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geabkillesh Abuer.


boga whAbobrthy fare. Joab, faying, Abner the fon or Ner the one at Basnah, and the name of came to the king, and he hath fene the other Rechabithe fons of Rimmon him away, and he is gone in peace. a Beerothite, of the children of Ben14 Then Jeab came to the king, and jamin: (for Beeroth alfo was rec- Jof. Heb. fald, What haft thou done? behold, koned to Benjamin: 19. 17. going Abner came unto thee: why is it that 3 And the Beerethires fled to d Git-d Neh. 15 font thou haft fene him away, and he is calm and were fojourners there 11:33. Juda.t quite gone? until this day.) +Heb. 14. 15.25 Thou knowell Abner the fon of 4 And Jonathan,Sauls fon,had a fon mitNum. Ner,that he came e to deceive thee,& & was flame of his feet, and was five ten on 2717 to know thy f going out,& thy coming years old when the tidings came of both Dent. In, and to know all that thou doelt. Saul and Jonathan our of ejezreel,andest 28.6. 26 And when Joab was come out his nurfe took him up and fed and 2 Sam. Ki from David,g he fent meffengers after je came to país as the made hafte to 9.3. 218 Abner, which brought him again feesthac he fell and became lame; andiam. Kl from the well of Sirah; but David his name was Mephibofheth. 729.1. Heb. knew if not. And the fons of Rinman the Bee-1 Ti. And when Abner was returned to rochite Rechab and Baanah, F went, 6.1.1 Pac Hebron, Joab took him bafide in the and came about the heat of the day to Jude ibly. gate, co fpeak with him quietly and the house of fhbofbeth, who lay on Jerem. more him there under the i fifth rib, a bed at noon. 41.6 that he died, for the blood of Afabel 6 And they came thither into the 26. 15. f2 Sa. his brother. midft of the houfe, though they 2-23would have wheat, and



& Pfal. 12, 2.



9. 10.



29. 10.

Jheard it, he faid, I and my kingdom fmote bin under the fifth h vib; and 2 Sa. 24 are guiltless before the LORD for Rechab & Baanah his brother cfcaped. 12 ever, from the blood of Abner the when they came the Mat. fon of Ner: houfe, he lay on his bed in his bed-2 129 Let it reft on the head of Jeab, chamber and they frote him, and new 717 Bloods and on all his fathers houfe, and him, and beheaded him, and i cook Gen. 4 let there not fall from the house of his head, and gate them away through Joab one that hath m an ifue, or that the plain all night. 246 is a or that on a And they the head a Itaff, or at falleth on the fword, or 1hbofheth unro David to Hebron,and Revel. 16.6. that lacketh bread... faid to the king, Behold the head of Heb, m Lev. 3090 Joab and Abifhal his brother Ifhbofheth the fon of Saul, thine Youl 15. flew Abner, becaufe he had a flain their eneiny, which fought thy life; and- Prov. Or brother Afahel atGibeon in the barrel. the LORD hath avenged my lord the Finale. 31 And David faid to Joab, and king this day of Saul and of his feed.and Prov. to all the people that were with him, And David answered Rochab and 23. 15 31. 19. Rent your clothes,and gird you with Baanah his brother, the fons of Rim- Mat. 1 Sa. fackcloth, & mourap before Aber And nion the Beeroduite, and fald unto, 20. 2. 20. king David himself tolowed the bler. them, As the LORD liveth, who 'sam. Prov. 32 And they buried Abner in He hath kredeemed my foul out of all 20. 10. 25.-bron: and the king lift up his voice adverfity, Kom, and 9 wept at the grave of Abnersand 16 When /one fold me, faying,be- 23. 15. 3.4. all the people wept. hold, Saul is dead, (thinking to have k den Exod. 33 And the king lamented over Ab- brought good tidings) I took hold of 49, 23. 21. 12. ner, and faid, Died Abner as a fool him, and dew him in Ziklag, Who 12 Sa Gen. dieth? thougs that I would have given him 1.42.52 9634 Thy hands were not bounds nor a reward for his tings: 10, 15 2 Chr. thy feet put into fetters: as a man 11 How much more, when wicked men. 19 6. falleth before wicked men, fo felleft men have in a righteous perfon in 9.5. Luke thou. And all the people wept again his own house, upon his Bell? Shall 11 fa7 14 over him. not therefore now m require his blood 9.12. Job 35 And when all the people came of your hand, and take you away from Ezek. 1.20. to caufe David r to eat meat while it the earth? 3.18 Prov. was yet day, David fware, faying And David commanded his 20. 24. 17. So du God to me, and more alto, if I young men, and they a new them, and 7 Mas. und calte bread or ought elfeitill the fun cut off their hands and their feet, & 7, 2 f 25. 21. be down. hanzed them up over the pool la He-o Deu Heb. 36 And all the people took notice bron,but they rook the head of 1hbo- 21. 23. roof is, and it pleafed them as wharfoe- theth and buried it in the ? fepulchre? 2 34 iniqui-yer the king did pleated all people; of Abner, in Hebron.



37 For all the people, and all Ifrael


Hen came a all the tribes of Ifræcla



2 Sa. understood that day, that it was not 1 The tribes at Hebron anoint Da12. 17 of the king to flayAbnery fon ofNer. vid over fidel. He rakesh Jer. And the king fald unto his fer-Zion. 16.7 vants Know ye not that there is a a6a prince and a great man fallen this to David unto Hebron,and pake, 'Ch. 1. 12. day in Trael? faying, Behold, we are thy bone 11. I. Sa. 39 And In this day weak, though and thy fiefh. Revele 71. anointed kingsand tree men the fons Alto in time pall when Saul was 11. 15. Prov. of Zeruiab be too hard for me the king over us, thou wait be that led Pfal. 21.3. LORD fhall a reward the toer of evil deft out and broughtelt in Ifrael,97.3. Sa according to his wickedness. and d the LORD faid to thee, Thou Deu. CHAP. IV. Baghah and Rechib flay Ib-beheth, fhalt be a captain over Ifrael. fhale feed my people Ifrael,and thon 17. 11. ci Sa and bring this head to Hebron.9 Da So all the elders of Ifrael came to 18, 15. vid cauferh them to be flain, and the king to Hebron, and king David Num. head to be buried. made a league with them in a sebron 27 g David king over Ifrael.

39% 14.

When Sauls on heard that Ab

#2 Sa.
17. 2. ner was dead in Hebron his hands
Ezra were a feeble and all the Ifraelites
4.5. Wete troubled.
Zeph. Aнa Sauls fon had two men that
3.16. were captains & of bands: me name of
Ifa. 13
7.b Foam. J. 22.

4 David was thirty years old when?
forty years.
he began to reign, and he reigned


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David taketh Zion, hay

Chap.vj. 1

Ungah flainis 5 In Hebron he reigned over Judah and CHAP. k2 Sa.kfeven years,and fix months and in 1 David fetcherh the ark from Kislath2. 11. Jerufalem he reigned thirty and threebiearim on a new cart

years over all Ifrael


thirty Sazin


And the king and his men went the chofen men of Ifracle Gain, David a gathered together af42 52. Heb. to Jerufalem,unto the wjebufites the inhabitants of the land, which ipake Jud.unto David,faying, Except thou take 1. 8. away the blind and the fame thou Jer. fhalt not come in hither thinking, 37. 10. David cannot come in hither.

7 Nevertheless, David took the ftrong hold of Zion: the fame is the city of David.


5. 1, 20 Ch. And David arofe, and went with 23. 1. all the people that were with him, Joh. from c Baale of Judah, to bring up 15. 19. from thence the ark of God, whofe Leve name is called by the Name of the 24. 11. LORD of hofts, fe dwelleth be ween 2 Kin the Cherubims. land 8.15. And they fet the ark of God up-f 8 And David faid on that day, Who- on fa new cart,and brought it out of So. 1. Ch. foever getteth up to the gutter, and the houfe of Abinadab that was in N. 19. 6. fmiteth the Jebufites, and the lame, g Gibeah and Uzzah and Ahio the 414 and the blind that are hated of Da- fons of Abinadab drave the new cart. and Songvids foul,hefball beq chief and captain: 4 And they brought it out of the 7-9. wherefore they faid, The blind and house of Abinadab which was at Gr. Deut. the lame fhail not come into houfe. beah, accompanying the ark of God, 12. S. So David dwelt in the fort, and and Ahio went before the ark. Im Mat. called it the city of David, and Da- 5 And David,and all the house of If. I Ki.vid built round about, fromr Millo rael i played k before the LORD on all Cor. 9.25. and inward. manger of inftruments made of fir-11. 23, wood, even on harps, and on pfal- 1 Sa. teries, and on timbrels, and on


28. 20.



corners, and on cymbals.

6 And when they d me to? Nachons threshing-foor, Uzzah put forth his hand to the ark of God,and took hold of it, for the oxen fhook it.

7. T. 7.1. 12 KL. 3.15.



4 15

1 Sa.6.

10 And David went on, and grew great, and the LORD God of hosts Gen. w with him. 21. 22. II And Hiram king of Tyre,fens 11 Ch. ineengers to David,and cedar-trees, and carpenters, and mafons: and they 14. I. ifa.1.buile David an houfe. 12 And David perceived that the And the anger of the LORD was Che Rom. LORD had established him king over kindled m againft Uzzah, and God 13. 4. Ifrael, and that he had exalted his fmore him there for his error, and, 13.9. Deu.kingdom for his people Ifraels fake. there he died by the ark of God. Nu. 17. 17. 13 And David took him more con- 8And David was o difpleafed,beaaufe Gen. cubins and wives out of Jerufalem, the LORD had made a breach upon Levit. 25. 56.after he was come from Hebron and Uzz.h: and he called the name of 10. 1 7 Ch: there were yet fons and daughters the place, Perez-uzzah unco this day. Nu 11. 16.born to David. 9 David was afraid the 14 And thefe be the names of thofe LORD that day,and faid, q How that 4.15. and that were born unto him in Jerufa- the ark of the LORD come to me? 7.3. 24.8. Rev. lem, Shammua, and Shobab, and Na- 12 So David would not remove the 11. 15. than, and Solomon, ark of the Lord unto him into city 15.2.3. 01 Ch. 2 Rev. 15 Ibhar alfo, and Elifhua, and of David,bur David carried it afide in praf. 17. 14.Nepheg, and Japhia, to houfe of Obed-edomireite 119. Ffal.2. 16 And Elifama, and Ellada, and 11 And the ark of the LORD con- 10 Eliphales tinued in the houfe of Obed-adom Prev. 17 But when the Philistines y heard the Gittite, three moneths and the 32, 3 11. 5.that they had anointed David king LORD bleffed Obed-edom, and all Joke and over Ifrael, all the Philiftins came up his houfhold.is 73-28.7 to feek Davids and David heard of 12 And it was told king David, Mat Joh.9.it, and 4 went down to the hold. faying, The LORD hath bleffed the 7.7 18 ThePhilistins alfo came and fpread houfe of Obed-edom, and all that per Jam. yer.19.chemfelvs in the valley of b Rephaim. tained unto him, because of the ark 1.5 Gen. 19And Davide enquired of LORD, of God. So David went and brought 1 Ch. 4. 5. faying,Shall I go up to the Philiftins? up the ark of God from the haufe of 5. 15. Ifai. wilt thou deliver them into mine Obed-edom into the city of David.fjob. 17. 5. hand? And the LORD faid unto Da with gladness. 21. 24

12. Pfal



1 Savid Go up: for I will doubriefs de 13 And it was fo that when they that z Mate 23-9. liver the Phililtins into thine hand. bare fark of LORD,had gone fix 6.33. and 20 And David came to 4 Baal-pera paces, he facrificed oxen & farlings. Che 30.7. zim and David more them there, 14 And David danced before the 15. 25. Num. and faid, The LORD hath broken Lord with all his might, and David xv. 3 27. 21.forth upon mine enemies before me, was girded with a linen ephod. ch Judg. as the breach of waters. Therefore 14 So David and all the houfe of If-15. 46. 1.1. he called the name of the place, Baat- rael brought up the ark of the LORD 1 Sa.. dial. peražim.NEW o go with bfeuring, and with the found 2.-18. 28. 21. 11 And there they left their images, of the trumper.

Chr.andDavid and his men fburnt them 16 And as the ark of the LORD 15. 3. 14. 11. 11 And the Philiftins came up came into the city of David,c Michal¿ ich. Pal yet again, and spread the males in Sauls daughter looked throw a 15. 24. 44.3. the valley of Rephaim. window, and faw king David leaping ea Sa


Deu. 13 And when David enquired of the and dancing before the LORD, and 3-14. 25. LORD, he faid, Thou shalt not go the d defpifed him in her heart. 4.1 Co Exod. up: bat fetch a compass behind them, 17 And they brought in the ark 2. 14. 32. 30.and come upon them over against of the LORD and fer it in his place to Ats Exo. the mulbery.trees. the midst of the tabernacle that Da- 2. 134 14. 14. 24 And let labe, when thou beareft vid bad tpitched for its& David of Judg 13.26. the found of ba going in the tops of feted burnt-offerings and peace-offer-10. 21. the mulbery-trees, that then thou hair ings before the LORD. Rot Het b2 Kl.beitir thy felf for then fhall the 18 And as foon as David had made retch 7.6. LORD go out before thee, to fmite an end of offering burnt offerings.ed. 1 Ch.the hoff of the Philiftins. and peace-offerings,he bleffed peo- 1 Cha 14. 15. 15 And David did fosas the LORD ple in the Name of LORD afhofter 15-1 16. had commanded him andfmote the 19 And he dealt among all the peo-r Jon-Philistins from i Goba, until thou ples even among the whole multitude 16. 10.come to A Gazon of Krael, as well to the women as


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Michals barrenness.



11 Samuel, Davids thanksgiving and prayer. fv. 18. men, to every one acake of bread, 13 He fhall t build an houfe for my z Mat. Gen. and a good piece of fefb,and a flagon naine, and will eftablish the throne 16. 18. Luke 18. 19. of wine: to all the people departed of his kingdom for ever. of every one to his houfe. 14 I will be a his father, and he fhall 1.32. 15. 10 Then David returned fto blefs be my fon:ify he commit iniquity, Heb. his daugh- w the rod of 101. 2.ter of Saul came out to meet David, with the ftripes of children of men: Pfal. v. 17.and faid,g How glorious was the king 15 But my mercy fhall a not depart +5. 6. Mat. of Ifrael to day, who uncovered him away from him, as I took it from x Heb. 12. 34.felf to day in the eyes of the hand- Saul, whom I put away before thee. 1.3. Joha maids of his fervants, as one of the 16And thine houfe,and thy kingdom John 1.12. b vain fellows fhamelelly uncovereth fhall be established for ever before 1. 18. Pfal. himfelf! thee: thy throne fhall be eftablished) 2 Co. 3. I. 11 And David faid unto Michal,It for ever. 1Pct. was before the LORD, which hofe 17According to call thefe words,and Heb. 3.6. me before thy father, &k before all his according to all this vifion, fo did 12. 6. a Acts iv. 14, houfe, to appoint me ruler over the Nathan (peak unto David. 36, 17. people of the LORD,over Ifrael: 18 Then went king David in, and 13- 34 Cor. therefore will I play before theLORD. fare before the LORD, and he faid, Dan. 10.3. 21 And I will yet be more vile than 4 Who am IO LORD God? nd what 2.44. ki Sa. thus, and will be bafe in mine own is my house that thou haft brought Mat. 29. 20. 9.16. fight and of the maid-fervants which me hitherto and thuu halt fpoken of, of them fhall I be 19 And this was yet a fmall thing Jerem. wollyk that in thy fight, O LORD God; but thou 23. 28. 23 Therefore Michal the daughter of haft fpoken alfo of thy fervants houfe 4 Gen. 7.11 Saul had no child unto the day of for a great while to come, & is this 32. 10. m Afts her death. the manner of man,O LORD God? 'fal. 8.3. 83.45 46. Mat. 1. 25. I Sam. 15.35. 10 And what can David fay mere unto thee? for thou, LORD God.-6. 15. Judg. knoweft thy fervant. ev.8,9. 11 for thy h words fake,and i accord. fv. 12, ing to thine own heart halt thou done 17. all thefe great things, to make thy Ephef. 1 Ch. As in his houfe, and the LORD Nd it came to pafs, when the king fervant know them. 14142 3. 10.1 22 Wherefore thou art great,. had given him rest round about LORD God for there is knone like 3.13. from all his enemies; thee, neither is there any God befide Hb. thee, according to all that we have Lam. heard with our cars.


10. 1. had in honour.. 12 Sa.


Oi Kin

17.2. 62 Sa 8. 11.


That the king faid unto Nathan the prophet, See now, I dwell in an houfe of cedar, but the ark of God dwelleth within d curtains.

Hag. 1.4.

And what m one nation in earth 14.20. like thy people, even like Ifrael, giSa. whom God went to redeem for a peo-16. 7. ple to himfelf and to make him a pfal. name, and to do for you great things, 139. 1. and terrible, for thy land, before bich. thy people which thou n redeemedft to 17. 19. thee from Egypt, from the nations Mat and their gods? II. 26.

Exo. 3 And Nathan faid to the king, Go, 26. 1. do all that is in thine heart; for the Ice. LORD is with thee. 4 Andircaine co pafs that 13.9. Ch. night, that the word of the LORD 37, 4 came unro Nathan, faying, 1 Kin. Go and tell my fervant David, Thus faith the LORD, Shalt thou 14 For thou haft confirmed to thy Luke 3.5. Ifai. build me an houfe for me to dwell in? felf thy people Ifrael to be a people 12. 32 6 Whereas I have not dwelt in any unto thee for ever and thou Ho 34.6. Ch. houfe fince the time that I brought LORD, are become their God. 14. 4. 17.5.6.up the children of Ifrael our of E. 25 And now, O LORD God, the word k Exo. D2 Sa. gypt even to this day, but have g that thou haft spoken concerning thy 15, 11. 5.2.walked in a tent,and in a cabernacle. fervant, and concerning his houfe, Ifa. 31 Sa. 7 In all the places wh rein I have 9 eftablish is for ever, and do as thou 44. 26. 16. 11. walked with all the children of Ifrael, haft faid. Pfal. fpake I a word with any of the tribes 26 And let thy r name be magnified 33. 29 agnife 78. 70. of Ifrael, whom I commanded b to for ever, faying, The LORD of hosts and

M. Deu.

2 Sa.feed my people Ifrael, faying, Why is the God over Ifrael: and let the 4.7. 8.6.14, build ye not me an houfe of cedar? houfe of thy fervant David be elta- Amos 12 Sa. 8 Now therefore, fo fhalt thou fay blifhed before thee. 3..2. STO. unto my fervant David, Thus faith the 27 For thou, O LORD of hosts, God Rum. m Pfal. LORD of hosts, I took thee from the of Ifrael,haft revealed to thy fervant, 23.9, 113.7.heep-cute,from following the fkeep,ro faying, I will build thee an houfe: 7 Tit. 2 Sa. be ruler over my people, over Ifrael. therefore hath thy fervant found in 2. 14. 3.34. 9 And I was kwith thee whitherfoever his heart to pray this prayer unto thee.Exod Job thou wenteft,and have cut off all thine: 28 And now, O Lord GOD thou art 3.7. 1.21.. enemies out of thy fight,& have made that God, and thy words be true, Pfal.. Deu.thee a great same, like unto name and thou haft promifed this goodnets 147. 25.8.9. of the great m men are in the earth, unto thy fervant.)

19, 20,

Jud. 10 (Moreover, I will appoint a place 29 Therefore now let it pleafe theep Gens 2. 16. for my people Ifrael, and wili plant to blefs the houfe of thy fervane, that 17-7 Pfal. them, that they may dwell in a place it may continue for ever before thee: Eze. 727... Of their own,and mave no more: nel for thou, O Lord GOD, haft fpoken 36. 37. Kin. ther hall the children of wickedness it, and with thy blething let the houfer Mat. 2.14. afflict them o any more, as before of thy fervant be bleed for ever. 6.9. TAQs time, 13.36.11 And as fince the time that I com



10.17. John 7 17 CHAP. VIII, had The Philistines and Moabites fubs: deed, 3 Hadadezer and the Syrians mitten. 16 Davids officers

Kin. manded? Judges to be over my people 1.20. Ifrael, and have caufed thee to ref Rom.from all thine enemies) Alfor the 13. LORD telleth thee, that he will ma 1faj. ke thee an house. Safes 7) 11. 1. 12 And when thy days be fulfilled, Heb. and thou shalt feep with thy fathers, 1 15. will fet up thy feed after thee, which theg-ammah out of the hand of the 27. 3x Aft. 13. all proceed out of thy bowels, and Phikkins..

David 4 fmote the Philik ins,and 7. 9. Nd after this it came to pafs, that a 2 Sa fubdued them; and David brook Me-Acts



I will stablish lits kingdo

1 Davids purpose to build God an
house is forbidden him. 12 Gods


2 Andis. J. Năm, 24 17

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David fandeth for Mephibofbeth. Chap. Ix, .


The Ammonites villany, ePfal. 2 And he fmore Moab, and emea-3 And the king fald, Is there not yet 60 S. fured them with a line, cafting them any of the house of Saul, that I m. y Deu.2.down to the ground: even with d two fhew fb kindness of God unto him?& b1 Sa 9, 19. lines meafured he to put to death, and Ziba faid unto king, Jonathan hath 20. 14 Nu. with one full line to keep alive and yet a fon, which clame on his feet. 2 Sa 24 17-fo the Moabites became Davids fer- 4And the king fald unto him, Where4. 4 1 Sam.vants, and brought gifts. she and Ziba faid unto the king,d25a. 14 47 3 David fmote alfo Hadadezer Behold, he is in the houfe of Machir, 17.27. fon of Reheb the in 3. 14. he ƒ went to recover his border at the Then king David fent, and fer fecal 2 Sa.river Euphrates. Awon WAR Chim out of the houfe of Machir the 10. 6.4 And David took from him a thou. fon of Ammiel, from Lodebar Merth f1C fand chariots,&gfeven hundred horfe- 6 Now when Mephibofheth ffon of Chr. Baal. 19.34-men, and twenty, thoufand foormen: Jonathan fon ofSaul,was come unto S. 34. 2 Sa-and David b houghed all the chariot- Davidshe fell on his face,& did reve-Gen. 10. 18.horfes, but referved of them for an rence: and David faid. Mephibofheth! 50. 21. bJef hundred chariors. Relat And he anfwered,Behold thy fervant.fv. 9. 11. 6. And when the Syrians of Damafcus 7 And David faid unto him, Fear Dan.5. came to fuccour Hadadezer king of not, for I will furely thew thee kind-13. Job Zobah, David flew of the Syrians two nefs, for Jonathan thy f fathers fake Mat. 9.13. and twenty thousand men. Ifai. and will reftore thee all the land of 6. 11. 6 Then David put garifons in Sy- Saul thy father, and thou shalt eat biS 31-3 ria of Damafcus and the Syrians be- g bread at my table continually. k Pfal.came fervants to David, brought 8 And he bowed hinfelf, and faid, 2 Sam. 24. 15 19. 44. gifts: and the LORD preferved Da- what is thyferyant,that thou fhouldeft 3.8-and 1 Sa.vid whitherfoever he went. 1 lock upon fuch ha dead dog as 1m? 16. 9. 22. 51 And David cook the fhields of gold 9Then the king called to Ziba Saulsfv. 12.. Pal that were on the fervants of Hadade- fervant, and faid unto him, I have 2 Same 20.5 zer, and brought them to Jerufalem. given unto thy i malkers fon all that 19. 26. Prov. 8 And from m Betah, and from Bero- pertained to Saul, & to all his houfe k 2 Sa. 21-31 thai, cities of Hadadezer, king Da- io Thou therefore, and thy fons, and 19. 26. 2 Sam-vid took exceeding much brafs. Y 23.109 chy fervants, fhall tin land for him, 27.3 When Tol king of a Hamath and thou fhalt bring in the fruits, that I1 Ch. 12. heard that David had fmitten all the thy matters fon may have fod to eat. 94,35 mi Chhoft of Hadadezerysoned but Mephibofheth thy mafters fon fhall and 18. S. 10 Then Toi fent Joram his fon eat bread alway at my table. Now Zi-9.40, Nu. unto king David, to faluce him,and ba had fifteen fons,& twenty fervants. 41. 13. 21-0 blefs him, because he had fought 11 Then faid Ziba unto the king, feb.


12. 2.

against Hädadezer and fmitten him: According to all that my lord the all the (for Hadadezer thad wars with Toi) king hath commanded his fervant, whole a and Foram brought with him veffels fo fhall thy feryant do. As for Me- dwel man of Gilver, and veffels of gold, and phibofheth, faid the king, he fhall eat ling of wars effels of brafs Dvalentind axat my table as one of the kings fons. the of Toi. 11 Which alfo king David did de- 12 And Mephibofheth had a young house. Ben.9.dicate unto the LORD,with the filver fon,whofe name was Micha:and all Phil. XO. and gold that he had dedicated of all that dwelt in the houfe of Ziba, were 2.21. Judg. nations which he fubdued: 20 fervants unto Mephibofheth. Mich. for he did eat continually at the kings Pfal. table, and was lame on both his feet. 41. ga CHAP. X. Davids mellengers are villansuly intreated. The Ammonites are A Nd it came to pats after this that I Sa overcome. 18 Shobach flain. mon died,and Hanun his fon reigned 1 Chr. the a king of the children of Am- 11. 1. in his fread.


19. 1.

and of of .01 Ch.the children of Ammon, and of the 29. 2. Philiftins, and of Amalek, and of the spoil of Hadadezer fon of Rehob, 22Sa. king of Sheryl 17.8 13 And David gat him pa name,when 42 Kl-he returned from fmiting of the, Sy14.7 rians in the 9 valley of fale, being Pfal.eighteen thousand men 60. Tit. 14 And he pur garifons in Edom; Pfal. throughout all Edom put he garifons, 18. 44 and all they of Edom became Davids 2 tv. 6. fervants and the LORD: preferved WI Ch. II. 6. David whitherfoever he went. #1 Ch.15 And David reigned over all Ifrael, and David executed judg 6.49. mens and juftice unto all his people. 71 Ch. 16. And Joab the fon of Zerulah 24.3. was over the hofts and Jeboshaphat3 Akd the princes of the children 19. 27. 2 Nu. the fon of Ahilud was recorder of Ammon, faid unto Hanun their Kin. 3-32. 17And x Zadok the fon ofy Ahitub, lord, Thinkelt thou that David doth 12. 14. 425 & Abimelech the fon efAblathar,were honour thy father, that he hath fent Mat. 5. 18: the priests, & Seraiah was the fcribe. enimforters unto thee?r hath not David 27. 2 Sa. 18 And 4 Benalah the fon of Jehoia- rather fent his fervants unto thee to elfa 20. 23. da was over both the Cherechires, fearch the city, and to fpy it out, and 20.4 Pa and the Pelethices, and Davids fons to overthrow it! Pfal. 132. 5 were c chief rulers. *4 Wherefore Hanun rook Davids 109.48 fervants, and shaved off the one halff Josh. of their d beards & cut off their gar-6.24 ments the

Then fald David, I will 6 fhew kind- Den nefs unto Hanun the fon of Naba, 23. as his father fhewed kindness unto 1safe me. And David fent to comfort him 22.4. by the hand of his fervants, for his cr Co father and Davids fervants came into 13.7. the land of the children of Ammon,

d Ley.


CHAP. IX. 1 David feudeth for Mephibofbeth. Sauls. He maketh Ziba hi farkaks #Pro. A NdDavidfald, Is there yet any Is 27. 10.left of houfe of Saul, that Imay 2 Sam. fhew him kiadness for Jonathans 1.26. fake? beraber a Sam, And there was of the house of Saul 23. 18. a fervant, whofe name was Ziba: and faw that they g tank before David, the d children of Ammon fent & hired y Syrians of Beth-rehob,and Syrians b'i Che of Zoba twenty thousand four men, 12.G and of king Maziah a thousand men, in Sa ands,

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Heb. when they had called him untoDavid, be the king faid unto him, Art thou Zi bone ba And he said, Thy feryans it ke.

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buttocks, and fent them away. 16-34 When they told it unto Gea he fent to meet them; because the 34-30. men were greatly afhamed; and the Exo. king faid Tarry arf Jericho until 5. 21. your beards be grown, then return. I Sam & ¶And when the children of Ammon

Davids adultery.

II Samuel,

The Ammenites are overcome.
Ifai. and of 1h-rob swelve dousand men, the returned unto her house.
7 And when David heard of fant

22. 22.

51. 10.

ab, & all the hott of my mighty m. a. fent, and told David, and faid, 17 Deu. 10. m2 Sa. 8 And the children of Aminon came am with child. 23.9. out and put batrel in ar.y at the en- 6 And David fent to Joab, faying, lia. 13. ring in of the n gate: 3 the Syrians of m Send me Uriah the Hittite. And Pfal. 2.3. Zoba and of Rehob, and Ifh-tob, and Joab fent Uriah to David. #1 Ch. Maacah were by themselvs in field. And when Uriah was come un Prov. 19.7. 9 When Joab faw that the front of to him, David demanded of him, how 9. 17. Heb. the bartel was against him before and Joab did, and how the people did, In the behind he chofe of all the choice and how the war profpered. meetingmen of Ifracl, and put them in aray of Sy against the Syrians. ria fo. 10 And the reft of the people he deli.10, vered into the hand of Abifhai his 17. brother, that he night put them in Heb. aray against the children of Ammon. 9 But Uriah Depe at the door of the Exod. be an 11 And he faid, If the Syrians be kings houfe with all fervants of his 1.0. Belper. too ftrong for me, then thou thalt lord,and went nor down to his houfe. Neh.4. t help nie: but if the children of Am- 10 And wheney had told David, 20. mon be to ftrong for thee, then I will faying, Uriah went not down unto Rom. come and help thee. his houfe, David faid unto Uriah, 95.1. 12 Be of good courage, and let us Cameft thou nor from tby journey? 2 Ch. play the men for our people, and for why then didft thou not go down 32.7. Pcities of our God: and the LORD unro chine house? iCo do that which feemeth him good 11 And Uriah faid unto David, The 16.13.13 And Joab drew nigh and the people o ark, and Ifrael, and Judah abide fh 0152. Neh. that were whim, unto battel against tents,andp my lord Joab,& fervants 4.4.. 4.1.4. the Syrians: and they fed before him. of my lord areencamped in the open ? Mat.

8 And David fald to Uriah, Go down to thy houfe, and wath thy feet. And Uriah departed out of the kings houfe,and there followed him a mess? Ifal. of meat from the king.

28. 20.


Ch. 14 And when the children of Am- fields;fhall I then go into mine houfe, 10. 24 19. 16. men faw that the Syrians were fled, to eat, and to drink, and to be with 25. Heb. then fed they also before Ablihai, and my wife? a thou livett, and thy mote entred into the city fo Joabreturned foul liveth, I will not do this thing. dead. from the children of Ammon, and 11 And David faid to Uriah, Tarry 71 Ch. came to Jerufalem. 4here to day alfo, and to morrow I will 19. 18. 15 And when the Syrians faw that let thee depart. So Uriah abode in That they were fmitten before Ifrael, they Jerufalem, that day and the morrow. isten gathered themf Ivs together. 13 And when David had called him, men in 16 And Hadarezer fent,andbrought he did ear and drink before him, and a cha- out the Syrians that were beyond the he made him drunk and at even he rio, river, and they came to Helain, and 9 went out to lie on his bed with the which Shubach the captain of the hok of Ha- fervants of his lord, but went not maks darezer went before them, down to his houfe. up the MIM


17 And when it was told David, he 14 And it came to pafs in the gathered all Ifrael together,and palled morning, David g wrote a letter tog Jer. ber of over Jordan, and came to Helam: and Joab,and fent it by the hand ofUriah.9.1. 7000. the Syrians fer themfelvs. in ar y a 15 And he wrote in the letter, fay-Pfal. Chr. gaintt David, and fought with him. Ingt Set ye Uriah in the for front of 19. 13. 19. 19.8 And the Syrians fled before Ifrael, the hottest battel, and retire ye from Hof. 2 Sam.& David flew the men of riven hund him,that he may be fmitten and die. 9. 12. 8.4. red chariots of the Syrians, & forty 16 And it c me co pafs when Joab 1 Kim Pfal. thousand horfmens, & fmoce Shobach obferved the city, that her aligned U-21.9. 18. 38. captain of their hoft,who died there. riah unto a place where he knew that f Heb. 19 And when all the kings that were valiant men were, bring 33. to Hadarezer that And the men of the out Uriah


Revel. 18. 10. xi. 26.11.

1 Sa. were fimitten before Ifrael,they made and fought w Joab and there fell fome over d 4.9. peace with Ifrael, and ferved them: of the people of the fervants of David,gainft Pfal. To the Syrians a feared to help the and Uri.h the Hittite died alfo. the face 49.4, children of x Ammon any more. 18 Then Joab fent, and told Da-offbe -5.6. vivid all the things concerning the war tron 19 And charged the meffenger, faying geft b When thou haft made an end of celling rel the matters of the war unto the king, a Sam, 10 And if to be that the kings wrath 12. 9. arife, and he fay unto thee, herefore Jerem. knew ye not approached ye to nigh unto the city 10. 23. they would fhoor from the wall 51.4.


Rabbah, besieged. a David commit teth adultery. 14 Uriah u flain. Heb. was at ANd it came to país, that after the with The re- kings go forth to bastel, that David Burn of fent Joab and his fervants him, and af Who fmore / Abimelech the fonr verf the all Ifrael, and they deftroyed the chil- of t Jerub befheth? did not a woman 4121. gear. dren of Ammon,and befieged Rabbah: caft a piece of a milftone upon him Ats 41 Kl.but David 6 carried ftill at Jerufalem. from the wall that he died in The.f.29.. 20. 22, 2 And it came to pafs in an even- bez? why went ye nigh the wall? 1 Sam, 26. ing-tide that David arofe from off Then fay thou, Thy fervant Uriah the 22. 17. Ecd. his bed, 8c walked upon the roof of Hittite is dead alio. Judg. 3.S. kings houfe:& from $d roofhe e faw 23 So the meflenger went, and 9.53. Deu. a woman f washing her felf, & the wo- came, and fhewed David all that Joab Jud. 32. 15. man was very beautiful to look upon. had fene him for. oh o 7.1. 2 S. 3AndDavidg fent and enquired after 23 And the meffenger faid unto Da-called 4.7. the woman and one faid, Is not this vid, Surely the men prevailed again trube Deu.Bath-theba the daughter of Ellam, us, and came out unto us into the baal. 22.8. the wife of Urlah the h Hittite? held, and we were upon them even The unto the entring of the gate. word 24 And the hooters Thor from off Baal fe the wall upon thy fervants, and fome put ont of the kings fervants be dead,and thy and Ba fervant Uriah the Hittite is dead alfo eth as Then David faid unto the met-Put in

Job 4 And David fent meffengers,and 31. 1. took her and the came in unto him, Gen. and he lay with her. (for fhe was 6.2. purified from her uncleannefs) and Pfal

to the world 119.37.Pro.31. 13. Lev. 15.19. 1Pet.3.2.3. Jam. 1. 14. Mat. 29. b2 Sa. 23. 24. Lev. fnger, Thuy as thou fry unto Joab, that Isa 13. 17. Gen.39.7•PC59,18.KJ9631·22031 19

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