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WHEREFORE 3dly and to conclude, SER M. If we defire to have the Bleffings of thofe XVI. Deliverances, for which we This Day return our publick Thanks to God, continued amongst us; let us make ourselves capable and fit to enjoy them, by a holy and worthy Converfation: Let us in Meekness and Peace live agreeably to the Laws and to the Spirit of that Reformed Religion, which God has mercifully reftored and ftill continues to us: For it is no advantage to us to be delivered from the tyranny of Superftition, if we run into the madness of Atheism and Irreligion. There are not wanting Enemies, who are yet watchful against us; and the Judgements of God are ftiil abroad in the Earth. And we have always just reason to fear, that if we repent not in time, and behave ourselves worthily under paft Deliverances, God may yet be forced to try us with heavier Calamities, than any that have hitherto come upon us. But if we every one heartily fet about a Reformation; he that would have fpared Sodom for the fake of ten righteous perfons, and Jerufalem

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ER M. for the fake of any one man that had but XVI. executed Justice and Judgment in it, may be prevailed upon ftill to avert the Judgments that threaten this our finful Nation. But if we cannot be fo happy as always to obtain Mercy in the Prefervation of our Country, yet he that is truly religious fhall be fure not fail of it in the Safety of himself. Righteous men, fuch as Noab, Job, and Daniel, though poffibly they may not be able to deliver a finful City which God has doomed to Deftruction, yet fhall not fail to deliver their own Souls: And he that fincerely repents and reforms his Life, fhall at leaft have the comfort of attaining That Peace, which the World cannot give, and which it cannot take away.

Now unto him who hath from time to time delivered us from the merciless Defigns of wicked and unreasonable men; who did as upon this day rescue us from that dreadful Deftruction which was ready to have fwallowed us up; and who ftill brings to light the hidden things of Darkness, and preferves

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ferves our Religion and Rights to us, in de-SER M.
Spite of all the malicious and restless At- XVI.
tempts of our Adverfaries; Unto him who
hath delivered us, and doth deliver us,
and we trust will still deliver us, be all
Honour, &c,

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Of the Duty of Charity.

[A Charity-Sermon.]

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MATT. V. 48.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Fa-
ther which is in Heaven is perfect.


SUPPOSE there is little need SER M. of premifing in this place, XVII. that by being perfect like God, is not here meant a perfection of degrees, but only a fimilitude or imitation in kind. The highest attainable perfections of the most excellent creatures in the Universe, are

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