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of God. Sometimes they were overheard talking together of what they had heard and seen. They were often much surprised on Sacrament Sundays, that so few came to the “bread and wine," as they expressed it, because they knew that Jesus Christ commanded all who love him to do it. Two of them have often said, “We wish we loved God, that we might come to the bread and wine,”. To know whether they loved God, often gave them much concern; and their father was at times much at a loss how to talk with them in a proper manner on this point. The eldest sometimes said, “I think I do love God; but I am not sure whether 1 do or not."

On the Lord's day their conduct was such as would put some grown people to the blush. To play on that day was truly shocking to them. If any one of them was too trifling, one of the others was almost sure to ask, “ Have you forgotten what day it is?” “The Lord's Day" was a sacred sound to them.-We think that the children who read this account, would have been pleased to have heard them talk, about the dear Saviour of sinners. His love and suffere ings surprised and affected them very much; so much, that when one of the sisters was reading of what Jesus had suffered, her little brother stopped both


his ears, shewing that he was so much affected, he could not bear to hear any more.

But we will only further add, that they delighted to talk about heaven. This was chiefly their practice after God had taken a little brother to that happy world. The feeling manner in which they spake of their brother after his death, at times, almost overwhelmed their parents._We sincerely wish that all the dear little ones who read this short history of the happy cottage-chil. dren, may follow their conduct-be du. tiful to their parents-love the house of God-keep the sabbath-day holy-delight to hear of the love of their Saviour, and talk of heaven : and then, when they die, they will go to that Saviour whom they loved and worshipped here on earth and in his presence be for ever happy.


From a young woman in service in London to a sister, with whom she had been at a Sunday School.

My Dear SISTER, I hope these few lines will find you in earnest about your immortal soul, which is of the greatest importance. Your soul, must dwell you know, either in happiness or everlasting misery. We may die soon; and what an awful thing would it be to die unprepared for death! now is the accepted time! now is the day of salvation ! I sincerely hope you will seek for salvation in Jesus, that kind and com. passionate Saviour of sinners : go to him as a poor sinner : ask him to pardon your sins ; and make you his for ever. He has promised that he will cast out none that come to him. Do go, my dear sister, and humbly ask him to teach you how to pray to him in a right manner; for we are poor weak creatures; of ourselves we can do nothing, but through him we can do all things. "I am very much concerned about you. You know you are thinking about going to service, and it is very proper you should go; and I hope you will get a place to suit you soon.

In the world there are a great many snares and temptations; and what a mercy to have the kind and loving Saviour for our

guide! As we pass through life we need a guide. Let me intreat you to read your Bible as often as you possibly can, for it is a precious treasure; there is something there to suit every station. I am very thankful that you have the privilege of going to a Sunday School; you have very kind and good instruction there, and I hope it will be a blessing to you, as it was to me. Learn the histories of good children as much as you can, and pray that the Lord may make you like them. I hope you are a good girl to your mother, and do all in your power to help her. I should very much like to come and see all of you this summer : but as I am just settled in my place, it would not be right to ask this summer : but I hope to come next. Now do remember, dear sister, what I have said to you concerning serious things: don't put it off one day: you may be dead tomorrow; and we must all stand before the great God to give an account of all that we have done ; whether it be good or bad. And God will say to his chosen people, Come, ye blessed, enter the kingdom prepared for you ; but he will say to those that are not prepared-Depart, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. Now if you are concerned about it, and are saying what shall I do to be saved ? feeling yourself to be a poor sin. ner, go to him ; he died the cruel death of the cross, on purpose that those who believe in him might have life. O what mercy, O what love to poor sinners. He came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. I am happy to tell you, sister, that I feel so much of the love of Christ to niy soul, that I cannot express it to you. My sincere prayer is, that he may apply his Holy Spirit to your soul; pluck you as a brand from the burning ; call you out of darkness into his marvellous light, and make you his for ever. Wishing you the best of blessings, Believe me to be your affectionate sister,

H. B,

BIBLE SOCIETY. At a late meeting of the Aberdeen Auxiliary Bible-Society, the following pleasing anecdote was related by an eye-witness of the scene :-"Last year,” said he, “ a vessel from Stockholm, in Sweden, was driven upon our coast, in a tremendous gale, and became a total wreck. Her condition was such, that no human aid could possibly preserve the crew. In a short time after the vessel struck, she went to pieces. The persons on shore beheld with grief the awful state of those on board, but could render

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