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found blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus.

As the day goeth away, and the shadows of the evening are stretched out; so passeth away my life, even like a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James iv. 14.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, the good things which God hath laid up for those that love him, Lord, do thou therefore enflame my soul with thy love. 1 Cor. ii. 9.

I know, Lord, that thy judgments are right, and that thou of very faithfulness hast caused me to be troubled. Psal. cxix. 75.

O heavenly Father, my hope is wholly in thy mercy, and in the merits and sufferings of my Saviour: O! for his sake forgive and save me!

To these, and the like ejaculations, which the sick person may gather himself, he may now and then read a psalm himself, or have one read to him, as particularly the 23d, or 25th, or 27th, or 51st, or any other that doth best suit his condition. -Bp. Kenn.


A short Prayer which may be used by one who is sick, for a blessing on the medicines he is taking.

O Lord without whom all our endeavours are but vain, give thy blessing to this, and all other means, which I am now using for my recovery; and, (if it be thy blessed will) make whatever I take or do, so essential to that end, that I may live and be an instrument of thy glory, and better prepared than I now am, for the coming of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

¶ A Prayer for repentance in sickness.

From A New


Manual of Devotions. Page 269. Edit. 1778.


Righteous art thou, O God, in all those pains and sorrows, which thou hast brought upon me: I receive my sickness as the chastisement of

* In this excellent book, which I hope and believe is in the hands of many people, there is "An Office for the Sick," which I recommend to the use of those whom it may please God to visit with illness.

a sinner,

a sinner, and am willing to bear correction for my sins, that I may be thereby reclaimed from them.

But, O Lord, correct me not in thine anger, lest thou bring me to nothing: judge me not according as my sins have deserved, but as my weaknesses can bear, and as thy compassions are wont to mitigate thy judgments. And oh! let my sickness work in me a true repentance, and prove a happy means to reclaim me perfectly from all the sins which I have formerly committed, nor to occasion my committing more; and to confer that rest and peace upon my soul, which is now denied to my body.

All which I humbly beg for our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.


Thou smitest me, O gracious Lord, that thou mayest cure me; and punishest me, that thou mayest amend and reclaim me. My sins have justly deserved these sorrows; and I know assuredly that thou wilt bring infinitely worse upon me, unless I prevent the same by a timely and sincere repentance.

Help me therefore, O my God, to


search out my sins, and to discover every accursed thing; and when I see them, let me renounce them all. Let thy love cause me to hate every to hate every evil way, and make my resolutions against sin honest and sincere, and my care to fulfil the same vigilant and patient. If thou shalt be pleased to continue me any longer in this world, grant that all the remainder of my days may be one continued course of reforming my past errors, and of devoting myself entirely to thy service.

Lord, cure my folly by this my misery, and teach me by the loss of my bodily ease, to purchase the blessings of true repentance, and the comfortable hopes of thy merciful acceptance thereof, through the merits of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer for pardon of sins.

From Mr. Ket- O holy and most merciful tlewell's Office for Father, spare me, thy poor the Penitent. Page sinful, but repenting crea29. Edit. 1794. ture. Spare me, good Lord, spare me, and let ine not perish in my sins, now I am heartily troubled and sorry for them; but through thine infinite mercies find pardon of the same.

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I am a sinful person, O Lord; but thou, O blessed Jesus, art "the Saviour " of sinners." 1 Tim. i. 15. And thy coming into the world was "to call sinners to repentance." Matt. ix. 13. come, and repent at thy call; cast not me and my repentance away from thy pre

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Lord, I

I have gone astray, and am very defective in my return home, through the frailty of my flesh. But thou, gracious

Lord, considerest our frailties.


"knowest our frame, and considerest "whereof we are made." Ps. ciii. 13. O be not "extreme to mark mine offences," Ps. cxxx. 3. nor to exact rigours in my repentance of the same; but for Christ's sake make me all needful and favourable allowances.

Now I have found the way to thy fear, let me find the comforts of thy mercy. I have a truly " contrite heart, O Lord, despise it not." Ps. li. 17. "My spirit "is broken, and trembleth at thy words; "O Lord, revive it." Isa. lxvi. 2. &c. It is heavy laden, and weary with my sins; O my God, give it ease from the same. Matt. xi. 28. Pity me, O "Father, as a father pitieth his own "children." Ps. ciii. 14. Receive me, as the offended father did the returning prodigal,

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