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profit of one good Does he give the

something." Amounts it to the mercantile bargain? Oh! No. average gain of his merchandize for a single day? I am ashamed in this place to mention a FIVE DOLLAR BILL! But it shall be openly exposed in the day of final judgment, before the assembled universe. The man of moderate fortune can never have read the words of my text. He cannot believe, that HE must die, and that all who die in Christ are blessed.

Here comes the thriving mechanic, but he gives not the price of the superfluous lace, which adds nothing to the personal appearance of his sprightly, aspiring partner. They love trumpery and a coachride, more than all the interests of Zion. Next, comes the physician, who tells us that the study of nature has induced him to deny the God of nature; and, as might be expected, gives an eighth of the fee which he lately received for professionally breaking the sixth commandment.

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Are these men Christians, who see thousands of their brethren of the human race perishing in spiritual wretchedness? They have all been baptized, and some of them read their prayers, and others stand, or sit and bow the head, while the congregation of believers importunes the throne of grace, that Christ's

kingdom may come. They are called Christians, but they do not believe the record of the Holy Ghost; for, then would they be desirous of dying the death of the righteous, whose works follow them, as a proof of their faith, to the habitation of rest,

Are all such Christians? They would be accursed if they were! No, no: there is "zeal, according to knowledge," in some renewed sinners; holy zeal, a pure flame, that shall never be extinguished, but shine more and more, when the sun shall no longer endure. It is a zeal which touches their money as well as their tongues; which makes others believe, that they are not their own, but servants of God, purchased with the blood of Christ.

Many repeat the command, "write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," and cause the ignorant to read the words of life.

CHRISTENDOM must be reformed, before such exertions can be made for the conversion of the heathen, as will be adequate, according to the usual mode of divine operation, to the glorious object. Jehovah commonly works through human instrumentality. Many, therefore, who have the hearts of Christians, are seeking to enlighten their baptized brethren, that the "mountain of the Lord's house" may "be established in the top of the mountains," "exalted above the hills," that all nations may flow unto it and be sav

ed: "for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

To help in fulfilling the glorious things spoken of thee, O thou city of our God, a certain poor widow cast into the treasury of a benevolent "cent society," two mites. It was sufficient to give a poorer than herself a religious tract. Jehovah saw the action, called the attention of heaven to her piety, and with his own finger recorded, in the annals of eternity, "well done, good and faithful widow." "Of a truth," said Jesus, "this poor widow hath cast in more than they all. For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God; but she of her penury, hath cast in all the living that she had." Heaven heard him, and shouted praise to that grace of God, which so wrought in a defenceless female, that she did good according to her ability.


We have heard a voice from heaven say, ----"write them on the table of thy heart," that thou mayest never forget to act worthy of the belief, that dying rebels are saved by the blood of Jesus. Alas! that the believer should partially forget the blessedness of such as die in the faith of Christ. "Write this man childless," saith the Lord. It is written in the volume of providence. He toils for wealth, obtains affluence, retires from active business, is a friend of God; but contributes no more to the propagation of Christianity, than yonder pious artisan, who, over his anvil, or his last, by manual labour, provides

bread for his already large, and still growing family. Early and late this man of industry exerts himself, and prays, while on the way from his breakfast and dinner to the workshop, while his hand helps the cause of God; while his heirless neighbour slumbers, because he forgets, that to do good, is an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, eternal in the heavens. You are unmindful, rich man, wonderfully redeemed from condemnation, through the blood of Christ, that the works of believers follow them to the presence of the Eternal Judge. You cannot devote your at present useless gold to any thing better than the cause of Christ. Let many spiritual sons and daughters become heirs to your estate. In their love to God, you shall be rich and happy.

In the neat mansion which you discover on yonder hill, lives a believer, who would gladly do good, were he not apprehensive of indigence. At times he is miserably poor, and never rich in beneficence. He retains his superfluous property, not considering, that " he who gathered much, had nothing over;" that he who will not improve five talents, would not ten; that God will provide for the exigencies of his servants; that the just do not continue on earth for ever; that the liberal believer shall have a fulness of all things in Christ.

A widow too, who has a barrel of meal, and a full vessel of oil, is constantly fearing want, and will not make a little cake to refresh a famishing evangelist.

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She forgets, that it is not the abundance of temporal good, which can make her rich through eternity. She does not reflect, that she shall be blessed, when she dies in the Lord. But, although many cannot, and many will not read, many do not believe, and no one constantly remembers it, yet it is written,

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That we may die in the Lord, it is necessary we should first live in Christ by faith. Once we were dead to holiness, dead in trespasses and sins, without life in Jesus. Now are we alive in Christ, if born of God, being begotten by the word of truth. "For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father, that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith." If the Spirit of Christ be in us, we are alive in him; if not, we are reprobates.

Did Christ devote himself to doing good? Ah! how can I say, that professors of religion imitate his example? How can any one say, that his Spirit is in them?

Certainly, all who are alive in Christ, exercise themselves, to do good. Their conduct coincides in some measure with his precepts. He has commanded that his Gospel should be preached to every creature; and that all who are able, should communicate to the support of the missionaries of the cross. Such as are

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