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Alishaphat hangath himself

II Samuele? Davids charge. Heb. among the people that followAbfalom. went into e Abigail daughter of Na-e1 Ch. afon of to And he also that ist raliane,whofe hath, filter to Zerulah, Joabs mother. 2.16 Talour heart is as the heart of a lien, fhall 6 So Ifrael and Abfalom pitched in 17. Du.utterly b melt: for all Ifrael knoweth the land of Gilead.


1. 28. that thy father is a mighty man, and 27 And it came to pafs when Da-Joh. they be with him are valiant men. vid was coine to Mahanaim,f Shobif 2 Sa 2.11. 11 Therefore I counfel,thar all Ifrael the fon of Nabah of Rabbah of the 10. 1. Jud. be generally gathered unto thee, kchildren of Ammon, and g Mathir the and 20. 1. from Dan even to Beersheba, as the fon of Ammiel of Lo-debar, and b (2. 30. Sã Joh. fand that why the fea for multitude, Barzillai the Gileadite of Rogelim, 11.4. and that thou go to f barrel in th ne: 28 Brought beds and bafons, and perfon.y and 2 sa. 9.16.12 So thall we come upon him in fome ley, and flour, and parched corn, and 19. 31. Heb. place where he fhall be found, and beans, and lentils, and parchett pulfr, that we will light upon him as the dew 29 And honey, and butter, and theep, thy facefalleth on the ground; and of him,and and cheefe of kine for David and for i Pfal. 804- of all the men that are with him, there the people that were with him, tocar :34. Se Bong not be left fo much as one. faid, people is hungry, & with 713 Moreover, if he be gewen into weary, and thirty in the ilderness. them to a city, then fhall all Ifrael bring a repes CHAP. XVIII $5 battle to that city, and we will draw it into David viewing the armies givesh Kl. the river, antil there be not one charge of Abfal m. 9 Abfilem is 20. 10.fmall o ftone found there.or fain, 19 Tidings is brought to Da• Pfal. 14 And Abfalom and all the men of vid Nethrak $3. 14 Trael faid, The counfel Húfhai the Nd the people a Pal. Mat. Arhite w bert totale of nounal to A that there with him, and fer cap. 4 242 Ahitophel for the LORD had tap-tains of thoufands, and captains of Exod. Heb. pointed to defear the good coonfel of hundreds over them. &or 17.9. Ahithophel, to the intent thar's Lord a And David fent forth a third part Pfal. mans might bring evil upon Abfalom. of the people under the hand of Jeab, 37. 3. ded. 15 Then faid Hulhat unco Zadok, and a third part under the hand of bb1 Sa Amos and to Abiathar the priest, Thus and Abilhal, the fon of Zeruiah, Joabs bra 26. 6. 6. 11. thus did Ahithophel counsel Abfalom cher,and a third part under the hand c2 Sa and and the elders of Ifraelt and thus and of Ittai the Gittite:and the king raid 15. 19: 23 thus have counfelled to Ed unto the people, I will futely go ferch 1 Ki Nah.1.16 Now th reforefend quickly, and with you my felf alfo, raktorstue 22. 31.






Pfalm night in the plains of the wilderness, halt nor tell David, faying Lodge nor this 3 But the people anfwered Thou 2 Sam. 3d but speedily † país over ; left the king they no so forth; for if we flee away 1742. care for us: Heb.. and be swallowed up, and all the people half of us die, will they care for us as ten 111. 9. that are with him.to but now thou art worth ten thoufando And 17 Now Jonathan and Ahimaaz q of us therefore now it is better that Sand of 149.5ftayed by En-rogel, (for they might thou e fuccour us our of the citys 71 Co. not be feen to come into the city) 4 And the king faid unto them,What Lam. J. and a wench went and told them; and feemeth you beft I will do. And the 4. 20. went and king food by the gates fide, and all Exo. 3.19. 18. Nevertheless, a lad faw them, at the people came out by hundreds and 1742 Luke 16 told Abfalom: but they went both of by thousands of task) an them away quickly, came to a mans 5 And the king commanded Joab, houfe in Pahurim,which had a wel! and Abifbat, and Itrai, faying.g Deal in his court,whither they went down. gently for my fake with young man, v.8. 19 And the woman took and fpread even wich Abfalem. And all the people a covering over the wells mouth, and heard when the king gay all the cap-12, 10, 2 Sa. fpread ground corn thereon; and the tains charge concerning Abfalom. TI 15. 17. thing was not known. 6 So the people went out into the Deut. Joh. And when Abfaloms fervents came field again Ifrael: and the battel was 21. 21. 15. 7. to the woman to the houfe, they fald, in the h wood of Ephraim: am18. Where is Ahimaaz and Jonathan? And Where the people of Ifrael were 12.5. the woinan faid unto them. They be flain before the fervants of David Prov. Jef. gone over the brook of water. And and there was there a great faughter F. 21. 2.2.7 and them, they returned to Jerufalem. For the barrel was there feartered 24.219 when they had fought, and could not that day of twenty theufand men. ant Exod. 1. 21.1 21 And it came to pafs after they over the face of all the countrey and 22. Acts were departed, that they came up our the wood + devoured more people thar Heb. 27. 31. Of the well and went and cold king day, than the word devoured. multi

32. 12


gz Ja.


b Jud.


2 Sa. David, and faid unto David Arife, And Abfalom met the fervants plied 19. 7. and pafi quickly over the warer for of David: and Abfalemrode upon to de 2 Sa. thus hath Ahitophel counfelled a a mule, and the mule went under the out. 25. 12. gainst you. DATA WEthick bought of a great cak,and his K. 17. 72 Ki. 2 Then David tarofe, and all the head caught hold of thek, and he Pfaim 20. 1. People that were with him, and they was taken up between the heaven and 77.17. Mat. Paled over Jordan by the morning the earth, and the mule that was un- k2 Sa. 27.5. light there i lacked not one of them der him went away. that was not gone over Jordan. Job to And a certain man faw it, and Job 18. 14. 26. 1.3. 13 And when Ahithophel faw that telt Joab, and faid, Behold,I faw Ab-9, 10. Pfal. his counfel was not followed,he fad- falom banged in an oak. 19. 15. led his afs, and arofe, and gas him Prov. home to his houfe, to his city,and 30. 28. put his houthold in order, and and hanged himself, and died and was 31. 7. buried in the fepulchre of his father. Rom. 24Then David came to a Mahanaim:

And Joab faid unto the man that 30. 17. Prov. told him, And behold,thon faweft him, Deut. & why didit thou not faire him there 21. 23. to the ground,and I would have given 2 Sam. thee I ren fbekels of filver,& a girdle? 17. 23. 12 And the man faid unto Joab, 72 Sa. Though 1 fhould receive a troufand 14. 20 hekel of Gilver in mine hand yes

23. And Abfalom paffed over Jordan, he Zach and all the men of Ifrael with him. 32. 10. 25 And Abfalom made Amafa would not put forth mine hand a. 42 Sa..captain of the hoft in stead of Joab: gain the kings fon for in our hear. 2. 8. which Amafa was a mans fon whofe ing y king charged thee, and Abi. Rev. name was Ithra e an Ifraelites that defhal, and sai, faying, Beware that none seach the young man Ab alom.

22 12.

kr. 23. S. 6.5 Ch.2. 17. 4 Gea 6.4.

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Abfalón Bain

Chap. xix. Dand cafeth morning? 13 Otherwife, I fhould Have wrought 32 And the king aid unto Cufhi, 1.6, Heb. falfhood againft mine own† life: for Is the young man Abfalom fafe? And who, Jen!. there is no matter hid from the king: Cufhi-anfwered, The enemies of my would Exod. and thou thy flf wouldft have m fet lord the king,and all that rife againitgive 20. 13. thy felf against me. Cas thee to do thee hurt, be as that young or that m Pfal. 14 Then faid Joab, I may not carry man is. 83. 11. thus with thee. And he took three 33 And the king was much moved, any darts in his hand, and thrust them and went up to the chamber ever the would Pfal. through the n heart of Abfalom,while gate,and wept: & as he went, thus he give. 45. 5. he was o yet alive in the midst of faid, my fon Abflom, my fon my 2 Sam. OV. 5. the oak.. fon Abfalom:t would God I had died 12-, 23. fon. Gal. 5 Exod. And ten young men that bare for thee, O Abfalom, my fon, my 17. 1. 17. Joabs armour, compaffed about, and ot tHb. finore Abfalom, and flew him.gig heart. 16 And Joab blew the trumpet, and ya Deut. people returned from purfuing after 4. 11. Ifrael: for Joab held back the people. M.t. 17 And they cook Abfalom, and caft 12. 40. him into a great pit in the wood, and

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Jam. 5. 17.1 Cor. 11. 1. CHAP. XIX. 275 David ceafesh mourning: His re turn: He warns the priests to incite Indah,18 Shimei is pardoned. Aweepeth & mourneth for Abfalom. Javas Nd it was told Joab,eeheld, king Heb.

laid a 9 of

22. 19, upon him: and all Ifrael fled every 2 And the victory that day was turn- tion.
19. one ro bis tent.
ed into a mourning unto all people: Pfal.
Joh.18 Now Abfalom in his life time for the people heard fay that day,how 3.8.
7.26. had taken and reared up for himself a the king was grieved for his fon. 4 Eccl.
and rpillar,which is in the kings dale:for 3 And the people gat them by itealth 3.1.12.
10. 27-he faid, 1 bave no fon to keep my that day into the city,as people being
Lam. name in remembrance: and he called afhamed fteal away when they fee in 8.9.x
3. after name,and it is
15. called unto this day, Abfalome place. But the king b covered his face,and 16. 15.
P. 19 Then faid Ahimaaz the fon of the king cried with a loud voice, Ond
49. 11-Zadok, Let me now run,and bear the my fon Abfalom, O Abfalom, my 122
1 Sam-king tidings,how that the LORD hath fon, my fon.
15. 12. avenged him of his enemies.



5 And Joab came into the houfe to 15 30.
2 Sa And Joab fald unto him, Thou the king,and faid, Thou haft afhamed Heb.
14. 27-fhalt not bear tidings this day, but this day the faces of all thy fervants,
thou fhalt bear tidings another day: which this day have faved thy life, & frinces
18. 17 but this day thou fhalt bear no tid. the lives of thy tons, & of thy daugh. fer-
Heb. ings becaufe the kings fon is dead. ters, and the lives of thy wives, and Vasts
Art Boo
21 Then fald Joab tot Cufhi, Go tell the lives of thy concubines :
king what thou baft feen. And Cufhin that thou loveft thine enemies,
Tight howed himfelf unto Joab, and ran. and hareft thy friends; for thou halt
22 Then faid Ahimaaa the fon of declared this day,that thout regardeft
the Zadok yet again to Joab, But how neither princes nor fervants: for this
band. forvet, let me I pray thee,alfo run after day I perceive, that if Abfalom had
Pfalm Cuth. And Joab faid,Wherefore wilt lived and all we had died this day,
24 thou run, my fon, feeing that thou then it had pleafed thee well.
Judg baft no riding ready?

2. 16.
23 But howfoever (faid hel let me
t Heb.
ibou run. And he faid unto him, Run.
Then Ahimaaz ran by the way of the
fhalt be
20 man plain, and over-ran Cufhi.
of er-

Now therefore arife, go forth, and
fpeak+ comfortably unto thy fervants:
for Ifwear by y LORD,if thou go not
forth, there will not tarry done with
thee this night; and that will be worfe
unto thee than all the evil that befel
thee from thy youth until now.

24 And David fat between the two
gares: and the watch-man went up
to the roof over the gate unto the wall,
orty-and lift up his eyes, and looked, and
dings. behold, a man running alone.
2 Sam.And the watch-man cried,and told
8. 10.
the king, And the king faid, If he be
alone, there is tidings in his mouth.

8Then the king arofe, and fat in the
gate; and they told unto all the peo-
ple, faying, Behold, the king doth
it in the gate and all the people 11.
came before the king: f for Ifrael hal
fed every man to his rent.


8. 21. Rom.

112.5 And he game apace, and drew near. 9 TAnd all the people were g at ftrife 6.21. Or6And watch-man faw another man, throughout all the tribes of Ifrael,fay-Gen.3. black running, and the watch-man called ing The king faved us out of the 12, 13.


unto the porter, and faid, Behold, hand of our enemies, and he deliver- b Hoi.
Num. another man running alone. And the ed us out of the hand of the Phili-3.4
king faid, He alfo bringeth tidings. Rins, and now he is fled out of the Hel
12. 4. 17 And watch-man faid,t Me think- land for Abfalom.
bisedon are fitt
13. 23. eth the running of the foremost, is to And Abfalom whom b we anoint quiet
52. like the running of Ahimaaz the fon ed over us, is dead in bartel: now filent
4.13. of Zalok. And the king faid, He is a therefore why † fpeak ye not a word of Judg.
Heb.good man, & cometh w good tidings. bringing the king back
18 And Ahimaaz called,and faid un- 11 And king David fent to i Za-Rom
I Spie
The run-to the king. All is well, and he felle dok, and to Abiathar the priests, lay- 12. 11.
ming down to the earth upon his face be- ing, Speak unto the elders of Judab, i2 Co.
Col. fose the king, and faid, Bleffedbe the faying, Why are ye k the last to bring 2.5.20.
4. 14. LORD thy God, which hath x del the king back to his houfe? (feeing 2 sam.
Ta vered up the men that lift up their the fpeech of alf Ifrael is come to the 8. 20.
D k Mat.
50. 16. hand againft my lord the king. King even to his houfe)
12 Ye are my brethren, ye I are my 5 1
bones and my fleth wherefore then Cot.
are ye the laft to bring the king back? 10. 11.
13 And fay ye rom Amafa, Art thou 1 Pet
not of my bone, and of iny Hefh? God 2. 21.
do fo to me and more alfo, if thou be Phil.3.
not captain of the holt before me con- 17.
2 The
tinually in the room of Joab.
14 And he bowed the heart of all 3.9
the men of Judah, even as the heart 12 Sa..

Pfal. 29 And the king faid,t Is the young
443. man Abfalom fafe? And Ahimaaz
anfwered, When Joab fent the kings
115. 1.fervant,& me thy fervant, faw a great.
Heb. tumult, but I knew not what it was.
bath be 32. And the king faid unto him, Turn
peace, afide, and ftand here. And he turned
the afde, and flood ftill.
31 And behold, Cufhi came, and
men. Cathi faid Tidings,my lord the king:
verf. for LORD hah y avenged thee this
1928. day of al dem rose up agatall thee,

of 5. 4.

2 Sam. 17.35. # v.3, 6. 2 Sam. 3.39.9

13. 14.


Gal. 6. I

Prov. 19. 10. Heb to the heart, Gen 34-3.

14. 28. Ruth 4.1.

Ahimer's fubmiffion & pardon

II Samuel. Bakal dified. Jud. or one man, fo that they fent this 33 And the king fald unto Barzillai, 20, 1. werd unto the king, Return thou and Come thou over with me, and I will† Heb. all thy fervants. feed thee with me in Jerufalem.


15 So the king returne 1, and came to 34 And Barzillai faid unto the king, many Jof. Jordan and Judah came top Gilgalt How long have I to live, I fhould will the 10 go to meet the king,to conduct thego up with the king unto Jerufalem. days king over Jordan. 351am this day i fourfcore years old: of the Kl. 16 And 9 Shimei the fon of Gera,and can I k difcern between good and years a Benjamice, which was ofr Bahurim,evil can thy fervant tafte what leat of my hafted, and came down with the menor what I drink? can I hear any life be of Judah, to meet king David. more the voice of finging-men and b Co. 17 And there were a thousand men finging-women?wherefore then fhould 7. 29. of Beniamin with him,and Ziba the thy fervant be yet a burthen unto my Job 14. fervant of the houfe of Sau!, and hislord the king?



Job 2.4 22 Sa. 16. 1. fifteen fons,and his twenty fervants 36 Thy fervant will go a little way Jam.I. 2 Sa. with him, and they went over Jordanover Jordan with the king: and why 14 9. 10. before the king. hould the king recompenfe it me Pfal. 18 And there went over a ferry-boatwith fuch a reward? to carry over the kings houshold,and 37 Let thy fervant, I pray thee, turn and Heb. to do what he thought good: & Shi-back again, that I may die in mine 20. good in mei the fon of Gera fell down before own city, and be buried by the grave i Pfal. bis the king as he was come over Jordansof my father,and of my mother but 95. 10, eyes. 19 And faid unto the king, Ler notbehold thy fervanti Chimham, let him 12. my lord impuce iniquity unto me, go over with my lord the king,and do k Eccl. heither do thou remember that whichto him what hall feem good unto thee. 12.36 2 Sa. thy fervant did a perverfly the day, 38 And the king answered, Chim- 1 Ki. 36.5. my lord king went out of Jerufalem,ham fhall go over with me, and I will 2 741 thary king should take it to his heart. do to him that which ball feem good Jer. 20 For thy fervant doth know that unto thee: and wharfoever thou fhalt 417 I have finned: therefore behold, I am require of me, that will I do for thee. Gen. 2 Mat. come the firit this day of all the 39 And all the people went over Jor-292-11 5.2. houfe of Jofeph, to go down to meet dan: and when the king was come 2 Sa. Zech. my lord the king. over, the king m kiffed Barzillai, and 14. 23. Ov. 11, 10. 6. 11 But Abifhai the fon of Zerulah bleffed him, and he returned unto 12, 14 If. 7. 2.anfwered and faid, Shall not Shimei his own place. and bez put to death for this, because he 40 Then the king went on to Gilgal, 11. 15-curfed the LORDS anointed? and Chimham went on with him and 1.9. Jerein. 22 And David faid,What have 1 to all the people of Judah conducted the 27. 23. 31.2. do with you, ye fons of Zerulah, that king,& alio half the people of Ifrael. Heb. Hof. 5-ye fhout this day bet adverfaries 41 And behold, all the men of Ifrael bands. unro me?fhall there any man be pur to came to the king, and faid unto the 2 Sam. EXO-death this day in Ifrael? for do not 1king,Why have our brethren the men 5. T. 21.17 know 14m this day king over Ifrael? of Judah ftolen thee away, and have Heb. 22. 28. 23 Therefore the king faid unto Shi-o brought king and his houthold, & Heb king fware unto him. Thou fhalenor dle: and the all Davids men with him overJordan? feem 41 And all the men of Judah an-us. Or, Satan. And Mephibofheth the fon b of fwered the men of Ifrael, Because the fetus Mat. Saul came down to meet the king, king is near of kin to us: wherefore at 16. 23an I had neither c dre led his feet,nor then be ye angry for this matter? nought. at Kirimmed his beard, nor dwafhed his have we eaten at all of the kings coft? + Heb. 2.910 clothes,from the day king departed, or hath he given us any gift?







and the

Dan. until the day he caine again in peace. 43 And the men of Ifrael anfwered words 4. 18. Sam. 25 And it ame to pass when he was the men of Judah, and faid,p We have of the come to Jerufalem to meet the king, rent parts in the king, and we have men of 9.3.6. thatking faid unto him, Wherefore alfo more right in David than ye: why Futab Deu enceft not thou with med, Mephibo- then did yet defpife us, that our ad-pere vice should not be first had in bring-barder

21. 12. Heb.

fheth? 26 And he answered, My lord, O ing back our king? And the words of 2 Sam. Rom king, my fervant deceived me: for thy the men of Judah q were tercer than 20. 1. fervant faid, I will faddle me an afs, the words of the men of Ifrael. Judg. 12.1.2.q Acts 15. 39.

@2 Sa. 16.3.

12.13 that I may ride thereon, and go to the king, becaufe thy fervant is Lame.



CHAP. XX. **
Sheba maketh a party in Ifrael.4.4-
mafa is flain.14 cab purfueth Ste-
bato. 4 bl. 16A wilt w man fa.
vesh the city by Sheba's head.


ANd there happened to be a the e 242 Sa


of b

name was 19. 41.

- Pfalm 17 And he hath e flandered thy fervant unto my lord the king, but my tor. lord the king is as an angel of God:do what therefore what is good in thine eyes. 28 For all of my fathers houfe were Ithan but dead men before my lord the yer among them that did eat at thine own Sheba the fon of Pichri,a Benjamite, ant table what right therefore have I and he blew a trumpet,and faid,We 12. 10. yet to cry any more unto the king? haved no part in David,neither havePfal. to. 19 And the king faid unto him,Why we inheritance in the fon of Jeffe :34. 19. Gen. fpeakelt thou any more of thy mat- every man to his tents, O Ifrael. b Deut. 32. 10. ters? I have faid, Thou and Ziba So every man of Ifrael went up 13. 13. Luke divide the land. from after David, and followed Shebac 1 6a. 10. 30 And Mephibofheth faid unto the the fon of Bichri bur the men of 19. 41, Sam. king, Yea,let him take all, forafmuch Judah clave unto their king, from 42. 5.7, 9. as my lord the king is come again In Jordan even to Jerufalem. d: Kl. fDeut. peace unto his own houfe. 3 And David came to his houfe 12. 16. 19. 19. 31 And Barzillai the Gileadice at Jerufalem, and the king rook the Acts Pfalm came down from Rogelim, and went f ten women his concubines whom he 9. 21. 101.5 over Jordan with the kingsco conduct had left to keep the house and pure Joh. Prov. him over Jordan. them in g ward, and fed them, but 11. 12. 29.4. 32 Now arzillai was a very aged h went not in unto them:fo they were John Pfal. man, even fourfcore years old, and fhut up unto the day of their death, 6. 66, 82. 2. he had provided the king of fufte- living in widowhood. 69. f2 82.

2 Sa.nance while he lay at Mahanaim; fo 17. 27. he was a very great man.

4 Then 15. 16. sga. 16.22. b Gen. G. 4


2. Sa. 16. 5.

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to cry for


Amafa pain Chap. xxi. Stute fons bangid. 12. S.. 4 T Then faid the king to Amafa 22 Then the woman went unto all 4 Eccl. 12 13.Affemble me the men of Judah within the people a in her wifdum, and they 9. 18. Palm three days, and be thou here prefenteur off the head of Sheba the fon of Hab. 119. 9.5 So Ainafa went to affemble the meg Bichri,and caft is our to Joab: and he mere John of Judah;but he carried longer thany blew a trumper, & they retired from (carte 13. 2. fet time which he had appointed him. the city,every man to his rent:& Joabred, Jam. 6 And David faid to Abifhai, Now returned to Jerufalem unto the king. Prov. 1. 17. fhall Sheba the fon of Bichri do us 33 Now a Jeab was over all the holt 25. 10. 2 Sa.more harm than did Abfalom: takeof Ifrael; and Fenaiah the fon of Je-Num. 18. 2. thou thy / lords fervants, and purfue hoiada was over the Cherethites, and 16.2.2. 72 Sa. after him, left he get him tenced ci-over the Pelethices: Prov 11. 11. tios, and efcape us. 44 And Adoram was over the e rrf-24. 25. miki. And there went out after him Joabs.bure and Jehoshaphat the for of Sam. 1. 3S men, and the m Cherethites, and the Ahilud was d recorder: 15.10. 2 Sam. Pelethites, and all the mighty men: And Sheva was fcribe: and Zadok 1 King 8. 18. and they went out of Jerufalem, to and Abiathat were the f priests: 12. 28, * Josh. purfue after Sheba the ton of Bichri. 26 And Ira alfo the Jairife was a 18 2/Sa 27. 8 were at the great ruler about Ch. which is in Gibeon, Amafa went 2. 16. before thems& Joabs garment that he John had put on, was girded unto him 7.3.. and upon it a girdle with a fword H.b. faftned upon his loins in the fheach tbou thereof, & as he went forth it fell out. peace And Joab faid to Amafa,t Art thou Sam-in health o my brother? And Joab took 25. Amala by


8. 16. 1 K. 4.6.4 1 Ki. 4.3.
17.f Num. 3. 32.g Jud. 10.4.

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b. 2 Sar

Sa. 8.



The famin ceafeth. 12 The banis of
Tof David b three years, year after 26. 16.
Stul and Jonathan barirdi D
Hen there was a a famin iný days a Lev
year and Davide enquired of the



Lukehand top kifs him. 22. 47. 10 But Amafa took no heed to the LORD. And the LORD answered 17. 1. fword that was in Joabs hand fo he is for Saul, and for his d bloody and 2 Sa. finore him therewith in the fifth q tib, houfe, because he flew the Gibeonites. 19.1.2 2. 23. and thed out his bowels to ground, And the king called the Gibeon-e Nu. and ftrook him not again, and he ices, and fald unto them (now the 27.21. died: fo Joab and Abilhai his brother Gibeonites were not of the children ai sa. purfued after Sheba the fon ofBichri. of Ifrael, but of the r remnant of the 22. 16. 11 And one of Joabs men ftood by Amorites, and the children of Ifracl Joth. Deu. him & faid, He that favoreth Joab,& had fworn unto them and Saul 1, 2 20.5. he is for David,let him goafter Jeab. fought to flay them in his zeal to Rev. 12 And Amafa wakowed in blood the children of Ifrael and Judah 6.10. in the midst of the high-way and Wherefore David faid unto the Joh. when the man faw that all the people Gibeonites, What that I do for you 9. 7. food tills he removed Amafa our of and wherewith thall I make the atone Gal the highway into the field, and caftment, that gye may bless the inherit cloth upon him, when he faw that cance of the LORD? Kin-everyone that same by him thood Rill, 4 And the Gibeonites faid unto him, 7--16. 15-39-13 When he was removed out of the We will have b no filver nor gold of Sam. 2. Ch-high-way, all the people went on after Saul, nor of his houfe, neither for 14 44 16.4 Joab, to purfue after Sheba the fan ws thale thou kill any man in frael. Exo. Joth. 19. 25. of Bchnid he went through the And he faid, What you fall fay, that 2.24. 14 all will do for you. + Heb. Jer Foured tribes of Ifrael unto Abel, & to Beth. And they answered king. The man 29.7.1 + maschah, and all the Berites: and confumed us,& devifed against Elt out. 2 King they were gathered together, and us, that we thould be deftroyed from 9.-16. 19.32.Went alfo after him. remaining in any of coafts of Ifrael, Prov 15 And they came and befieged him 6 Let kreven men of his fons be de-3.29 32. 24.1n Abel of Beth-maachah, and they livered unto us, and we will bang Mat. and caft up a bank against the city, and them up unto the LORD in Gibeah Z it ftood in the trench and all the of Saul, whom the LORD dia chufe: EAL. 33.4. Eccl.People that were with Joab battered 9. 14, the wall to throw it down.



16 Then cried

And the king faid, I will give them. 9.24.
But the king fpared Mephibofheth Eff.
the fon of Jonathan the fon of Saul; 9.10.
because of m the LORDS oath that Deu.
pas between them, between David 21. 22.
and Jonathan the fon of Saul.

a wife woman our Deu. Of the city, Hear, hear; fay I pray 20. 10.you, unco Joab, Come near hither, Jofh. that I may fpeak with thee. . 14. 17 And when he was come near unto 8 Bur the king took the two fons 193. V. 10. her, the woman faid, shou Joab? of a Rizpal the daughter of Aiah and deb. And he answered, I am he. Then the whom the bare unto Saul, Armoni and 20.8. of the faid unto him, Hear the words of thine Mephibolheth, and the five tons of and Peace handmaid. And he answered, Ido hear. Michal the daughter of Saul, whom 24: 21. ble of 18 Then he fpake, faying, They were the brought up torAdriel the fon of 23a wont to fpeak in old time, faying, Barzillai, theo Meholachite. 3.7. faith They hall furely ask counsel at Abel: 9 And he delivered them into the Jud. Jul. and fo they ended the matter, hands of the Gibeonites and they 7.22 She 19 I am one of them that are peace hanged them in the phing before the? fpeak- able, and faithful in Ifrael: thou LORD: and they fell a feven to. 6. 17 th in feekelt ro deftroy a city, and a mother gether, and were put to death in the 2. the in Ifrael: why wilt thou fwallow up days of harvell in the firf days, m name the inheritance of the LORD? the beginning of r barley-barve. of the 20 And Joab answered and fald, Far to And Rizpah the daughter of city be it, far be it from me, that I fhould Aiah took fackcloth, and fpread it for Abel. Swallow up, or deftroy. her upon the rock,from the beginning 117 Rom. 21 The matter is not fo but a man of harveft, until waterdropped upon of mount Ephraim (Sheba the fon them out of heaven, & fuffered neither/Deu Gen. of Bichri by name) hath 11ft up his the birls of the air to reft on them by 21 28 18. 23. hand againit the king even against day,nory beafts of the field by night. J. David deliver him only, and will 11 And it was told David what RizJoh. depart from the city. And the woman pah the daughter of Alah the conck18.35. faid unto Joab Behold, his head hall bine of Saul had done.



ver be throws to thee over the wall. 33 17.

11 And David went and wook the
K 7

Davids laft words.




64.1, 3.




or, an

II Samuel. David's worthles bones of Saul, and the bones of Jos bled, the o foundations of heavena Job. 31. nathan his fon, from men of Jabeth-moved & fhook, because he was wroth. 26. II. gilead, which had ftolen them from 9 There went up a fmeke out of his Jofa. the ftreer of Beththan, where the Phi. noltrils, and p fire out of his mouth 1S. 7. 18. 29. Liftins hal hanged them when the devoured: coals were kindled by it. Heb. * Sa. Philiftins had lain Saul in Gilboa. 10 Heq bowed the heavens alfo & came 12. 29. 9.1.143 And he brought up from thence down:& dark nefs was under his feet. 9 Pial. the of he upon a and 144-5. 2424. Jonathan his fon and they gathered did fie and he was feen upon the fai Joh. Sutthe bones of them that were hanged. wings of the wind. 7.27. 14 And the tones of Saul and Jona- 12 And he made darknefs pavilions Pfal. Zech than his fon, buried they in the coun-t round about him, dark waters, and G. 66 84 trey of Benjamin in & Zelah,in the fe-thick clouds of the skies. Eft. pulchre of a Kith his father:& they per- 13 Through the brightnefs before? 21. B. 10. formed all that the king commanded:& him were a coals of fire kindled. 97.25 Jon after odwas y intreated for land. 14The LORD thundred from heaven, 1. 15. 15 Moreover the Philifting had & the most high x uttered his voice.12. z Gen. Yer war again with Ifrael, and David 15And he fent out arrows,& fcattered Prai. 6.4.4 went down, and his fervants with them; lightning, & difcomfited them.29.3. 41 Sa. him, and fought against the Phili- 16 And the chanels of the fea api. peared, the foundations of the work That 16 And Ilhbi-benob, which was of were difcovered at the 7 rebuke off Heb. the fons of the giant the a weight the LORD at the blaft of the broath of bout of whofe fpear weighed three hund- of his noftrils.xy twelve red forkels of brats in weight) he17He feat from above, he took me:ger. Pouns being girded with a new fword, thought he drew me out of many a waters. Pfalm and an to have flain David. 18 He delivered me from my trong 4. 1. half 1 Bue Abifhal the fon of Zerujah 6 enemy, and from them thas hated Heb. Sam.fuccoured him,& fmore the Philiftine, me for they were too ftrong for me. 1. 14. 17.5. and killed him. Then the men of David 19They prevented me in day of my Pfalm 6 Pfal. fware unto him, faying, Thou shalt calamity but the LORD was my ftay.183. 46. 1. go no more our with us to barrel,that ao He brought me forth alfo into a21. Gen. thou quench not the light of Ifrael. large place: he delivered me, because Judg. 22, 14, 18 And it came to pafs after this, that he delighted in me. 5 20. tHeb. there was again a battel with the Phi. 11The LORD rewarded me e accord-4 Pfal. Lamp, liftins at e Gob: thead Sibbechal the ing to my righteoufmefs: according to 69. 2. Or Huhachite flew Saph, which was of the cleannels of my hands hath heb Pfah candle. the fons of the giant. recompenfed me. 51.6 11 For, I have kept the ways of the Pfal. LORD and have not wickedly de-7.3, 4. parred from my God. Ephef. 23 Fore all his judgments were before 2. 10. me and as for his ftatutes, I did not 4 Pfal. depart from them.mine 119.3 241 was alfo fupright before him, & S, 11. have kept my felfg from mine iniquitye Pfal. 25 Therefore the LORD hath recom-119. penfed me according to my righteouf 120. nefs: according to my cleanness in Luke his eye-fight. a 26 With the merciful thou wilt fhew 2. KI. thy felf merciful, and with the upright 03. man thou wile fhew thy felf upright. Pfalm


1 Kin. 19 And there was again a barrel in 11.86. Gob with the Philifting,where Elha. and nan the fon of Jaare-oregim a Beth 15. 4 lehemite flew the brother of Goliath Pfalm the Gitrite, the Raff of whofe fpear 232.17, a like a weavers beam. Chr. 20 And there was yet a battel in f 21. 17. Ga, where was a man of great ftatures 1 Ch. had on every hand fix fingers, & on 20. 4. every foot fix coes, four and twenty in 1 Ch. number& he also was born to glanc, 21.29. 21 And when he g defied Ifrael, 1 Ch. Jonathan the fon of Shimea the bro11. 26. her of David flew him.

1. 6.

f1 Ch. 22 Thefe four were born to the glant
18. 1. In Gath,and i fell by the hand of Da-
17. 10,
1 Sa. vid, and by the hand of his fervants.
25, 36, h 2 Sa. 13.3. 1 Jer. 9.23. 1 Cor. 1.
87. Ro.

27 With the i pure thou wilt Thew 51.6.
thy felf pure, and with the k froward & Mat.
thou wilt fhew thy felf unfavoury.
18 And the afflicted people thou wilt
fave but thine eyes are upon the 7
haughty that thou mayeft bring
them down.

b Mat.

i Mat.



5.89 9 For thou art my lamp, O LORD: krsa. & Lord will lighten my darkness. 25.17. 30 Foro by thee I have run through 5.3% over a wall. a troop: by my God have I leaped" 71al. 12.56 31 As for God, his way is perfect; m Pfal. word of the LORD is 9 tried he wa 10. 5. buckler to all thein that cruft in him. 32 For who is God,fave the LORD? and who is a rock, fave our God?? 33 God is my frength and power: 4. 13and he maketh my way perfect. 34 He makesh my feet like hinds feet: 18. 19. and ferreth me upon my high places. 9 Pfal. 35 He reachedth my hands to war: 12.6. to that a bowe of feel is broken by De. mine arms. 32. 32. 36 Thou haft alfo given me the 72.52. Shield of thy falvation and thy gen-1. 23. tlenefs hath made me great. 37 Thou haft enlarged my fteps under 32. 13. me to that my feet did noc Aip.

Pfal. 37.6 o Phil.




381 bave pursued mine enemies, 33. 16. and destroyed them and turned not Pfal. again until I had confumed them, 94. 11. 39 And I have confimed them, and Ephef wounded them, they could not arife:6. 16. yea, they are fallen x under my feet. H. 40 For Multiglied me.x Mal.4.3. Revel.19. 15.


Apfalm of Thanksgiving for Gods
Powerful deliverance, and manifold

* Exo. Ache words of mis a long, in the day
Nd David fpake unto the LORD
25-1 that b the LORD had delivered him
Pfal. out of the hand of all his enemies,
34.19 and out of the band of Saul
& Mat.

2 And he faid, The LORD is my
16.7 rock & my fortress, & my deliverer:
3 The God of my rock in him will I
truft: he is my ffhield,and the horn
of my falvation, my high cower, and
my refuge, my g faviour: thou faveft

me from violence.

4 I will call on the LORD whole worthy to be praifed: fo fhall I be faved from mine enemies. Pfal. When the b waves of death compar. 18.5: fed me Pfalmade me afraid. the floods of ungodly men 116. 3. The forrows of hell compaffed me ki Sa about:the kfnares of death prevented 15.21. me. Acts

32.5. on 2.2. #Ji

18 10. f Gen. 15. T. Mat. 1.2

In my diftrefs I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God, and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my ery m did enter into his ears. Then the n earth fook and trem

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