which is signified by putting forth the hand; in other words, its application to the distempered principles which it intended to cure. It is therefore added, I will, be thou clean, because the expression, I will, is significative of the Divine Intention or Purpose, as originating in the Divine Mercy or Love; whilst the expression, Be thou clean, denotes, with equal emphasis, the accomplishment of that intention or purpose, through the application of an omnipotent energy to the malady which was to be removed. It is therefore further to be understood, not only that JESUS CHRIST

is perpetually putting forth his hand, and touching his distempered children, who with confidence supplicate his Divine Aid, but likewise that he is perpetually saying, as in the present instance, I will, be thou clean, in other words, that he is perpetually declaring the purpose of his mercy to relieve the wants and heal the infirmities of his penitent and humble children, and is always in the act of executing that purpose, whensoever his children are in a proper state of heart and of life to admit his Divine Operation.

Q. And what do you understand by what next follows, where it is said, immediately his leprosy was cleansed?

A. The BLESSED JESUS had before expressed the purpose of His Love, and also its operation, in the emphatic words, I will, be thou clean, and therefore now the effect of that purpose and operation is described. Thus we are instructed that every Divine Work is threefold, including in it intention, which is of love; design, which is of wisdom; and effect, which is of operation: and thus too we are instructed further, that in every effect there must be a cause or design, and in every cause or design there must be a purpose or end; and that consequently in every work of creation and redemption there is a manifestation of Divine Love and Wisdom, of which such work is therefore an exact representative type or figure, so that the whole of creation may be regarded as a theatre representative of the Divine Principles in which it originates, which are love, wisdom and use.

Q. But it is written that JESUS saith unto him, See thou tell no man, but go thy way, show thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them→→ what do you conceive to be here meant by the injunction, See thou tell no man?

A. According to the sense of the letter, this injunction implies, that the cleansed Leper should be silent respecting the Divine Operation from which he had received such an extraordinary benefit, and in this sense of the term, it contains an useful caution to those, who are forward to speak of the experience they have had of the Divine Mercy, and who consider it as a crime to conceal from others the blessings which have been bestowed on themselves. But according to the spiritual idea, the injunction implies that the Miracle wrought should not affect the understanding only, by being regarded merely in an intellectual view, or as a point of curious speculation, but should affect the will of its cleansed subject, by being regarded as an effect of the pure love and mercy of the MOST HIGH GOD. It therefore follows, Go thy way, show thyself to the priest, and offer the gift which Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them. For by the injunction, Go thy way, is to be understood a requirement to live according to the mercy which had been experienced; and by the further injunction, show thyself to the priest, is to be understood an opening of the mind to the consideration and reception of the good of heavenly love and life, which good was figured and


represented by the priest under the Jewish law; and lastly by the injunction, offer the gift which Moses commanded for a testimony unto them, is to be understood the grateful and devout acknowledgment that all spiritual cleansing and purification, especially in the case of the profanation of Good and Truth, is the sole effect of the Divine Loving-kindness, and a proof most positive of the Divine Omnipotence.

Q. What then is the general instruction which you learn from this Miracle?

A. I learn from it, in the first place, to adore that Divine Power and Goodness, which, when manifested here on earth in a bodily form, was exercised on the bodies of men, by the removal of bodily disease and infirmity, and thus proves the original of that form to be from the FATHER OF MERCIES. And I learn from it, in the next place, to reflect with consolation and confidence, that the same Divine Power and Goodness is continually flowing from the GLORIFIED BODY of the GREAT REDEEMER, to remove all spiritual disease and infirmity, even that greatest of all distempers, the profanation of Good and Truth, in all cases where Divine Aid is supplicat-· ed out of a humble and penitent heart for the purpose of removal. Lastly, I learn what are the qualifications to receive the healing gift of the Divine Mercy, and that they consist, first, in the acknowledgment of the INCARNATE GOD in His DIVINE HUMANITY; and secondly, in the confidence that He hath Omnipotence, in other words, that He can do all things consistent with

His own order, and with the laws of operation which He Himself hath been pleased to appoint. I am resolved therefore from henceforth to believe in this Omnipotence of the INCARNATE GOD, and to apply to Him, and to Him alone, for relief under all my spiritual distempers, and never to despair of His Divine Aid, even though I should inadvertently offend against His holy laws, and and thus incur the guilt of profaning them. AMEN.

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