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The same impartiality makes me here suppress the encomiums which are due to you, and which a: nother would not fail to be lavish of. This should bë, in effect, the place for praising the judgment, equity, and good talle which you always make appear in all the things for which you declare yourselves : but I am afraid that the abuse which the most part of writers make of panegyrics in their dedicatory epistles will make mine be suspected, and that they will reproach me with endeavouring to surprize, by this charm, your integrity, in favour of the work which I have the honour to present to you ; but this is far from my mind, Every author, who would be well received by the public, ought to car. ry his recommendation along with him; for he. who is a stranger to that is most commonly sus. pected.

Do this book then only the honour to read it; with all the attention and reflexion which the im. portance of the subject it treats of requires ; that is all the favour I here ask for it. I give you full li. berty with regard to the judgment you will be pleased to pass upon it, which, I hope, will be favourable, in return for the pains which I have taken to render it agreeable to you. If it happens that, contrary to


my intention, and notwithstanding all my efforts, I have not succeeded, it will be but lost time for both you and me ; for which I shall not be with less e fteem and respect,

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Hell a most excellent place on account of its cafinefs of access

с н A P. . V.

The eager defire which mankind Saew for going to bell


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By whom the apartments of the first rank in hell! ar.c occupied

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Who occupies the fecond apartments in bell. A pieture of the mifer


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By whom the third place in hell is inhabited. A der

fcription of the drunkards


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Who occupies the fourth place in hell. The picture

of a fop, and of a coquet

CH A P.' X. The fifth place in hell is occupied by the military 59


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