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Cares of the world, hinder the success of the gospel
Catechisms, recommended

Cecil's observations on the purity of a church


Chalmer's, Christian and Civic Economy, quoted—Preface
Sermons, quoted

Christ, crucified, the leading truth of christianity
other doctrines flow from it

his presence, the glory of christian assemblies
a real presence

a manifested presence

a beneficial presence

through the power of the Spirit

to meet in his name in order to enjoy it

the pattern and model of all christians

Christian, the name was once a crime

Chrysostom, quoted


Church of England, its importance

Clement, quoted

Cooper's Crisis referred to

Cobbett, on prayer, quoted

Conversion, not from human power

by the Holy Spirit, through the word

Cradock's knowledge and practice quoted

Cranmer, quoted

Cyprian's observations as to Bishops preaching

Dangers in hearing to be guarded against

improper motives in coming

inattention while there

16, 32,


prejudices against the truth

not putting away our sins
many spiritual enemies

Deceitfulness of riches, hinders success of the word
Delay in attending to salvation dangerous
Diffusion of divine knowledge, universal, promised

the precise blessing to be expected

the difficulties in the way of its accomplishment
the means by which they shall be removed
the signs of the times indicate its approach
the consequent duties of the church

Douglas's Advancement of Society, recommended and


Duties of the present day, individually and nationally

Eastcheap Lectures quoted

Edification, does not arise from humau power

but from the Holy Spirit

Edwards, President, quotation from

Election, secured by hearing

Established Church of England, its importance

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•lice quoted.

shops pre



ess of the it gerons

sal, promed


is accomplis

be removed

th begins, grows, and is perfected by hearing
her, God a reconciled Father in Christ
it, seed sown on good ground productive of,


llie's Historicul Collections, quotations from
Ipin's Lives of the Reformers, quoted
sborne's Sermons, quotation from

d despised, when his servants disregarded
indall's Letter to Queen Elizabeth, on preaching

addon's remarks, on what done to promote preaching,
alyburton's Life, quotation from

ardness of heart, described and guarded against
learers, their duties, to their ministers-to hear them

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to esteem them, 116; to obey and provide for
them, 118; to pray for them, 120; as to attend-
ing parochial minister, 131; to co-operate with
their minister, 142.

fastidious, address to them

only, described at length

Hearing the word, directions for

guard against dangers to which we are exposed
the nature of due hearing

bear in the spirit of prayer

in simplicity of mind

with candour

with seriousness
with gladness

in faith

in the spirit of self-application
in humility

comparing all with God's word

in the spirit of obedience

Heathen, obstructions among them to diffusion of the gospel
Herbert, quotation from


Hey, Mr. his remarks on attending the established church
on episcopacy

Hieron's remark on trying what we hear
Hindoo Convert, his observation

its appris Holy Spirit promised to all flesh in the last day

urch ecommended! nd nationals



increase of prayer for
bestowed freely on all
received in hearing
converts the soul

edifies the converted

glorifies Christ

comforts his people
























103, 256











seals them to the day of redemption

Hoornbeck's remark on what the Apostles say of ministers

Hurd, Bishop, quotation from

What are your feeling

to promote this, you spend the sabbath in idle parties of pleasure and vain amusements. at the close of such a sabbath? After a day so spent are you not wearied, disappointed, burdened, and dis satisfied? So far from being refreshed for the duties of another week, you are unfitted for them. There is infinitely more vexation in mis-spending the sabbath, than in any apparent mortification of our carpal ple sures by following its due and holy employment. Give the day to its sacred duties; bring your children to hear his ministers; and especially let the word of Chris this day reign in your heart and family, and it wil spread a heavenly influence around you; you will be invigorated and quickened for all your daily toil and labours. The word of God, wherever it is received and obeyed, spreads life and fertility, joy and happiness.


Are you CHILDREN? begin early to love and reve rence the word of God. Be attentive to what is said by his ministers. Try at least to remember the text of the sermon which you hear. Ask your parents w explain what you do not understand. Think of young Samuel; while he was a little child, he ministered unle the Lord, when the word of the Lord was precious. He watched in the temple of the Lord, and God called him to be a prophet, and used him as an instrument of extensive good. My little children, love to hear like Samuel, who said, when God called him, Speak Lord,

* In a sermon on Luke ii, 42, as to Joseph and Mary's taking Jesus at twelve years old to the temple, Latimer commends Mary for going, as the law did not oblige her, and thinks she went to hear the word of God. He adds, "Note the painful. ness of Mary, that she was content to go so great a journey for God's sake. I fear this journey of her's will condemn a grea many of us which will not go out of door to hear God's word."

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for thy servant heareth. Young as you are, you should consider yourself a servant of God, you should hear what he speaks, and hear in order to obey. Think of the children who sang Hosannahs in the Temple; and of Jesus himself, who at twelve years of age was found in the midst of the Doctors, both hearing and asking them questions. Pray you for God's blessing, as that child did of whom it is said that she never entered the house of God without secretly offering up this petition, Lord, help me to remember something." The way in which the young become strong and overcome the wicked one, is by having the word of God abide in them. 1 John ii, 14.

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Are you IN INFERIOR SITUATIONS--Clerks, apprentices, or engaged in manufactories in large cities or towns, or in laborious situations, where you are confined during the week to a close and constant employment? possibly you think yourselves at liberty to neglect hearing on the Sunday, and to spend it in walks and recreation. We allow that the inducements to the carnal mind are very strong, when, to adopt words used on another occasion, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, and the time of the singing of birds is come, to neglect the less agreeable privilege of hearing the sacred word; and to pursue, without restraint, the delightful recreation afforded to one who has been shut up all the week by the view of the simple scenery of nature, and the refreshing breezes of a pure air. Probably the necessities of your family allow you no other day for such an enjoyment. Probably your earthly master would not, or could not, allow you time for such a refreshment. You think it right to obey him, lest your temporal But-would you think it an act

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interests should suffer.

of extreme folly, and call it a wasteful idleness to be wandering among the fields when your earthly master, or your family call you to work, and have you not : heavenly master, and have you not spiritual necessities? God has issued his command-Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy! Will you disregard it? God gives his wages: will you undervalue them? If thou turn away thy fool from doing thy pleasure on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord honourable, and shalt honour him, not doing thine our "ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thin own words, Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord. Christians! there are much higher joys, even in this world, than contemplating the beauties of nature! 0 to have our sins washed away in the blood of Christ. and to be justified freely by his grace, to be renewed by his Holy Spirit, and to become a child of God, this is true happiness on earth! And there are before you, yet higher joys still in the paradise above, the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. May the blessed Spirit of Christ give us a taste for these; let us not forfeit these for any mere temporary indulgences. Our life is now a life of faith, and not of sense; be not surprised therefore if you have to give up some temporal pleasures; those which are innocent shall be enjoyed with a double relish. In any case the time is hastening on when we shall enter the joy of our Lord, even fulness of joy.

But will you still say-Surely we may have Sunday for a day of pleasure. By all means let Sunday be a day of pleasure: but what is your pleasure? Is it idle conversation, feasting, and light and vain company! O these are not real pleasures; they are very unsatis factory and transitory gleams of false pleasure. Delight

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