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cupied with any object, this must command its regard and attention. To this important event, the Lord's fupper naturally directs our thoughts. It is a lively reprefentation of that obedience of Chrift unto death, even the death of the cross, on account of which, God hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name', and which, being the ground of his whole exaltation, is confequently the very reafon why God hath given him authority to execute judgment alfo*. It confirms our faith of the general judgment, it is a pledge given us, that he who was once offered to bear the fins of many, shall unto them that look for him, appear the fecond time, without fin unto falvation. Can it fix our thoughts on the future judgment, can it enliven our conception of its folemn process, without impreffing every ferious and confiderate mind with the deepest awe?

I fhall but make two reflections on what has been faid. ft, Since the Lord's fupper is an inftitution of fo great folemnity, we fhould by no means neglect to obferve it. Shall any Christian treat that with neglect,

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which deferves the greatest reverence from every Christian? Not to obferve it, is to treat it with total neglect. "Twas in the night in which he was betrayed to death for you, and it was with all the agonies of his death, full in his view, that your Saviour faid, Do this in remembrance of me: can you hear his voice uttered in that night, uttered in that endearing situation, and yet difregard it? Every tender, every affecting, every interefting circumftance of the scene, which that night exhibited, is a strong argument for our continuing in that breaking of bread", which was purposely appointed for the commemoration of it. The dignity of him who died, and the end of his death, which was to expiate fin, add folemnity to this memorial of his death; and they no lefs powerfully plead for every Chriftian's joining in this memorial of it. This is the tribute which you are called to pay to the greatest person that ever trod this earth; it is the acknowledgment demanded from you, to him who made his foul an offering for your fins. All thofe good affections which this inftitution


Acts i. 46.

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is fit for drawing forth into exercise, it is fit alfo for improving to neglect it, shews indifference about the improvement of our best affections. It is only Chrift's coming again to judgment, that can extinguish the obligation of Chriftians, to fhew forth his death; till he come, let us take every opportunity of doing this in remembrance of him.

2dly, Since the Lord's fupper is fo folemn, fo fit to command the fincereft reverence of our fouls, we should be always careful to prepare ourselves for partaking in it with ferious and fervent devotion. Irreverence in any act of worship, is a heinous fin; but irreverence in obferving this Chriftian iaftitution, is in some respects peculiarly atrocious : it is a mark of very great depravity; it shows infenfibility to the most moving objects, and obduracy which the most alarming views. cannot overcome. This inftitution may make some impreffion on the most unthinking, it may force reflection for a moment on the most diffipated, it may excite fome emotions of piety, in those who are for ordinary the greatest strangers to them. The Corinthians obferved it in an irreverent manner and the apoftle reproves this irreverence with D d 4 great

great severity, and warns them that it was of the most dangerous consequence; Whosoever Jhall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, fhall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord: He that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not difcerning the Lord's body". The religious affections all prevailing in their greatest vigour, and mingling their warmest exertions, form the temper which becomes this commemoration. By examining ourfelves, by humble confeffion of our fins, by earnest prayer, by meditation on whatever can moft effectually melt our hearts into contrition, or touch them with love and gratitude, and joy in God's falvation, let us prepare ourselves, as often as we have opportunity, for the religious performance of this duty.

1 Cor. xi, 27, 29.


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ACTS XX. 35.

And to remember the words of the Lord Jefus, how he faid, It is more blessed to give than

to receive.

THE most interesting concern of human creatures is happiness; and no rule fo unexceptionable can be fixed for eftimating the value of any object, or the propriety and importance of any difpofition, or action, or courfe of behaviour, as its tendency to promote happiness. But the rule, however univerfally acknowledged, is often very ill applied, and indeed with refpect to many purfuits and difpofitions is fcarce ever thought of. Nature has provided us with a touchftone, but we neglect to try the most precious metals by it, and by the neglect, fuffer ourfelves to impofed upon by the basest counterfeits.


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