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Brother's Eye, but confidereft not the BEAM that is in thine own Eye?

4. Or how wilt thou fay to thy Brother, Let me pull out the Mote out of thine Eye; and behold, a Beam is in thine own Eye?

5. Thou Hypocrite, firft caft out the Beam out of thine own Eye; and then fhalt thou fee clearly to caft out the Mote out of thy Brother's Eye (d).

(d) Pfalm 1. 19. Thou giveft thy Mouth to EVIL, and thy Tongue frameth DECEIT.

20. Thou fittest and speakest against thy Brother, thou SLANDEREST thine own Mother's Son.

21. These Things haft thou done, and I kept Silence: Thou thoughteft that I was altogether fuch an one as thy felf: but I will reprove thee, and fet them in order before thine Eyes.

Rom. ii. 1. Therefore thou art inexcufable, O Man, whofoever thou art that JUDGEST: for wherein thou JUDGEST another, thou CONDEMNEST thy felf; for thou that JUDGEST, doft the fame Things.

2. But we are fure that the JUDGMENT of GOD is according to TRUTH, against them which commit fuch Things.

3. And thinkeft thou this, O Man that JUDGEST them which do fuch Things, and doft the fame, that thou shalt escape the JUDGMENT of GOD?

6. Who will render to every Man according to his DEEDS. 11. For there is no respect of Persons with GOD.

1 Cor. iv. 5. Therefore JUDGE nothing before the Time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to LIGHT the hidden Things of Darkness, and will make MANIFEST the COUNSELS of the HEARTS and then fhall every Man have Praise of God.

7. For who maketh thee to DIFFER from another? and what haft thou that thou didst not RECEIVE? Now if thou didft receive it, why doft thou GLORY as if thou hadst not received it?

20. For the KINGDOM of GOD is not in WORD, but in POWER. Titus iii. 1. Put them in mind to be fubject to Principalities and Powers, to obey Magiftrates, to be ready to every good Work,

2. To fpeak Ev of no Man, to be no Brawlers, but GENTLE, fhewing all Meeknefs unto Men.

3. For we our felves alfo were fometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, ferving divers LUSTS and PLEASURES, living in MALICE and ENVY, hateful, and hating one another.

James iv. 11. Speak not EVIL one of another, Brethren. He that speaketh Evil of his Brother, and judgeth his Brother, fpeaketh Evil of the Law, and judgeth the Law: but if thou judge the Law, thou art not a Doer of the Law, but a Judge.

12. There is one LAWGIVER, who is able to fave, and to destroy Who art thou that JUDGEST another?


Holy Things not to be expofed to the Contempt of the Profane.

Ver. 6.

6. GIV IVE (e) not that which is HOLY unto the DOGS, neither caft ye your PEARLS before SWINE, left they trample them under their Feet, and turn again and rent you.

(e) Prov. xxiii. 9. Speak not in the Ears of a Fool; for he will DESPISE the WISDOM of thy Words.

Als xiii. 40. Beware therefore, left that come upon you which is fpoken of in the Prophets,

41. Behold, ye DESPISERS, and wonder, and perifh: for I work a work in your Days, a Work which you fhall in no wife believe, though a Man declare it unto you.

45. But when the Jews faw the Multitudes, they were filled with Envy, and fpake against thofe Things which were spoken by Paul, CONTRADICTING and BLASPHEMING.

46. Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and faid, It was neceffary that the WORD of GOD fhould first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge your felves UNWORTHY of EVERLASTING LIFE, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.

2 Pet. iii. 3. There fhall come in the last Days SCOFFERS, walking after their own Lufts.

Jude 10. But these speak EVIL of thofe Things which they know not: But what they know naturally, as brute Beafts; in those Things they corrupt themselves.

Rev. xxii. 15. For without are Docs, and SORCERERS, and WHOREMONGERS, and MURDERERS, and IDOLATERS, and whofoever loveth and maketh a Lye.

Luke xi. 5. And he said unto them, Which of you fhall have a Friend, and fhall go unto him at Midnight, and fay unto him, Friend, lend me three Loaves;

6. For a Friend of mine in his Journey is come to me, and I have nothing to fet before him :

7. And he from within fhall answer and fay, Trouble me not: the Door is now fhut, and my Children are with me in Bed; I cannot rife and give thee.

8. I fay unto you, Though he will not rife and give him because he is his Friend: yet because of his Importunity, he will rife and give him as many as he needeth.


Matt. vii. 7. Afk, (f) and it shall be given you: seek, and ye fhall find knock, and it fhall be opened unto



8. For every one that afketh, receiveth: and he that feeketh, findeth and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.


9. Or what Man is there of you, whom if his Son afk Bread, will he give him a Stone?

10. Or if he afk a Fifh, will he give him a Serpent ?

11. If ye then being Evil, know how to give GOOD GIFTS unto your Children, how much more fhall your Father which is in Heaven give * GOOD THINGS to them that ask him ?

(f) See Page Ixiii. Of Prayer in general, its Necefity, Efficacy, and Ufe, in the Harmony of the PSALMS.


12. Therefore (g) all Things whatsoever ye would that Men fhould do to you, do ye even fo to them: for this is the LAW and the PROPHETS.

(g) Ats xxiv. 16. And herein do I exercise my self, to have always a CONSCIENCE void of OFFENCE toward God, and toward Men.

Rom. xiii. 7. Render therefore to all their Dues: Tribute to whom Tribute is due, Cuftom to whom Cuftom, Fear to whom Fear, Honour to whom Honour.

1 Theff. v. 15. See that none render EVIL for EVIL unto any Man: but ever follow that which is GOOD, both among your felves, and to all Men.

Chap. iv. 6. That no Man go beyond and DEFRAUD his Brother in any Matter: because that the Lord is the AVENGER of all fuch, as we also have forewarned you, and teftified.

13. Enter (b) ye in at the ftrait Gate: for wide is the Gate, and broad is the Way that leadeth to DESTRUCTION, and many there be which go in thereat :

14. Because ftrait is the Gate, and narrow is the Way which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it.

(b) 1 Cor. ix. 24. Know ye not that they which run in a Race, run all, but one receiveth the PRIZE? SO RUN that ye may oв


25. And every Man that ftriveth for the Maftery, is TEMPERATE in all Things: Now, they do it to obtain a corruptible Crown, but we an INCORRUPTIFLE.

26. I therefore fo run, not as uncertainly: fo FIGHT I, not as one that beateth the Air:

27. But I keep under my BODY, and bring it into SUBJECTION: left that by any means, when I have preached to others, I my felf fhould be a Caft-away.

Phil. iii. 13. Brethren, I count not my felf to have apprehended: but this one Thing I do, FORGETTING thofe Things which are behind, and REACHING forth unto thofe Things which are before;

14. I prefs toward the MARK, for the PRIZE of the HIGH CALLING of God in Christ Jesus.

1 Tim. vi. 12. Fight the good Fight of FAITH, lay hold on ETERNAL LIFE, whereunto thou art alfo called, and haft profeffed a good Profeffion before many Witnesses.

Rev. iii. 21 To him that OVERCOMETH Will I grant to fit with me in my Throne, even as I also overcame, and am fet down with my Father in his Throne.

Gal. vi. 9. Let us not be weary in Well-doing; for in due Seafon we fhall reap, if we faint not.

********** ́*****'*******

Of False Prophets and Teachers.

Ver. 15.BEware


Eware (i) of FALSE PROPHETS, which come to you in Sheeps Clothing, but inwardly they are ravening Wolves.

16. Ye shall know them by their Fruits: Do Men gather Grapes of Thorns, or Figs of Thiftles?

17. Even fo, every good Tree bringeth forth good Fruit: but a corrupt Tree bringeth forth evil Fruit.

18. A good Tree cannot bring forth evil Fruit: neither can a corrupt Tree bring forth good Fruit.

19. Every Tree that bringeth not forth good Fruit, is hewn down, and caft into the Fire.

20. Wherefore by their Fruits ye fhall know them.

(i) Ifaiah lvi. 10. His WATCHMEN are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb Dogs, they cannot bark, sleeping, lying down, loving to flumber.

11. Yea, they are GREEDY DOGS, which can never have enough, and they are Shepherds that cannot underftand: they all look to their own Way, every one for his Gain from his Quarter.

Jer. xxiii. 16. Thus faith the Lord of Hofts, Hearken not unto the Words of the PROPHETS that prophesy unto you; they make

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you vain they fpeak a VISION of their owN HEART, and not out of the Mouth of the LORD.

Mal. ii. 7. For the PRIEST'S LIPS fhould keep KNOWLEDGE, and they fhould SEEK the LAW at his Mouth: for he is the Meffenger of the Lord of Hofts.

8. But ye have departed out of the Way: ye have caused many to ftumble at the Law: ye have corrupted the Covenant of Levi, faith the Lord of Hofts.

9. Therefore have I also made you CONTEMPTIBLE and BASE before all the People, according as ye have not kept my Ways, but have been partial in the LAW.

Ats xx. 28. Take heed therefore unto your felves, and to all the Flock, over the which the HOLY GHOST hath made you OVERSEERS, to feed the Church of God, which he hath purchas ed with his own BLOOD.

29. For I know this, that after my departing fhall grievous WOLVES enter in among you, not fparing the Flock.

30. Alfo of your own felves fhall Men arise, speaking PERVERSE THINGS to draw away Difciples after them.

Rom. xvi. 17. Now I befeech you, Brethren, mark them which caufe Divifions and Offences, contrary to the Doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

18. For they that are fuch, ferve not our Lord Jefus Chrift, but their own Belly; and by good Words and fair Speeches DECEIVE the Hearts of the Simple.

Col. ii. 8. Beware left any Man spoil you through PHILOSOPHY, and VAIN DECEIT, after the Tradition of Men, after the RUDIMENTS of the World, and not after Christ.

2 Tim. iv. 3. For the Time will come when they will not endure SOUND DOCTRINE; but after their own Lufts fhall they heap to themselves TEACHERS, having ITCHING Ears.

4. And they fhall turn away their Ears from the TRUTH, and fhall be turned unto FABLES..

Titus i. 16. They profefs that they KNOW GOD; but in Works they DENY him, being abominable and disobedient, and unto every good Work reprobate.

2 Pet. ii. 1. But there were FALSE PROPHETS also among the People, even as there fhall be FALSE TEACHERS among you, who privily fhall bring in damnable HERESIES, even DENYING the LORD that BOUGHT them, and bring upon themselves swift DESTRUCTION.

2. And many fhall follow their pernicious Ways, by reason of whom the way of TRUTH fhall be evil spoken of.

3. And through COVETOUSNESS fhall they with FEIGNED WORDS make MERCHANDISE of you whofe JUDGMENT now of a long time lingreth not, and their DAMNATION slumbreth not. 13. SPOTS they are and BLEMISHES, fporting themselves with their own Deceivings, while they feast with you;

14. Having

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