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66 ry I behold his power and his glory. "I find it good to draw near to God.

In my closet
His statutes

"are my song in the house of my pilgrimage, and I "rejoice in his word as one that findeth great spoil. "Once I thought like you. I supposed if I began a "religious course, I should never have another happy "day; but I never had a happy day before. I have "found nothing of the fetters and bondage of which I "had heard, and by which I had been disgusted. His "service has been perfect freedom; and none of his "commands are grievous. And Oh! could I now

make you see as I see,

"lay open my soul; could I "and feel as I feel! O taste and see that the Lord is

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good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him." All this shews the importance of serving God ; but whatever shews the importance of it, shews the wis dom of attending to it.

Let me then, my dear hearers, call upon you to make a choice. From this hour abandon God and his ways, and following your idols and your lusts have all that they can give you; or relinquishing the pres ent evil world, take God for the strength of your soul and your portion forever. Which of these will you choose? I cannot conclude without presssing you to a decision. I have already been classing you. My hope has formed one division; my fear a second; my conviction a third.

I have been HOPING that some of you will retire this evening, and join yourselves to the Lord in a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten, saying, "Lord, I am thine, save me. O Lord, other Lords "beside thee have had dominion over us, but by thee


"only will we make mention of thy name." none of you realize this pleasing expectation? Will none among you my young hearers, verify the language of prophecy, upon which so many ministers, so many parents have hoped: "One shall say, I am

the Lord's; and another shall call himself by the ❝ name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his «hand unto the Lord, and surname himself by the "name of Israel."

A larger number I FEAR, will care for none of these things; but go forth saying with their rebellious predecessors, “I have loved strangers, and after them "will I go." Let me give you warning from God. Remember that he will assuredly vindicate the cause of his despised authority and goodness; "As for these "mine enemies that would not that I should reign ov "er them, bring them forth, and slay them before my "face." If you are determined to abandon God, God is determined to abandon you: "But my people "would not harken to my voice; and Israel would "none of me: so I so I gave them up unto their own“hearts' lust, and they walked in their own counsels." And have you considered the awfulness of your condition, "Without God in the world?" Death will soon snatch you away from your houses and amusements; and what will you do, if your faith and hope be not in God, when you will have nothing but God left? And even previous to this, an evil day may arrive. Though worldly things do not satisfy the mind, they divert it; and though they are a poor substitute for God, they render you less sensible of your need of him. But they are all uncertain; and what becomes

of you when they are removed? To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your glory?

But an observation of the way in which divine admonitions is commonly rendered useless CONVINCES me, that the generality of you will not decide with the former, nor positively refuse with the latter." And "as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and


judgement to come, Felix trembled, and answered, "Go thy way for this time, when I have a convenient "season I will call for thee." This is your model. You wish to pause and consider. But we cannot allow this evasion; our commission requires an immediate reply; "To-day if you will hear his voice, harden "not your heart; now is the accepted time, now is "the day of salvation." You wish to pause and consider. But you have no time for hesitation; you are dying while you make the proposal; "Boast not thy"self of to-morrow, for thou knowest not what a "day may bring forth." You wish to pause and consider. But he may take your excuses for a final answer, as they are unquestionably a proof of present disinclination, and say, "None of the men that were "bidden shall taste of my supper." "He is joined to "idols, let him alone." You wish to pause and consider. But the longer you waver the harder you will find it to decide; objections and difficulties will every day multiply. You wish to pause and consider; but when do you mean to determine? How much longer time do you require? Some of you have had twenty, forty, sixty years to weigh things already, and are still undetermined. And what is it to decide, that you cannot come to a conclusion this hour, this mo

ment? What room is there for comparison? What possibility is there of embarrassment? O shame of human nature! Here are persons requiring additional years to determine, whether hell or heaven is the best portion; whether the God of glory, or the god of this world is the best master. "How long halt ye between two opin"ions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal be God, follow him." "Wherefore choose ye this day whom ye will serve." "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." May God inspire us with this resolution. Amen.

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MAT. xii. 49, 50.


I ADDRESS this assembly in the language of our Saviour to the Pharisees; "What "think ye of Christ ?" And surely a more serious inquiry it is impossible to make. Your opinions upon various other subjects are comparatively of little consequence; but it is of the highest importance to entertain proper apprehensions of the person and character, the offices and work of Christ.

There is however another question which it is equally necessary to ask, What does Christ think of you? What you are in the sentiment of your fellow creatures signifies little. It is a light thing to be judged Your happiness does not depend

of man's judgment.

upon him; he may be deceived in his conclusion.

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