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2 And he said unto Aaron, Take thee a young Calf for a Sin-offering, and a Ram for a Burnt-offering, without Blemish, and offer them before the LORD.

3 And unto the Children of Ifrael thou shalt fpeak, faying, Take ye a Kid of the Goats for a Sin-offering; and a Calf, and a Lamb, both of the first Year, without Blemish, for a Burnt-offering;

4 Alfo a Bullock and a Ram for Peace-offerings, to facrifice before the LORD; and a Meat-offering mingled with Oyl for To-day the LORD will appear unto you.

5 And they brought that which Mofes commanded before the Tabernacle of the Congregation and all the Congregation drew near, and ftood before the LORD.

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6 And Mofes faid, This is the Thing which the LORD commanded that ye fhould do: and the GLORY of the LORD fhall APPEAR unto you.

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6 As he faith alfo in another Place, Thou art a PRIEST for EVER


7 Who in the Days of his Flesh, when he had offered up Prayers and Suppications with ftrong crying and fave him from Death, and was heard, Tears, unto him that was able to in that he feared;

8 Though he were a Son, yet learned he OBEDIENCE by the Things which he suffered :

9 And being made perfect, he became the AUTHOR of ETERNAL SALVA TION unto all them that obey him;

10 Called of GOD an HIGH PRIEST


Her. vii 11 If therefore Perfection were by the Leitical Priesthood, (for under it the People received the Law) what further Need was there that another Prieft fhould rife after the Or der of Melchifedec, and not be cal led after the Order of Aaron

12 For the Priesthood being changed, there is made of neceffity a Change alfo of the Law.

13 For he of whom thefe Things are fpoken, pertaineth to another Trie, of which no Man gave At

tendance at the Altar.

14 For it is evident that OUR LORD

fprang out of Juda: of which Tribe Motes ipake nothing concerning Priesthood.

7 And Mofes faid unto Aaron, Go unto the Altar, and offer thy Sin-offering, and thy Burnt-offering, and make an ATONEMENT for thy felf and for the People : Is And it is yet far more evident: and offer the Offering of the for that after the Similitude of MelPeople, and make an Atone-chitedec there arifeth another Pricft,

ment for them; as the LORD commanded.

8 Aaron therefore went unto the Altar, and flew the

16 Who is made, not after the Law of a carnal Commandment, but after the POWER of an ENDLESS LIFE.

17 For he teftifieth thou art a PRIEST for EVER after the, ORDER of MELCHISEDEC. Calf


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Calf of the Sin-offering, which
was for himself.

9 And the Sons of Aaron
brought the Blood unto him:
and he dipt his Finger in the
Blood, and put it upon the
Horns of the Altar, and pour-
ed out the Blood at the Bot-
tom of the Altar.

10 But the Fat, and the Kidneys, and the Caul above the Liver of the Sin-offering he burnt upon the Altar; as the LORD commanded Mofes.

11 And the Flesh and the Hide he burnt with Fire without the Camp.

12 And he flew the Burntoffering; and Aaron's Sons prefented unto him the Blood which he fprinkled round about upon the Altar.

13 And they prefented the Burnt-offering unto him, with the Pieces thereof, and the Head and he burnt them upon the Altar.

14 And he did wash the Inwards and the Legs, and burnt them upon the Burntoffering on the Altar.

18 For there is verily a difannulling of the Commandment going before, for the WEAKNESS and Unprofitablenefs thereof.

19 For the LAW made nothing better HOPE did; by the which we PERFECT, but the bringing in of a DRAW NIGH unto GOD.

20 And in as much as not without an Oath he was made Prieft,

21 (For thofe Priefts were made without an Oath: but this with an

Oath, by him that faid unto him; The LORD fware, and will not repent, Thou art a PRIEST for ever after the ORDER of MELCHISEDEC)

22 By fo much was JESUS made a SURETY of a BETTER TESTAMENT.

23 And they truly were many Priefts, because they were not fuffered to continue by reafon of Death:

24 But this Man because he continueth EVER, hath an UNCHANGEABLE


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26 For fuch an HIGH-PRIEST became us, who is HOLY, HARMLESS, UNDEFILED, SEPARATE from SINNERS, and made HIGHER than the HEAVENS;

27 Who needeth not daily, as thofe High-priests, to offer up Sacrifice fift for his own Sins, and then for the People's: for this he did once, when he OFFERED up HIMSELF.

28 For the Law maketh Men Highpriests which have Infirmity; but the Word of the OATH which was fince the Law, maketh the Son, who is CONSECRATED for EVERMORE.


15 And he brought the Peoples Offering, and took the Goat which was the Sinoffering for the People, and flew it, and offered it for Sin, as the first.

16 And he brought the Burnt-offering, and offered it according to the Manner.

17 And he brought the Meat-offering, and took an Handful thereof, and burnt it upon the Altar, befide the Burntfacrifice of the Morning.

See Chap. xvi. where Heb. x. is referred to

18 He flew alfo the Bullock and the Ram, for a Sacrifice of Peace-offerings, which was for the People: and Aaron's Sons prefented unto him the Blood (which he sprinkled upon the Altar round about.)

22 And Aaron lift up his Hands towards the People, and bleffed them; and came down from offering of the Sin-offering, and the Burnt-offering, and Peace-offerings.

23 And Mofes and Aaron went into the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and came out and BLESSED the PEOPLE: and the GLORY of the LORD appeared unto all the PEOPLE.

24 And there came a FIRE out from before the LORD, and confumed upon the Altar the Burnt-offering, and the Fat: which when all the People faw, they fhouted and fell on their Faces.


Nadab and Abihu, for offering ftrange Fire, are burnt. 8 The Priefts forbidden Wine, when they are to go into the Tabernacle.


Ver. 1 AND w Nadab and Abihu, the Sons of Aaron, took either of them his Cenfer, and put Fire therein, and put Incense thereon, and offered STRANGE FIRE before the LORD, which he COMMANDED them NOT.

2 And there went out FIRE from the LORD, and DEVOURED them, and they died before the LORD.

3 Then Mofes faid unto Aaron, this is it that the LORD fpake, faying, I will be SANCTIFIED in them that come nigh me, and before all the People, I will be glorified. And Aaron held his Peace.

4 And Mofes called Mifhael and Elzaphan, the Sons of Uzziel the Uncle of Aaron,


John iv. 23 The Hour cometh, and now is, when the true Worshippers fhall worship the FATHER in SPIRIT, and in TRUTH: for the FATHER feeketh fuch to worship him.

24 GOD is a SPIRIT, and they that worship him, must worship him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

Pfal. lxxxix. 7 GOD is greatly to be FEARED in the Affembly of the Saints and to be had in REVERENCE of all them that are about him.

Mal. i. s The LORD will be MAGNIFIED from the Border of Ifrael.

6 A Son honoureth his Father; and a Servant his Mafter: If then I be a Father, where is mine Honour?

and if I be a Mafter, where is my Fear? faith the LORD of Hofts unto you, O PRIESTS, that DES PISE My Name: and ye fay, Wherein have we despised thy Name?

7 Ye offer POLLUTED Bread upon mine Altar; and ye fay, Wherein have we polluted thee? in that ye fay, The Table of the LORD is contemptible.

8 And if ye OFFER the Blind for Sacrifice, is it not Evil and if ye. Y 2 and

and faid unto them, Come near, carry your Brethren from before the Sanctuary out of the Camp.

5 So they went near and carried them in their Coats out of the Camp; as Mofes had faid.

6 And Mofes faid unto Aaron, and unto Eleazar and unto Ithamar his Sons, Uncover not your Heads,. neither rend your Cloaths; left you die, and left Wrath come upon all the People but let your Brethren, the whole House of Ifrael, bewail the Burning which the LORD hath kindled.


7 And ye fhall not go cut from the Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, left you die: for the Anointing-oyl of the LORD is upon you. And they did according to the Word of Mofes.

8 And the LORD fpake unto Aaron, faying,

offer the Lame and Sick, is it not Evil? OFFER it now u to thy GoVERNOUR. Will he be pleated with thee, or accept thy Pe fon faith the LORD of HOSTS

11 For from the RISING of the SUN even unto the go ng down of the fame, my NAME thall be GREAT among the GENTILES, and in every Place INCENSE fhall be offered unto my NAME, and a PUR OER NO: fo. my NAME fhall be great an eng the Heathen, faith the LORD of HOSTS.

that ye fay The TABLE of the LORD 12 But ye have ROFANED it, in is POLLUT D. and the Fru't thereof, even his Meat is CONTEMPTIBLE. weariness is it, and ye have fnuffed at it, fa th the LORD of HOSTS; and ye bio ht that which was torn, and the Lame and the Sick; thus ye brought an Offering: thould I accept this f your hands? faith the LORD.

13-Ye laid aite, Behold. what a

14 But CURS D be the DECEIVER, which hath in his Flock a Male, and voweth and facrificeth unto the LORD

a CORRUPT THING: for I am a GREAT KING, la th the LORD of HOSTS, and my Name is DREADFUL among the Heathen

thou gocft to the Houle of GOD, and be more ready to HEAR than to give the SACRIFICE of Fools for they confider no that they do Evil

Eccles, V. 1 Keep thy Foot when

2 Be not RASH with thy Mouth, and let not hine HEART be HASTY to utter any thing befo e GOD: for GOD is in HEAVEN, and thou upon Earth : therefore let thy WORDS be FEW.

9 Do not drink Wine nor ftrong Drink, thou, nor thy Sons with thee, when ye go into the Tabernacle of the Congregation, left ye die It fhall be a Statute for ever throughout your Generations :

10 And that you may put Difference between Holy and Unholy, and between Unclean and Clean :

11 And that ye may teach the Children of Ifrael all the Statutes which the LORD hath spoken unto them by the Hand of Mofes.


What Beafts may, 4 and what may not be eaten. 9 What Fishes. 13 What Fowls. 29 The creeping Things which are unclean.



1 The Purification of a Woman after Child-birth: 6 Her Offerings for her purifying.


The Laws and Tokens whereby the Prieft is to be guided in difcerning the Leprofy:


The Rites and Sacrifices in cleansing of the Leper. 13 The Signs of Leprofy in an Houfe. 48 The cleanfing of that Houfe.


How the High-priest must enter into the Holy Place. 11 The Sin-offering. 20 The Scape-goat. 29 The Feast of Expiation.

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