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Containing the old and Nero


Newly Translated our of the
Original Tongues, and with
the former Translations dili-
gently Compared and


With Marginal Notes,


The Scripture to the best Interpreter

óf Scripture.

Printed by Charles Bill, and the Executrix
Newcomb deceas'd, Printers to the King and most

Excellent Majesty. Anno Dom. 1698.


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36 Isaiah
34 leiemiah

: The names and order of the Books
of the old Tefament with ghe number, of

their Chapters.
Enelis hath Chapters


hath Chap Exodus

12 Leviticus

The Song of Solomon


Lair Citations

24 Judges


21 Ruth


4 I..Simuel

Hoseah 31

14 II. Samuel

3 22


Obadiah 1. Chronicles

+ 29

Jonah II. Chronicles

7 Ezrah

3 Nehemiah

3 Etther so Zephani.ch

3 Job

42 Haggai Pralms


Zechariah The Proverbs


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24 Joel

I. Kings
II. Kings


36 Micah
io Nahum
1 Habakkuk

z1 Malachi


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The names and order of the Books of the New Testament,

with the number of their Chapters.

hath Chap-fll. Thefalonians hath - Chap

ters Mark

161. Timothy Luke 24. II. Timothy

4 John 21 Titus

3 The Acts e8 Philemon

1 The Epiftle the RO- To the Hebrews

13 mans

16 The Epifle of James I. Corinthians

161. Perer II. Corincbians 13II. Peter

3 Galatians 61. John

3 Ephesians

611. John Philippians

III. John Colofiians

4Jude 1. Therkoniams

5. Revelation

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To the Reader
Ils & Truth acknowledged by all, of all persuasions , ut ,THE

TURE. To this I shall add a few things
1. Sucb is the Fulnets and Perfe&ion of the holy Scripture :

as it hati enough, and fufficiency in it self for the explanation and opening the fence. and meaning of it.

11. That this Explanation and Opening of Scripture by Scripture is attainan clear nefs to the truth of the fence, as there will be little need for other Interpreters, much kefs for men ta imore the private Interpretations and bold Gloftes won the Text.

ill. I do not know any may whereby the word of God (as to the Ala Ay, Au hority Truth, Perfection &c. of it) can be more

honored and held forth; and the Adverfarles own Interpretcr. This I am sure did-men in their Expolitions on the Scriptures Speaks

(of all forts) so thoromly convinced, and frienced, as to have the scripture to be ici iefs them feluess, and the Scripturettore, the Scripture would have more honout ; and theme weslefs.

But here I must confefs, to have a SCRIPTURE-INTERPRETER, in the way I speak: 112 of that sufficiency and Fulness as there could be no need to sok far ber for the fence and meaning of the Text: Toere are many things first to be done:

1. That the original Text of Scripture be rightly translated, and as much as poffible, even word for Toord: without departing from the letter of scripture in the kan Tor it is neelary to preserve the letter int tres bow incmvenient, yed, bore abfurd fupper and barshott may seem

to mens carnal Redjani Becaule the foolishness of God is 11. That Scripture Metaphors be not o nitted, nor'miAranslated one for another but rightly opened.

1. Concerning the various Readings : here, au care , Audy, and endetzaur ought to bened, that nothing be taken but what is breathed by the Spirit of God in. the Text.

IV. That the genuine and proper fignification of the original words be truly opee ned, and explained for this is of great use and furtherance to the roork. I mention.

5. The doubts and seeming differences be carefully heeded, and by Parallel Scrip. tures reconciied.

VI. That some words which are in the origina: Tongues left untranslated be transa. ted, and their unification opened, For how loever fuch words to come may seem unfruis. ful and afford not much matter in the letter, yet according to the manifold wisdom of God,

and as the spiritual man judgeth) there is an excellent meanin. of the Spiris in them.

Laply, The original particles are to be minded and special notice taken of them, ut a thing of great concernment, to show the Connexion of the Text, and Conteút. There are other particylars

beszes these, to have an exact and full SCRIPTURE. INTERPRETER, but I shall refer them to another time, and place more proper. Wta: I bure done concerning this work thething it self will show when it cometh farth : and therefore I will say nothing of it more or less: but only as Chrif said of the woman, I have done what I could.

Something I will speak of the Reasons and Grounds whereby I have been encouraged in this kind of labor.

1 The sweetness and great content which I have had all along in this Scripture. vork, bath caused me to account other Audies and readings (which I formerly ufed i very low in comparison of it. Is it said of Jacob , that he served seven years for Rachel, and they Teemed but a few days for the love he had to her. I can truly speak it, I have forved the Lord in tbv work more than thrice seven years, and the tim bath pot seemed long , neither bath the work been any way a burden to me, for the love I have bad to it.

But I 1. That which hath more encouraged me, hath been a perfuafion and good hope, that many will have much foul good, and spiritual comfort by it. For 1. Some people will be the more willing and forward

to read and search the Scriptares; having by them a guide and help as when they meer with any place which is dark and they understand it not :ther by direction to some other Text of Scripture immediately

to be informed and satisfied, without looking into Commentaries which may be they have not. 2. A Scripture Interpreter will encourace men to exercise

thenia Selves in the meditation and Audy of the scriptures: as when a man hath a light carried before bina : begocth more cheerfully , then if he were in the dark, and groped for bis vay. 3. By this means not only the knowledge of God and his truth will grow and in teate : biet the Scriptures will be unto people more familiar and more their own (as y may ray) than they rere before : for those things which we hear from orbers, or have one our own searching the Scriptures (the Lord giving a bleftrig to it) do ablde Ana cominua pitbu.

4. Seeing it is the Spirit of God, that inlivens and breathes in the Scriptures, where can we expect the presence of this good Spirit, if not in the search and meditation of the Scriptures i lpeak, not to the derogation of commentators and other works of god.y men: yet thi I lay me making our prayer to the only, wise God, may erect the pouring out of the Spirit, as to be guided into the truth of the fence of the Scriptures in reading and Audying them , more than in reading other Books.

3. That the Scriptures every where, are so much neglected, so little honoured and regarded amon men, one reason is, their ignorance of them: to have therefore this Ignorance remazed, and the word of God loved and desighted in; there can not be (as bumbly conceive) a better way and meanes than a Scripture self-Interpreter.

6. 7. is not rke Scripture that leadeth men into trrours ont by-wayes, but the mise our precations, and fallie Glodies imposed upon its as' woben men by perruetriga til

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To the Reader. Seripture to their or principlesand purposes you make them prak, thok fence, and private interpretation. Laying therefore afide mens interpretations, and only, folloving the Scripture Interpreting it felf, tt muf needs be the best may, and free from

But 111. That pbich hath mof encouraged me is the honour and glory of God : which I hope and delin pill redound to his holy Niame by . And therefore wo/oever Mall reap and benefit either by this, of what followeth , fibeg of bint for Chrifts fake that Be stve frais unto God aloni.

For contlufion. These Scriptare-References , they are FEW to these I could have Produced.

But I have made it a great part of my work to comprise much in a little room, and therefore have viewed over all my larger Notes, and with my own hand from the beginning to the end, verse after verfe , bave chosen the mox principal and proper Texts, Pfar as the margin could contain. Befiders I have ufed what care and diligence I could to avoyd al mistakes in the Notes, and to have them placed in a right and de orden

Mercover (Reader) I intend God alli Aing moito health and lift, to set forth an Edition of the Bible in a large and fair chara&ter, withlarge annotatfons (a roork, I have been many years upon) and to make what speed I can. But the work will be heavy and

Por I purtoje therein to set forth all that I have done concerning a Scripture Inter. preter : Whether I shall live to fee it finished, God only knows : hon oever it is ready and prepared for the prefs : fo that if the Lord take nie away before it be puwished, what remains of the Copy unprinted"I shall leave in such bands as wil U doubt net) he borb orrful and fakthful in accomplishing my Intentions which that it may hero the glory of God, and good of his peeph every where s is my earne i prayer.




Her. the darkness.

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Eccl. 7


called +
6 H A P. 1.

21 And God created great whales. m Gen.
Thecrea ton of beavm and earth, c.and every living creature that moveth,
26 of man in the image of God.29 The which the waters brought forth abun. Belil.

appointment of food. 1 Joh.

Ni the begioning a God winged fom afror filo kind and God bil
created the b beaven, & faw that it was good.

Prov 5.7 Prov. the earth.

22AmGod blessed them, saying, Bed 16.4 2 And the earth was fruitful, and multiply, and fill the

wa without form, and cers in the Teas, and let fowl multiply lilah

5: b Col.

void, and darkness was in the earth. 1.16. upon the face of the

23 And the eventag and the morning jáb is. 17.

64.8. deep: and the Spirit of God moved were the fifth day. Job 26.13. upon the face of the waters.

24 TAnd God Taid, Let the earth bring 'Gal. 1 Tim. 3. And d God

faid, Let there be light: forth the living creature after his kind, 6.16. and there was light.

cartel and creeping thing , and beat of 14%; 4. drfal 4 And God saw the light, that it was the earth after his kind and it was fo.

o Col. 33.69. good:and God 7 divided the light from 25 And God made the best of the earth after his kind, and cattel after

James Sefara- And God called the light, Day, and their kind, and every thing that creep: 1 Cor. med be the darkness be called, Night: and the eth upon the earth after his kind : and 1.9: the + evening and the morning were the God saw that it was good.

26 9 And God fod, n'Let us make el 69 And God said, e Let thore bet a fir-man in o our image, after our likeness, te ob darkmament in the midst of the waters, and and let them have p dominion over the

Epher mess.

let it divide the waters from waters, fith of the sea, and over the fowl of the predi. + Heb.

7. And God made the firmament, and air, and over the cattle, and over all 8.6. And

divided the waters which were under the earth , and over every creeping Gen.g. to pay the firmament from the waters which thing that creepeth upon the earth. nin note above the firmament: & it was fo. 27 So God created man in his own 9 Mat. the MOTNHeaven : and the evening and the him, male & female created he them., Diat. 2.

19.4. inz wis morning were the fecond day.

28 'And God blefled them, and God 15. &c.

9 And God said, Let the waters under faid unto them, Be fruitful, & multi-Gen.

the heaven be gathered together unto ply and replenish the earth, and fub- 3.16, 32.18. f one place, & let the dry-land appear: due ir, and have dominion over the i Cor. Heb. and it was to.

fith of the sea,

and over the fowl of the 7.2, 3. Expan

vo And God called the g dry-land , air, and over every living thing that Heb. fian. Earth , and the gathering together of + moveth upon the earth.


the waters called he Soas : and God '29 (Add God said, Behold, I have eth: $8.8. law that it was good.

given you every herb t bearing feed , Heb. frov:

11 And God laid, Let the earth bring which is upon the face of all the earth, feeding 8.29.

forth grafs,the herb yielding seed, and and every tree, in the which is the trut leed. Pet. the fruit tree yielding fruit after his of a tree vielding feed; is to you it shall

Gen. kind, whofe feed is in it self upon the be for meut.

9.3. Heb. earth : and it was fo.

30 And to t every beast of the carth , t Pial. but 12 And the earth bronght forth grass, and to every fowl of the air and to eve- 104. forth and herb

yielding feed after his kay kind, ry thing that creepeth upon the earth, 147 ib:bud-and the free yielding fruit, whole feed wherein there is fute, I have given F Heb. din pas in lt self , after his kind : and God every green herb for mert:& it was fb. a lie T.3/s. faw that it was good.

31 And God fawor

hing that be ving Luk. 13 And the evening and the morning bad made and be

was u very coub. 6.44. were the third day.

good. And the eventi did the mor- 'n Lan. iPial. 14 T And God said, Let there be Ding were the fixth da, 14.16. i lights in the firmament of the heaven,

CHAT: 11.

3.38. {Heb. ro divide t the day from the night:and . The

firf Sabbath, 8 Theplanting of Be

let them be for signs, and for feasons, tment and for days, and years.

19,10 The creatures named. 21 The Tix day,

15 And let them be for lights in the woman maderand marriage inittuted.
firmament of the heaven, to give light T finithed, and all the a hott of them.

a Plal Heb. upon the earth: and It was fo. Bere

16 And God made two great lights; 2 And on the seventh day God ended 36.66 faith, the greater light to trule the day, and his

work, which he had made, and he 119. thar is, the lefser light to 'rule the night: beb refted on the seventh day from

all his in the

bBxo. made the ftars also.

work , which he had made. be. in.

20. 21. 17 And God k let them in the arma 3 And God blessed the seventh day,

John ment of the

heaven to give light upon and sanctified it, because that in it he t Heb. the earth,

had retted from au his work, which


Neb. for the 18 And to Irule over the day and over God created and made. rue of the night, & to divide Flight from the 4 These are the d.generations of at:

Ifa.58. tee day. darknels: & God law that it was good. the heavens

and of the earth, when k Job 19 Add the evening and the morniog they were created in the day that the Web. 2.12. were the fourth day.

LORD God made the earth and the created Pial. S. 20 And God said, Let the waters heavens,

to make

5 the field, be: 4 Pfal. jer. creature that hath fufe, and fowi that fore it was in the earth, and every heart 3. may ay above the earch in the open of the field before it grew for the 200*•

3 Heb. firmament of .


04.14 fona. Job 43,21.

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