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The Offering for the Tabernacle. 10 The Form of the Ark. 17 The Mercy-feat. 23 The Tables, 31 and the Candle


Fer. 1

ND the LORD fpake unto Mofes, faying,


8 Let them make me a SANCTUARY; that I may DWELL amongst


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4 Which had the golden CENSER, and the ARK of the COVENANT Over

laid round about with Gold, wherein was the GOLDEN POT that had MANNA,

and AARON'S ROD that budded, and the TABLES of the COVENANT.

s And over it the CHERUBIMS of GLORY fhadowing the MERCY-SEAT.

6 Now when thefe Things were thus ordained, the PRIESTS went al

ways into the firft TABERNACLE, ac

complishing the Service of GoD:

7 But into the fecond went the High Prieft alone once every Year,

not without Blood, which he offered for himself, and for the Errors of the People.

that the Way into the HOLIEST of ALL, 8 The HOLY GHOST this fignifying, was not yet made manifeft, while as the first TABERNCALE was yet ftanding:

9 Which was a FIGURE for the Time

then prefent, in which were offered both Gifts and Sacrifices, that could not make him that did the Service PERFECT, as pertaining to the CONSCIENCE,

To Which food only in Meats, and CARNAL ORDINANCES IMPOSED and Drinks, and in divers Washings, on them until the Time of REFORMATION.

11 But CHRIST being come an

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18 Whereupon neither the first Teftament was dedicated without Blood. 19 For when Mofes had spoken

every Precept to all the People ac

cording to the Law, he took the BLOOD of Calves and of Goats, with Water, and fearlet Wool, and Hyffop, and fprinkled both the Book, and all the People.

the Teftament which God hath en

20 Saying, This is the Blood of joined unto you.

21 Moreover he sprinkled likewife with Blood both the TABERNACLE, and all the Veffels of the Miniftry.

22 And almost all Things are by the Law PURGED with BLOOD; and withOut SHEDDING of BLOOD is no REMISSION.

23 It was therefore neceffary that the PATTERNS of Things in the HEAVENS fhould be purified with thefe; but the HEAVENLY Things themselves with BETTER SACRIFICES than these.

24 For CHRIST is not entred into the holy Places made with Hands, which are the FIGURES of the TRUE; but into HEAVEN itself, now to APPEAR in the PRESENCE of GOD for us.

25 Nor yet that he should OFFER himself often, as the HIGH PRIEST CNtreth into the HOLY PLACE every Year with BLOOD of others:

26 (For then must he often have fuffered fince the FOUNDATION of the WORLD) but now once in the END of the WORLD hath he appeared to pur AWAY Sin by the SACRIFICE of himself.

27 And

27 And as it is appointed unto Men once to DIE, but after this the JUDG


28 So CHRIST was once OFFERED to bear the SINS of many; and unto them that LOOK for him shall he appear the fecond Time without SIN unto SALVATION.

40 Look that thou make them after their PATTERN SHEWED to thee in the MOUNT.

to the PATTERN SHEWED to thee in the MOUNT.

f Heb. viii. s Who SERVE unto the THINGS, as MOSES was admonished Example and SHADOW of HEAVENLY of GOD, when he was about to build the Tabernacle. For fee (faith he) that thou make all Things according


1 The ten Curtains of the Tabernacle. 31 The Vail for the Ark.



1 The Altar of Burnt-offering, with the Veffels. 9 The Court of the Tabernacle. 20 The Oyl for the Lamp.


t Aaron and his Sons are fet apart for the Priest's Office. 6 The Ephod. 30 The Urim and Thummim. 37 The


AND & take thou un

to thee AARON thy Brother, and his Sons with him, from among the Children of Ifrael, that he may MINISTER unto me in the PRIEST'S OFFICE, even Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron's Sons.

Ver. 1

8 Heb. viii. 1 Now of the Things SUM: We have fuch an HIGH PRIEST which we have spoken, this is the who is fet on the RIGHT HAND of the THRONE of the MAJESTY in the HEA


2 A MINISTER of the Sanctuary, and of the TRUE TABERNACLE which the LORD PITCHED, and not Man.

3 For every HIGH PRIEST is or

dained to offer Gifts and Sacrifices: wherefore it is of Neceffity that this Man have fomewhat alfo to offer.

2 And thou shalt make holy Garments for Aaron thy Brother, for Glory and for Beauty.

3 Ánd thou fhalt fpeak unto all that are wife-hearted, whom I have filled with the Spirit of Wisdom, that they

4 For if he were on Earth, he fhould not be a Prieft, feeing that there are Priefts that offer Gifts ac

cording to the Law.

may make Aaron's Garments to CONSECRATE him that he may MINISTER unto me in the PRIEST'S OFFICE.


1 The Sacrifices and Ceremonies of confecrating the Priefs. 38 The continual Burnt-offering. 45 GOD's Promise to dwell among the Children of Ifrael.



ND this is the Thing that thou SHALT do unto

Ver. 1 to MINISTER to me in the PRIEST'S OFFICE: Take one young Bullock, and two Rams without Blemish,

2 And unleavened Bread, and Cakes unleavened, tempered with Oyl, and Wafers unleavened anointed with Oyl: of Wheaten Flour fhalt thou make them.

3 And thou fhalt put them into one Basket, and bring them in the Basket, with the Bullock and the two Rams.

4 And Aaron and his Sons thou fhalt bring unto the Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and fhalt wash them with Water.

5 And thou shalt take the Garments, and put upon Aaron the Coat, and the Robe of the Ephod, and the Ephod, and the Breaft-plate, and gird him with the curious Girdle of the Ephod.

6 And thou fhalt put the Mitre upon his Head, and put the holy Crown upon the Mitre.

7 Then fhalt thou take the anointing Oyl, and pour it upon his Head, and anoint him.

8 And thou fhalt bring his Sons, and put them.

Coats upon

9 And thou fhalt gird them with Girdles (Aaron and his Sons) and put the Bonnets on them: and the PRIEST'S OFFICE fhall be theirs for a perpetual Statute: and thou fhalt CONSECRATE AARON and his Sons.

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h Heb. x. 1 For the Law having a SHADOW of GOOD THINGS to come, and not the very IMAGE of the Things, can never with thofe Sacrifices which they offered Year by Year continually, make the Comers thereunto PER


2 For then would they not have ceafed to be offered because that

11 And thou shalt kill the Bullock before the LORD, by the Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.

12 And thou fhalt take of the Blood of the Bullock, and put it upon the Horns of the Altar with thy Finger, and pour all the Blood befide the Bottom of the Altar.

15 Thou shalt alfo take one Ram, and Aaron and his Sons fhall put their Hands upon the Head of the Ram.

16 And thou shalt flay the Ram, and thou fhalt take his Blood, and sprinkle it round about upon the Altar.

19 And thou shalt take the other Ram, and Aaron and his Sons fhall put their Hands upon the Head of the


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the Worshippers once PURGED, fhould have had no more CONSCIENCE OF SINS.

3 But in thote Sacrifices there is a

Remembrance again made of Sins every Year.

4 For it is not POSSIBLE that the

BLOOD of BULIS and of GOATS should take away SINS.

s Wherefore when HE COMETH into the World, he faith, Sacrifice and . Offering thou would eft not, but a BODY haft thou PREPARED me.

6 In Burnt offerings and Sacrifice for Sen thou haft had no Pleasure.

7 Then faid I, Lo, I come (in the VOLUME of the Book it is written of me) to do thy WILL, O GOD.

8 Above, when he faid, Sacrifice and Offering, and Burnt offerings, and Offering for Sn, thou wouldest not, neither hadft Pleasure therein, (which are offered by the Law,)

9 Then faid he, Lo, I come to do thy WILL, O GOD. He taketh away the fift, that he may establish the


10 By the which WILL we are SANCTIFIED; through the Offering of the BODY of JESUS CHRIST ONCE.

20 Then fhalt thou kill the Ram, and take of his Blood, and put it upon the Tip of the Right Ear of Aaron, and upon the Tip of the Right Ear of his Sons, and upon the Thumb of their Right Hand, and upon the Great Toe of their Right Foot, and fprinkle the Blood upon the Altar round about.

21 And thou shalt take of the Blood that is upon the Altar, and of the Anointing Oyl, and fprinkle it upon Aaron, and upon his Garments, and upon his Sons, and upon the Garments of his Sons with him: and he fhall be hallowed, and his Garments, and his Sons, and his Sons. Garments with him.

36 And thou fhalt offer every Day a Bullock for a Sinoffering, for Atonement and thou fhalt cleanfe the Altar, when thou haft made an Atonement for it, and thou shalt anoint it to fanctify it.

38 Now this is that which thou shalt offer upon the Altar; two Lambs of the firft Year, Day by Day continually.


39 The

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